Equipment-grants deadline next week

The California Press Foundation in May will award Campus Newspaper Equipment grants for California campus newspapers to upgrade their production equipment.

Is your nearby high school, college or university newspaper program operating with outdated gear? Time is short to offer a hand.

Download an application form.

Equipment grants are intended specifically for the purchase of equipment to improve the production process at California campus newspapers. There is no minimum grant amount. The maximum amount for a grant is $1,500. The deadline for postmarked applications is next Friday, April 21.

Winners will receive their grant awards by mid-May for immediate use.

Cal Press, in an effort to create or bolster the local connection, requires that the application include an endorsement by a California newspaper publisher or editor. The campus adviser or manager should have a local editor or publisher review the request and sign the application.

Cal Press has issued equipment grants to more than 120 campus news programs since 2000. Contributions from individual Cal Press members and supporters provide the grants. In 2016, distributions topped $15,000.

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