Email’s a blast ... and a money-maker

You may be overlooking a potential local profit center: email blasts.

For a quick overview of the topic, and a glimpse at how consultations turns into successes, plan to join CNPA and SYNC2 Media for an hour on Wednesday morning, Feb. 22.

The presenters will be Jerry Raehal and Judy Quelch of SYNC2 Media, the for-profit affiliate of the Colorado Press Association. They will look at the current advertising landscape and how digital products like email blasts can help newspapers better serve their clients and themselves.

If your team is not including email in its client-consulting toolbox (or isn’t deploying it profitably and efficiently) please plan to join us Feb. 22 for this top-level view.

CNPA Ad Services is collaborating with SYNC2 Media to educate California publishers about this revenue opportunity.

Not convinced? Here’s a SYNC2 Media case study (pdf) for your review.

“Press Next: Get Your Digital Feet Wet with Email Blasts” 10 a.m. Pacific, Wednesday. Feb. 22 Free to CNPA members

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Questions? CNPA’s Wolf Rosenberg, (916) 288-6036