California Daily Classified Network


CDCN Line Ads

CDCN (California Daily Classified Line Ad Network) — Classified Ad network of 40 daily newspapers reaching 75 million readers per run. CDCN Ads run 5-7 consecutive days in each of the network newspapers, up to 280 ads, and the cost is $24.87 per newspaper per week, $3.55 per day per newspaper for a total cost of $995 per run. Best ROI and value — Frequency/maximum exposure.


$995 for 25-words or less – 280 ads — 5-7 consecutive days


Buy 4 Get 1 Free – Buy four weeks and get the fifth week free (Save 20%)

Classified Combo – Cal-SCAN Weekly and CDCN Daily Networks — $1,270 (Save 24%)

Circulation and Readership Statistics*

Combined total network circulation — 23 million

Combined total network readership — 75 million

*Newspaper circulation and readership numbers subject to change without notice


Wednesday 5:00 p.m. PST for the week starting Monday and ending Sunday

Guidelines & Standards

Ads will be placed if they are appropriate for family oriented readers and provided that the content meets all state and federal laws. The advertiser is responsible for legal compliance in the ad copy provided.

We have a contract with all participating daily newspapers to run CDCN ads placed. Individual newspapers may reject a particular ad that does not meet the newspaper’s regular approval policy. Any ad that meets CNPA standards as outlined above will normally run in 90% of the network. Newspaper compliance is monitored.

Prepayment is required by deadline. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.