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California newspapers attack tariff issue head-on

California newspapers attack tariff issue head-on

In the wake of the U.S. Senate introducing legislation to roll back the tariffs on imported newsprint, California newspapers are attacking the tariffs through editorials and house ads explaining the harmful impact on newspapers and the democratic system to readers.

Recent editorials in the San Francisco Chronicle and The Press Democrat in Santa Rosa call on Congress to pass S. 2835, the “Protecting Rational Incentives in Newsprint Trade Act of 2018” (The PRINT Act) to, as the Chronicle wrote, “stop the ill-advised tariffs that are bad for the economy and bad for our democracy.” The Press Democrat said, “Congress has an obligation to ensure better-informed, less-impulsive decisions are made about tariffs that will have drastic consequences for newspapers and their readers.”

Editor & Publisher also recently published a commentary by Jerry Simpkins, a Colorado printing company VP, that describes the detrimental impact of the up to 32% increase in newsprint costs on newspaper jobs and what newspapers can do to soften the blow of the cost increases.

CNPA staff urges newspapers that have not already done so to publish editorials against the tariffs and to run the house ads from the News Media Alliance in your newspaper and on your website. Please don’t forget to send your published editorials to Jim Ewert.

Ewert will be taking the editorials he receives to NMA’s Fly-in lobby day at the Capitol on June 14. He will be meeting with key members of California’s congressional delegation and plans to use the editorials to persuade legislators to support the PRINT legislation and the overall effort to repeal the harmful tariffs.