CNPA is interested in stories about the impact of AB 5, both good and bad, on California businesses, independent workers and their families. It has created a new website — — to allow businesses and workers to tell their AB 5 stories. All submissions and submitter contact information will be made available to the news members of CNPA so members can better inform the public about the impact of AB 5 on their communities.
The archive of stories is password-protected.

AB 5 Stories block

To obtain access, please email Joe Wirt at CNPA.

Your governmental affairs staff plans to use these stories to fight for common-sense changes to AB 5 so members can continue to create solid journalism and distribute it widely in their communities.

CNPA urges members to put an button (pictured at right) on their website and otherwise direct readers to the website. Staff hopes journalists from member news organizations will use the site to contact sources that want their stories told to a larger audience that includes the state Legislature and Gov. Gavin Newsom.