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To protect and serve the common interests of its newsmedia members, to help members inform and thereby strengthen their communities, and to foster the highest ideals, ethics and traditions of journalism, a free press and the news profession.

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Ad Services

CNPA Advertising Services is your strategic partner for delivering local engagement on a statewide or national scale. Through our 3500+ publishers and partners, we have deep relationships with every community in California and beyond, giving us local, on-the-ground knowledge of what really works. That connection is invaluable to advertisers that want results.
CNPA Advertising Services provides a Single Point of Contact for Multi-Touch Solutions, Media Planning and Campaign Management to advertisers, agencies, publishers, and brands who want to reach audiences across all platforms in California and Nationwide.


CNPA Ad Services

What Makes Us Unique

CNPA offers unique solutions that reach the audiences of premium publishers with just one call or one email, one order, and just one bill!

Providing direct access to 1,380 news sites and campus newspapers.

Providing direct access to 3,500+ Newspapers Nationwide.

With over 100+ years of advertising experience collectively, CNPA Ad Services looks after your campaign from start to finish.

Gives ease to Advertisers, Agencies, Publishers and brands that want to buy in large volumes through one single point of contact.

Nationwide/Statewide research, planning, negotiation, placement, accounting, and cash processing company for print, digital, audience-driven digital, native content, inserts, direct mail, email marketing and more.

Proven Turn-Key Advertising Network Programs at deeply discounted rates.

Targeted Marketing

Customized targeting strategies for brand campaigns to ensure your message reaches the right audience on multiple platforms nationwide, statewide, regionally, or by DMA market.


The CNPA Team are newspaper experts – and we should be – we’ve been doing it for 25+ years. We can accommodate any size campaign. Whether placing in over 1,000 papers or 5, we make it happen!


Guaranteed premium above-the-fold inventory across California publishers – not a blind or backfill network. Our dedicated operations team tracks and optimizes campaigns daily – we are a fully managed professional service.

Network Advertising

The power and reach of up to 75 million readers with one call, one buy in 350+ California newspapers saving 400%.


Whether you call them coupons, flyers or inserts, they get results. Newspaper insert advertising delivers and drives readers to take action. Once we determine your targeted area, we will negotiate the best rates for print and deliver. We can also coordinate the branded content.

Front Page Advertising

High Impact Front-Page Advertising gets your message out and has 60% more recall from newspaper readers.

Email Marketing

CNPA works with numerous list brokerages across the county with access to over 200 million email records. Reach a wide range of consumers at a relatively low cost!

Ethnic Advertising

Reach California’s diverse population with multi-cultural marketing. Translation services also available.

Our Process

It Starts Here.

To place an audience driven print, digital online, email blast campaign, simply contact CNPA with your plan. You immediately receive a quote confirming run dates, rates, sizes, captions & desired placement. It takes just one call.

Insertion Order.

One stop shopping! Once you approve the quote, CNPA electronically sends you insertion order to each newspaper. We require a signature from each publication as proof of receipt and confirmation, eliminating most billing discrepancies.


Trafficking ad material can be tedious & time consuming. CNPA's ad transmission capabilities save time & money - From posting ads in PDF format on our website, using an electronic distribution service or emailing ads to individual newspapers.

Proof of Performance.

Media invoices, screen-shots, traffic/performance reports and tear-sheets. Nice and Neat! CNPA will collect all proof of performance by campaign - confirming run dates, rates, sizes, captions, media and publications.

One Invoice.

CNPA will provide you with tearsheets and one itemized invoice. All you have to do is submit one check to CNPA and we pay each individual newspaper. It's that simple!

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Display Ad


  • Basic

  • $ 12 /Ad
  • Display Ad:
    3.22”w x 2”h

    140+ community newspapers

    140+ Ads

  • Standard

  • $ 23 /Ad
  • Display Ad:
    3.22”w x 4”h

    140+ community newspapers

    140+ Ads

  • Premium

  • $ 240 /Ad
  • Display Ad:
    3.22”w x 2”h

    30+ major daily newspapers

  • Custom Plans

  • $ XX /Ad
  • Don’t see what you are looking for?

    Customized Ad Plans Available:
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Ad Services

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