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Add local input to national survey

Add local input to national survey

Borrell VideoHere’s your chance to find out what YOUR advertisers are thinking.

Borrell Associates invites CNPA members to participate in its 2018 Local Advertiser Survey, which is now underway.

Watch video about survey

CNPA has forged a special offer for members who want to participate in the survey of local advertisers. The cost to join is just $250, which covers participation of your entire market.

Participants will be able to involve their own local merchants in the survey. Click here to learn more, or click the photo above to watch a short explainer by Borrell’s VP of Research, Corey Elliott.

The 2018 survey will cover:

  • What your advertisers are budgeting for 2018
  • What they’re planning to cut or increase
  • Buying trends for TV, radio, newspapers, cable, etc.
  • Spending on search, SEO, banners, social media, etc.
  • What they’re doing with online video
  • Usage of marketing technology products

There are more than 40 questions covering a variety of marketing issues.

Questions? Please ask Joe Wirt at CNPA.