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The table below lists the first- and second-place winners, and honorable mentions for daily and weekly newspapers in the 2016 CNPA Better Newspapers Contest. Judge’s comments appear in the right column. Some entries did not receive judge’s comments. Use the search box at the top right of the table to quickly locate your publication or writer.

Campus winners

Advertising Excellence Contest winners

NewspaperPlaceCategoryName of EntryStaff CreditJudge’s Comments
Alameda Journal2ndFront Page: BroadsheetAlameda Journal front pagesChris Wagnon
Alameda JournalHonorable MentionColumnsJoe King’s Thoughts on the Run columnJoe KingWise words and illustrated nicely from a local perspective. Thanks.
American Canyon Eagle1stEnterprise News Story or SeriesTraffic: A tale of two familiesNoel BrinkerhoffThis entry is distinguished by detailed reporting and an original way to frame the story. Traffic, despite its importance, can be awfully dull reading. This went beyond the routine.
American Canyon EagleHonorable MentionCoverage of EducationParents seek overhaul of NVUSD lunch programNoel BrinkerhoffA great look at the battle for better school lunches over a year. The point that low-income students have to eat it more is important. Well-written.
Antelope Valley Press1stArts & Entertainment CoverageShowcaseShowcase Staff
Antelope Valley Press2ndSports Game StoryParaclete makes full recoveryMerisa JensenGreat quotes. Well-written. Good stats.
Antelope Valley PressHonorable MentionSports Page or SectionAug. 19 and 20, 2016Sports Staff
Antelope Valley PressHonorable MentionSpecial SectionWelcomeStaff
Antelope Valley PressHonorable MentionSpecial Sports SectionFootball Preview 2016Sports Staff
Appeal-Democrat1stWritingLolaSteve MillerIt was a touching recount of a dog’s life without being overly sentimental. I especially liked how the writing mirrored the dogs life, from being energetic at the start, like a puppy, to a slowed down pace at the end, like the end of the dog’s life.
Appeal-Democrat2ndSports Page or SectionOct. 1 and 2, 2016Staff
Appeal-Democrat2ndSpecial SectionProspect MagazineStaff
Appeal-DemocratHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingWater Rights BattleJake AbbottBy far the best. Three-part series has a complete history of a water battle going back 100 years and it explains two legal battles over water rights and revenue. Outstanding reporting and well written.
Appeal-DemocratHonorable MentionSports Feature StoryPlayin’ with the boysJimmy GrabenWell-written and engaging athlete feature.
Appeal-DemocratHonorable MentionBreaking News1973 Cold Case ArrestMonica VaughanWow. You kept my attention throughout this story. Definitely being tipped off to the arrests paid off in the background work you were able to do. Good reporting.
Atascadero News2ndArtistic PhotoRainbow Shines Over City HallLuke PhillipsWhat a beautifully captured rainbow! It almost looks like it’s shining luck upon City Hall.
Atascadero NewsHonorable MentionArts & Entertainment CoverageNorth County Arts & Entertainment — Feb. 5 & 12 EditionsStaff
Auburn Journal1stNon-Profile Feature StoryThe BridgeMichael MottA tough story to tell, despite the essential connection between the two main characters. The writer handles it well.
Auburn Journal1stColumnsColumns by Tricia CaspersTricia Caspers
Auburn Journal1stCoverage of EducationThree stories covering different aspects of educationTricia CaspersThoughtful coverage of three distinctly different aspects of education, made stronger by solid reporting and clear writing.
Auburn Journal1stPhoto IllustrationUSA vs The WorldMegan Houchin, Ike DodsonNice use of photo to visually show the headline and give a clear idea of what the story is about.
Auburn Journal1stNews PhotoSubmerged SUVMichael MottA great breaking news action shot.
Auburn Journal2ndFront Page: BroadsheetMay 25, Oct. 5 and Nov. 30, 2016StaffCreative use of space with a good blend of visually appealing colors and clean lines.
Auburn JournalHonorable MentionSports Page or SectionMarch 29 and 30, 2016Megan Houchin, Ike Dodson
Auburn JournalHonorable MentionInside Page Layout & Design BroadsheetLifestyle: May 29; Sports: July 1 and Oct. 25, 2016Megan Houchin, Ike Dodson
Auburn JournalHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceMarch 6 and 8, 2016StaffA good, community-spirited paper. Energy was put into the Page One display in both of these examples. Very good calendar, in content and presentation.
Big Bear Grizzly1stEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireOut of the AshesKathy Portie, Brady EngerNice, active storytelling with interesting details about how the forest is recovering, the hazards that remain and recap of the fire and other pertinent info. Good layout with multiple photos too. This article and the layout do a good job drawing the reader in.
Big Bear Grizzly2ndCoverage of EducationGiving Big Bear students a healthy start in schoolKathy PortieGood feature that explores the trouble plaguing poor students in school and how a specialized programs tries to help them overcome obstacles.
Big Bear GrizzlyHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsWhite a boost for Big BearKathy Portie
Black Voice News1stFront Page TabloidPassing the TorchChris Allen
Black Voice News1stIllustrationRegulations and ReformAndre LoftisThis visually appealing and thought-provoking illustration catches the eye immediately while its puzzle-like quality holds the reader’s attention. A playful and very effective entry-point for a story tackling complex issues.
Black Voice News2ndColumnsRants & RavesPaulette Brown HindsTightly written. Cuts to the chase quickly yet still sensitive and respectful to the deceased man. Hopefully will motivate some action by those in authority to better help the plight of the homeless.
Black Voice NewsHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesMerchants of RiversideStaffNice presentation and photos in this engaging look at small businesses and the people behind them. Smart design and sharply written copy aid in offering a reader-friendly glimpse into what drives the folks who make the local economy healthy and unique.
Black Voice NewsHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryCreating a Current for ChangeS.E. Williams, Benoit and Kathy Malphettes
Black Voice NewsHonorable MentionInside Page Layout & Design TabloidMerchants of Riverside/Regulation and Reform/Riverside Wire TappingChris Allen
Black Voice NewsHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoMike’s FitnessBenoit and Kathy Malphettes
Black Voice NewsHonorable MentionOnline Photo Story/EssayWhat we Lost in the Fire and Regulation & ReformBenoit and Kathy Malpettes, Andre Loftis
Brentwood Press1stArtistic PhotoUp in the cloudsTony Kukulich
Brentwood Press2ndLifestyle CoverageByron Inn Café — a delicious diamond in the roughHeather Brewer
Brentwood PressHonorable MentionAgricultural ReportingDelta counties file suit against L.A. water giantCorey HuntThis was a well-done story on an important issue. Reporting was solid and writing was comprehendible by those not familiar with the issue.
Brentwood PressHonorable MentionNews PhotoSuspected Marijuana Grow House Burns in Discovery BayTony Kukulich
Brentwood PressHonorable MentionNews PhotoVegetation fire burns four acres in OakleyTony Kukulich
Burbank LeaderHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesSpate of gang violence renews past concernsAlene TchekmedyianStrong coverage that made a difference. Cleanly written, with excellent use of crime stats to weave a compelling narrative.
Chico Enterprise-Record1stSports Game StoryGarrett captures titleNick WilsonLarge photos. Good lead. Strong quotes. Great writing. Holds reader’s interest
Chico Enterprise-Record1stSports Feature PhotoRed and goldDan ReidelGood use of colors and layers during a non-action scene of a sporting event.
Chico Enterprise-Record1stSports Action PhotoShot on goalBill HusaFantastic capture through the net with the tender in the foreground and full action of the shooter, great positioning to get both players into a tight frame. Nice work.
Chico Enterprise-Record2ndColumnsDavid Little columnsDavid LittleVery well-written, and piece on the “bum” shows a unique connection to the community. Thoughtful work.
Chico Enterprise-Record2ndSports Page or SectionDec. 17 and 18, 2016Staff
Chico Enterprise-Record2ndOnline Photo Story/EssayCattle branding at Llano Seco RanchBill HusaThe photographs are very well executed, especially given the challenging environment.
Chico Enterprise-RecordHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesOverdose NationAshiah Scharaga
Chico Enterprise-RecordHonorable MentionEditorial CommentCounty has spent $600K on losing fightDavid Little, Steve Schoonover, Laura UrsenyA well-argued call for local government transparency. Paper does a fine job as a public watchdog, and very nice comparison to the supermarkets.
Chico Enterprise-RecordHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoSanta’s sleighBill Husa
Chico Enterprise-RecordHonorable MentionVideo JournalismThe Road to StateDan Reidel
Chico Enterprise-RecordHonorable MentionInside Page Layout & Design BroadsheetSports: March 20, Aug. 25 and Dec. 17, 2016Staff
Chico News & Review1stProfile Feature StoryBrick by brickKen Smith
Chico News & Review1stInside Page Layout & Design TabloidJune 30, Nov. 17 and Dec. 15, 2016Tina Flynn, Sandy PetersStrong conceptual thinking. Consistent editorial well overall, with strong page design.
Chico News & ReviewHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentBoulevard brouhahaStaffVery thorough reporting. I liked the graphic as well as the history of the Esplanade. And I thought the idea of taking an imaginary ride down the improved street was a great addition to help visualize it.
Chico News & ReviewHonorable MentionFront Page TabloidApril 21, May 26 and June 16, 2016Tina FlynnVery creative covers with good use of photos and illustrations. Teasers show readers variety of inside content.
Chino-Chino Hills Champion1stBreaking NewsChino Hills store hits jackpotMarianne NapolesLively, descriptive writing as well as all the newsy facts.
Chino-Chino Hills ChampionHonorable MentionPhoto Story/EssayWhere the Wild Things AreMarianne Napoles
Daily BreezeHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesLunada Bay Boys surf localismMegan Barnes, Cynthia Washicko, Ed PilollaLove all the different angles used to cover essentially the same story. Research into the legal docs really made this story. Love the local feel.
Daily BreezeHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoGraduation ceremonyThomas R. CordovaPerfectly captures the nervous energy of graduation day with wonderful movement and intense color.
Los Angeles Daily News1stEnvironmental ReportingPorter Ranch gas leakDaily News staffGreat environmental piece that also exposes possible dangerous health hazards to the people of Porter Ranch.
Los Angeles Daily News2ndCoverage of EducationEl Camino Real charter school seriesDaily News staffFantastic work unearthing this story, and presenting it with various links to receipts and relevant coverage. This piece could have also been put forth as a solid entry in the investigative category.
Los Angeles Daily News2ndInside Page Layout & Design BroadsheetSpotlight: Feb. 5, July 22 and Nov. 18, 2016Kay ScanlonStrong typography merged nicely with images, particularly on “Fantastic Beasts”, resulting in a strong poster approach.
Los Angeles Daily NewsHonorable MentionSports Feature StoryVin Scully’s final callTom HoffarthVin Scully touched so many people’s lives for so many generations and like this writer says it doesn’t matter which chair you find yourself in you can always envision yourself at a Dodgers game with Scully’s voice at the helm. He will be missed and definitely this story evoked the most emotion out of the group.
Los Angeles Daily NewsHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoThe flying batJohn McCoyGreat capture of fraction of a second off the field action
Daily Press2ndBreaking NewsCoverage of the Bluecut FireStaffAn impressive collection of stories following multiple angles during the Bluecut Fire.
Daily Press2ndPhoto Story/EssayA slice of hopeJames QuiggA great photo essay captures something that others never get to see. Typically, it’s a hidden place or a unique moment. This one is different, because it focuses on something that everyone could see if they paid attention, yet never does. How often does one notice a homeless person’s shoes? And even if they do get noticed, how often does one realize there’s a story behind them, that one of a person’s few possessions might carry meaning with significance others can’t comprehend?
Daily PressHonorable MentionOnline Photo Story/EssayLife after the Bluecut FireJames Quigg
Dana Point Times2ndCoverage of Local GovernmentBallot IssuesMatt Cortina, Kristina PritchettExcellent entry. This is a great example of coverage of local government with a focus on informing and educating the reader. The photos brought the package to life, and the story was well-organized. Nice job.
Dana Point TimesHonorable MentionPhoto Story/EssaySilence, War and ArtMatt CortinaThe face alone of the soldier at attention depicts his duty and dedication. Great capture here. Interesting story on healing. Perhaps additional photos on the creation of the artwork.
Del Mar Times2ndArts & Entertainment CoverageLocal resident Wendy Walker’s new legal drama ’Notorious’ to air on ABC this fallLois Alter MarkThe story was very well written.
Del Mar TimesHonorable MentionLifestyle CoverageLifestylesStaff
Del Norte Triplicate1stEditorial CommentCaltrans’ callous attitude toward safety on U.S. 101Triplicate Editorial BoardWonderful, forceful piece taking Caltrans to task for its decisions by metrics. What I most like was analyzing when the consultant study took place, and pointing out that Dollar General underestimated the number of customers so it wouldn’t have to pay for road improvements. Just a strong editorial all the way around.
Del Norte Triplicate1stArtistic PhotoFireworksBryant AndersonGorgeous colors! The gradient in the sky and all of wonderful little details set this apart from most firework photos. Great work!
Del Norte Triplicate1stInside Page Layout & Design BroadsheetJuly 14, Aug. 19 and Oct. 15, 2016Bryant AndersonStrong design on all three pages. Mushrooms and blackberries pages in particular. Overall, clean, eye-pleasing design. Well done.
Del Norte Triplicate2ndWritingPlugged in to new technologyJessica CejnarGreat quotes, interesting story made better by the writing.
Del Norte Triplicate2ndBreaking NewsUnfortunate detourMichael ZoggThe reporter did a great job of getting to the scene to get photos and quotes from the driver, which made for a compelling package. Great details and quotes, particularly of the driver’s retelling of what happened.
Del Norte Triplicate2ndPhoto Story/EssayThe Little Things: Dew DropsBryant AndersonVery cool close-up photos! Great mechanics to photos: Macro photography shows the dew. You have six very well-done photos here.
Del Norte TriplicateHonorable MentionEditorial CommentParks not the good neighbor we thought they wereTriplicate Editorial BoardIt’s a bit of civic boosterism, but it also makes a good case that the park service needs to take more into consideration than it has when making this critical decision.
Del Norte TriplicateHonorable MentionBreaking NewsCarjacker arrested after pursuitTony ReedThorough reporting with lots of detail. Great work by the reporter to get to the scene for images and source-work.
Desert Dispatch2ndProfile Feature StoryBarstow mom copes with son’s death, uncertain futureJose QuinteroThis piece succeeds by giving the reader an unusually raw and honest look at a parent in the aftermath of a child’s death. The reporter does not fall back on cliches and instead presents the rough, unvarnished reality of the situation.
Desert ReviewHonorable MentionSports Page or SectionDec. 20 and 27, 2016Staff
Desert ReviewHonorable MentionInside Page Layout & Design BroadsheetSummer Arts: July 20, 2016StaffFun pages and fun to look at. Overall nice design.
East Bay Times1stBreaking NewsGhost Ship warehouse fireEast Bay Times staffSupurb, intensely deep initial reporting with humanistic coverage of a tragic event that used a combination of “by the facts” reporting and a mixture of stories written in a style of “you are there” and “through the eyes” of those affected by tragedy that both informed the reader while humanizing those involved, which elevated this entry to the top in an extremely close category. The art and graphics were also exceptional.
East Bay Times2ndNon-Profile Feature StoryTragic Love StoryMatthias GafniA great one. Well researched. Well written. Long, but held the reader’s interest throughout. And another great ending.
East Bay Times2ndEditorial CommentContra Costa District Attorney should resignDaniel Borenstein
East Bay Times2ndVideo JournalismFirst day of school offers recent immigrants a fresh startStaffThis video does a good job of sharing a diverse set of personal stories and experiences. The producer does a good job of bringing all of these stories together into on coherent narrative.
East Bay TimesHonorable MentionEditorial CommentReject BART’s Measure RR high-pressure sales pitchDaniel Borenstein
East Bay TimesHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentPittsburg police department scandalMatthias Gafni
East Bay TimesHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsDelivering … but not to satisfactionAnnie Sciacca
Elk Grove Citizen1stSpecial SectionVote! 2016 Voter’s GuideElk Grove Citizen staff
Elk Grove CitizenHonorable MentionSports Game StoryElk Grove Loses State Championship to Cajon, 55-36John HullWell written.
Feather River Bulletin2ndSpecial Section150th anniversaryStaffThis was a wonderful ode to the history of a newspaper and, in turn, the history of a community. The rendering of all ads as vintage added to the entire section looking authentic and important. Bravo!
Feather River Bulletin2ndInside Page Layout & Design BroadsheetB Section: Jan. 13, Jan. 20 and May 11, 2016James MachadoHard to go wrong with animals and this time their use lifted the entry to second place. Congratulations. Fun use of cutouts and clean design overall.
Feather River Bulletin2ndPhoto Story/EssayAg & ArtDelaine Fragnoli, James Machado
Feather River BulletinHonorable MentionNews PhotoWoman consoledDebra MooreNice job capturing the emotions of the scene.
Folsom TelegraphHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoA coach’s cry of joyBill Sullivan
Free Lance1stSports Feature StoryLife Renewed for Hughes-FudgeEmanuel Lee
Free LanceHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoWomen’s U.S. OpenNick Lovejoy
Glendale News-Press1stSports Page or SectionPride on line as Hoover, Glendale clashStaff
Good Times2ndProfile Feature StoryNotes From the End of the WorldSteve Palopoli
Good TimesHonorable MentionEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireWhat The Blaze IsKara GuzmanGood Times Santa Cruz takes California’s wildfire-prone landscape and narrows in locally. A good breadth of information, from historical context, including how the landscape was once managed vs now, how fire patterns have changed with the introduction of invasive species, and good use of creative language make it a read.
Grunion Gazette1stSports Feature StoryLBUSD Sports Facilities: The Students’ StoryMike Guardabascio, JJ FiddlerVery well researched with extensive interviews. Really did a good job of giving the entire picture of the failing LBUSD athletic facilities.
Grunion Gazette1stVideo JournalismDiscovered History: Jergins TunnelJesse Lopez
Grunion Gazette1stOnline General ExcellenceGazettes.comStaffThe site is well organized and easy to navigate, with a nice balance of text and images. The article page makes it easy to read an article and move on to the next one.
Grunion Gazette1stSpecial Sports Section2016 High School Football PreviewStaff
Grunion Gazette2ndNon-Profile Feature StoryLong Beach Families Get On The Bus, Visit Mom Behind BarsEmily ThorntonMoving story.
Grunion Gazette2ndSpecial SectionLongines Special SectionStaffWhoever chose the cover artist, kudos! The clean layout inside makes it easy to read. Lively photo selection, good choice of typefaces.
Grunion GazetteHonorable MentionColumnsPinch Of SaltHarry Saltzgaver
Grunion GazetteHonorable MentionFeature PhotoHappy FeetDamien Barranco
Grunion GazetteHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoOn The FieldKevin Oules
Half Moon Bay Review1stEnvironmental ReportingThe crumbling CoastsideCarina Woudenberg and Bill MurrayWell written and informative about an issue of major local and larger importance. Good use of art to enhance story. Concise and easy to absorb.
Half Moon Bay Review1stFront Page: BroadsheetMarch 2, July 20 and Oct. 12, 2016Half Moon Bay Review staffNice pages and clear winner in the category. Well done.
Half Moon Bay Review1stPhoto Story/EssayPumpkin weigh-offJohn Green
Half Moon Bay Review1stGeneral ExcellenceMarch 2 and 9, 2016Half Moon Bay Review staffExcellent paper through and through, from quantity, variety and quality of stories to page design to photography, editorial, sports and features pages, a blessing for the Half Moon Bay community.
Half Moon Bay ReviewHonorable MentionInvestigative ReportingAfter tax hike, delayed reports reveal full county coffersKaitlyn Bartley
Half Moon Bay ReviewHonorable MentionWritingRome wasn’t built in a dayClay LambertThis is a wonderful read, emotional but not overly sentimental. Writing about something so close is a hard line to walk, but it’s done here with grace.
Half Moon Bay ReviewHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryBig heart fuels Cougar trainerJohn Murphy
Half Moon Bay ReviewHonorable MentionEditorial CommentHalf Moon Bay editorialClay Lambert
Healdsburg TribuneHonorable MentionSpecial SectionCelebrate Earth DayStaffInteresting stories that melded the area’s treasures with Earth Day theme. Solid, pleasing design and good writing! Small, but mighty!
Idyllwild Town CrierHonorable MentionWritingDrama in the descentMarshall SmithSolid writing, great detail, awesome reporting.
Idyllwild Town CrierHonorable MentionSpecial SectionLemon Lily Festival ProgramHalie Wilson, Lisa StreeterJam packed with great event information and creative design touches.
Idyllwild Town CrierHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoJenna ArnettChandra Lynn
La Canada Flintridge Outlook1stSports Feature StoryLCHS Grad Surveys NFL From Thoughtful DistanceMirjam SwansonWell-written and fun to read about a local kid who ended up making it big as an adult.
La Canada Flintridge OutlookHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingIngenuity of ex-LCHS Science Enthusiasts is RecognizedMirjam SwansonThe writer of this article received great responses through sources, as they showed some personality to interest the reader.
La Canada Flintridge OutlookHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsAfter 57 Years, Sport Chalet to Close DoorsMirjam SwansonLiked the historical background, placing its significance to community, all the local government voices on what’s next, and the analysis on why failed.
La Canada Flintridge OutlookHonorable MentionSpecial SectionBack to SchoolStaff
La Canada Valley Sun2ndSports Page or SectionLa Canada Valley Sun Sports SectionStaffWell-edited section. Lively writing. Strong local focus. Obviously a very hard-working staff.
La Jolla LightHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingWhat are we swimming in? A look at the waters off the coast of La JollaMaria Jose DuranExcellent science reporting without being overbearing on public problem. Makes what could be complex, understandable, and of interest to public.
Lake County Record-BeeHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesTroubled BridgesKen R. WellsA classic enterprise reporting story and a job well done. The accompanying list of bridges is good information for local readers.
Lake County Record-BeeHonorable MentionLifestyle CoverageEat+DrinkStaff
Lake County Record-BeeHonorable MentionFeature PhotoLearning at Library ParkBerenice QuirinoThe photographer really got down on their knees to capture this image, and is very technically sound and colorful.
Lake County Record-BeeHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoRain ExpectedDave FariesAbsolutely beautiful colors and composition!
Lamorinda WeeklyHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryLamorinda Realtor’s Long Journey HomeNick MarnellWow. That’s a potent (controversial?) story. Confidently written. One I’d pass on to a friend.
Ledger Dispatch1stNews PhotoDropping a dump on the fireStaffRight place, right time. Image has a nice balance to it. This is what photogs are looking for when covering a fire like this. Action includes a human element and good timing, correct exposure make it clean, sharp and in my opinion, a winner!
Ledger Dispatch1stFeature PhotoPlayful AlyssaStaff
Ledger Dispatch2ndLifestyle CoverageAmador LifestylesStaff
Ledger Dispatch2ndSports Feature PhotoMaking History: Champions!Staff
Ledger Dispatch2ndOnline General ExcellenceLedger.newsMatthew Hedger
Ledger Dispatch2ndSpecial Sports Section2016 Amador Varsity FootballStaff
Ledger DispatchHonorable MentionColumnsOutdoor AmadorStaff
Ledger DispatchHonorable MentionSports Page or SectionLedger Sports Takes the Day!Staff
Ledger DispatchHonorable MentionInformational GraphicAmador Water Treatment Plant informational graphicStaff
Ledger DispatchHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoCan’t Fence Me In!Staff
Ledger DispatchHonorable MentionPhoto Story/EssayBunco for Breast CancerStaffWhat a successful event with a huge turnout. I love the capture of the evening’s theme. Nice work.
Ledger DispatchHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoMokelumne SunsetStaffNice use of sunset lighting. Beautiful colors, solid composition. Landscapes can be boring, but this one certainly isn’t. The leading lines draw you right in.
Ledger DispatchHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceIt’s Now Mighty Branches Touch Us AllStaffAn interesting newspaper with a wide variety of stories and sections. The special report on the Butte Fire is very well done with great stories and writing and exceptional photos. Portrayed the impact of the disaster on residents.
Ledger DispatchHonorable MentionInside Page Layout & Design BroadsheetInside the minds of a staff of geniuses, or is it geni?Staff
Ledger DispatchHonorable MentionEditorial CartoonThe Green RushRob BrantFunny. I like this one. We’ll see more like this.
Lodi News-Sentinel1stFeature PhotoSomething wildBea AhbeckA good photojournalism shot shows action and reaction. Capturing a reaction is one of the hardest things to get, since it happens so quickly. This photo is a perfect example of that.
Lodi News-SentinelHonorable MentionArts & Entertainment CoverageArt and musicSara Jane PohlmanSome enjoyable features in these arts sections.
Lodi News-SentinelHonorable MentionSpecial Sports SectionLocker roomStaffA lot of information is packaged effectively. Great service to readers.
Lodi News-SentinelHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoSuper moon over LodiBea AhbeckGreat juxtaposition of the Supermoon and the sign. Amazing just to get the moon shot, let alone the city’s sign!
Lompoc Record1stNews PhotoMurder aftermathFrank CowanA very emotional scene capture, tells the story very well without intruding. This type of grief is always hard to shoot photographer did a very good job.
Lompoc Record1stVideo JournalismAgnes of Harris GradeJason Anderson
Lompoc RecordHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryBeyond Prison WallsWillis Jacobson
Lompoc RecordHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceSept. 25 and 28, 2016StaffAnother fine community newspaper entry, but with more syndicated rather than local content than higher finishers.
Los Altos Town Crier1stSports Feature PhotoDon’t miss out on the playoffsMegan V. WinslowGreat action shot, very dynamic.
Los Altos Town CrierHonorable MentionWritingCircle of life: Tanzanian safari offers animal & cultural encountersMegan V. Winslow
Los Altos Town CrierHonorable MentionSports Game StoryPanthers outpace Priory:Pinewood uses speed to overwhelm visitorsPete Borello, Shirley Pefley
Los Altos Town CrierHonorable MentionColumnsMortgage mania; Happy Mother’s DayMegan V. WinslowLots of personality in these columns. Strong voice. Enjoyable reads.
Los Altos Town CrierHonorable MentionSpecial SectionLiving in Los Altos MagazineStaffStrong sense of community displayed. Easy to navigate product. Photos used in a pleasing manner. Useful as well as entertaining information inside.
Los Altos Town CrierHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoPlayers race by cheerleadersMegan V. Winslow
Los Angeles Downtown News1stCoverage of Business NewsAs Downtown’s Retail Scene Booms, Some Worry About the FutureEddie Kim, Senior WriterTons of sourcing. Captures the conflict inherent in boom times and weighs the thin line between boom and bubble.
Los Angeles Downtown News1stFeature PhotoSeptember 12, 2016Gary Leonard, Photographer
Los Angeles Downtown News1stEditorial CartoonElection DayDoug DavisCartoon should make people stop and think. It makes its point simply and has a fresh approach. Clean, good message, without choosing sides.
Los Angeles Downtown News2ndArts & Entertainment CoverageSeptember 26 and October 3, 2016 IssuesStaffThe 40 for Fall piece was incredibly eye-catching and well-designed. Overall, this section has a lot of spunk that’s hard to come by these days. The great cutouts make the calendar come alive. Fun photos and an overall nice section.
Los Angeles Downtown News2ndGeneral ExcellenceLos Angeles Downtown News March 7 and March 14StaffGraphic presentation was unmatched in this category. Visually, a pleasure to read. This publication strikes a nice balance with the content, delivering style and substance. You know what’s a story and you know what’s entertainment. Not over-designed like many weeklies.
Los Angeles Downtown NewsHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesThe Overlooked Homelessness Crisis: How a Shocking Number of Women Wound Up on the StreetsStaffGood work putting the spotlight on an under-reported problem. Lots of input form a variety of sources.
Los Angeles Downtown NewsHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StoryRemembering the FallenDan Johnson, Contributing Writer
Los Angeles Downtown NewsHonorable MentionEditorial CommentThankful for the Right to ProtestSue Laris & Jon RegardieGood and inspiring call to get involved.
Los Angeles Downtown NewsHonorable MentionEditorial CommentDesperately Wanted: More Candidates for Citywide OfficeSue Laris & Jon RegardieExcellent, clear call to action: Someone please run for office!
Los Angeles Downtown NewsHonorable MentionInside Page Layout & Design TabloidStaff
Los Angeles Downtown NewsHonorable MentionOnline General Excellenceladowntownnews.comStaff
Los Angeles Times1stInvestigative ReportingInvestigating OxyContinLos Angeles Times StaffExcellent! Nine-part series goes deep into drug manufacturer’s push to get more people to take Oxycontin despite evidence that it wasn’t effective, as well as the far-reaching consequences the strategy had on patients. Story shows how the drug got into criminal drug dealers’ hands, how users got addicted and died and the company’s subsequent expansion of the drug into foreign markets.
Los Angeles Times1stEnvironmental ReportingU2’s The Edge and His Fight to Build in MalibuJack DolanJack Dolan’s piece on Sweetwater Mesa and The Edge does a phenomenal job of condensing a complex issue into an easy-to-digest feature. The subject matter is fascinating by itself because of the celebrity involved, but Dolan’s explanation of the complex issues surrounding development on the California Coast, along with his introduction of characters such as Peter M. Douglas, help hold on to the reader’s attention.
Los Angeles Times1stEnterprise News Story or SeriesCalifornia’s Pension CrisisLos Angeles Times, CALmatters and Capital Public RadioThe epic idiocy of California’s pension decisions during the Davis administration have been well documented and obsessively reported for more than a decade. Still, here, the Los Angeles Times reminds us of the ongoing public cost of those decisions and the growing disparity between the futures available to the working joe and the government elite.
Los Angeles Times1stWritingFramedChristopher GoffardAn amazing story largely due to the way it is told. So well written. Great job of introducing the main characters and enticing the reader to care what happens in this sordid and shocking story. The piece is presented in a well-organized format. The story surprises as it unfolds.
Los Angeles Times1stSports Game StoryKobe Bryant’s Last GameMike BresnahanGood clean account, nice detail and color. Good flow, great insight to an amazing player’s remarkable last game.
Los Angeles Times1stSports Page or SectionLos Angeles Times StaffTop marks or near-top marks in every criteria, reflecting what has to be considered one of the best Sports sections in the nation. Quality of writing, breadth of coverage and section’s organization especially stand out.
Los Angeles Times1stNews PhotoThe Battle for Mosul, IraqCarolyn ColeEvocative. Impactful. Haunting. Outstanding composition. An image not easily forgotten. Heartbreaking, intense and gripping moment that captures the human toll and violence.
Los Angeles Times1stFeature PhotoWilshire GrandMel MelconWe all find ourselves challenged at times with figuring out how to show a scene in a different way. This photograph shows what planning and execution can achieve. Fun feature shot of construction workers, featuring the dizzying height of the spire.
Los Angeles Times1stPhoto Story/EssayNavigating the River of DreamsGary CoronadoAn extremely compelling lead image propelled this essay into first place. The photographer did a great job of putting faces on the issue of migration and those fleeing oppression. Gorgeous images, filled with emotion that tell the story of the people and the hardships they endure. Intimate and powerful.
Los Angeles Times1stArtistic PhotoKushti Wrestling in IndiaBarbara DavidsonThe action and lighting in this photo make me want to lean in and look closer know more about what is going on. I love that the light shining in the windows puts a highlight on just about everything — even near the bottom of the floor where you can still pick up the details near his feet and in the back right corner of the floor. The water frozen in motion is another nice element of this photo.
Los Angeles Times1stVideo JournalismMothers Who Lose a Second Child to ViolenceCallaghan O’HareThe emotional impact of this video is undeniable. Needless to say the photo department is out of tissues now. While some of the cuts are a little too quick, the audio throws the viewer into an empathic position and straps them there. This is community journalism at its finest. Great work on building the trust to tell this story.
Los Angeles Times1stOnline General Excellencelatimes.comLos Angeles Times Staff
Los Angeles Times1stArts & Entertainment CoverageSunday Calendar/Arts&Books, May 29 and June 5Los Angeles Times StaffFirst-class. This is as good as the New York Times!
Los Angeles Times1stSpecial Sports SectionKobe BryantLos Angeles TimesA compelling look at the career of a Los Angeles sports icon, covering multiple angles, professional and personal. It gives readers a comprehensive, and at times, behind-the-scenes look at his life and impact on the city.
Los Angeles Times1stInformational GraphicEvery Shot Kobe Bryant Ever TookLos Angeles Times StaffA seemingly simple yet highly engaging graphic. The little details make you want to read it. This might even be interesting to a non-basketball fan.
Los Angeles Times1stFront Page: BroadsheetJune 13, Nov. 9 and Dec. 24, 2016Los Angeles Times StaffThe top three in this category quickly rose to the top. Arguments could be made, and were, that any of the three deserved the first place award. The LA Times rose to the top for its consistent excellence in its contest submission.
Los Angeles Times1stInside Page Layout & Design BroadsheetApril 17 (Kobe Bryant: Hero and Villain), May 14 (The Desperate Trek) and Nov. 20, 2016 (The battle to save Mosul’s wounded)Los Angeles Times StaffGreat use of terrific photos.
Los Angeles Times1stEditorial CartoonFake NewsDavid Horsey
Los Angeles Times2ndInvestigative ReportingCalifornia’s National GuardDavid S. CloudDavid Cloud’s dozens of interviews made for powerful storytelling of the disgraceful treatment of soldiers and veterans of the California National Guard. Very thorough 10-part series. Reporting may have been a factor in Pentagon decision to halt efforts to recover bonuses.
Los Angeles Times2ndNon-Profile Feature StoryL.A. School is a Haven for Teens After Long TreksCindy Carcamo
Los Angeles Times2ndSports Feature StoryOrgan DonorMike Hiserman
Los Angeles Times2ndEditorial CommentAttacking a Cop: A Hate Crime?Michael McGoughA courageous and well written appeal to readers not to lose their head in the emotional aftermath of police offers’ slayings. Well reasoned opinion that also does a good job of explaining what a hate crime really is and takes an important stand on a controversial subject.
Los Angeles Times2ndColumnsSteve Lopez on California’s CoastSteve LopezA persuasive and passionate defense of the public interest in beach access. Outstanding mix of personal voice, historical information, and political perception. Really draws the reader in.
Los Angeles Times2ndCoverage of Local GovernmentBig Money, Unlikely DonorsLos Angeles Times StaffThese stories didn’t just uncover a campaign finance and bribery scheme, it showed the brazen, arrogant, shamelessness at play when big money meets big power. What makes these stories so impressive is the gumshoe persistence of the reporters who tracked down the many campaign contributors and got several to talk.
Los Angeles Times2ndCoverage of EducationEducation Coverage: Anna M. PhillipsAnna M. PhillipsMs. Phillips does an amazing job of bringing the reader a new perspective on the life of a school administrator. Whoever thought a principal would need to be a private investigator tracking down 3 more students? Phillips’ series is well rounded and touches the reader as they learn about the passion of educators, inability to afford housing near work and the struggle to attract students. Outstanding work.
Los Angeles Times2ndNews PhotoSherpa FireMarcus YamGreat perspective on this big fire and the tiny fire hose. This image makes you sweat from the fire and for the firefighter. A solid fire photo in a season of major wildfires.
Los Angeles Times2ndSports Feature PhotoU.S. Boxer Shakur StevensonRobert GauthierThe photo captured a peculiar reaction by the losing opponent at just the right moment — a testament to the photographer’s sharp-eyed attention. Sad moment but the emotion is captured perfectly. You can see the outline of his frown under his shirt. Great image.
Los Angeles Times2ndSports Action PhotoSimone BilesWally SkalijAn unusual angle from which to get a shot, but the perfect from which to do so. The ponytail is perpendicular to the beam, as is Biles’ body. The floor mat in the background with the pieces of chalk and footprints made me want to look at this photo for a long time. Nice work!
Los Angeles Times2ndPhoto Story/EssayBrazil’s Battle Against ZikaKatie FalkenbergCovering a global issue is difficult but the photographer found way to tell the Zika story through a number of different sources using strong story-telling images.
Los Angeles Times2ndGeneral ExcellenceSept. 10 and Sept. 11Los Angeles Times StaffThe Times remains one of our nation’s very strong newspapers.
Los Angeles Times2ndLifestyle CoverageL.A. Times SaturdayLos Angeles Times Staff
Los Angeles Times2ndPhoto IllustrationThe Cost of Flying CheapMichael WaraksaI like the symbolism here with the gumball machine. You put in your quarter, and you’re not quite sure what you’re going to get for it. It also illustrates the possibility of paying for extras such as additional baggage, sodas, etc. So, it does a good job of complementing the story as well as provides and interesting visual to draw the reader in.
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingChain Saw SerenadeThomas CurwenThomas Curwen’s engaging and informative piece on the business of hauling off dying trees in the Sierra Nevada is filled with stunning imagery that makes a potentially bland subject come alive. He grabs readers with strong language and interesting characters, before introducing the conflict of overcrowded forests. It’s a fantastic read.
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StoryA Medical Mystery: ’We Don’t Have Polio Here’Soumya KarlamanglaCompelling medical mystery story grabs the reader’s attention from the beginning. Nicely structured and paced.
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionSports Game StorySuper Bowl 50Sam FarmerGreat way to break news. Nice, touching stuff with Archie, cute quotes with mom.
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionSports Feature StoryCorey SeagerAndy McCullough
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsRobot NationNatalie KitroeffAn in-depth look at a major issue facing U.S. workers.
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionCoverage of EducationEducation Coverage: Teresa WatanabeTeresa Watanabe
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionBreaking NewsL.A. Sheriff’s Sergeant SlainLos Angeles Times Staff
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionSpecial SectionYear in ReviewLos Angeles Times StaffLiked reprinting front pages in miniature. Covered a lot of ground, with a good mix of stories. Cartoons were a nice touch, as was the Capture L.A. photo contest.
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionNews PhotoViolence in San BernardinoGina Ferazzi
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoIceland GymnastWally SkalijPhotographer imagined an image and made it happen. Such a great detailed shot.
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoUsain BoltWally SkalijNice emotion and clean background. Good choice of point of view.
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionPhoto Story/EssayRisking It All to Reach Our DoorGenaro MolinaBeautifully composed images that capture strong expression, dynamic colors and a strong sense of the hardships the migrants endure.
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionAgricultural ReportingNiche AgricultureGeoffrey MohanI really learned a lot about quinoa — and that’s what a good report is all about. An in-depth study of a crop that’s not really reported on. Writing hooks you in from the very beginning.
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionPhoto IllustrationTrump TVMichael WhitleyGraphics show the key point of the story — that the election has changed television.
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionPhoto IllustrationGlobalization of OxyContinMichael WhitleyClever use of the topic of the story, OxyContin pills, to illustrate the topic — how the drug moving to worldwide distribution, by using pills to make a depiction of the continents.
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionEditorial CartoonChampagneDavid Horsey
Los Angeles TimesHonorable MentionIllustrationSummer Television PreviewCameron CottrillImage speaks for itself. It says summer, it says channel surfing. Clear message. Great use of color. Nostalgic but modern.
Los Banos Enterprise1stEditorial CommentJones should quit school boardMike Dunbar
Los Banos EnterpriseHonorable MentionFront Page: Broadsheet2-12-16; 4-22-16; 9-30-16StaffClean pages with nice flow. Dominant photos and headlines help give reader a guide, one of the strongest characteristics of all three pages. Overall nicely done and congratulations.
Los Banos EnterpriseHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoFull layout for touchdownGene Lieb
Marin Independent Journal1stOnline Photo Story/EssayCheckmateAlan DepThe photographer has captured some very nice moments here. The pictures give a lovely sense of what the event was all about. A tight edit brings focus to the most telling images.
Marin Independent Journal1stEditorial CartoonBack to school fashionsGeorge RussellStylish art work, very clear in making its point. This cartoon was funny and timely.
Marin Independent Journal2ndWritingTrailer residents say goodbye to paradisePaul LiberatoreNice read on an era slipping away — for better or worse — on the California Coast. Fluid show-not-tell, if not poetic, writing.
Marin Independent Journal2ndCoverage of EducationOf the Old SchoolJanis MaraThis story takes us right into a one-room school house. In the first few paragraphs, we hear the teacher talk to her lone fourth-grader, then move seamlessly on to her other students, giving them all different assignments. Strong writing that gives us a short history of one-room school houses and lets us see, rather than only telling us, the advantages they bring and challenges they face.
Marin Independent Journal2ndNews PhotoForward attackRobert TongReally captured the moment and the face. Usually, all people see are the backs of firefighters, but this one gives us more. Fires and election were big stories in 2016 in California.
Marin Independent JournalHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingMarin Recyclers in Economic ViseRichard HalsteadWhat a shocking story! This may impact recycling in a huge way. Very well written and informative, with a lot of information packed into a relatively small space. Although there were other entries that simply were far more detailed and researched, this story was my personal favorite because it sparked so many questions about what will happen to all this plastic if no one is willing to recycle it. I want to read “Part Two”... the sign of a great story!
Marin Independent JournalHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StoryReason for HopeRichard Halstead
Marin Independent JournalHonorable MentionLifestyle CoverageLifestyle sections, April 19-20Vicki Larson
Marin Independent JournalHonorable MentionCoverage of EducationRenewed scrutiny on charter schoolMark PradoStrong investigative piece examining whether a local charter school is getting more than its share of funds. This is local journalism doing what it should do: holding our school officials accountable for how they spend money.
Marin Independent JournalHonorable MentionOnline Photo Story/EssaySlayingRobert Tong
Marin Independent JournalHonorable MentionPhoto IllustrationHealth, She WroteAudria Ruscitti
Mariposa Gazette1stSports Page or SectionAug. 25 and Sept. 1, 2016Matt JohnsonVery good job of covering local sports. Well-written stories and attractive page design.
Mariposa Gazette1stSpecial Sports SectionYear of the GrizzlyMatt Johnson
Mariposa GazetteHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingLog sitesGreg Little
Mariposa GazetteHonorable MentionEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireCal Fire seriesGreg LittleGood overview of Cal Fire operations.
Merced Sun-Star1stEnterprise News Story or SeriesLack of access to health care in Merced CountyMonica VelezThe reporter did excellent job identifying and humanize a real problem, in compelling reporting and writing.
Merced Sun-Star1stEditorial CommentOpinski, Jones must quit board positions without delayMike DunbarGood editorials take a strong position on things of great local interest and back those opinions with facts. This editorial hit on all those points and was well-written and straight to the point.
Merced Sun-Star1stBreaking NewsHighway 99 bus crashStaffExcellent breaking news coverage of a fatal 3:30 a.m. bus accident. The initial story was published at 6:34 a.m., showing that the Merced Sun-Star staff hits the ground running. The first story combined interviews with authorities and survivors, info about the bus company’s safety track record, and three videos from the scene. Follow-up stories the next two days showed dogged pursuit of facts.
Merced Sun-Star1stGeneral ExcellenceSept. 2 and 3, 2016StaffA paper built on news, with a focus on fact-finding and accountability on its news and opinion pages, presented in a clean, confident design. Community papers packaged into the weekend paper make for a big, satisfying read. Congratulations to the Sun-Star on a well edited, well written report.
Merced Sun-Star2ndNon-Profile Feature StoryMerced family fights for justice 10 years after unsolved slayingsRob ParsonsA well-told, well-reported story that deals with the legacy of a tragedy without resorting to melodrama. The writer has a good eye for telling details, and gives the reader a full sense of the family’s experience.
Merced Sun-Star2ndSports Game StoryWarren overcomes nerves in Merced’s football win over GregoriShawn JansenGreat lede. Great combo of information and quotes right off the bat. I got flavor and all the nuts and bolts of the story in the first three graphs, then followed up with more solid quotes from players and coaches to help really tell the story.
Merced Sun-Star2ndCoverage of EducationCoverage of Merced College administrationThaddeus MillerDogged reporting and clean writing about an unresponsive secondary school’s relationship with local law enforcement.
Merced Sun-Star2ndSpecial Sports SectionHigh School FootballShawn Jansen, Sean Lynch, Andrew KuhnStrong presentation throughout. Well-thought-out and organized section. A lot of teams from a large coverage area are effectively outlined through capsules and conference roundups, even though there isn’t space to individually preview each team. All-area team, Top-5s and coaches’ polls are unique and add value. Posing of the Merced players at the theater shows creative thinking.
Merced Sun-StarHonorable MentionEditorial CommentWalsh isn’t suited to lead MC into futureMike DunbarThis is local watch-dog journalism at its best with the newspaper taking a strong stand on what it sees as unethical and perhaps criminal behavior. Strong writing about an important local subject.
Metro Silicon Valley1stInvestigative ReportingSkipping Out on BailJennifer WadsworthPowerful indictment of a corrupt and dysfunctional bail bonds system. Deep, careful reporting and clear writing make this one of the top entries in a hyper-competitive category.
Metro Silicon Valley1stArts & Entertainment CoverageMay 4 and 11, 2016StaffThese issues impressed me with their design, energy and variety of stories. The 60-mile rule was a good investment of time and effort as it likely answered questions that have been on many readers’ minds. I also like the look and feel of the weekly calendar. The publication is still hip and appeals to all ages. It’s like reading a national magazine with events that are in your backyard. No. 1, it’s a fun read.
Metro Silicon Valley1stFront Page TabloidJuly 6, Sept. 6 and Nov. 9, 2016StaffVery clean, informative and eye-catching designs. And the inclusion of teasers gives readers a good variety of news coverage.
Metro Silicon Valley2ndEnterprise News Story or SeriesSo You Think You Can HelpJennifer WadsworthLots of information from multiple sources with different views about how to solve the problem of homelessness. Deep interviews. Interviews with homeless people in addition to activists. The lede anecdote was a great example of tension between competing views. A wonderfully balanced look at what can happen when a community tries to help, causing another set of problems.
Metro Silicon Valley2ndWritingStuck LoversJennifer WadsworthInteresting issue told well through the experiences of those who have struggled.
Metro Silicon Valley2ndIllustrationWe Will SurviveFred Harper
Metro Silicon Valley2ndPhoto IllustrationCar and DriverlessKara BrownThis illustration perfectly captures what the story purports (based on the headline) to address. The man and woman seem to be having fun while drinking their libations of choice, which might actually be a possibility with an autonomous vehicle. I like that the car is fancy — it gives the reader these cars are expensive, which they definitely will be until they become mainstream.
Metro Silicon ValleyHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingGlocal WarmingJennifer Wadsworth
Metro Silicon ValleyHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StoryBYOB: Build Your Own BabyNick VeroninReally engaging baby making.
Metro Silicon ValleyHonorable MentionNews PhotoComing OutGreg RamarA great capture of the Trump supporter’s defiant face that contrasts with her hecklers. The photo definitely captures the tension of that protest.
Monterey County Weekly1stColumns”Local Spin” columnsMary Duan
Monterey County Weekly1stSpecial SectionSummer Activities GuideStaffLove the cover — it says right away, ’I’m something different.’ And the repeating of the “badge” theme inside ties it all together. Cute photos and good info for families. Some narrative, long list, useful to users.
Monterey County Weekly1stEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireCoverage of the Soberanes FireMonterey County Weekly staffThe print package provides a breadth of coverage that lays out the impact from residents’ eyes and gives snapshots of the scenario in the fire’s path. Info boxes provide a great element for readers, as does the context of past fires in the area. It’s a comprehensive package for what can be done on a weekly timeline. Online coverage is impressive, at more than 70 articles, giving updates as they develop. Creating a landing page helps readers go to one place instead of having to hunt them down.
Monterey County Weekly1stFront Page: BroadsheetOf, Local Women React to Trump’s Victory, and the Soberanes FireKaren Loutzenheiser
Monterey County Weekly2ndNews PhotoBernie SandersNic CouryThe Sanders shot does a fine job of showing the rally’s borderline religious atmosphere.
Monterey County WeeklyHonorable MentionInvestigative ReportingAn investigation on how a would-be developer allegedly depleted a $6 million family trust.David SchmalzExhaustive investigation with huge stakes for the community. The Monterey County Weekly and reporter David Schmalz went above and beyond in gathering and distilling a mountain of documents. Moreover, Schmalz wrote this story in an artful, conversational style that grabbed the reader by the lapel and simply would not let go. Bravo.
Monterey County WeeklyHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingReporting on the Cemex plant in Marina, the nation’s only remaining coastal sand mine.David SchmalzExcellent reporting, interesting issue. Well done.
Monterey County WeeklyHonorable MentionAgricultural ReportingMonterey Bay Seaweeds brings seaweed superpowers to plates.Mark C. AndersonUnusual, interesting story with lots of color, variety of ways of looking at seaweed and Dr. Graham.
Monterey Herald1stEnvironmental ReportingRiver in Recovery?Jim JohnsonStrong report on prospects for Carmel River’s recovery. Does a good job of pulling the reader in with descriptive scene and then pulling back to explore land and policy details.
Monterey Herald1stFront Page: BroadsheetMarch 24, July 28 and Nov. 17, 2016Monterey Herald StaffLively pages with efficient use of multiple entry points for readers. Good use of color with clean design.
Monterey Herald2ndEnvironmental ReportingChanging the course of the Carmel River’s futureJames HerreraExhaustive report on the local commitment to restoring the Carmel River. Does a good job of documenting the money and policies of the local jurisdiction.
Monterey Herald2ndWritingWhen a neighbor can’t be trustedClaudia Melendez SalinasThe writer did a great job of intermixing the personal story with details of the case and statistics on child abuse. Very impressive research. Story had a good flow.
Monterey Herald2ndPhoto IllustrationAll-county baseballMonterey Herald Staff
Monterey HeraldHonorable MentionEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireWildfire could be beneficial for condorsTommy WrightAn interesting take on an unusual silver lining for wildfires.
Monterey HeraldHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsA tale of two citiesJames Herrera
Moorpark Acorn1stSports Action PhotoTrail blazerMichael CoonsThis dynamic photo receives top billing from me for the dynamic power of its lighting and the masterful way that it freezes a moment in time without losing the sense of action. Water drops cast dramatic shadows across the subject and etch the path of the ball through the air for the viewer.
Moorpark Acorn1stPhoto Story/EssayFur flies at agility contestStaffThe fur flies! I must say, what does it for me is the photographer capturing the moment of the dog jumping through the hoop. What a great main photo! It plays well in the essay. Nice work! Congratulations.
Moorpark Acorn2ndSports Feature StoryRancho deluxeEliav Appelbaum
Moorpark Acorn2ndSports Feature PhotoCold nightMichael Coons
Moorpark AcornHonorable MentionSports Game StoryBack in the finalsEliav Appelbaum
Moorpark AcornHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoRecord vaultMichael CoonsThe photographer captures the story of a record-breaking vault with a photo that screams elation. The subject’s joy appears to be elevating him skyward. The crisp, clean focus of the shot allows the subject matter to vault this piece up the rankings.
Moorpark AcornHonorable MentionPhoto Story/EssayTime to reflectStaffGreat catching the photo of the young scout in his moment. His cherishing of the American flag drives the entire essay. Nice work.
Mount Shasta Herald2ndEnterprise News Story or SeriesLiving on the streets in Mount ShastaPaul BoergerThe writer has a good ear for quotes while producing solid stories of value to local readers.
Mountain DemocratHonorable MentionArts & Entertainment CoverageOct. 14 and 21, 2016Mimi EscabarGood photos. Interesting Hangtown music festival story.
Mountain View Voice1stOnline General Excellencemv-voice.comStaff
Mountain View Voice2ndInvestigative ReportingDisarray at the DojoMark NoackDigging into wrongdoing at a local nonprofit resulted in an intriguing tale of theft, organizational infighting and e-mail hacking.
Mountain View Voice2ndCoverage of Business NewsRobots rolling in doughMark NoackEngaging writing, interesting topic, comprehensive. Makes me want to go there.
Mountain View Voice2ndCoverage of EducationA not-so-seamless summer for hungry kidsKevin ForestieriNice start, great subject, a variety of sources.
Mountain View Voice2ndBreaking NewsGoogle, LinkedIn agree to huge land swapMark Noack, Andrea Gemmet
Mountain View Voice2ndPhoto Story/EssayNo easy solution for city’s car-dwellersMichelle LePhotographing the homeless is no easy task. Congrats for obtaining a photo inside of the gentleman’s RV, where he’s living. Nice work.
Mountain View VoiceHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesOut of balance: a look at the job growth driving Silicon Valley’s housing crisis (series)Kevin Forestieri, Mark Noack, Andrea GemmetComprehensive coverage of a vital issue, written fairly, with a good range of sources and excellent use of statistics. Well done.
Mountain View VoiceHonorable MentionEditorial CommentCity’s refusal to release applications wrongheadedRenee BattiThis editorial blasts Mountain View City Council for its failure to disclose three of five pages of applications from 22 seekers of seats on the Rental Housing Committee — under the misapplication of a 1996 state court decision that background information of these applicants somehow reflect “deliverative or decision-making processes” of the council.
Mountain View VoiceHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentBattle over rent control in Mountain ViewMark Noack, Andrea GemmetConcise, well-written, informative articles with a good variety of perspectives on an important issue leading up to and beyond the election.
Mountain View VoiceHonorable MentionCoverage of EducationTeacher shortage still a big problemKevin Forestieri
Mountain View VoiceHonorable MentionFeature PhotoReach into the pastMichelle LeFantastic photo that tells a story in itself. Great color and a really fun photo to look at.
Mountain View VoiceHonorable MentionOnline Photo Story/EssayRobots rolling in doughMichelle LeInteresting. Nerds at a table with computers while workers and robots make pizza. This essay made me want to try the pizza, although it looks a little burnt around the edges, and I would be interested in a followup, if I were a regular reader of your paper.
Mountain View VoiceHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceSept. 16 and 23, 2016StaffThe Mountain View Voice had graphically stunning advertising and good writing quality. Excellent graphics, layout and presentation. Lots of local news, information and voices. Good use of photos.
New Times2ndCoverage of EducationOut in the openPeter JohnsonContains depth of reporting and excellent writing while exploring the lack of diversity on campus and its implications.
New TimesHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryMetamorphosisGlen Starkey
New TimesHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentNo easy fixPeter Johnson
New TimesHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsThe invisiblesChris McGuinnessGood trend-spotting and number-hunting on an important topic.
North Bay Bohemian1stEnvironmental ReportingOf Water and WineStaffSuperb reporting and discussion. Nice bringing in people and history, conflicts of ag and business and environment. Complex, hugely timely, and applicable to much of CA. Thank you.
North Bay Bohemian1stWritingCondemned Men TalkingStaffWell written with such descriptive words one can hear and see the prison doors opening and slamming shut.
North Bay Bohemian2ndCoverage of Local GovernmentCrude AwakeningStaffThe longest single article in this category, the most informative, and the best writing.
North Bay BohemianHonorable MentionArts & Entertainment CoverageUnder the Prairie SunStaffI was fascinated with the history about the chicken ranch turning into a recording studio.
North Coast Journal1stInvestigative ReportingThe Case of the Missing $5 MillionLinda StansberryThis is a well-written piece that draws the reader from one family’s story into a deeply reported explanation of deficiencies in North Coast skilled nursing care.
North Coast Journal1stNon-Profile Feature StorySanity on TrialThadeus Greenson
North Coast Journal1stColumnsLinda StansberryLinda StansberryWell written; good logic; lots of local flavor. Enjoyable read.
North Coast Journal1stArts & Entertainment CoverageMarch 3 and 10, 2016StaffThis is the type of publication I would be thrilled to find if I was visiting the area. It offers a nice variety of stories and gives a great rundown of nightlife, art exhibits, upcoming events and other things to do ... in an easy format to read.
North Coast Journal2ndEnvironmental ReportingUntil the Sun SetsThadeus GreensonThis story could be #1, both are excellent. Hugely complex story and history marvelously clearly explained, technically as well as politically. Fantastic job. I learned a lot. Now we can fear for the future.
North Coast Journal2ndProfile Feature StoryProve Them WrongThadeus GreensonImpressively detailed account of a local hero. Lots of legwork. Some nice sections, some stellar quotes.
North Coast Journal2ndInformational GraphicThe ChaseMiles EgglestonMap described a dramatic police chase in a detailed fashion. Clean, contemporary style.
North Coast JournalHonorable MentionLifestyle CoverageLifestylesStaff
North Coast JournalHonorable MentionBreaking NewsClearing the MarshStaff
North Coast JournalHonorable MentionInformational GraphicHumboldt MassacresMiles EgglestonBeautiful shaded relief makes this map stand out.
Pacific SunHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingBeef of burdenTom GogolaReally nice story that is able to keep the ambiguity in the different positions in perspective without taking sides. Difficult job to do when lawsuits are involved, Important problem — governing for multiple uses.
Pacific SunHonorable MentionArts & Entertainment CoverageOut of darknessDavid TempletonAn engaging story about an ex-inmate who got his chance on stage.
Palisades News1stProfile Feature StoryWilliams Solos to Hawaii—and BackLaurel BusbyTerrific subject — Williams is a great interview — and the piece kept me engaged all the way through.
Palisades News2ndWritingGermans United a NeighborhoodLaurel BusbyInteresting, heart-warming story, on many levels. Very good read.
Palisades News2ndColumnsThe Art of Re-Gifting: Curse of Historians and Wanted: Dorm Room with a ViewBob VickreyWell written, nice story telling. Good, illustrative writing. I enjoyed these columns.
Palo Alto Weekly1stEnvironmental ReportingIn pursuit of a plagueSue DremannThis story manages to provide a comprehensive understanding of a hard-to-understand subject while framing the narrative in a way that maintains enough intrigue to get even a science-ignorant reader through to the last paragraph. Sure, it only gets more bleak as it goes along, but by the end, enough information has been shared to make the reader feel like they at least know what they are facing.
Palo Alto Weekly1stEditorial CommentStanford’s deafening silenceBill Johnson, PublisherThe editorial “Stanford’s deafening silence” stood out for its clarity and persuasive arguments. The Palo Alto Weekly showed courage in taking on a powerful local institution, and the editorial board laid out a strong case detailing Stanford’s missteps and an assortment of missed opportunities. The editorial was strengthened by reporting. Instead of just criticizing from afar, the weekly sought an explanation from a university official and gave her a chance to have her say. Strong, constructive criticism of university officials with a clear challenge for them to change.
Palo Alto Weekly1stCoverage of EducationA case of bullyingElena KadvanyOutstanding exploration of bullying on personal and policy levels for a school district.
Palo Alto Weekly2ndInvestigative ReportingFailed justice?Elena KadvanyThe intimate portraits of victims in this piece illustrate the subtle differences in perception that separated them from the administration that was supposed to protect them. Understanding these details should go a long way toward producing the reforms they are hoping to see. Eye-opening package revealing how Stanford University failed to adequately investigate critical allegations of sexual misconduct — and failed to adequately protect victims, as well. Reporting was ambitious, writing quite strong, overall package exceptional.
Palo Alto Weekly2ndCoverage of Local GovernmentHuge political contributions spark outcry, suspicionGennady SheynerReally good watchdog stuff.
Palo Alto Weekly2ndOnline General Excellencepaloaltoonline.comStaff
Palo Alto WeeklyHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesHigh price to payGennady SheynerGood idea for a story, and the research is in-depth. Solid work on a critical but complex local issue.
Palo Alto WeeklyHonorable MentionInside Page Layout & Design TabloidJan. 1, Feb. 26 and April 29, 2016staff
Palo Alto WeeklyHonorable MentionOnline Photo Story/EssayHomecomingVeronica Weber
Palo Alto WeeklyHonorable MentionOnline Photo Story/EssayTurning lives aroundVeronica Weber
Palo Alto WeeklyHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceMarch 11 and 18, 2016StaffWow, where so many weeklies try to win you over with design, this weekly wins you over with the news. Could it be prettier? Yes. But that’s okay, it delivers lots of substance.
Palos Verdes Peninsula News2ndEnterprise News Story or SeriesLunada Bay Boys and Palos Verdes EstatesEd Pilolla, Megan Barnes, Cynthia WashickoGreat investigative series that any newspaper would be proud of, with clear writing, good sourcing, and effective use of public records requests to hold public officials accountable.
Palos Verdes Peninsula NewsHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentLunada Bay Boys and Palos Verdes EstatesEd Pilolla, Megan Barnes, Cynthia WashickoVery interesting journalistic effort especially considering the size of the staff and even without taking that into account.
Pasadena OutlookHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryJohn Naber’s Olympian Task of Inspiring OthersNick OstillerI like the structure. Writer takes us to a dramatic, pivotal moment in Naber’s life, hooking us for a good read whether or not you know the Olympian’s story or not. Including Stites and French was good work. Too often, stories like this have just the one source.
Pasadena OutlookHonorable MentionSports Feature StoryClaire’s Baseball Evolution Spans a Half-CenturyNick Ostiller
Pasadena OutlookHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsChinese Tech Giant Sets Up Shop in PasadenaNick OstillerThis coverage is comprehensive, engaging, timely, and tells the reader why they should care
Pasadena Star-News1stInformational GraphicMars Opportunity roverDaniel Aitken, Jason Henry, Daniel Tedford
Petaluma Argus-Courier1stEnvironmental ReportingToilet to TankEric GneckowThis well-written article shows all kinds of stories within the topic itself, and to have an ongoing series about this topic would be intriguing! I also enjoyed learning about the economic and community impact of this project, and the journalist provided a great tour of this facility with detailed facts and sources. I loved the depth of this article and because of it, it could pull off as evergreen content.
Petaluma Argus-Courier1stBreaking News2 children die in car crashMatt BrownThe reporter did a solid job of gathering information both from officials and the family while working on a tight deadline. The quotes are striking and key details help tell the story of the tragedy. Solid work all around.
Petaluma Argus-Courier1stGeneral ExcellenceSept. 1 and 8, 2016StaffWell-written and well-packaged publication. It seems well-connected to its community. Its editors make their pages easy for the reader by packaging it in several interesting sections.
Petaluma Argus-Courier1stOnline Photo Story/EssayFire destroys 4 east Petaluma homesCrissy Pascual
Petaluma Argus-Courier2ndEnterprise News Story or SeriesReining in vacation rentals, plus 2 more storiesEric GneckowA well-reported and thoughtful examination of a problematic issue. Nice work balancing the nuances involved, and offering readers an in-depth look at how the issue affects individual people and the community at large.
Petaluma Argus-Courier2ndProfile Feature StoryBeekeeping gives blind woman new focusHannah BeausangVery interesting story.
Petaluma Argus-Courier2ndNon-Profile Feature StoryCapturing a defining momentHannah BeausangGreat portrait of an interesting man, an interesting time, an interesting cause and the intersection of all.
Petaluma Argus-Courier2ndArtistic PhotoSunflowersCrissy PascualVery strong composition. Great use of color and the rule of thirds. Nice work!
Petaluma Argus-Courier2ndInvestigative ReportingPetaluma Marina Debt GrowsEric GneckowA well-reported and written look at a city-owned project that’s financially underwater and facing debt to the state. A solid look at how the marina, promised to be a self-sufficient crown jewel for the city, saw its financial picture get worse by the year — an important read for Petaluma residents.
Petaluma Argus-CourierHonorable MentionSports Game StoryWild OT win by hobbled GauchosJohn Jackson
Petaluma Argus-CourierHonorable MentionEditorial CommentSales tax should be for streetsStaffYou don’t often see newspapers advocating taxes, but they make a strong case for a sales tax for roads.
Petaluma Argus-CourierHonorable MentionColumnsJohn Jackson columns, June 2 and Sept. 22, 2016John JacksonWell written with authority. The author is clearly a longtime Giants fan and was able to convey the team’s 2016 sputtering, tortured post season in a fun, accurate and enjoyable way.
Petaluma Argus-CourierHonorable MentionBreaking NewsFire displaces residentsHannah Beausang and Matt BrownGood detail and colorful quotes from witnesses.
Petaluma Argus-CourierHonorable MentionFeature PhotoBubblesCrissy Pascual
Pleasanton Weekly1stLifestyle CoverageJune 24, July 1, 2016Staff
Pleasanton Weekly1stBreaking NewsCourt denies mayoral candidate’s lawsuit against city clerkJulia Reis
Pleasanton Weekly2ndEditorial CommentVote no on Measure MMGina Channell, Jeb BingThe editorial took strong positions on four ballot measures but did so with persuasive arguments buoyed by ample details and facts.
Pleasanton Weekly2ndArts & Entertainment CoverageApril 29, May 6, 2016Staff
Pleasanton Weekly2ndOnline General Excellencepleasantonweekly.comStaff
Pleasanton Weekly2ndInside Page Layout & Design TabloidFeb. 12, Aug. 26, Oct. 26, 2016Staff
Pleasanton Weekly2ndProfile Feature StoryA Year After Pier 14Meredith BauerLeader in the clubhouse. Topical. Timely. Local. Just the right length. Some nice writing.
Pleasanton WeeklyHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StorySacrificing For Success, Unseen StrugglesMeredith Bauer
Pleasanton WeeklyHonorable MentionSports Feature StoryCricket Anyone?Jeremy Walsh
Pleasanton WeeklyHonorable MentionBreaking NewsPleasanton police officer clearedMeredith Bauer
Porterville Recorder2ndEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireEast Porterville water, drought and recoveryStaffGood folos on a huge issue for the area. I particularly enjoyed the feature on the woman with water for the first time in seven years.
Porterville Recorder2ndSports Feature StoryFootball is FamilyNayirah DosuGreat concept! The placement of this story on the front page was right on — using sports and the sacrifices athletes make as a microcosm of the town.
Porterville Recorder2ndSports Feature PhotoCoach showered with GatoradeChieko HaraGreat job capturing a moment of unbridled joy in victory.
Porterville RecorderHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoGrizzlies maul MaraudersChieko Hara
Poway News Chieftain1stSports Game StoryBroncos incredible run ...Michael Bower
Poway News ChieftainHonorable MentionSports Page or SectionJune 9 and 16, 2016Michael Bower
Record Searchlight1stCoverage of Business NewsBurney yelling ’Timber’Alayna ShulmanGreat, thorough look at the impact of the declining lumber industry and how it affects rural towns.
Record Searchlight2ndInvestigative ReportingOffice asked for deputies help; Lawyer: Hmong afraid to voteAlayna ShulmanImpressive digging by the newspaper for what was at the bottom of the actions involving the Hmong, particularly showing the sheriff’s role as a partner rather than instigator. Excellent topic, excellent research. Good use of public info requests.
Record Searchlight2ndOnline General ExcellenceRedding.comStaff
Record SearchlightHonorable MentionInvestigative ReportingA coincidence of crashes?Alayna ShulmanKudos to the reporter for noticing the crashes were more than a coincidence and for proving something needed to be fixed.
Record SearchlightHonorable MentionSports Feature StoryYoung at heartT.J. HolmesEngaging feature story.
Record SearchlightHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentCleaning ReddingJenny Espino, Nathan SolisNice day-in-the-life perspective of a code enforcement officer and description of some of the issues that affect your town.
Record SearchlightHonorable MentionCoverage of EducationOne STEP at a timeJenny EspinoWhile this type of program is not new, the reporter’s sensitive coverage and number of sources made this a strong entry.
Record SearchlightHonorable MentionBreaking NewsSherri PapiniStaffImpressive work staying on top of a breaking news story as it developed day to day.
Record SearchlightHonorable MentionPhoto IllustrationFalcons footballl previewGreg Barnette and Aimee WandroSuperimposed team mascot and placement of players moves what could be a routine photo into an interesting lead-in to a story.
Redlands Daily FactsHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoHigh jumpJennifer Cappuccio
Register-Pajaronian2ndNews PhotoR-P News Photo 4Tarmo HannulaAlthough not the biggest news event featured among these entries, I really like this shot. Nice lines, good exposure, interesting content and the addition of the little bird on the fence is a nice touch. Nice job by the photog seeing the photo within the scene. Well done.
Register-PajaronianHonorable MentionWritingA troubled life, rememberedTodd GuildGreat idea clearly described in opening. A great ending
Register-PajaronianHonorable MentionSports Feature StoryWatsonville native rises from life-changing ’mistake’Tony NunezInspirational story. Did a good job focusing on the background of the main person in the story.
Register-PajaronianHonorable MentionNews PhotoR-P News Photo 2Tarmo HannulaThere were a few political events entered in this category. This was my favorite among them all. It gives a real feeling of the moment and I like the people in the backround. Exposure is on and focus is sharp.
Rosamond News2ndVideo JournalismBialecki’s backyard riding trainJohn Joyce, Mike Crabtree, Gayle Joyce
Rosamond NewsHonorable MentionVideo JournalismFootball Camp Packs Marauder StadiumJohn Bogna, Gayle Joyce, Mike Crabtree
Roseville Press Tribune1stSports Page or SectionNov. 4 and 11, 2016Steven WilsonStaff does an outstanding job of local-based sports coverage. Solid writing, event coverage and features.
Sacramento News & Review1stEnterprise News Story or SeriesArt, race and moneyJanelle BitkerWhite wall anecdote to lede the story was fantastic. It captured my interest and drew me right in even though I don’t normally read stories about art or racial issues. The writing style was lively, and the story felt like it kept moving throughout. It never slowed down too much. Great job interviewing lots of different types of players, including artists, gallery managers and a public agency rep. Really interesting look at the art world, usually the subject of fluffy features. Excellent drilling down on an uncomfortable issue.
Sacramento News & Review1stWritingBros gone wildDave KempaLively writing, well constructed. This story drew me in; I wanted to know more about this sub-culture. Well done!
Sacramento News & Review1stGeneral ExcellenceSept. 8 and 15, 2016StaffThis is by far the most complete entry in this category. The stories were compelling and well written and covered a breadth of subjects that is unparalleled here. Excellent from cover to cover. Other weeklies in this category had eye-catching designs and a good mix of local content, but no others explored important and controversial topics with the depth that SNR did.
Sacramento News & Review2ndEnvironmental ReportingCalifornia’s war on bugsAlastair BlandIt becomes more and more clear while reading this article how much there is still left to learn about the effects of insecticides, and where priorities should fall. It is therefore very wise to not elevate anybody as the all-knowing expert. People with different voices and different places in the environmental world are given equal treatment here, allowing all sides of this complex issue to be respected, and giving the reader a chance to contemplate the various effects is has on real people.
Sacramento News & Review2ndBreaking NewsThe nazis are comingRachel LeibrockNews and just the right amount of attitude.
Sacramento News & Review2ndEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireBurned outAlastair BlandThe writer does a great job in painting a picture of various scenarios and uses great language to keep readers involved in a lengthy story. Shows a diversity of interviews, touches on the historical context of wildfires vs. modern times, the difficulty firefighters and government agencies face when dealing with fire scenarios. The article also provides an overview of the underlying seriousness and stress the years-long drought has placed on the ecosystem.
Sacramento News & Review2ndFront Page TabloidSummer guideBrian BrenemanAll were very strong graphically. This front page has faces in a recognizable local setting, which has lots of reader appeal. I also like the wide variety of coverage topics teased on the cover.
Sacramento News & ReviewHonorable MentionInvestigative ReportingCops’ license-plate readers keep their eye on you, SacramentoRaheem F. HosseiniExcellent, well-balanced reporting on a topic of high importance — and frightening implications. Should be required reading of every citizen in the Sacramento area.
Sacramento News & ReviewHonorable MentionIllustrationThe grinch who stole 2016Serene Lusano, Brian Breneman
San Clemente Times2ndSpecial Section2016 Election IssueStaffConcise, interesting and put forth in a manner that could be digested in one sitting. Graphic design and layout elements as well as tight editing and thoughtful presentation. As a voter, I would look forward to receiving this guide every election cycle.
San Francisco Business Times1stEditorial CommentGeneration next: San Francisco’s housing market is eating its youngJim GardnerThe San Francisco Business Times submitted three editorials. Together they present a reasoned, impassioned and forceful position on the Bay Area’s housing crisis.
San Francisco Business Times1stCoverage of Business NewsPulling the stagecoach out of the ditchMark CalveyWell written, balanced, insightful with lots of information.
San Francisco Business Times1stSpecial SectionThe Business of PrideStaffExpertly assembled section. Top-notch design and art direction. Compelling coverage of businesses, individuals, issues and industries taylored to the LGBTQ community but woven together in a way making it relevant to the business world in general.
San Francisco Business Times1stFeature PhotoInfoScout collects data from shopping receiptsTodd JohnsonGreat feature photo that shows creativity and guts (not an easy photo to take). Expertly done.
San Francisco Business Times1stVideo JournalismOakland nonprofit Gameheads seeks to diversify tech through gamingEmma Marie ChiangThis video is very well put together, and it covers and important topic. The storytelling is clean, effective and engaging, while the video quality is excellent.
San Francisco Business Times1stGeneral ExcellenceSept. 23 and 30, 2016StaffWe were impressed with how well the San Francisco Business Times vigorously carried out its mission to cover Bay Area business with its top-notch general news coverage, breadth of coverage, story selection and mix, editorial excellence, quality of writing, news judgment, graphic readability, presentation and appearance, photo reproduction and strong editorial stances. Its local and community coverage and advertising graphics were good, too. This previous GE winner just gets better and stronger in all categories, most notably a sharper critical eye and voice on a myriad of biz and economic topics and sectors.
San Francisco Business Times1stInformational GraphicBody of EvidenceMitch Green, Ron LeutyBold and contemporary typography and color illustrate an interesting dataset about clinical trials. Many forms of visualizing data are effectively used, including a diagram of the human body, bar charts, donut charts and an ordered list. The writing is clear, on point and the right length. While it may have run with a story, the graphic works well as a standalone piece.
San Francisco Business Times2ndIllustrationStartup CEOs Behaving BadlyMitch GreenCleverly executed and well-integrated into the story; works nicely in setting a tone and elegantly guiding the reader into the article.
San Francisco Business TimesHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsThe Year of the ApartmentBlanca TorresTimely, well researched, well written look at apartment growth in San Francisco
San Francisco Business TimesHonorable MentionInside Page Layout & Design TabloidExecutive of the YearsMitch Green
San Francisco Business TimesHonorable MentionIllustrationJanus Jerry BrownMitch GreenThis smartly conceived and sharply rendered illustration pairs perfectly with the story/column.
San Francisco Business TimesHonorable MentionIllustrationTrump: Bay Area FriendMitch GreenThis provocative, humorous and well-executed illustration pairs perfectly with the article.
San Francisco Chronicle1stProfile Feature StoryTiny Curry Corner in Hayward feels the love for the last timeJonathan KauffmanWonderfully written and entertaining, while giving insight into a little zone of culture even people who live in the area might not know about. (Also made me hungry for curry.)
San Francisco Chronicle1stSports Feature StoryThe Najee ChroniclesRon Kroichick, Michael Macor
San Francisco Chronicle1stEditorial CommentA civic disgrace: Editorial on S.F. homelessnessJohn DiazThis editorial perfectly blends outrage and reason in its appeal for the kind of comprehensive, massive assault on homelessness that San Francisco obviously needs. It is the perfect denouement to a series that explored this heartbreaking social problem. To the point and well-argued. Plenty of reason for taxpayers to be concerned and advocates to be frustrated. Change is a must and this editorial provides good guidance.
San Francisco Chronicle1stCoverage of Business NewsAs city lowers boom, Airbnb and rivals thriveCarolyn Said, Joaquin PalominoThe Chronicle’s package on Airbnb and other vacation rental operations was a deep dive into a very local issue — the love/hate relationship between Airbnb and its hometown and the impact on the city’s housing supply. The stories are clearly focused on different aspects of the issue, thoroughly reported and well-balanced. I also appreciated that they were told through the experiences of tenants and landlords. The graphics were also quite informative and strong supplements to the stories. Compelling read about an uneasy state of affairs
San Francisco Chronicle1stSports Feature PhotoCelebrating with StephScott StrazzanteThis photo screams victory with a stunning clarity and force. It almost puts the viewer courtside to the point where the victory yell can be heard.
San Francisco Chronicle1stGeneral ExcellenceMarch 6 and 7, 2016StaffThe Chronicle has an excellent balance of local and Northern California news that features strong storytelling and watchdog journalism. Sports remains a traditional strength as does its local arts coverage. But the key factor to this judging was the magnificent special section on med who had survived HIV and AIDS. The photography was riveting. The stories moving. Remarkable work.
San Francisco Chronicle1stAgricultural ReportingSeafood’s new normalTara Duggan\Very in-depth reporting from all aspects of the seafood industry. Nice use of fact sheets to help enforce the focus of the article.
San Francisco Chronicle1stLifestyle CoverageTravel: July 24 and 31, 2016Staff
San Francisco Chronicle1stPhoto IllustrationFuture too bright for their own good?John BlanchardThis was the most expressive illustration but also quite compelling for the reader. It pairs well with the story. Beyond telling the story, this illustration captures the emotion of the story as well.
San Francisco Chronicle1stIllustrationThe future of retailSteven Boyle, Christopher T. Fong, Danielle Mollette-ParksEngaging illustration welcomes reader to special report. Offers reader may entry points. Clear communication of overall topic and subtopics. Easy to comprehend. Simplistic but interactive. Good choice of colors.
San Francisco Chronicle2ndEnvironmental ReportingRising RealityJohn KingJohn King’s series on rising sea levels due to climate change and the effects on San Francisco paint a clear picture of what the future could hold for the Bay Area. The tension between local and state government is made clear, and the the reporting itself is enhanced by the wonderful maps, graphics and charts that accompany King’s work.
San Francisco Chronicle2ndSports Game StoryGiants eliminated after bullpen suffers a final meltdownHenry SchulmanGreat account, rich with detail and context that adds to the raw details of the play. This piece embraces the pain of defeat that had seemed like a victory. It grabs the reader from the beginning and doesn’t let go. The imagery is awesome.
San Francisco Chronicle2ndBreaking NewsSan Francisco Chronicle: Ghost Ship FireStaffA decidedly close second place with solid, well-written stories accompanied by an extremely strong digital effort that got the news and updates out immediately on all available platforms and channels. The volume of total coverage is tremendous and well coordinated and didn’t leave any stones unturned.
San Francisco Chronicle2ndSpecial SectionHabitat Magazine: Bay Area Home and StyleKitty Morgan, Erin Feher, Elizabeth BurrStylish, classy, beautiful. Fun and sassy. Well-thought out with definite attitude. Tries to get at what makes the area tick and thrive at home.
San Francisco Chronicle2ndOnline Photo Story/EssayBlack Lives, Black VoicesHamed Aleaziz, Leah Millis, Lucio VillaIntense and compelling portraits with quote overlays draw in the readers. We want to know more about these individuals. And we do learn more through an audio component. I love the idea of an interactive photo essay and this is perfectly executed. This is what sets it apart from the other entries. Interactive. Innovative. Compelling. Perfection.
San Francisco Chronicle2ndVideo JournalismThe Regulars: Suu the Street SweeperErin BrethauerThe strongest technical video of all the entries along with an amazing subject matter. Kudos to the photographer’s skills and storytelling ability.
San Francisco ChronicleHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesBeyond Homelessness and the SF Homeless ProjectStaffThe Chronicle crafted an obsessively reported investigation. It goes beyond the other entrants to this category’s commitment to the topic. It identifies a solution to the problem it documents and backs the solution up with informed reporting. Intimate stories of the afflicted abound but the reporters and editors do not get mired in melodrama. Photos and graphics empower the narrative. And the Chronicle takes a commercial risk and recruits a legion of media competitors to press for action.
San Francisco ChronicleHonorable MentionWritingLast Men Standing: The Forgotten Survivors of AIDSErin AlldayIn category full of compelling, engaging entries, the Last Men Standing report deserves its place among those at the top. Wonderfully written words pull us into the story, helping us to know and care about these men. Great use of graphics, photography and video in this stellar example of storytelling. Congratulations on your work!
San Francisco ChronicleHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StoryChasing dreams and dollars: India and the H-1B visaPadmaparna Ghosh, Joaquin Palomino, Carolyn LochheadDeeply reported story that goes to India to deliver a fresh perspective on the H-1B program. Strong video and photography.
San Francisco ChronicleHonorable MentionColumnsJohn Diaz columnsJohn DiazOutstanding. Thoroughly reported, plainly stated, powerfully argued.
San Francisco ChronicleHonorable MentionSports Page or SectionApril 13 and 14, 2016Staff
San Francisco ChronicleHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoReflectionsLeah MillisWonderful juxtaposition of the two images! The scene in the street supports the emotion on Maya’s face. Going black and white was a great choice. Beautiful work!
San Francisco ChronicleHonorable MentionFront Page: BroadsheetApril 14 and 21, and Oct. 9, 2016Staff
San Francisco ChronicleHonorable MentionInside Page Layout & Design BroadsheetBlack Lives, Black Voices: July 31, 2016Danielle Mollette-Parks
San Francisco Examiner1stNon-Profile Feature StoryA holy mission: Weekly prayers held for SF homicide victimsJonah Owen LambGreat idea for a story. Well written. Love that the reporter spent the day with them. Really good ending. of the bunch.
San Francisco Examiner1stFront Page TabloidMay 20, June 29 and Aug. 17, 2016Examiner staffThree strong, newsy covers that grab and hold the readers’ attention. Photo choices are impactful and smartly used. The “writing on the wall” cover is especially memorable.
San Francisco Examiner2ndWritingMeasuring the half-life of Sept. 11Michael HowertonThis captures the sadness, helplessness and anxiety that followed 9/11. This is a poignant piece that offers a glimpse beyond the scenes as a reporter struggles to make sense of such senselessness. Nice detail.
San Francisco Examiner2ndFeature PhotoWill San Francisco See the Writing on the Wall?Jessica ChristianHomelessness is an important issue that people often struggle to truly empathsize with. This photo succeeds in instantly creating empathy, with the viewer understanding a bit of what it would be like to be in this situation.
San Francisco ExaminerHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryMeet the SF man responsible for more than a quarter of all tech bus complaintsJoe Fitzgerald RodriguezWell-written piece gives us a sense of the man and the problem.
San Francisco ExaminerHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentDark Money: Outside Influence in San Francisco Supervisor RacesJoshua Sabatini, Michael BarbaThis series takes on the big and important topic of independent expenditures.
San Francisco ExaminerHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceExaminer staff
San Gabriel Valley TribuneHonorable MentionWritingHow a stolen necklace led to deadly firebombingStephanie K. BaerGood presentation of facts in the case and use of quotes.
San Jose Mercury News1stNon-Profile Feature StoryTrue cost of the Epi-PenTracy SeipelClever local angle on a national story gives this piece an excellent hook that smoothly transitions into deeper exploration of the topic. Well-executed explanatory graphics elevate the package.
San Jose Mercury News1stColumnsMarcus Thompson columnsMarcus Thompson IIGreat personal voice. Powerful piece on giving, very touching and interesting piece on the journey home.
San Jose Mercury News1stCoverage of Local GovernmentDrug DocsKaren De Sa and Tracy SeipelThese stories deserve first place because the reporters uncovered a disturbing practice aimed at a vulnerable and forgotten population. The discoveries shock the conscience. Most impressive was that the reporters had to gain an understanding of the practice of medicine and were able to explain the medical, psychological and ethical problems at play in clear and understandable terms. They also painted a picture of the human condition that touched the heart.
San Jose Mercury News1stInside Page Layout & Design TabloidEYE tabloid inside pagesStaff
San Jose Mercury News2ndCoverage of Business NewsThe Hidden Workforce Expanding Tesla’s FactoryLou HansenWith all the talk of illegal immigration, The Mercury News’ investigation into the B1/B2 visa program – “the wonderful world of unregulated visas” – both timely and impactful. The package shed light on a little-known problem, prompted an immediate response from Tesla and a change in its business operations. That’s what it’s all about. A shocking look at a practice that mostly stays in the shadows.
San Jose Mercury News2ndSports Page or SectionMarch 10 and 11, 2016StaffExcellence in every aspect of this section. Only a slight notch below first place in what is a very competitive category.
San Jose Mercury News2ndArtistic PhotoHorse Walks On WaterPatrick TehanSuch a stunning photo! The shallow depth of field draws the eye straight to the subject’s face. It’s impressive that you were able to use a long enough shutter speed to blur most of the action, but still keep the subject’s face in sharp. Fantastic!
San Jose Mercury News2ndOnline General ExcellenceMercuryNews.comStaff
San Jose Mercury News2ndFront Page TabloidEYE coversStaffSolid, attractive work but not sufficiently memorable or eye-catching to warrant top honors.
San Jose Mercury News2ndIllustrationKeeping your safeJeff DurhamCompelling visual. Communicates message clearly and effectively. Commands readers’ attentions.
San Jose Mercury NewsHonorable MentionInvestigative Reporting944 Lost GunsThomas PeeleVery good one-part story. Sheds light on an important but little-known problem. Good sidebar on FOI requests, graphs and illustrations.
San Jose Mercury NewsHonorable MentionWritingThe last hours of the Ghost ShipJulia Prodis Sulek and Matthias GafniCongratulations to the reporters on this piece. The writing is clearly a top contender in this category, with details that flesh out the human aspect ... and wonderful use of videos and social media posts to bring the story home. Stellar storytelling of this horrific tale.
San Jose Mercury NewsHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryPriscilla Chan profileQueenie WongThis was interesting and well written.
San Jose Mercury NewsHonorable MentionColumnsMark Purdy ColumnsMark PurdyGreat stuff — very pointed, emotional, insightful and readable. Conveys the drama and the backstory in both items with elegant bluntness.
San Jose Mercury NewsHonorable MentionCoverage of Education70 mile commutes to high schoolSharon Noguchi
San Jose Mercury NewsHonorable MentionSpecial Section2016 — It was a wild ride!StaffHaving elbow cross the gutter was brilliant and the finger pointing and expressions in the photos on 5 were well chosen. Lots of fun to go through.
San Jose Mercury NewsHonorable MentionFeature PhotoAre you fire ready?Patrick TehanPoignant detail shot from the destructive wildfire season.
San Jose Mercury NewsHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoCoaching a game he’s never playedNhat V. MeyerVery moving image. The photo is so well crafted, with the two lights, the push of the athlete and the look of determination on the face of the coach.
San Jose Mercury NewsHonorable MentionPhoto Story/EssayWhere We Live: City RootsPatrick TehanThe photographer showed great creativity in finding and showcasing these trees — beauty that we pass everyday. Each image has a mood and personality. Lovely.
San Jose Mercury NewsHonorable MentionSpecial Sports SectionPlay Ball special baseball sectionStaff
San Jose Mercury NewsHonorable MentionFront Page: BroadsheetThree front pages: Ghost ship, Treating Tasia, Lost GunsStaff
San Marino Outlook1stNon-Profile Feature StorySMHS Bonds Endure Across 60 YearsEric NolandEngaging and informative; much of the history is told through the eyes and anecdotes of the Class of 1956, which makes for a compelling story. Great mix of personal connections and ties to the community and school.
San Marino Outlook2ndSports Game StoryWick Brothers Finish High School as State ChampsOscar ArelizThis was one that practically wrote itself, and that is what made it sing, it never felt forced. And what made it even better is the two winning state titles during a year when brothers ruled at state. You could tell reporter did homework.
San Marino OutlookHonorable MentionSpecial SectionBack to SchoolStaff
San Marino Tribune1stPhoto Story/EssaySpring BreakMitch Lehman, Mary BuckleyWhat time is must have taken to collect, narrow and lay out this piece. I love the map behind the photos, which, yes, I know, most are selfies and posed vacation photos. Regardless a great example of a photo essay complete with location (the map) and person’s name and image. I believe you managed to capture a winning selection using submitted photos — that’s a feat itself. Congratulations!
San Marino Tribune2ndSports Feature StoryKindred SpiritsMitch LehmanThere was a lot of research for the statistics. It was a nice, feel good story.
San Marino TribuneHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesFighting Fire With PracticeKevork KurdoghlianA very readable look into everyday challenges faced by local firefighters. The dramatic, first-person approach worked well to draw the reader in to a story that otherwise might have gotten bogged down in less interesting detail.
San Marino TribuneHonorable MentionSports Feature StoryYou fight like a girl’ a Huge Compliment In Claire Garcia’s WorldMitch LehmanFemales don’t often get enough credit in the sports world, so it was neat to see so much ink dedicated to that. I thought it did a good job of keeping my attention.
San Marino TribuneHonorable MentionCoverage of EducationAll In the FamilyMitch LehmanIntriguing look inside the training and education of a marching band. thoughtful and well crafted.
San Marino TribuneHonorable MentionSpecial Sports SectionThe Next LevelMitch Lehman, Nancy Lem
Santa Babara Independent1stNon-Profile Feature StoryTransgender Life In Santa BarbaraRichie DeMaria
Santa Babara Independent1stIllustrationVanilla IceBen Ciccati
Santa Babara Independent1stSports Action PhotoSandspit SurfPaul Wellman
Santa Babara Independent1stArtistic PhotoLas Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope NetworkPaul WellmanWell-executed time exposure with added light painting on buildings. Strongest in category.
Santa Babara Independent2ndCoverage of Business NewsIs it High Time? Santa Barbara and the Pot PropTyler HaydenThoroughly reported. Good job getting ahead of an important state-wide issue and tackling the local angle.
Santa Babara Independent2ndInside Page Layout & Design TabloidCommunity Arts Workshop, Staycation, and Nell CampbellBen Ciccati, Caitlin FitchAll three are beautifully dynamic pages that clearly execute their concepts with art, typography and visual tone to accompany the images. Article type on “Gods & Monsters” is a little tough to read with the background image, but otherwise great work.
Santa Babara Independent2ndAgricultural ReportingFollowing the Santa Barbara Wine Country OrdinanceMatt KettmannConcise, well-written story with lots of viewpoints, well-told and illustrated in the text. Well done to separate story on revenue from the ordinance, although they are interrelated. Wonder which way the vote went?
Santa Babara IndependentHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryArchie McLaren’s Indulgent LifeMatt Kettmann
Santa Babara IndependentHonorable MentionArts & Entertainment CoverageNov. 10 and 17, 2016Indy StaffGreat writing styles throughout. Also nice layout and diverse activities to please all kinds of readers.
Santa Babara IndependentHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsThe Appeal of ApeelMatt KettmannSunny profile of an interesting business. Good secondary sourcing.
Santa Babara IndependentHonorable MentionCoverage of EducationCity College Pledges Two Free Years for Santa Barbara GradsKeith HammGood feature on a groundbreaking change in community college education and what it could mean for the school and possibly beyond in the state.
Santa Babara IndependentHonorable MentionSpecial SectionMeet the MakersIndy Staff
Santa Babara IndependentHonorable MentionIllustrationSummer Camp FoxBen Ciccati
Santa Babara IndependentHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoSB v SLO RugbyPaul Wellman
Santa Babara IndependentHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoHomelessPaul Wellman
Santa Babara IndependentHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoChristina SanchezPaul WellmanNice use of light and movement.
Santa Babara IndependentHonorable MentionFront Page TabloidIs it High Time? Pot Prop’s Pros and ConsBen Ciccati, Caitlin FitchGood use of a photo and negative space. Including teasers gives readers a taste of the variety of inside content.
Santa Barbara News-Press1stLifestyle CoverageRooted in history and Slam dunk?Charlotte Boechler, Editor
Santa Barbara News-Press2ndNon-Profile Feature StoryTiny lives, big tearsScott Steepleton, city editorWhat an interesting story about something no one ever thinks about. The characters in the story — from the abandoned babies to the volunteers — all have good tales. My only suggestion is to think about a different way to lead into stories such as this. I found the stories of the abandoned babies really compelling and would have liked to see that as the opening segment.
Santa Cruz Sentinel1stArtistic PhotoDowntown DancersShmuel ThalerPatterns and colors work to create a very aesthetically pleasing photo. Really drawers the viewer in.
Santa Cruz Sentinel2ndProfile Feature StoryThough his life was short, Joe Spence died with a clear sense of destinyWallace BaineReporter Wallace Baine immediately captures the essence of Joe Spence, a young man who died in a helicopter crash in Iraq. Spence, he writes, was driven by a sense of mission, that is “no better illustrated than by the date of his enlistment into the U.S. Marine Corps: Sept. 12, 2001.” Baine goes on to show how that sense of mission played out in the various aspects of Spence’s life, beginning in his middle-school years.
Santa Cruz Sentinel2ndSports Feature StoryCo-football champions SLV, Harbor to settle a score — 20 years after epic tieJim Seimas
Santa Cruz SentinelHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StoryDealing with dementia: Tim Fitzmaurice shares his storyJondi Gumz
Santa Cruz SentinelHonorable MentionArts & Entertainment CoverageThe GuideWallace Baine
Santa Cruz SentinelHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentCouncilman reprimanded for illegal secondary residenceJessica A. YorkThe quintessential Santa Cruz local governance series. Kudos.
Santa Cruz SentinelHonorable MentionNews PhotoFire on the MountainShmuel Thaler
Santa Cruz SentinelHonorable MentionPhoto Story/EssayPounding November SurfStaff
Santa Maria Sun1stAgricultural ReportingThe new workforceBrenna SwanstonConcise, well written, focused, brings in different points of view without being polemic, good illustrations of a current problem with economic and political ramifications.
Santa Maria Sun1stEnterprise News Story or SeriesOut of the shadowsJoe PayneThorough reporting, smooth writing, and excellent coverage of a sensitive topic. No sensationalism or sentimentality, just letting the sources and the facts speak for themselves. Bravo.
Santa Maria Sun1stProfile Feature StoryThe locals who stood at Standing RockBrenna SwanstonReporter brought an important national story down to the local level by providing a strong voice in Manly-Gil.
Santa Maria Sun1stNews PhotoSMPD-involved shootingDavid MinskyThe photo of Javier Gaona surrounded by police officers shortly before he was shot is chilling. Kudos to the quick-moving photographer.
Santa Maria Sun2ndNon-Profile Feature StoryReclaiming a communityJoe Payne
Santa Maria Sun2ndGeneral ExcellenceSept. 8 and 15, 2016The SunExcellent mix of coverage of local issues, arts and culture. Overall clean and inviting layout, but too tight or squeezed in some places. Sense of reader involvement in may pages. Ambitious coverage area which must be helped by sister publication. Envious advertising mix and percentages.
Santa Maria SunHonorable MentionInvestigative ReportingTruth or livesDavid MinskyGreat find due to thorough document research.
Santa Maria SunHonorable MentionEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireThirsty for solutionsDavid MinskyThe Sun’s David Minsky does well to localize the state’s groundwater act. It defines the players, the urgency in forming a local groundwater agency, and the scope of diminishing groundwater supply in a remote area.
Santa Maria SunHonorable MentionCoverage of EducationThe bully effectBrenna Swanston
Santa Maria Times1stAgricultural ReportingH-2A: Filling the GapsApril Charlton, Logan AndersonThis was a very strong, well-written series examining the challenges of housing farmworkers in high-cost areas. The series does a good job explaining the H-2A visa, why such workers are needed, and the community frictions over where to house these workers. I especially liked the solutions piece, showing readers what’s possible. Very well done.
Santa Maria Times2ndVideo JournalismHour of CodeJason Anderson
Santa Maria Times2ndGeneral ExcellenceMarch 3 and 4, 2016StaffThe Times makes good use of its resources to cover a range of news and provide serious commentary.This is a cleanly presented community paper with a lively approach to people and feature stories.
Santa Maria TimesHonorable MentionCoverage of EducationOAHS mulls attendance policies after citationGina KimGood reporting on an important — and under-reported — issue.
Santa Maria TimesHonorable MentionOnline General Excellencesantamariatimes.comJason Anderson, Braxton Carroll, Staff
Santa Monica Daily PressHonorable MentionWritingPushing his cluckJeff GoodmanGreat use of repetition in the opening paragraphs. Overall it had a wonderful flow and showed that the story wasn’t just about a unique car, but rather what it means to this one person. Made me smile.
Santa Monica Daily PressHonorable MentionSpecial SectionApril Fool’sStaff
Santa Ynez Valley News1stLifestyle CoverageApril 14 and 19, 2016Mary Ann Norbom
Santa Ynez Valley Star1stFront Page TabloidDecember 2016Aimee Reinhart Avery (Designer)
Santa Ynez Valley StarHonorable MentionVideo JournalismLetters from HomeRaiza Giorgi
Saratoga NewsHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StoryThe water sommeliersKhalida Sarwari
Shasta Lake Bulletin2ndOnline Photo Story/EssayChildren’s Community Christmas PartyRon Harrington
Sierra Star1stSports Feature StoryBadger girl makes history on baseball fieldMark Evan Smith
Sierra Star1stSports Feature PhotoYosemite Youth FootballBrian WilkinsonPhotographer captures a moment for the ages in youth football as two tiny players stare intensely at their young comrade, all of them in very professional 3-point stances. Are they awaiting his command? Are they all executing a winning Super Bowl play? The subjects’ faces and body language naturally convey the spirit of both youth sports and teamwork.
Sierra Star1stArtistic PhotoA Proud TraditionMichael CostaThis is a beautiful, arresting shot showing the dancer’s dedication. It definitely has a “wow” factor. Great work.
Sierra Star1stOnline General Excellencesierrastar.comStaff
Sierra Star2ndEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireColossal clean upBrian WilkinsonNice first-hand account introducing readers to one tree climber and also providing comprehensive story details about workers in the logging business and what they are doing in your area. I also like the layout with multiple photos.
Sierra Star2ndArts & Entertainment CoverageSmall town theatre — big time entertainmentBrian Wilkinson
Sierra StarHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentCounty continues to work with hotel developerBrian WilkinsonNice job exploring why the hotels were taking so long to get built at a time when the developer didn’t really cooperate. Was glad to see the info hinting at how much hotel tax revenue was at stake, but I might have put it earlier in the story, as it shows locals there’s more to this problem than not having rooms for out-of-towners.
Sierra StarHonorable MentionSports Page or SectionSept. 15, 2016Staff
Sierra StarHonorable MentionBreaking News73,000 marijuana plants uprootedMark Evan SmithNice coverage of the environmental impacts of illegal grow operations.
Sierra StarHonorable MentionFront Page: BroadsheetMarch 31, June 16 and Aug. 18, 2016StaffOverall nice, clean design. Clear lead photos help drive the page and not create fighting visual elements. Would like to see headlines filled out more. Particularly like the typography on homeless CP. Well done.
Sierra StarHonorable MentionFeature PhotoSeussing it upBrian Wilkinson
Sierra StarHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoWaite, Burns win 29th Annual Smokey 10KBrian WilkinsonThis collection of images documents lesser-seen moments in a running event. Photographer showcases various facets of an all-ages event that humanize and bring depth to what are usually predictable photos.
Sierra StarHonorable MentionPhoto Story/EssayFeathered FriendsTricia Nickerson
Sierra StarHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoA Proud TraditionMichael CostaNice tight shot of an expressive face with good depth of field. It’s an interesting image.
Signal TribuneHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryMr. Alvarez calls the US homeCJ DabloThis was well researched and reported. Writer has a good balance of sources in the story. A lot of information is provided in an easily readable way.
Simi Valley Acorn1stNews PhotoFully involvedMichael CoonsA great composition that balances the view of the firefighters at one side and the blaze on the other. Definitely portrays the situation’s tension.
Simi Valley Acorn1stSports Feature PhotoTough breakMichael CoonsGreat photo. Nice, sharp focus on the agony of defeat, with the thrill of victory in the background. Great job getting into a spot to capture both in the same frame.
Simi Valley Acorn2ndSports Action PhotoAll-Star catchRichard Gillard
Simi Valley AcornHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceMarch 11 and 18, 2016StaffGood newsy weekly in a very competitive division.
St. Helena Star1stColumnsThe unintended outcome of Kaepernick’s protest; Rose’s rape case can teach us a lotYousef BaigThoughtful reflection on two social issues while giving voice to multiple perspectives. Yousef Baig digs beyond the surface and into the culture.
St. Helena Star1stSports Action PhotoTwo down, one to goYousef Baig
St. Helena Star2ndAgricultural ReportingBefore the grapes, there was the Bale Mill Tom StockwellThe article provided an in-depth explanation with history and remained clear and accurate. The thorough explanations provided depth to the article.,
St. Helena Star2ndSports Game StoryDefense keeps Saints in game in comeback winYousef BaigThe writer does a good job setting the theme of the piece (defense) early and following it throughout. Use of some solid quotes adds to the success of this one.
St. Helena Star2ndSports Feature StoryUnbeatable, humble Schuh to be famousYousef Baig
St. Helena Star2ndSports Page or SectionAug. 25 and Sept. 1, 2016Yousef BaigVery solid sports section. Good emphasis on local sports, and not top heavy on results. Some good writing.
St. Helena Star2ndFront Page: BroadsheetJan. 14, Jan. 28 and Nov. 10, 2016StaffStrong, clean pages overall. Was glad to see dominant elements on each page from headlines to photos.
St. Helena Star2ndEditorial CartoonGrieving for those we never knew ...Mason McCartyUnderstated and elegant. Nicely done.
St. Helena Star2ndSports Feature PhotoLet the Games beginYousef BaigWell-composed and timed shot that creates anticipation for what happens next in both the photo and the subject’s story.
St. Helena Star2ndGeneral ExcellenceSept. 22 and 29, 2016StaffA fine community newspaper with lots of micro-local content celebrating the area and its people and informing readers about key local issues.
St. Helena StarHonorable MentionSports Game StorySaints rout Drake with big playsYousef BaigA solid story spiced with some good quotes.
St. Helena StarHonorable MentionEditorial CommentWhen democracy goes wrongStaffStrong tie federal to local, offers a solution.
St. Helena StarHonorable MentionColumnsSuch a loss to a family; The story of TimothyDavid StonebergRarely do we meet someone before a tragic end as we do here. David Stoneberg’s good deed gave his readers a valuable snapshot of the man, the world.
Sunnyvale SunHonorable MentionFeature PhotoLast Day at JCPenneyJacqueline Ramseyer OrrellMost people would have gone with a simple shot of the store’s exterior, but this photo goes above and beyond to really tell a story. Magnificently done.
Taft Midway Driller2ndNews PhotoNew North fireDoug KeelerGreat action, nice job getting in close to the scene.
The Acorn2ndFeature PhotoSpark of InspirationBobby Curtis
The Acorn2ndVideo JournalismSaving Chesebro MeadowJohn Loesing
The AcornHonorable MentionCoverage of EducationDear reader: Technology erases the beautiful art of handwritingStephanie Bertholdo, John LoesingInteresting look at a dying aspect of K-12 education in the technology era.
The AcornHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoAll hands on deckBobby Curtis
The Almanac1stCoverage of Local GovernmentHow local resident fights aircraft noise in small claims court (5 stories)Barbara WoodEffective and reader-friendly with the five related pieces in a great lay-out on two pages. The writing is all good, and the on-site reporting brings it home. Many of the entries in this category are much longer single articles or series done over time, but this stands out for being both concise and informative. Also stands out for use of graphic elements.
The Almanac1stCoverage of EducationSeparate & unequal: Proposal aims to narrow wide education equity gap in local schoolsBarbara WoodReally good. Great data comparisons, obviously did some digging for significant facts (differennce in teacher pay). Missing parental outrage, could use some more voices,or personal illustrations
The Almanac1stOnline Photo Story/EssayPraise amid tragedyMichelle LeWell done. I understood from the accompanying text that although there was likely another news story about the tragedy, this essay was about the “homegoing.”
The Almanac1stInside Page Layout & Design TabloidJan. 6, March 9 and May 11, 2016staff
The Almanac2ndNews PhotoFormer homeless Veteran finds homeMichelle LeA photo of a person giving a speech is often a forgettable image. This photo shows that it doesn’t have to be.
The Almanac2ndFeature PhotoFighting Parkinson’s DiseaseMichelle LeHeartwarming photo that is both warm and inspiring. Expert use of lighting.
The AlmanacHonorable MentionEditorial CommentSupervisors’ rushed appointment of sheriff a bad decisionRenee Batti
The AlmanacHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoGay pastor preaches the gospel of acceptanceMichelle Le
The AlmanacHonorable MentionOnline General Excellencealmanacnews.comStaff
The AlmanacHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryServing those who served — Formerly homeless veterans share their storiesKate BradshawI love this! Highly original, poignant, topical and well-designed. Great local journalism.
The Ark1stWritingOn tour of Richardson Bay anchorage …Gretchen LangVery, very good. Great lede, great kicker, with solid info throughout. Very well executed.
The Ark1stProfile Feature StoryPeninsula woman lauded as leaderHeather Lobdell & Elliot KarlanGreat portrait of a multi-layered business woman who was a pioneer in several areas. Lots of information in this story that flowed well — and it illustrated local history well, too.
The Ark1stNon-Profile Feature StoryTorn-out memorial bench …Deirdre McCrohan & Elliot KarlanThis is a compelling community story. While the emotion of a distant reader is decidedly on one side, the writer brings in the kind of detail that makes one understand the homeowner. More importantly, a reader with no connection to the region can’t stop reading.
The Ark1stCoverage of Local GovernmentRiders save Route 8 commuter busMatthew HoseGreat look at citizens’ efforts to save their bus route from elimination. I liked that the reporter made sure to take the time to ride the route a few times, as well.
The Ark1stSpecial SectionHome: Sept 28, 2016StaffOverall great design and good content. Very impressed with how the advertisements became an integral part of the section, as if they actually features within the section. Beautifully designed. Nice variety of stories surrounding interior design, from teens to professionals.
The Ark1stFeature PhotoWith Mickey ears, mermaids … Elliot KarlanSuch a genuine expression of joy on this kid’s face — it’s a touching but happy photo. The colors are beautiful too — specifically the purple lei against his black T-shirt.
The Ark2ndEnvironmental Reporting$1.37 million cleanup …Gretchen Lang & Elliot KarlanInteresting, well-formed story. Touches on history, local and larger environmental issues, conflict between progress and a community holding on to something it values for historic purposes.
The Ark2ndWritingTorn-out memorial benchDeirdre McCrohanGreat detail and a nuanced discussion that honored all involved. A story completely and clearly told.
The Ark2ndCoverage of EducationEmotional students, parents make plea …Matthew HoseGreat job of providing an emotional context without editorializing or personal narration.
The Ark2ndBreaking NewsTiburon man rescues woman in San RafaelMatthew Hose & Elliot KarlanThe story was solid. It was inspiring to see a random person turn the tides of what could’ve been a tragic scene.
The Ark2ndFront Page TabloidMarch 9, March 23 and April 6, 2016Staff
The ArkHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingResearchers plant endangered jewelflower …Gretchen LangPretty good. It’s a small story about a focused effort on a specific species that speaks to larger issues. Well written and organized.
The ArkHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesBelvedere flood rulesMatthew HoseThe writer tackled a difficult and highly technical topic. It’s an example of serving local readers with a detailed report on a local issue.
The ArkHonorable MentionSports Feature StoryTiburon man, 65, overcomes heart, lung problems …Matthew Hose & Elliot Karlan
The ArkHonorable MentionArts & Entertainment CoverageFeb. 3 and 10, 2016Staff
The ArkHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentDeer sterlization debateMatthew HoseA three-part series about deer having their ovaries removed in some citizen’s garage ended up being one of the oddest things I’ve read in a while — in a good way! Great job getting to the bottom of the science while navigating the subjectivity of whether there really is a deer “problem.”
The ArkHonorable MentionCoverage of EducationSchool vaccination lawsKevin Hessel, Deirdre McCrohan and Carly NairnGood, thoughtful, objective look at an issue that shouldn’t be political but is.
The Bakersfield Californian1stEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireBakersfield Californian environmental/wildfire seriesStaffAnger, grief, destruction, confusion and chaos. Relief. The cost in terms of human lives, the toll of homes destroyed and livelihoods ruined. The Bakersfield Californian managed to capture all of this in visuals and reporting over the course of the Erskine Fire as it tore through Lake Isabella-area communities. From photographers lenses to the explanation on a photo of a resident’s arrest, coverage shows just how chaotic and surreal a wildfire the size of the Erskine can be.
The Bakersfield Californian1stWritingThe poet of the common manJennifer Self and Robert PriceAlthough written as a breaking-news obituary, this piece is packed with compelling voices and color on a man who lived an incredibly colorful life. This is a terrific read.
The Bakersfield Californian1stSports Game StoryBakersfield High, Bakersfield Christian capture titlesZach EwingGreat — you had me at the lead. Great work with very good flow. It’s put the reader right in the action.
The Bakersfield Californian1stSports Feature StoryBlazing his own trailZach EwingI am sure it’s hard to carve a name out for yourself when your family is equally as talented! I loved this story and how he makes his own way. Great job!
The Bakersfield Californian1stColumnsLois Henry columnsLois HenryShe writes with passion about two issues local residents should be concerned about. Her writing style with her turn of phrases got her the win.
The Bakersfield Californian1stSports Page or Section2016 Varsity PreviewStaffAmazing design, and almost all of it about Bakersfield. Lots of local bylines and credits. And 50+ pages on a Thursday is impressive.
The Bakersfield Californian1stSpecial SectionThe Story of Us: Kern County, 1866-2016Staff
The Bakersfield Californian1stNews PhotoFire arrest photoFelix AdamoGood peak moment during a live arrest. The photograph includes a sense of urgency and drama. Right place, right time and props for being prepared. The strength of this elderly man’s anguish of losing his home is displayed by his effort to resist these three officer’s attempt to arrest him in the ashes of his own property. My eye is drawn to his left hand, the wedding ring it bears, and the white ash that covers it, representing all that remains of this family man’s home.
The Bakersfield Californian2ndSports Feature StoryEliades: The World War II Air Force veteran is still an institution at North HighJeff EvansI loved how in depth this article was and how this one man was not only a hometown hero but a war hero and deserves to be recognized. Great story. Very well written.
The Bakersfield Californian2ndSports Feature PhotoBCHS football team loss to Campolindo HighHenry BarriosNice moment of good sportsmanship captured
The Bakersfield CalifornianHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StoryIt’s a crystal clear legacyRobert PriceGreat story. Well written.
The Bakersfield CalifornianHonorable MentionLifestyle CoverageEye Street: May 8 and 15, 2016Staff
The Bakersfield CalifornianHonorable MentionArts & Entertainment CoverageApril 7 and 10, 2016StaffGood balance of stories.
The Bakersfield CalifornianHonorable MentionCoverage of EducationCoverage of the Kern High School DistrictHarold PierceA “bloody year” indeed. Where to begin? From guns in the classroom, to “personal vendettas” in awarding contracts, to the settlement in the beating case, to transgender bathrooms, rise of STDs, and on to the financial backers of the bond measure already awarded $140 million in work ... it’s quite shocking the number of issues at Kern High School District — also shocking is the arrogance and hubris exhibited by school officials. Incredible and important work. Congratulations!
The Bakersfield CalifornianHonorable MentionCoverage of EducationUncredentialed school administrator earning six-figure salaryHarold PierceImportant work that proved to be integral in the outcome of this investigation — drawing outrage from the school community that ultimately led to resignation. This coverage would also be a solid investigative reporting entry. The scope of the coverage also did a great job of not only evaluating the administrator who eventually resigned, but also how the school officials and board members responsible performed in their roles. Fantastic reporting and concise, easy to follow writing. Congrats!
The Bakersfield CalifornianHonorable MentionFeature PhotoUmbrella man photoFelix Adamo
The Beach Reporter1stPhoto Illustration40th AnniversaryStaffBrilliant. I would pick up this issue and read this story immediately, which of course is what you want the cover illustration to accomplish. I love the blend of the classic California feel with the current pier. This completely works.
The Beach ReporterHonorable MentionArts & Entertainment CoverageMay 19 and 26, 2016Michael HixonNice mix of activities included in the publication. Layout is clean but fun. I’d like to see some of the stories have more sources.
The Beach ReporterHonorable MentionSpecial SectionKindnessStaffCompelling; good story-telling; even the ads were about philanthropy.
The Beach ReporterHonorable MentionVideo JournalismPumpkin Race videoDaniella Segura
The Beach ReporterHonorable MentionOnline General Excellencetbrnews.comStaff
The Beach ReporterHonorable MentionPhoto IllustrationSeasons GreetingsAraby Patch, Paul KryczkoFun. I have to admit I couldn’t immediately tell that the snow was fake. Of course I could tell from the title of your publication, however. A very cheery mix of colors goes well with the Seasons Greetings sign.
The Business Journal2ndCoverage of Business NewsConstruction-defect litigation bankrupts Clovis homebuilderGeorge LurieMr. Lurie examines how the state’s business unfriendly laws allowed homeowners up to a decade to file litigation against the story’s General Contractor. Lurie explains in fairly layman’s terms what brought about the crisis and how the owner of Generation Homes struggled to serve his customers, albeit under very difficult circumstances. The author makes the reader feel genuinely sympathetic, but does not wallow in sentimentality, preferring to just relate the facts.
The Business Journal2ndFront Page TabloidJan. 22, Aug. 5 and Sept. 9, 2016Gabriel Dillard, Art Pineda, Leah Canseco-Decker
The Business JournalHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingWet winter invites flooding research on Valley farmsChuck HarveyReally interesting topic to cover. The writer did thorough research for this story and I like how topics were separated with subheads.
The Business JournalHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryFemale programming director celebrates a decade in techValerie Shelton
The Business JournalHonorable MentionCoverage of EducationValley schools exploring handgun policies for staffHannah EsquedaWell-reported and written story on a subject not explored by many school districts.
The Business JournalHonorable MentionAgricultural ReportingMandarin mania: Citrus value doubled in 2015Chuck HarveyWhile going in depth, the article remained clear and provided many facts and figures without the numbers becoming overwhelming. It was very thorough while remaining easy to read.
The Business JournalHonorable MentionAgricultural ReportingNetafirm partners with ag startup to grow ’micro farm’ effortGeorge LurieThe article took a relatively complex topic and made it simple to understand. It provided clarity and provided examples to go with facts and details.
The Camarillo Acorn2ndEditorial CommentSeeking straight talk, not pillow talkDaniel WolowiczGreat example and explanation of why we need newspapers to help keep public records available to the public.
The Camarillo Acorn2ndSports Game StoryScorpions tell Walnut to take a seatEliav Appelbaum
The Camarillo AcornHonorable MentionWritingHolocaust survivor shares harrowing pastHector Gonzalez
The Camarillo AcornHonorable MentionPhoto Story/EssaySky’s the limitStaff
The Cambrian1stCoverage of EducationCoverage of Coast Unified School District in CambriaIf More than 3 names type: StaffThis story offered a fair, informative and balanced view of a controversial subject in a way that was also a great read. Good amounts of background mixed with quotes to propel the story and provide different views of the argument without editorializing. Well done!
The Capistrano Dispatch2ndSpecial Sports SectionSan Juan Football PreviewSteve Breazeale
The Capistrano Dispatch2ndSports Action PhotoShow Jumping at the Riding ParkAllison JarrellCrisp, clean light and a deep sense of elegance pervade this photo. All the power of horse and jumper are captured, statuesque, by the photographer. The piece is as noble as the sport it depicts.
The Capistrano Dispatch2ndArtistic PhotoMariachi San Juan CapistranoAllison Jarrell
The Daily IndependentHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentRidgecrest Casino seriesJessica Weston, Aaron CrutchfieldGood government reporting about the casino proposal.
The Davis Enterprise1stSports Game StoryGoing out with a bangBruce GallaudetGreat story from top to bottom. Tied in the all of the hoopla surrounding the game with the game itself. Nice blending and flow. Never felt clunky or disjointed.
The Davis Enterprise1stCoverage of EducationKatehi resignsTanya Perez and Felicia AlvarezTop-notch breaking news reporting with companion reporting that fully fleshes out the story.
The Davis Enterprise1stSports Feature PhotoDiving silhouetteWayne Tilcock
The Davis Enterprise1stSports Action PhotoRain-soaked soccerWayne TilcockVisually interesting photo of the player in full stride preparing to boot the ball into the goal, with a full-on storm providing the special effects. This looks like a challenging photo to get and it was done perfectly.
The Davis Enterprise2ndEnvironmental ReportingFirst oil, now coal — more rail fears surfaceFelicia AlvarezThis article flowed extremely well. This can be a hard topic to keep a reader engaged and I admire the journalist explaining such dense information in a simple, direct style with accurate information. The article is supported with information that explores both benefits and disadvantages of transporting coal within the rail industry, environmental/health, and financial impacts. The journalist answered a lot of “why’s”, “how’s” and “what’s next”.
The Davis Enterprise2ndEditorial CommentKatehi runs out of excusesSebastian OñateGood overview and analysis.
The Davis Enterprise2ndSpecial SectionWelcome to DavisStaff
The Davis Enterprise2ndFeature PhotoSunset sunflowersWayne Tilcock
The Davis EnterpriseHonorable MentionArts & Entertainment CoverageMarch 21 and April 1, 2016StaffThe front-page layout was fresh with the cutouts and made me want to read the stories.
The Davis EnterpriseHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentOutside money in state senate and state assembly racesAnne Ternus-BellamyThis is an important issue, covered during a particularly busy time of year for newsrooms. I appreciated the analysis and hard data that is sometimes difficult to communicate in a clear, concise way. Nice work on your series of stories.
The Davis EnterpriseHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentCounty outlines reforms in child welfare servicesAnne Ternus-BellamyReally important topic, and excellent job at bringing the human element into it. I thought it was sectioned off in a thoughtful way and kept the reader’s attention throughout. My only criticism is I wish there had been bigger play on the package, with more thought on potential art/graphics.
The Davis EnterpriseHonorable MentionFeature PhotoBurlesque for allFred Gladdis
The Davis EnterpriseHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoLeaps and BoundsWayne TilcockThis was a nice action shot captured at just the right moment. Well done.
The Davis EnterpriseHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoWhat a stealWayne TilcockGood action shot of the steal, showing the determination of the player chasing the ball and the wince of the player who lost it.
The Desert Sun1stInvestigative ReportingBodies at the BorderBrett Kelman, Gustavo Solis, Omar OrnelasThis richly reported series reminds us that though most border crossings have shifted to Arizona and Texas, California has its share of incalculable tragedy. Its use of interactive elements to complement the narrative — accountability reporting chock-full of long-forgotten background — gives readers a clear picture of what led up to where we are now. Its crisp writing gives voice to the thousands of unidentified migrants who have died in the face of California’s brutal landscape.
The Desert Sun1stEnvironmental ReportingSalton Sea’s DeclineIan JamesA truly interesting and in depth piece. Really thorough with plenty of local impact. Well done!
The Desert Sun1stEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireClimate changeIan James, Sammy Roth, Jay CalderonVery thorough. Lots of information. One of the biggest pieces of work I’ve ever seen.
The Desert Sun1stAgricultural ReportingFarm labor shortageGustavo Solis
The Desert Sun1stEnterprise News Story or SeriesTribal landsRosalie Murphy, Jay Calderon, Robert HopwoodArtful stories that combine the usually dry facts of land ownership (but they’re not here) with very human stories. The series is also notable for casting a light on unsavory practices of the past. This probably was an eye-opener for many readers.
The Desert Sun1stNon-Profile Feature StoryThe newly deportedGustavo Solis and Richard LuiIt’s clear from the details in the story that Gustavo Solis and Richard Lui are good observers. Anchored on the experience of Julio Alonso, the team was able to break down the larger issue of immigration into a human story. I hope the paper keeps supporting stories like this one.
The Desert Sun1stSports Feature StoryConcussion awarenessAndrew John
The Desert Sun1stCoverage of Business NewsBracing for big weedRosalie MurphyGreat look at the ins and outs of the recreational marijuana industry in California, from the conversion of medical businesses to recreational and bringing in illegal growers to the legit side of the business. Covered everything from venture capital investment to the concerns of the mid-size growers looking to expand into a growing market. Lots of stats and data along with people.
The Desert Sun1stCoverage of EducationEducation divideKristen Hwang, Robert Hopwood”Education Divide” strongly addresses a pervasive problem in education: how to teach children who come to school with different resources. The story clearly outlines the disadvantages students face if they live in poverty or if English is not their first language. Strong lede outlines at the outset what those disadvantages include. Good use of graphics.
The Desert Sun1stFront Page: BroadsheetJune 8, July 10 and Aug. 21, 2016Take UdaEvery page is a work of art. Very compelling with bold visuals. Takes some risks but delivers. Well balanced art mixed with solid headlines and multiple points of entry.
The Desert Sun1stNews PhotoElection night dismayJay CalderonCaptured the emotion of the moment. Nice composition — could see this as a painting.
The Desert Sun1stVideo JournalismQueens of the DesertZoe Meyers
The Desert Sun1stGeneral ExcellenceSept. 24 and 25, 2016staffStrong, well-written local coverage along with a good selection of regional and national news supplemented by USA Today. Good use of photos and graphics, and a clean, attractive layout. Lots of attention to detail.
The Desert Sun1stPhoto Story/EssayMigrants flooding the borderOmar OrnelasThis collection’s ability to bring the reader in, not just to the setting of the shelter but these people’s very lives, in just a few photos is really effective. Yes, there’s the pain in their eyes, but there is also proof of what is important enough to them that they might make this journey.
The Desert Sun2ndInvestigative ReportingFreed but ForgottenStaffLawmakers and others have raised concerns about the repercussions of Proposition 47, but this beautifully written and reported series details the human cost. In an admirable partnership between newsrooms that should be a model to others, these reporters produced a series fueled by wrangling a large volume of documents and navigating an at-times opaque criminal justice system that finds itself struggling to be buoyed by the state’s strapped social services sector.
The Desert Sun2ndEnvironmental ReportingObama’s clean energy legacySammy RothWhat a frustrating story, highlighting what happens when government, the private sector and environmentalists collide! Gridlock! Well done!
The Desert Sun2ndEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireCoping with Sputtering TapsIan James, Zoe MeyersHuman face on impacts of climate change. Not too dramatic, either.
The Desert Sun2ndLifestyle CoverageDESERT magazineKristin Scharkey and Kate Franco
The Desert Sun2ndCoverage of Business NewsBorder Health: the allure of cheap doctors, drugs and dentists in MexicoBarrett NewkirkAn excellent profile contrasting the cost – and allure – of dental and other medical services border residents can receive in Mexico compared to the U.S. And it was summed up well with the final quote by one patient who regularly traverses the border when he said “Our system here is so broken...... this is really a no brainer.” The risks could have been better profiled, but I found the story very interesting from a reader and consumer perspective.
The Desert Sun2ndBreaking NewsPalm Springs police officers shot and killedStaffHard news did not keep the team from covering all the bases. Appreciated the photos, video, graphics and historical context. I liked all the extra digging you did (law enforcement deaths).
The Desert Sun2ndSpecial SectionTrump TowersStaff
The Desert Sun2ndSpecial Sports SectionCareerBuilder Challenge golf preview sectionStaff
The Desert Sun2ndFeature PhotoDrag show prepZoe MeyersGraphically the photo communicates well as composition leads eye from subject’s back to the mirror giving the viewer a nice surprise element. Nicely framed look into subjects world. Excellent technique.
The Desert Sun2ndSports Action PhotoSerena WilliamsJay CalderonThis shot shows that sometimes the best shot during a sporting event happens after the ball has left the frame. Nice movement in the photo, with her skirt still suspended in air, while capturing her extreme athleticism.
The Desert Sun2ndInformational GraphicDrug arrests drop after Prop 47Robert Hopwood
The Desert Sun2ndInside Page Layout & Design BroadsheetDesert Trip to PoliticsTake UdaThe Desert Trip poster is beautiful! A nice way to remember the concert. The “super fans” page was fun, easy to navigate, thanks to the way it was laid out.
The Desert SunHonorable MentionAgricultural ReportingHomeless HarvestersGustavo Solis, Omar Ornelas
The Desert SunHonorable MentionColumnsArnold Palmer The KingLarry BohannanVery nice, eloquent writing, with a confidence in the subject matter. Palmer piece in particular puts a unique local spin on a national subject.
The Desert SunHonorable MentionCoverage of EducationCareer tech edKristen HwangGood mix of voices, as we hear from students, teachers, administrators and experts.
The Desert SunHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoCub SwansonRichard LuiVery clean, well executed shot feature shot.
The Desert SunHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoSia performsRichard Lui
The Desert SunHonorable MentionInformational GraphicSuper Bowl previewBilly Anneken
The Downey Patriot2ndOnline Photo Story/EssayDowney Christmas ParadeEric PierceBringing a routine photo assignment like a Christmas parade to life is sometimes a challenge. These photos captured the event well and made me feel like I was there.
The Downey PatriotHonorable MentionWritingHow I Went From Journalist to RealtorEric PierceWell written, informative and personal.
The Downey PatriotHonorable MentionFront Page: BroadsheetJune 30, Oct. 13 and Oct. 20, 2016Staff
The Downey PatriotHonorable MentionOnline Photo Story/EssayFallen Officer Memorial Dedication Ceremony Honoring Ricky GalvezEric Pierce
The Downey PatriotHonorable MentionPhoto Story/EssayRicky Galvez Memorial DedicationEric PierceWhat touching moments. Here you get to see the relatives behind these officers.
The Fresno Bee1stInvestigative ReportingFresno Slum HousingAndrea Castillo, Barbara Anderson and BoNhia LeeVery extensively researched and well written story about a huge problem affecting the lives of thousands of people, mostly poor and immigrants. Very effective use of graphics, photos and videos.
The Fresno Bee1stProfile Feature StoryAs new Syrian refugees adapt to life in Fresno …Andrea CastilloBeautiful story! Well-written, well-reported, and a nice sketch.
The Fresno Bee1stEditorial CommentSpineless delay in slumlord fight by Fresno City CouncilBill McEwen
The Fresno Bee1stCoverage of EducationLocal school districts do little to protect themselves from conflicted advisersRory AppletonComprehensive explanation on how school districts could be susceptible to such conflicts of interest in consulting work. The story not only explained how Bradley worked both sides, but also how school districts seemingly leave themselves open to such conflicts.
The Fresno Bee1stBreaking NewsFresno police release body camera videos in Dylan Noble shootingRory AppletonWell-written and clearly communicated. Good incorporation of video and use of background details to fill out the story. Compelling read with pertinent information for the public and readers.
The Fresno Bee1stSports Action PhotoJesse Aitken slams against the bullEric Paul ZamoraThe movement and flow of this photo is what sets it apart. It’s a still but the action is inherent in the photo. You’re sure what comes next, and it won’t be good.
The Fresno Bee1stVideo JournalismApartment family lives with roaches, mice, mold and neglect. Why will no one help?Silvia FloresThis video does an excellent job in giving voice to people who have not been heard. It quickly and effectively transports the viewer into their situation, sharing the feeling of living in an infested apartment with few other options.
The Fresno Bee1stGeneral ExcellenceSept. 24 and 25, 2016StaffAmbitious government accountability/watchdog reporting honing in on a distinct local angle to a national story. A refreshing amount of local news and community stories and visuals throughout that give a strong sense of place.
The Fresno Bee2ndInvestigative ReportingTainted Water: Why did it take a dozen years for Fresno’s leaders.....?Tim Sheehan and Marc BenjaminExcellent job exposing the negligence by city officials in failing the deal with the discolored water problem.
The Fresno Bee2ndCoverage of Business NewsValley hospitals spending millions to build pediatric networksBarbara Anderson
The Fresno Bee2ndSpecial SectionLiving in Misery: Fresno Slum HousingAndrea Castillo, Barbara Anderson and BoNhia Lee
The Fresno Bee2ndInside Page Layout & Design TabloidCaptain AmericaJohn Alvin
The Fresno Bee2ndEditorial CartoonCalifornia RainSW Parra
The Fresno Bee2ndArtistic PhotoMagical moonbows at YosemiteCraig KohlrussAbsolutely gorgeous moment caught in a perfect composition.
The Fresno Bee2ndOnline General Excellencefresnobee.comStaffSite is clean and easy to navigate. It is concise and is a good source of news and information the the market. It does not assault the senses. It is simple and useable.
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionInvestigative ReportingFresno Unified lease-leaseback contracts coverageMackenzie MaysThorough job reporting on cozy relationship between builder and school officials to get insider’s advantage and get multi-million-dollar construction contracts.
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingCampaign underway to turn Sierra National Forest into national monumentCarmen George
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireEast Porterville residents, tired of drought, say end is in sightAndrea CastilloStory takes the drought and gives it an intimately human touch. While residents have a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, the reporter also highlights the plight several residents have gone through over five years, including health-related issues. Article does well in providing links to past coverage and to resources.
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionAgricultural ReportingFresno’s Hmong farmers suffer in drought …Andrea CastilloA great study on a small population. You really get a sense of the plight these farmers are facing.
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionWritingAt age 85, this legendary rock climber still pushes the edge of adventureCarmen George
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionWritingWho shot Day Day?Marek Warszawski
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryComplexities, discord revealed as Kuchar leaves Fresno PhilharmonicDonald MunroVery well-written and interesting. Great job!
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StoryNew Fresno project removes tattoos that branded women as propertyCarmen GeorgeGood, in depth story on a very difficult subject. Impressive to get victim to open up and talk about ordeal. Well written.
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionSports Game StoryClovis North’s Rhesa Foster golden in long jumpAndy BoogaardGood — brings the same level of respect, professionalism, and detail to a lesser-known sport as football and basketball get. Very crisp account. Solid section about Rhesa Foster, great background filler. Nice, short details on the rest of the meet.
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionSports Feature StoryAt 86, slowing down’s last thing on mind of Clovis sprinter Don CheekMarek WarszawskiA true testament to tenacity and well written story! I wish there was another 2nd place because this one was so good!!
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionArts & Entertainment CoverageMarch 11 and 18, 2016StaffThis publication is exciting to look at and is full of life. Diverse topics too!
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionSports Page or SectionJune 3 and 4, 2016Staff
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionBreaking NewsArmed felon critically wounds 2 officers in Fresno County Jail lobbyTroy Pope, Jim Guy and Marc BenjaminGood attention to detail in breaking story. Great use of photos and video, as well as incorporation of social media.
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionBreaking NewsObama’s visit to YosemiteStaffGreat writing and use of details. Covers story from many angles. Nice use of photos to tell the story.
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionInformational GraphicWonder WomanSW Parra
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionInside Page Layout & Design BroadsheetSpring ThingsJohn Alvin
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionInside Page Layout & Design TabloidUnder the SeaJohn Alvin
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionInside Page Layout & Design TabloidStar TrekJohn Alvin
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionEditorial CartoonTrump WinsSW Parra
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionIllustrationWho tells the story?SW ParraBeautiful, haunting graphic, draws in readers
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionNews PhotoFive-alarm fire destroys historic Rehorn Home in downtown FresnoCraig KohlrussIn a sense, firefighters are the health-care workers of property. Sometimes they practice a preventative role as they inspect structures for working smoke alarms, other times they act to quickly extinguish a kitchen fire. In this scene, they are hospice personnel, helplessly bearing witness to the death of this historic home.
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionFeature PhotoStorm brings light rain to FresnoSilvia Flores
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionSports Action Photo1-11 ’Dogs keep it closeJohn Walker
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoBears roar in stirring victory over wrestling rivalCraig Kohlruss
The Fresno BeeHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoSierra powdered; Fresno rain totals encouragingJohn WalkerThe truck in the middle provides the perspective for the majesty of the trees along the sides. Just beautiful.
The Gridley Herald1stSports Game StoryGridley Herald sports game story entriesDavid VantressThe stories were easy to read and flowed well. They had a nice balance of quotes, background and game details. Overall, a strong series of stories.
The Intermountain News1stArts & Entertainment CoverageAfter Five: August and September 2016Staff
The Intermountain News2ndFeature PhotoMud running for fitnessCraig HarringtonGreat composition and color — with the exception of the kid’s grin (big white teeth) and the blurred figure in blue t-shirt in back, everything’s brown and muddy — and it works! Photo also captures a genuine look of joy on the kid’s face.
The Intermountain News2ndSports Action PhotoWhat’s the call ump?Craig Harrington
The Intermountain NewsHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoBedding down for the nightKathi CorderThis is not only a beautiful sunset, but a portrait of the land and a way of life. Very nicely done.
The Modesto Bee1stCoverage of Business NewsGallo Winery cashing in on MID’s low industrial electricity pricesGarth Stapley
The Modesto Bee1stSports Feature PhotoRodeoAndy AlfaroThis is an outstanding “right-place, right-time” photograph. The bewildered, mud-soaked cowboy, the staggering, mud-soaked cow tell a tale of man and beast losing to nature. A compelling, timeless image.
The Modesto Bee2ndEnterprise News Story or SeriesThink MID’s rates are low? You’d better think againGarth StapleyTerrific consumer reporting, identifying inequities in the system in a way that is transparent about its methodology and offers alternative viewpoints. This is the kind of reporting the public needs its news organizations to pursue. Terrific research and a real service to residents. Love the graphics and illustrations.
The Modesto Bee2ndCoverage of Local GovernmentTurlock farmers market controversyGarth StapleyA very interesting, well reported and nicely written look into a clash over management of a farmers market in this small Central California city. The writer draws the reader in with a nice introduction profiling the city’s young mayor. The story explains the contested issues clearly and gives those on all sides of the disagreement a fair say.
The Modesto BeeHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesEx-convict urges former Stanislaus clerk-recorder to come cleanGarth StapleyA true enterprise story. Beautifully written and researched. Well done.
The Modesto BeeHonorable MentionEditorial CommentIf the state carries out its plan, our region will sufferMike Dunbar
The Modesto BeeHonorable MentionColumnsMike Dunbar columnsMike DunbarThe difficult balance of conservation, ecology, agriculture and politics made the fish column a good and informative one, especially since most readers probably never considered much beyond “more water flow must be better.” Educated me a great deal on the Central Valley’s water issues. Lots of research went into this.
The Modesto BeeHonorable MentionSpecial Sports SectionThe Modesto Bee high school football preview special sectionStaff
The Modesto BeeHonorable MentionNews PhotoAccident photoDeke FarrowIn the age of higher automotive safety standards, the face of this young girl tells the story. Certainly the car is totaled, but airbags have been deployed and there seems to be not a scratch on this toddler. She appears wary but exhausted by the earlier drama of the incident. Despite being a stranger, she is comfortable being held by this emergency worker.
The Modesto BeeHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoBasketball celebrationStaffGreat celebration shot!
The Modesto BeeHonorable MentionVideo JournalismSights and Sounds: A daylong tribute to Stanislaus County Deputy Dennis WallaceStaff
The Modesto BeeHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceSept. 4 and 5, 2016Staff
The Mountain EnterpriseHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StoryFamily Cabin SeizedPatric Hedlund
The Mountain EnterpriseHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsAlpine comes crashing downGary Meyer
The Mountain EnterpriseHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsLocal real estate broker accused of ’negligence or incompetence’Gary Meyer and Patric Hedlund
The Mountain EnterpriseHonorable MentionBreaking NewsMurder of young momGary Meyer and Patric HedlundIn-depth coverage of a tragic tale.
The Mountain EnterpriseHonorable MentionNews PhotoArsonist caught in the actJeff ZimmermanGreat example of being in the right place at the right time. Nice job showing the crime in progress.
The Napa Valley Register1stProfile Feature StoryAn artist in his own landSean ScullyThis story had all the elements of a terrific profile, starting with the compelling six-paragraph opening. The structure is well-crafted, guiding the reader with a clear sense of scene. We learn not only about Huether but about Napa and the nature of public art. The subject is carefully described, faults and all. And the reporter elevates the piece by exploring the central tension created by Huether’s ambition and high-profile position in the community.
The Napa Valley Register1stArts & Entertainment CoverageMay 26 and June 2, 2016Sasha PaulsenEngaging and attention-getting. A truly varied arts section with features on locals and attention paid to national or regional stories. Stimulating design work, aided also by easily flowing copy. Fascinating and varied subject matter, well balanced.
The Napa Valley Register2ndAgricultural ReportingRound-up in wineHoward YuneLots of sources and good balance in this story examining concerns about glyphosate use in vineyards, some of the research on health risks, and the choices farmers face in deciding whether to use the herbicide.
The Napa Valley Register2ndLifestyle CoverageJune 13 and 14, 2016Sasha Paulsen
The Napa Valley Register2ndEditorial CommentBind up the nation’s woundsStaffConnecting the current to past American history resulted in a timely and well-focused editorial that gets to the point of the problem.
The Napa Valley Register2ndColumnsSimple & SassySamie Hartley
The Napa Valley Register2ndCoverage of Business NewsFrom Cambodia’s ’killing fields’ to Napa: Life in a doughnut shopJennifer HuffmanGreat read.
The Napa Valley Register2ndArtistic PhotoAutumn spectacularJL SousaI loved the painterly quality of this piece and found myself thinking about the photo days after viewing it. Rarely do “postcard” photos like this do the scene justice, but, I believe this is an exception!
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingHerbicies use in city parksHoward YuneGood job showing how social media complaint can galvanize a community and put onus on city to explain chemicals its using in local parks.
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireLake Berryessa’s “Glory Hole”Barry EberlingReally interesting history of this place. And you couldn’t have known this would happen, but particularly enjoyed reading about it as the glory hole is going great guns!
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionWritingTwo years after Napa earthquake, First Presbyterian Church celebrates homecomingHoward YuneThe writer has an excellent use of words and pacing. The details included really gave the story a sense of place and the overall atmosphere of the church.
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryInnkeeper’s book traces road from priesthood, through acceptance, to Napa Howard YuneThis story — ostensibly a profile of a local merchant — was a pleasure to read both because the subject matter was unique and the writing was clear and crisp, with an inviting opening, a natural flow of ideas and strong quotes. We get a sense of Gunther’s life — and why he opened up his B&B.
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryTaking control: Napa woman with cancer predisposition fights backMaria SestitoThis clearly told story is a great example of “news you can use,” putting a face on an important subject. Blasky appears to trust the reporter, and her openness about her health and her life allows the story to break through fear and become uplifting.
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StoryStricken by ALS, a Napa minister loses voice but not hope Howard YuneA nicely told story about faith and community being tested by fate. The writer handles the material gracefully throughout, and does a good job of showing rather than telling the tale.
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionSports Game StoryHorn tosses no-hitter in final Big Game matchupMarty JamesGreat story. Stating the facts directly at the top so as not to make the reader wait too long for the good stuff, then getting into the details to keep the reader going. Well written.
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionSports Game StoryIndians break their Gold Country curse with victory in double-overtimeAndy WilcoxVery good to great detail and quotes from players and coaches in the meat of the story.
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionSports Page or SectionOct. 12 and 13, 2016Marty James, Andy Wilcox, Yousef Baig
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionSpecial Sports SectionAug. 25, 2016Marty James, Andy Wilcox, Yousef BaigNice clean, if unspectacular, appearance of the section, and quality writing. I especially liked the photographer’s ability to think through what could be rather static posed photos and turn them into colorful and interesting portraits. They really pop out.
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionFront Page: BroadsheetMay 19, Aug. 12 and Dec. 7, 2016Staff
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionEditorial CartoonRoberto Tinoco editorial cartoon: Nov. 26, 2016Roberto Tinoco
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionEditorial CartoonRoberto Tinoco editorial cartoon: April 23, 2016Roberto Tinoco
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoJulia SanGiacomoJL Sousa
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionOnline General Excellencenapavalleyregister.comStaff
The Napa Valley RegisterHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceGeneral excellenceStaffThe Register is an enjoyable paper that does a thorough job with community and public safety news. It has a admirable “local” feel.
The Orange County Register1stSports Action PhotoOut at HomeBill AlkoferThe cloud of dust, the dirt flying in the air, the catcher obscured, except for his legs and arms. The expression on the runner’s face sliding into home plate with the ball in the catcher’s mitt. This photo captures an electric moment of one of the most exciting plays in baseball. Excellent shot! A nice moment with emotion and action.
The Orange County Register2ndEnterprise News Story or SeriesHomelessness in Orange CountyTheresa Walker, David Whiting, Jordan GrahamExcellent color and description. Profiles/articles are well focused and thorough, with compelling, even gripping, detail. The Register made the struggle of the homeless in Orange County real and intimate to its readers. It documented the beginnings of solution and the stories of the afflicted and those who try to help them.
The Orange County Register2ndFeature PhotoDr. DolittleCindy YamanakaGreat detail shot showing relationship between zookeeper and tamarin.
The Orange County Register2ndSpecial Sports SectionBaseball 2016StaffGood use of graphics and layout. A nice mix of team previews and features. I especially enjoyed the articles on advanced analytics and how they have changed the modern game.
The Orange County Register2ndInformational GraphicAnatomy of a jail breakJeff Goertzen, Keith Sharon, Kurt SnibbeThe level of detail makes you think the journalist were at the jail break. This is the kind of “make it come alive” storytelling that newspapers do best.
The Orange County RegisterHonorable MentionSports Game StoryRio Olympics: With all-around gold medal, Simone Biles vaults to the top as greatest female gymnastScott M. ReidVery colorfully written. Good quotes, nice scene setter. Good depth with nice diversity of quotes. What was missing, though, was more of Biles’ reactions to winning in the Olympics.
The Orange County RegisterHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentOrange County Justice in CrisisStaff
The Orange County RegisterHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsSection 8 housingJeff CollinsVery compelling read. Puts the reader in a position to really empathize with your subject.
The Orange County RegisterHonorable MentionBreaking NewsOrange County jail breakStaff
The Orange County RegisterHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoWayward BatKevin SullivanA moment you don’t get to see often. Clean and good read.
The Orange County RegisterHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceSept. 24 and 25, 2016Staff
The Orange County RegisterHonorable MentionFront Page: BroadsheetJan 31, June 14 and Sept 25, 2016Staff
The Piedmonter2ndGeneral ExcellenceNov. 11 and 18, 2016Jon KawamotoA good blend of news and feature and stories, sharp writing, nice photos and clean layout. his is an interesting publication with a little something for everybody.There is a good balance of news, features, arts and entertainment, sports and people stories. It is presented in a bright, clean format.
The PiedmonterHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StoryWWII veteran to be honoredMartin SnappA history lesson across the generations. The mayor’s sense of honor and duty to her beloved uncle shines through.
The Press Democrat1stEnterprise News Story or SeriesValley fire: One year laterStaffA thorough update on a tragic community event, told with compassion and attention to the lessons learned and the hurt and anguish still being experienced. Well reported, well written and well edited. Great job all around.
The Press Democrat1stCoverage of Local GovernmentSanta Rosa aims to be epicenter of legal pot industryKevin McCallumThorough overview of an emerging issues – medical and recreational pot regulation – in the city. The reporter sets up the issues clearly and with no apparent bias. The reporting and sourcing are deep and fair; the writing inviting and lean. The story doesn’t purport to be an investigative series, but is an excellent explainer piece on an issue of high local interest. Terrific A1 photo.
The Press Democrat1stFeature PhotoAlana’s ArtChristopher ChungThis image is well composed with nice lighting and quickly tells the story of this person’s life.
The Press Democrat1stArtistic PhotoPicture Postcard ChristmasKent PorterA Christmas card indeed! The sharp contrast of the steeple against the starry sky with the soft bend of the trees at either side make a fabulous image.
The Press Democrat1stOnline General Excellencepressdemocrat.comStaffIt is interesting. There are a lot of items that catch my eye and they are all local. I appreciate the focus on the market.
The Press Democrat2ndEnvironmental ReportingHow will state’s parks be preserved?Derek MooreNice insertion of a human element to this story by using the family and their getaway location, how they will be affected by it, sandwiched around the meaty information. Nicely written. It was a bit long, but necessary to get all the information packed into it.
The Press Democrat2ndAgricultural ReportingCan parks, ranches really get along?Guy KovnerGreat descriptions of the land, and its farmers. Captured my interest from the beginning, and I wanted to find out more.
The Press Democrat2ndProfile Feature StoryThompson battles gun-control gridlockPaul Payne
The Press Democrat2ndSports Game StoryCardinal Newman championshipPhil BarberA good, deep and balanced story. It’s nice to see a significant quote from the losing team in a championship game.
The Press Democrat2ndColumnsPaul Gullixson columnsPaul GullixsonStrongly argued, fairly clearly reasoned columns that carry the thesis well. In a few places, arguments seemed to run a bit tangentially to the pieces’ overall themes. Length isn’t an issue for readers invested in the topic at hand, but quite likely would be for more casual readers. Great writing and research.
The Press Democrat2ndSports Page or SectionFeb. 7 and Feb. 8, 2016StaffNice mix between wire and local. The local stories are very well written and the design works. Can’t go wrong with Lowell Cohn. Nice job overall.
The Press Democrat2ndBreaking NewsTwo children die after truck plunges into riverRandi Rossmann and Julie JohnsonEvent covered from all angles. Good integration of story and photos. Compelling writing and storytelling.
The Press Democrat2ndNews PhotoStories That Stay With UsBeth SchlankerReally nice emotion during a “quiet moment.” Gives the viewer a sense of the woman’s angst. It’s her eyes that tell this story.
The Press Democrat2ndSports Action PhotoPlaying into the NightChristopher ChungThis photo is all about the timing. A split second one way or the other and this wouldn’t have been nearly as good. Good framing as well.
The Press Democrat2ndGeneral ExcellenceMarch 19 and 20, 2016Staff
The Press DemocratHonorable MentionInvestigative ReportingStuck in SqualorAngela HartVery good four-part series about substandard conditions in low-income housing in Santa Rosa and the health problems it caused residents. Fresno Bee entry on slum housing was more in-depth and far-reaching.
The Press DemocratHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingKelp collapse imperils ocean ecosystemMary Callahan
The Press DemocratHonorable MentionEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireEel River: A vital, troubled watershedGuy KovnerExcellent package that lays out the scenario for an important water ecosystem. Hits the notes on environmental and community impacts. Notes the varied impacts, including marijuana growth sucking up water and threatening smaller streams, in turn endangering fish populations. Gives great historical context. Info box outlines just how crucial a role the whole watershed fills for the communities benefiting from the Eel River.
The Press DemocratHonorable MentionLifestyle CoverageSonoma LifeStaff
The Press DemocratHonorable MentionSports Game StoryStephen Curry returnsPhil BarberGood. Cute lead, evocative writing, good context for the emotion of the game, great quotes and vignettes from the sideline.
The Press DemocratHonorable MentionColumnsLowell Cohn columnsLowell CohnLoved the baseball column. Terrific writing.
The Press DemocratHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsFishermen pushed to the breaking pointMary Callahan
The Press DemocratHonorable MentionSpecial SectionJack London special sectionStaff
The Record1stWritingCause for HOPEAlex BreitlerExcellent reporting, with multiple sources, use of factual and sensory details and turns of phrase to invite the reader in and serve up a full-course feast. I feel as if I now, too, have been to Mountain Ranch and experienced the fire and ensuing renaissance, and all the ups and downs in between.
The Record1stSpecial SectionOutlookStaff
The Record1stSpecial Sports SectionPrep FootballStaff
The Record2ndEditorial CommentIt is timeMike KlockeA smart, sharp and well-reasoned editorial on an issue of utmost local importance. The arguments laid out here are simple, direct, efficient and irrefutable. This newspaper does its duty to the community.
The Record2ndOnline General Excellencerecordnet.comStaff
The Record2ndGeneral ExcellenceSept. 10 and 11, 2016Staff
The RecordHonorable MentionInvestigative ReportingPool violations commonAlex BreitlerOK story. Lots of minor violations at public pools. Sort of falls into the no surprise category for me.
The RecordHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingDiving deep on chloramines and Stockton is not FlintAlex BreitlerWell written, informative, and talks the hysteria back with facts. Well done!
The RecordHonorable MentionAgricultural ReportingCannabis countyAlex Breitler
The RecordHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesPolice train and Sometimes she forgets and When mental healthRoger PhillipsWritten with precision and compassion, these stories put us in the middle of sad and compelling scenes.
The RecordHonorable MentionSports Game StoryHeartbreaker and Shakespearian finish for St. Mary’sThomas Lawrence, Kevin NeindorffHeartbreaker — great photos, lead and writing.
The RecordHonorable MentionColumnsDanke Schon Stockton and Making amends to ripped off Germans and Was D. B. Cooper in StocktonMichael FitzgeraldNice writing style. Piece on German tourists is sweet and shows off a unique side of the community. DB Cooper columns reveals some rich and fun local history.
The RecordHonorable MentionArts & Entertainment CoverageTimeoutStaff
The RecordHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentRecovery still a struggle, Other cities seek advice and Restricted payroll Roger PhillipsSolid dive into the numbers with context. Keeps an important local story fresh and on the front-burner.
The RecordHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsTrauma center fallout and Trauma center hit with and Trauma turmoilJoseph GoldeenI see this series of stories as an example of great public service on behalf of The Record newspaper and reporter Joe Goldeen. It’s a very good series unfolding the story of San Joaquin General Hospital’s failure to meet compliance as a Level III trauma center when it’s shooting to achieve Level II status within a year and objectively highlights for readers what level of confidence the community might have in the hospital administration.
The RecordHonorable MentionBreaking NewsEmbattled mayor disputes changes; Mayor Silva arrested; StocktonRoger Phillips, Alex Breitler, Michael FitzgeraldGood packaging. I liked: the comprehensive look at the impact of his arrest; community voices in the reaction piece; the onsite reporting as he was arrested; all of the additional information surrounding his arrest (documents etc). You took this beyond the typical breaking news story of an arrest.
The RecordHonorable MentionBreaking NewsLucky to be aliveJason Anderson
The RecordHonorable MentionFront Page: BroadsheetMay 11, Aug. 5 and Nov. 9, 2016StaffClean, sharp lines. Good use of main art and banner headlines. Certainly, a solid front page.
The RecordHonorable MentionNews PhotoVigil for MelanieClifford OtoWell done vigil shot because of the way it was perfectly cropped more than anything else. Intimate moment comes through and is allowed enough space to breath.
The RecordHonorable MentionFeature PhotoChristmas lightsClifford OtoExcellent solution to the “go take pictures of Christmas lights” photo assignment.
The RecordHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoManteca BaseClifford OtoCelebrations are not easy to shoot, but this came out pretty well. Excitement comes through in moment on faces as well as actions of kid.
The RecordHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoChavez FrankClifford OtoLove this shot. Emotion in the rain, movement by the QB and 56, framed with the two receivers in the foreground — it’s all here. The internal scale hurts a little, with all the subjects being so small. Hope it ran big.
The RecordHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoBoys BasketballClifford OtoGreat lines, displays of athleticism, and concentration with those strained faces. And whether it was great settings or digital darkroom work, extra credit here for perfect exposure of players against white uniforms and several harsh background lights.
The RecordHonorable MentionOnline Photo Story/EssayBernie SandersCalixtro Romias
The Recorder1stInvestigative ReportingLawyers Without BordersCheryl MillerThis piece holds the the State Bar to account on eyebrow-raising travel that, on its face, appears to have little grounding in furthering the legal body’s mission. It is a well-reported story that trains a light on the difficulty reporters face in obtaining records from the Bar and takes a hard look at the stewardship of its finances — not an easy task.
The Recorder1stCoverage of Business NewsUber driver settlementBen Hancock
The Recorder2ndProfile Feature StoryThe Great DissenterScott GrahamA complex, interesting portrait — good job of tackling what to non-lawyers is an obscure, complicated topic.
The Recorder2ndNon-Profile Feature StoryBacklashBen HancockGreat work. While a nation of anger was directed at the subject, the writer tells of the nuances of law, the reasons behind the decision, how easily a judge that had earned some respect can fall — and the tightrope between the court and the court of public opinion.
The Recorder2ndCoverage of Business NewsLeadership Fight Over the VW Diesel LawsuitRoss Todd
The RecorderHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesThreat LevelRebecca Cohen and Lizzy McLellanSmart local angle on a worldwide story.
The RecorderHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StoryEarly DeliveryRoss Todd
The RecorderHonorable MentionColumnsThe Moderate Shift at the Ninth CircuitBen FeuerInsightful look at 9th Circuit Court of Appeals change and what that means.
The RecorderHonorable MentionPhoto IllustrationLawyers Without BordersJason DoiyI like the state bar official sticking out of the plane, the use of the State Bar emblem on the plane and the world to show the plane is going around it “without borders.” Clever.
The RecorderHonorable MentionEditorial CartoonSay It Ain’t SoGeorge RiemannNicely done comment in tough situation
The RecorderHonorable MentionOnline General Excellencetherecorder.comStaff
The RecorderHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceSept. 12 and 19StaffThis community newspaper is about a community of interest, the legal community. Articles are in depth and authoritative, but there is less breadth of coverage than in higher-placed entries. Well-designed front page. Not too crowded and good use of main art. Inside pages are interesting with some art to break it up.
The ReporterHonorable MentionSpecial SectionFocus on DixonReporter staff
The ReporterHonorable MentionNews PhotoCold FireJoel RosenbaumA powerful image.
The ReporterHonorable MentionPhoto Story/EssayGolden TicketJoel Rosenbaum
The Sacramento Bee1stSpecial SectionNo Safe PlaceStephen Magagnini, Renée C. Byer, Jessica KoscielniakEmotional, impactful, riveting. Multimedia added another layer. A brilliant, in-depth effort. The design was clean with an eye to engagement. Useful graphs added depth and understanding. Powerful images, writing, headlines. Every element added to the over package. And even a glimmer of hope. Excellent! Would like to see a follow-up, which maybe there has been.
The Sacramento Bee1stOnline Photo Story/EssayFaisal RazmalRenée C. ByerThe first images is like a bullet to the heart. It’s a killer. You wince and look away. But your drawn back in wanting to know more. The images and text break your heart as you learn everything this man and his family have gone through and are continue to go through. In this photo essay, you join them on their journey and hope life gets better. Storytelling at its finest.
The Sacramento Bee2ndWritingRecovery on Cobb MountainCynthia HubertPowerful personal perspectives bring the reader into the real-life horrors in the aftermath of the immediate danger, to the point one can imagine the personal pain in reading the social media post “I’m so sorry. They just checked your place. It’s gone.” Wonderful writing and storytelling through both the words and multimedia aspects of the story package. Congratulations!
The Sacramento Bee2ndProfile Feature StoryDid Mike Lehmkuhl have to die?Cynthia HubertIncredibly thorough. This gives a glimpse into the downward spiral of a man with mental illness and those who tried to help all along that route. This is a case of taking a basic cops incident off the logs and making it a riveting story/backstory.
The Sacramento Bee2ndEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireDrought CoverageDale Kasler, Ryan Sabalow, Phillip ReeseSacramento Bee coverage of the drought in 2016 covers a gamut of topic: environmental regulations, North-South tensions over water usage and supply, the plight of farmers and fish, the debate over conservation should be needed as the drought condition gradually slows amidst relaxed standards. Instead of just a region, it looks at the state. The Sac Bee’s coverage looks at the different levels, from local to federal, and uses graphs, break-out and info boxes to great effect.
The Sacramento Bee2ndFront Page: BroadsheetApril 10, June 26 and Sept. 24, 2016StaffMy favorite single page of all entries in competition featured the superb “lead dust” centerpiece and its excellent use of explanatory graphics and type. Liked the fun top-box treatment for arena closing — good way to highlight event of high local interest. I liked the “Pie Surprise” slideshow treatment but with that busy-ness, thought the rest of the page should have fewer refers to give the centerpiece some breathing room.
The Sacramento BeeHonorable MentionInvestigative ReportingUC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi investigationDiana Lambert, Sam StantonVery thorough and persistent coverage of the chancellor’s troubling decisions, including pepper-spraying students, accepting paid positions from dubious outside institutions and, worst of all, using public funds to hire firms to scrub negative comments about her from the Internet. Kudos for getting comments from Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and State Sen. Kevin McCarty.
The Sacramento BeeHonorable MentionEnvironmental ReportingDangerous levels of lead found near city-owned gun rangeRyan LillisNot only does the Sacramento Bee’s reporting on the Mangan Rifle and Pistol Range show tremendous depth, but on multiple occasions it spurred action by the city and city council members. Following the first story, it’s clear that the tests of the homes and park near the gun range came about in part because of the work by Ryan Lillis. It’s a sign of a good investigative reporter when the journalism results in actual change.
The Sacramento BeeHonorable MentionEditorial CommentCalifornia to Trump: America can’t afford for us to failShawn Hubler
The Sacramento BeeHonorable MentionCoverage of Local GovernmentSacramento police shootingsAnita Chabria, Phillip Reese, Cynthia Hubert
The Sacramento BeeHonorable MentionFeature PhotoCelebratory TokeAndrew SengGreat image illustrating the election win for Prop 64.
The Sacramento BeeHonorable MentionOnline Photo Story/EssayMalalai RafiRenée C. ByerThe headline says it all: “Photos reveal heartbreak and despair of new widow’s American life.” The images bring the reader into the family’s fold. You live their struggle. You feel their pain. You become part of their family and invested in their journey. You hope they make it and healing occurs.
The Sacramento BeeHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoHeaven’s AboveRandall BentonPerfect use of color! The contrast between the warm light on the small dishes and the cool light on the large dish is great. Nice work!
The Sacramento BeeHonorable MentionVideo JournalismNo Safe PlaceJessica Koscielniak
The Sacramento BeeHonorable MentionVideo JournalismRecovery on Cobb MountainPaul Kitagaki Jr.
The Sacramento BeeHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceSept. 24 and 25, 2016Staff
The Sacramento BeeHonorable MentionInformational GraphicCenter of AttentionNathaniel Levine
The Sacramento Valley MirrorHonorable MentionInvestigative ReportingDusti Byers shooting, abuse, interrogation, and sentencingTim Crews
The Salinas Californian1stOnline Photo Story/EssayThe Quinceañera of Karizma VargasChelcey AdamiHeartwarming pictures of families and friends coming together. Very nicely done.
The Salinas Californian2ndColumnsLife expectancy is based on where you live // Our poor nutrition is killing usJeff Mitchell
The Salinas Californian2ndOnline Photo Story/EssayJimenez Family PosadaJay Dunn
The Salinas CalifornianHonorable MentionSports Feature StoryMuhammad Ali: to know him was to love himPete WevurskiGreat first-person account of a legendary athlete.
The Salinas CalifornianHonorable MentionSports Feature StoryPilot wraps art and athleticism into oneJeff MitchellGood insight into a profession that not a lot of people know about.
The Salinas CalifornianHonorable MentionBreaking NewsDick Bruhn building consumed in ’suspicious’ fireJoe Truskot, Chelcey Adami and Jeff MitchellNews and context.
The Salinas CalifornianHonorable MentionNews PhotoMurder victim vigilChelcey AdamiOverall, a powerful portrayal of grief. I like how the mother’s unique appearance made me want to know more about her story.
The Salinas CalifornianHonorable MentionLifestyle CoverageA beautiful mornin’, a recipe for Mornin’ Max MuffinsJoe Truskot
The San Diego Union-Tribune1stCoverage of EducationStories about charter schoolsMaureen MageeThis series is amazing. Ms. Magee digs into the corruption charter school legislation has brought to the school system vividly. With superintendents making commission and pleading guilty to felonies. Amazing series that details the need for charter school reform. Great work.
The San Diego Union-Tribune2ndArts & Entertainment CoverageMarch 27, 2016StaffA diverse selection of story topics. Nice writing styles and beautiful photos.
The San Diego Union-TribuneHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesBorder wall seriesStaffWith this series the San Diego Union Tribune made the border between the United States and Mexico a living character for the reader. It’s a being with history, culture and pathos and understanding it lends a compelling insight into the larger issues of immigration that trouble both nations.
The San Diego Union-TribuneHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryWhen Black Panthers roamed San DiegoPeter RoweAn intriguing look into recent history, using more recent documents from the FBI. Sometimes history has to cool down a bit before you can get the big picture.
The San Diego Union-TribuneHonorable MentionSports Feature Story2 runners from Africa linked by track, pastMark Zeigler
The San Diego Union-TribuneHonorable MentionEditorial CommentStop saying Donald Trump can’t win. He can.Staff
The San Diego Union-TribuneHonorable MentionNews PhotoOlango rallyHayne Palmour IV
The Selma Enterprise/Kingsburg Recorder1stAgricultural ReportingBee decline is affecting cropsLaura MaldonadoThe article took a thorough look at the topic, while keeping it easily digestible. The writing was clear and multiple sources helped provide depth to the subject.
The Signal1stSpecial Sports Section2016 High School Football PreviewStaffThis section, very simply, has it all. This is an expertly thought-out and executed content package, from it’s in-depth coverage of each team to its artistic magazine-style design flourishes to its combination of both information-based and personality-driven stories (Apsay). Photos and label heads on features have impact and are clever, respectively.
The Signal1stVideo JournalismResidents move forward from Sand FireAustin Dave
The Signal1stOnline General Excellencescvsignal.comStaff
The Signal2ndNews Photo126 Fatal CrashDan WatsonAn image that is hard to forget.
The Signal2ndFeature PhotoHappy SquirrelDan WatsonThis unique photo is at the same time funny and leaves the viewer thinking, “how did the photographer get this shot?” A great spin on the usual sunny day weather shot.
The Signal2ndSports Action PhotoHart Football catchDan WatsonWhat make this second place is the fact that we can see the eyeball of the receiver AND the placement of the ball just before it hits his hands. Clean background. Night football is harder to shoot than say a day soccer game from a exposure point of view which is why this image was chosen over third place.
The Signal2ndOnline Photo Story/EssaySave LexiKatharine LotzeSadness. Anger. Despair. All emotions are captured in the “Save Lexi” drama that shook up an entire community.
The Sonoma Index-Tribune1stEnterprise News Story or SeriesSpotlight on HousingStaffAn ambitious, well-executed effort to explain a complex and significant local issue from a variety of perspectives. Smartly conceived and well-written.
The Sonoma Index-Tribune1stWritingLeaf Blowers: And the Rest Is Silence / Changing the Culture of RapeJason WalshHilarious writing that celebrates the best of local news in leafblowers. Clear standout winner.
The Sonoma Index-Tribune1stColumnsChanging the Culture of Rape / Daughters of the RevolutionJason WalshExcellent writing and research on what is a little known but serious problem. Well done.
The Sonoma Index-Tribune1stArts & Entertainment CoverageStaffDiverse coverage of the arts. Informative story on 3 Badge Beverage. Fun, action photos.
The Sonoma Index-Tribune1stCoverage of Business NewsThe Spirits of Wine CountryLorna SheridanAn interesting and informative look at a traditional business with a non-traditional twist. This piece captures the fun and vigor of the Sonoma area, which is resplendent with some of the world’s greatest vineyards, yet according to the article is also seeing an increase if not only the craft beer market, but popularity of the cocktail and organic vodkas as well. Author seems to have an intimate knowledge of her subject, but utilizes her sources well.
The Sonoma Index-Tribune1stOnline General Excellencesonomanews.comStaff
The Sonoma Index-Tribune2ndSports Action PhotoLady Dragons Lose Soccer ShootoutBill HobanThe photographer captured some nice expressions on the faces of these soccer players — the joy of gaining the goal, and the anguish of having been scored on.
The Sonoma Index-TribuneHonorable MentionWritingFarewell to Linus / Daughters of the RevolutionJason WalshLinus piece was a plaintive, thoughtful ode to an earlier era of newspapers.
The Sonoma Index-TribuneHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StoryAdele Kids Are ’Waking Lives’ Through MusicDavid TempletonAllowing the students’ quotes to help tell the story makes it come alive. Their enthusiasm is palpable.
The Sonoma Index-TribuneHonorable MentionLifestyle CoverageJune 10 and 17, 2016Staff
The Sonoma Index-TribuneHonorable MentionNews PhotoHeat of the NightRobbi PengellyNice photo. Sharp, balanced good light but missing the name of the firefighter in the caption. Still a great shot.
The Sonoma Index-TribuneHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceSept. 20 and 23, 2016StaffWell-written and designed. Lots of different stories to read that show slices of life in the community.
The Sonoma Index-TribuneHonorable MentionSpecial Sports SectionJan. 11 and 14, 2016Bill Hoban
The Sun (San Bernardino)Honorable MentionSpecial SectionSan Bernardino shooting anniversarySan Bernardino Sun staff
The Tribune1stEditorial CommentLooking for help in a post-Diablo Canyon economyStaffAn extremely well-researched and thoughtful editorial. Not only does the editorial board take a stand, they search for facts from around the country to support it. This is long but never dull and provides an important service to its readers as it preppies them for the future.
The Tribune1stColumnsJoetopia: The septic system fails AND Pirate’s Cove is a messJoe TaricaFun, well-crafted reads with local flavor. Pirate’s Cove reveals a community problem, while septic system shows a quirk of the area. Lots of fun turns of phrase throughout.
The Tribune1stSports Page or SectionOct. 15, 2016Staff
The Tribune1stBreaking NewsDiablo Canyon to close: 2 days of coverageStaffImpressive full-court press across a complicated topic with wide-ranging implications. Writing is clear, informative. Liked how story was packaged with licensing, community impact, analysis etc.; lots of pullouts and fact snippets; entire package showed significance of closure. Interesting read.
The Tribune1stOnline General Excellencesanluisobispo.comStaff
The Tribune1stInside Page Layout & Design BroadsheetJuly 17, 2016StaffClean, easy to read, many entry points, shapes and sizes of artwork are appealing. White space is judicious and serves the layout. Nice photo choices — they convey the sense of SLO as a lively place.
The Tribune2ndAgricultural ReportingGuest worker program provides labor, poses difficulties for SLO County growersLindsey Holden
The Tribune2ndEnterprise News Story or SeriesDiablo Canyon’s road to closure 4-day series + editorial + settlement storyStephanie Finucane, Kaytlyn LeslieThis is what good community journalism is all about. This useful series offers new and practical information to a region undergoing economic change. It is an impressive investment of resources, to the benefit of readers and their elected officials. This entry is distinguished by an innovative angle and by its blend of the technical with the human. The devotion of resources to such a project is commendable.
The Tribune2ndArts & Entertainment CoverageTicketStaff
The Tribune2ndCoverage of Local GovernmentThird District race turns sour amid accusations of online “trolling”Kaytlyn LeslieClear-eyed reporting on an interesting topic in elections coverage. A sad, but entertaining portrait of local campaigning and dirty tricks in the digital age.
The Tribune2ndFront Page: BroadsheetJune 22, July 24 and Aug. 21, 2016StaffGood use of main art, type. One of the things I like about these pages is the willingness to adapt the page to the needs of the day. One page, the right hand column was a sidebar, then it was briefs, then it was combined with the rest of the layout rather than separated. The reefers at the top also changed, but, yet, there’s a consistent feel to the pages. I’m a little bothered that there is usually only one story on the front page, but the large boxes at the bottom help address that.
The Tribune2ndSports Feature PhotoFired Up FootballJoe JohnstonClean, effective photo showing the spirit of competition and player intensity. Captures the emotion of the moment without necessarily being the action photo.
The Tribune2ndArtistic PhotoPastel sunsetJoe JohnstonColors and blur create nice mood.
The Tribune2ndVideo JournalismKnife makerJoe Johnston
The TribuneHonorable MentionInvestigative ReportingState lawmakers got about $873,000 in freebies last year, but the gifts can be difficult to trackMatt FountainLots of information and a good project.
The TribuneHonorable MentionEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireSome seek SLO building moratorium until city recalculates future water supplyCynthia LambertA good and fair story about a city’s water problems. Loved the la-di-da quote.
The TribuneHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryTim Walsh’s coaching journey leads him to perfect fit with Cal PolyLucas Clark
The TribuneHonorable MentionLifestyle CoverageLivingstaff
The TribuneHonorable MentionSports Game StorySawyer May does his best Kirk Gibson impression in Arroyo Grande playoff winTravis GibsonGreat story. Great writing and good photos.
The TribuneHonorable MentionSports Feature StoryOlympic medalist, Atascadero resident Jan Johnson continues to be a giant in pole vaulting worldTravis Gibson
The TribuneHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsFarm SupplyJulie LynemA very good business profile feature of a local company that went from the verge of bankruptcy to becoming a staple of the community.
The TribuneHonorable MentionFeature PhotoMouse on firefighter’s shoulderJoe JohnstonCool shot of a unique moment in time.
The TribuneHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceSept. 24 and 25, 2016StaffLovely layout and design.
The Trinity Journal2ndEditorial CommentTrinity would be better servedWayne R. AgnerStrong.
The Trinity Journal2ndCoverage of Local GovernmentTrinity Hospital skilled nursing facilityAmy GittelsohnThe writer did a great job securing the report that led to the skilled nursing facility’s closure and in talking with clients about the care they’d received.
The Trinity Journal2ndOnline General Excellencetrinityjournal.comStaff
The Trinity JournalHonorable MentionFeature PhotoColorful moon celebration at Joss HouseAmy GittelsohnDecent moment from an everyday assignment.
The Trinity JournalHonorable MentionPhoto Story/EssayRodeo rides to WeavervilleWayne R. Agner
The Union1stEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireOngoing drought increases bark beetle populationTeresa Yinmeng Liu, Laura Mahaffy
The Union1stSpecial SectionA Day in the Life of Western Nevada CountyStaff
The Union1stOnline Photo Story/EssayA Day in the Life of Western Nevada CountyStaffI like the execution of this project and that it’s a mix of staff-produced photos and crowdsourced photos. It really does tell the story of “the day in the life of” through a 24-hour visual tour. Nicely done.
The Union2ndEnterprise News Story or SeriesColorado goes first; Bakin’ a mile high; Decision on Prop 64Alan RiquelmySending a reporter to nearby Colorado two weeks before the California marijuana vote brought local sensibilities to a state issue and gave voters real information from a state where pot is legal.
The Union2ndCoverage of Local GovernmentMarijuana in Nevada CountyAlan RiquelmyGood, comprehensive coverage of the pros and cons (and other layers) related to marijuana growth and following up with the measure from beginning to end. Nice layout.
The Union2ndEditorial CartoonIt takes a village idiotR.L. CrabbDetailed art, nice use of color.
The UnionHonorable MentionInvestigative ReportingLegal battle brewing over narcotics casesLiz KellarGood work. Very well written and concise in a news sense.
The UnionHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesJan. 10, 2001Alan RiquelmyGreat package that is both forward looking and backward looking, at an incident that shook a community, but also led to a new law. The package sets the stage for a debate around the sunset of Laura’s law in 2017.
The UnionHonorable MentionColumnsIndy 500 champ!; Sierra Harvest changing how we look at foodBrian Hamilton
The UnionHonorable MentionArts & Entertainment CoverageProspector magazineKeri Brenner, Laci Thompson
The UnionHonorable MentionCoverage of Business NewsHotels over homes? Affordable housing clashes with economic development in Grass ValleyTeresa Yingmeng Liu; Laura MahaffyInteresting read. The last few graphs really sum everything up.
The UnionHonorable MentionInformational GraphicBusiness of Building Laci Thompson, Alan Riquelmy
The UnionHonorable MentionFront Page: BroadsheetJune 1, July 6 and 18, 2016Laci Thompson, Melissa Erny
The UnionHonorable MentionFeature PhotoFast waterLaura MahaffyA great example of a “frozen in time” image in an environment that is extremely fast-moving.
The UnionHonorable MentionVideo JournalismPrep Football: Nevada Union tops Lincoln in overtimeLaura Mahaffy
The Union DemocratHonorable MentionArts & Entertainment CoverageWeekenderMike Morris
The Weekly Calistogan1stBreaking NewsManhunt ends after hourslong searchAnne Ward Ernst, Sean Scully, Maria SestitoGreat coverage of an event that affected the community!
The Weekly Calistogan2ndColumnsWhen a victim is a member of your familyAnne Ward ErnstAnne Ward Ernst makes violence personal for the reader, providing insight through an effective understated writing style.
The Weekly CalistoganHonorable MentionSports Game StoryWildcats able to hold off PanthersYousef BaigNice job of capturing the excitement of the game. A couple of good quotes added a lot to the story.
The Weekly CalistoganHonorable MentionSports Feature Story’Frustrating’ year of footballYousef Baig
The Weekly CalistoganHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoOne of Calistoga’s greatest comes homeDave MosherPhotographer chose a vantage point for a speaker shot that takes full advantage of the leading lines, patriotic elements and subtle details throughout. Shifting the focal point however led to a lack of detail in the featured subject’s face.
Thousand Oaks Acorn1stCoverage of Local GovernmentThe termination of Scott MitnickKyle Jorrey, Becca WhitnallI loved this story! Great use of the Public Records Act to promote watchdog journalism. And the writers — perhaps in consultation with their editors — wisely kept the approach straight-forward, recognizing that stories as wild as this one pretty much write themselves.
Thousand Oaks Acorn1stPhoto Story/EssayGames with a heartBobby Curtis
Thousand Oaks Acorn2ndSports Feature StoryHockey hero: Westlake girl inspiresEliav AppelbaumGood job giving us a sense of who Lola is both on and off the ice.
Thousand Oaks Acorn2ndSports Feature PhotoThrill of victoryMichael CoonsGreat job capturing emotion in the girls’ faces close up.
Thousand Oaks Acorn2ndPhoto Story/EssaySuper Bowl Teams Raise the FlagMichael Coons, Timm Sinclair
Thousand Oaks AcornHonorable MentionWritingBetrayal threatens couple’s homeBecca Whitnall
Thousand Oaks AcornHonorable MentionColumnsIt’s One Final Mow for Grumps and Vin Made it SingElizabeth Kirby
Thousand Oaks AcornHonorable MentionBreaking NewsLosing Bernard MoonKyle Jorrey, Andy Nguyen, Becca WhitnallNice job on an emotional story.
Thousand Oaks AcornHonorable MentionFeature PhotoWings of HopeJoan Pahoyo
Thousand Oaks AcornHonorable MentionSports Feature PhotoHey Blue, Should We Call the Game?Richard Gillard
Thousand Oaks AcornHonorable MentionSpecial Sports SectionPigskin Preview 2016Staff
Times-Herald, Vallejo1stArtistic PhotoQueen of the deadChris RileyThis is a beautiful, well-composed photo that I would happily run as my dominant image any day of the week. The foreground feathers give this photo a secretive appeal. It’s as if we’re getting a glimpse of these characters and they’ve just caught us peeking! And, of course, the colors are stunning.
Times-Herald, VallejoHonorable MentionColumnsWhat Trump’s win means is up to youJack F.K. Bungart
Times-Herald, VallejoHonorable MentionNews PhotoA family’s lossChris RileyA moving photo showing a family’s heartbreak.
Times-Herald, VallejoHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoContact SportChris RileyObviously they key element is the ball in the face, but more importantly is the fact that you can see the emotions on both of the player’s faces.
Times-Standard1stSports Game StoryComing up acesDanny PenzaGreat lede that made me smile envisioning a happily impending doom of a dogpile on the mound. Followed by great quotes from player and coach. Well done.
Times-StandardHonorable MentionAgricultural ReportingDairy farms struggle to find enough workersWill HoustonThis story raises an interesting angle — that mainstream ag is being out-competed for hard-to-find workers by marijuana growers who pay more — and pay in cash.
Times-StandardHonorable MentionEditorial CommentThe buck stops with Brius and RockportMarc VallesStrong stand on an issue of wide interest with the country’s aging population. This was well-written and backed strong opinions with facts.
Tracy Press2ndVideo JournalismWildfire live updatesMichael LangleyThis is a fabulous example of breaking news coverage in the digital age. The commentary is informative, giving the community exactly what it needs to know in the situation. The video is, as expected, Facebook Live quality, but in this situation the quality of the video was far less important than the content. It takes talent to record video, explain what you’re seeing, what you’ve learned from newsgathering and keep your composure while a fire threatens the area and you’re live. While the video is shaky at times, you hear traffic noise and the wind, all elements you try to avoid, it works here because it adds to the intensity of the situation and your audience will forgive you knowing it’s live. It’s the storytelling and effectiveness of this video that win out over technical quality.
Tracy PressHonorable MentionSpecial SectionCelebrate TracyWill Fleet, Michael Langley, Tracy Press staffTells a story in multiple ways. Abundant use of easy to understand charts and graphs, lists and comparisons. Printing the original material from area children was a nice touch. Something for everyone in this section.
Tracy PressHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoOne giant leapGlenn MooreI love the composition of this photo; the flying sand, the low, intimate angle, the cartwheeling body and the sense of weightlessness.
Tracy PressHonorable MentionArtistic PhotoReverent retirementGlenn Moore
Tracy PressHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceMarch 11 and 18, 2016Will Fleet, Michael Langley, Tracy Press staffThe Tracy Press excelled at local and community coverage, and had good breadth of coverage, writing quality and news photo reproduction. Strong local news selection. Good writing and sense of lively reader interest. Very dominant sports coverage and well reported and photographed. The paper’s voice comes across as a respected community leader, witnessed in the editorials and business news coverage. Worthy of General Excellence top tier ranking.
Turlock Journal1stCoverage of Local GovernmentFarmers market seriesKristina Hacker, Sabra Stafford, Angelina MartinExcellent look at an important issue. I commend you on picking a topic that clearly impacts your community, then following it through with various looks during the different stages. Very comprehensive and cohesive. Also, the use of photos and other graphic elements made the presentation a good one.
Turlock Journal1stVideo JournalismArrests follow Turlock Sikh Temple FightFrankie Tovar
Turlock Journal2ndVideo JournalismThe Blitz SNH: Turlock vs MercedFrankie Tovar and Eddie Ruiz
Twin Cities Times1stProfile Feature StoryShe brings the heatDerek WilsonEasily the best in the category. The writing is engaging and accessible, and Hadley’s story is a great one to tell. This is the kind of story that makes you want to follow an athlete’s career. Well done.
Ukiah Daily Journal1stCoverage of Local GovernmentTime to stop the revolving doorJustine Frederiksen, Chris PughGood ground work by the reporter, taking the reader along to the street, the hospital and the jail while also providing an informative and compassionate account about the issue affecting mental health/substance abuse patients and the need for a secure mental health facility.
Ukiah Daily JournalHonorable MentionAgricultural ReportingUkiah’s Craft Canine: The McNab ShepherdJustine Frederiksen, Chris PughVery charming and well written story on the McNab working dog. This was a delight to read, the quotes are smart and used effectively, well sourced — overall a very nice tale.
Ventura County Star1stProfile Feature StoryI was the bearded ladyAmanda Covarrubias
Ventura County Star1stCoverage of Local GovernmentThousand Oaks city manager firedMike Harris and Wendy LeungTerrific public records reporting uncovered some nefarious practices and took down a city manager. Government reporting at its best. Where there’s smoke ... make a public records request.
Ventura County Star1stFeature PhotoBuilding a FutureJuan CarloThis photo is a great combination of framing, composition and hues. Well done and storytelling. Nice framing. Good solution to difficult photo assignment.
Ventura County StarHonorable MentionEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireThe challenge: Keep Lake Casitas underwaterCheri Carlson and Anthony PlascenciaI like the fact that this group of stories devoted more time and effort to talk to business owners around the lake and their problems. Good look at how one lake is rapidly losing water, and how that ffects the community—crave a little better writing/depth.
Ventura County StarHonorable MentionWritingArmy Airborne vets help protect Ojai Music Festival from vandalsTom KiskenGreat premise for a fresh way of telling a story about veterans. Good anecdotes, too.
Ventura County StarHonorable MentionProfile Feature Story18-year-old Agoura resident fights to preserve ’Greatest Generation’Tom Kisken
Ventura County StarHonorable MentionSports Feature StoryThe Rams Next DoorJoe Curley
Ventura County StarHonorable MentionEditorial CommentMike Morgan was wrong to hide fiesta dealJohn MooreThis takes a local official to task, and is a wise call for transparency and honesty. Other publications might have been mean spirited. Here the tone is direct and effective. As you read, you nod along in agreement.
Ventura County StarHonorable MentionSports Page or SectionDec. 15 and 16, 2016Marc Jenkins
Ventura County StarHonorable MentionFront Page: BroadsheetSept. 8, Nov. 9 and Dec 7, 2016Marc JenkinsBold effort. Kudos for taking some risks. Star Trek layout makes good use of Star Trek phrases. There is a lot going on on these pages.
Ventura County StarHonorable MentionVideo JournalismDuring university “dead week,” library comes aliveAnthony Plascencia
Ventura County StarHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceSept. 17 and 18, 2016Staff
Vida en el Valle2ndArtistic PhotoEl Grito!Hector Navejas
Vida en el ValleHonorable MentionVideo JournalismGol! Ecstatic play-by-play soccer announcers with Fresno Fuego Fútbol ClubDan Casarez
Visalia Times-Delta & Tulare Advance-Register1stInvestigative ReportingTulare Regional Medical Center coverageJames Houck and Juan VillaExploring all aspects of the hospital’s building proposal, finances and governance gives readers a well-rounded picture of what happened at the medical center to cause major upheaval. Complete coverage that hits all the angles. Great exploration of hospital’s role in a community and how mismanagement and other issues can affect that whole community.
Visalia Times-Delta & Tulare Advance-Register1stLifestyle CoverageAug. 5 and 6, 2016James Ward, Parker Bowman and Donna Orozco
Visalia Times-Delta & Tulare Advance-Register1stSports Feature StoryRichard Torrez Jr. featureMike HazelwoodThis is a very engaging story. The details are great and made me understand the boxer as a person and world-class athlete.
Visalia Times-Delta & Tulare Advance-Register1stSports Feature PhotoGirls basketball player of yearRon HolmanPerfect timing. Clean background. Most importantly is the fact that we can see the face of the runner! Without that face the photo wouldn’t be as strong. Even though their are shadows, you can see hit eyes. Great action combined with emotion is the key to a great sports action photo.
Visalia Times-Delta & Tulare Advance-Register1stSports Action PhotoMt. Whitney vs. El Diamante baseballRon HolmanA great example of how an Arts section can dive into one of a region’s largest events and give it extensive coverage without overexposing or boring readers. The pre-festival coverage and the post included interviews with big-name musicians that offered insight and novelty. The rest of the two sections were thorough, varied, and fun to read.
Visalia Times-Delta & Tulare Advance-Register2ndArts & Entertainment CoverageChoicesZachary Newcott and James WardThe writer finds an uplifting story and tells it well through a series of people whose lives have been affected. Great to hear a kid’s voice in here, and to see reporting that buttresses the anecdotal evidence that the ranch is having success.
Visalia Times-Delta & Tulare Advance-RegisterHonorable MentionNon-Profile Feature StoryChanging lives at the ranchJuan VillaA great example of persistence in the face of initial government reassurances. County officials changed their plans as a result.
Willow Glen ResidentHonorable MentionInvestigative ReportingBuried under the sunJulia BaumGood story about the situation in the canyon area following the fire, and the pros and cons of natural vs. human involvement in the recovery.
Winters ExpressHonorable MentionEnvironmental Reporting: Drought/FireStebbins Cold Canyon recovering from Wragg FireDebra DeAngelo