CNPA Advertising Services

CNPA is a nationwide/statewide research, planning, negotiation, placement, accounting and cash processing company for newspaper, digital online, audience-driven digital, email marketing and more. Our services allow you to tap into another staff to assist you with the entire process, helping to create efficiencies saving you time and money with our One Order...One Bill programs.

Innovation, Strategy, Marketing

We are here to help you research, plan, negotiate, fulfill your version of your advertising campaign. We can help you to identify how to best reach your customers.

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Cecelia Drake

Director of Advertising
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Kari Sorenson

Media Placement Manager
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With information from CNPA Marketing you can easily and quickly deliver your message to your target audience in newspapers across the United States. We’ll help you get there.


We have several new programs for Digital and Email Marketing and Print Deliver and Direct Mail.


CNPA Advertising Services begins by gathering all the data on the media you are interested in so that you can make informed buying decisions.