CNPA Mission Statement

To protect and serve the common interests of its newsmedia members, to help members inform and thereby strengthen their communities, and to foster the highest ideals, ethics and traditions of journalism, a free press and the news profession.

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National Preprint Network

What is the National Preprint Network?

The National Preprint Network is a joint venture linking together major market newspaper paid only or paid and TMC programs, enabling clients to efficiently execute a national preprint buy.

Newspapers Can Now Provide Clients a National Footprint

Why was NPN developed?

It is an opportunity for newspapers to compete effectively for nationwide shared mail business by offering a one-stop/one-price convenience coveted by advertisers.

Convenience + Saturation + Price = Newspapers Can Now Compete For Shared Mail Business

How will Newspapers benefit from NPN?

  • Potential new revenue stream for newspapers. Minimal risk: Only new or incremental clients are eligible
  • Each newspaper has 100% opt-out choice on each proposed sale
  • Every NPN member has the opportunity to participate as a seller and a distributor of new business
  • Our competitors’ primary concern is that newspapers will work together to form a Network, to go after their business. NPN is now here – now is the time


  • NPN was developed in coordination with anti-trust counsel to ensure all legal requirements were met
  • NPN is the first “client friendly” preprint program in existence: one rep, one buy, one price, one invoice
  • Newspapers finally have a way to leverage their collective strengths, while appealing to clients’ long-stated desire for convenience and pricing simplicity

NPN is a cooperative developed for newspapers by newspapers

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