Bill that would require charter schools to comply with CPRA and open meeting laws fixed, then withdrawn by author

Legislation that would require charter schools to adhere to the requirements of the Brown Act, Bagley-Keene Act and the CPRA was scheduled to be heard last week in the Senate Judiciary Committee but was pulled by the author after amending the bill to address all of CNPA’s concerns.

SB 806 by Senator Steven Glazer (D-Walnut Creek), as introduced, contained several substantial loopholes that would allow the boards of charter schools to meet and act in secret. The bill also contained a provision that would have allowed charter schools to charge a requester of information the actual costs associated with producing the information even if the requester wants only to inspect the record.

Sen. Glazer’s staff and the charter school sponsors of the bill negotiated with CNPA over the previous weekend and ultimately amended the bill before the hearing to remove all of the loopholes and CNPA’s opposition.

Evidently the amendments were not enough to save the bill, though, as the bill could not muster enough support to make it out of the committee. Seeing he didn’t have the votes, Glazer decided to withdraw the bill before it was heard.