Contest deadline in 13 days

The deadline to enter CNPA’s Better Newspapers Contest, Advertising Excellence Contest and Campus Excellence in Journalism Contest is midnight on Monday, Jan. 16.

That’s 13 days from now.

If less heartburn is one of your resolutions, this gentle reminder is your preventive medicine.

Do the right people have the contest details? Please visit our contest website and select your contest for complete materials.

Do the right people know what to enter? Perhaps you’d be the one to give the categories a look. Need to pare that list of worthy entries down to a set that fits your contest budget? That might be your task, too.

Questions should go to CNPA’s Simon Birch at (916) 288-6010.

Let us now repeat the mantra: “If you do not enter, you cannot win.”

Wondering who won last year? Consult the 2015 Winners Tab and list of Advertising Contest winners.