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All eyes on the tariff issue, please

All eyes on the tariff issue, please

Stop Tariffs On Printers And Publishers Coalition

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Newspapers have editorialized about the newsprint-tariff issue, and some have published house ads explaining it to readers. Thank you.

To boost your personal bandwidth, please take in the new Editor & Publisher piece by Jerry Simpkins, a printing company VP, that outlines the definite effects and the possible actions your company might take to mitigate both current and projected cost increases.

As you are aware by now, if your shop publishes in print, this is far larger than just a production and printing issue for you.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it here last Tuesday or in Friday’s Legislative Bulletin, a new bill, S. 2835, the “Protecting Rational Incentives in Newsprint Trade Act of 2018” (The PRINT Act), would require the Department of Commerce to review the economic health of the printing and publishing industries.

Jim Ewert, CNPA’s general counsel, will join others from around the country in the News Media Alliance’s Fly-in lobby day at the U.S. Capitol on June 14 to meet with key members of California’s congressional delegation to persuade them to support the PRINT legislation and the overall effort to repeal the harmful tariffs. Have you sent Ewert your published editorial about the issue? Please do it now.

And … are house ads about tariffs appearing in your newspaper or on your website? Can you do your part?