Audima is a text-to-speech technology that uses artificial intelligence to automatically read websites to its users. It’s a monthly subscription service, installed on the website just one time. Visitors can listen to its content whenever and as many times as they want.


As Audima explains, “Audio promotes digital inclusion by empowering people who can’t read (blind, low vision, elderly, illiterates) and those who don’t have the time or prefer listening.”

Through a strategic partnership with Audima, CNPA Members can utilize this technology in their own products.

The Audima PRO version is running on the CNPA website. Click any article to view the player and hear the audio.

Pricing begins at $29 per month for up to 100 articles per month. But wait: CNPA Members receive a 20% discount on the PRO version, which has customizable voices.

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More background from the Audima blog: This is the sound of digital inclusiveness and it’s our reason for being