Statewide Advertising Services

Enjoy the benefits of statewide exposure and the power of frequency with a 5-7 day consecutive run in 40 daily newspapers for as little as $3.55 per ad or $995.

Combine the power of Cal-SCAN and the frequency of the CDCN with an 8-day run in 290 daily and weekly newspapers for only $2.44 per ad or $1,270.

Reach a larger audience with any size ad in California's Daily Newspapers’ Display Ad Network CDDN. Advertise by DMA, region or statewide in 52 daily newspapers reaching 13.2 million readers in 26 countries.

Advertise your job opening or business opportunity affordably with a statewide classified line ad appearing in 240+ weekly community and mid-size daily newspapers for only $2.70 per ad or $650.

Stand out with a display ad in California’s Statewide Newspaper Network Cal-SDAN. Advertise regionally or statewide in 140+ weekly community Newspapers reaching 3.5 million Californians.