Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) has introduced SB 890 to require a social media internet website to remove a photograph or video recording uploaded or posted to the website by the perpetrator of a crime that is depicted in the photo or video.

A social media internet website, which is not defined, would be required to remove the photo or video within 2 hours after receiving a request to remove the content from a victim of the crime that was depicted in the photograph or video.

The bill would impose a civil penalty of $1,000 for each day that the photograph or video recording remains available on the website after the victim’s request was received.

The bill targets the increasing number of instances where people have livestreamed violent crimes.

Last year, Senator Pan was shoved by a man who opposed his legislation to strengthen vaccine requirements for schoolchildren. The alleged perpetrator was cited on suspicion of assault after he livestreamed the confrontation on his Facebook page.