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10 tips for closing more sales

10 tips for closing more sales

By Joe Guertin

Closing is the natural transition from discussing a solution to execution of a solution. But because it means asking for commitment, salespeople will sometimes shy away from it, hoping the sale magically “happens.”

If you want to take control, and measurably increase your closing ratio, use these tips:

1. Do your homework.
It’s what you do up front that makes the difference

2. Bullet-point your objectives.
It sets a positive, buying tone

3. Close early, and often.
Use “trial close” questions (“How does that sound to you?”) throughout your presentation.

4. Get their participation.
Ask questions, rather than reading, or having them read, your proposal.

5. Know their parameters.
What are the most important buying criteria? Are you hitting the mark?

6. Assume the order.
Talk in terms of them already having bought, or using your product or service.

7. Ask!
It’s not complicated, but don’t neglect it: “Should we get started?” “When would you like it shipped?”

8. Ask them how (or who) will be using it.
It creates a future-tense mindset

9. Speak up!
If you present your plan, then wait for them to call you, you’ll have a long wait.

10. Don’t give up.
It may take 5 “no’s” before you get your “yes.”

Keep on Streetfighting!

Remember, it’s not the most talent that wins at sales, it’s the most determination and perseverance. Whether you make your sales over the phone, in-store or in the field, keep on “streetfighting.” And let me know if I can help your team.

Joe Guertin is a sought-after sales speaker, trainer and coach. Questions or comments are welcome at (414) 659-2100.