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Legislative Alert: 3 Year AB 5 Exemption Heads to the Senate Floor

Legislative Alert: 3 Year AB 5 Exemption Heads to the Senate Floor

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Dear CNPA Member:

Assembly Bill 1506 (AB 1506) is in its final form and moving to the floors of the California Senate and Assembly for a vote. The bill is extremely important for publishers because it gives newspaper carriers a three-year exemption from AB 5, the law which would require publishers to convert independent carriers to full-time employees.

The proposed exemption came about through a remarkable year-long effort by CNPA legislative staff and professional advisors. The team brilliantly argued that our profession needs more time to adjust to the financial aftermath of the pandemic and the ongoing transformation to digital news delivery. As a result, AB 1506 is being backed by the heads of both labor committees, the leaders of the Assembly and Senate, key influencers in the executive branch, and the labor community.

Now it is our turn to demonstrate support so that the bill moves to the Governor’s desk with resounding legislative backing.

We want every legislator to know that their “yes” vote on this bill is a crucial advance toward preserving local journalism in California.

The bill is going to move fast … so we need to move fast, too. Linked here are suggested letters and call scripts/talking points that you can use to urge your legislators to pass the bill.

If you want to write to your legislator to urge support for AB 1506, you can use this suggested letter, send them this email, or pick up the phone and give them a call. In the meantime, please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Our partner KP Public Affairs will follow-up with you if you need assistance. They are also reaching out to organizations in your communities asking them to express support. More than a dozen business groups have sent notice of their support to Assemblyman Ash Kalra and Senator Dave Cortese, the heads of the labor committees where the AB 1506 has originated.

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Simon Grieve

CNPA Board of Directors