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The table below lists the first- and second-place winners, and honorable mentions for campus newspapers in the 2016 CNPA Better Newspapers Contest. Judge’s comments appear in the right column. Some entries did not receive judge’s comments. Use the search box at the top right of the table to quickly locate your publication or writer.

Daily and weekly winners

Advertising Excellence Contest winners

NewspaperPlaceCategoryName of EntryStaff CreditJudge’s Comments
Archbishop Riordan High School — The Crusader1stBest WritingEpiPen price pierces patients’ pocketsRoman Peregrino
Archbishop Riordan High School — The Crusader2ndBest Sports Game StoryCross Country sets pace for successful seasonHarrick Wu
Archbishop Riordan High School — The CrusaderHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoFrosh Olympics results still under reviewStephen AguirreNice sharp, action photo from Ping Pong. You were able to clearly stop the action in what can be a very fast-moving sport. Nice color.
Archbishop Riordan High School — The CrusaderHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceMarch and December 2016The Crusader Staff
Bakersfield College — The Renegade RipHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoHurdlerJoe Bergman
Cal Poly-Pomona — The Poly PostHonorable MentionFeature PhotoGetting Ready for the Rose ParadeEviana VergaraThis is an unusual photo, portraying the people as very small even though they’re what draws your eye. The photo helps tell a story about the Rose Parade work itself—its size and intricacy are clearly communicated here—and shows the level of detail and focus required by the creative team behind it.
Castro Valley High School — The OlympianHonorable MentionBest WritingEmotional two-day event aims to prevent impaired driving tragediesMolly Koch
Castro Valley High School — The Olympian2ndProfile Feature StoryHe walked 2,663 miles so his friend could walk at allAnastasia LeExcellent profile piece. It was tough to judge this as second place because it is well done. It is well written with good transitions and relevant quotes. Good job.
Castro Valley High School — The OlympianHonorable MentionBest Sports Game StoryBasketball team makes history in tremendous seasonDesiree Broome and Gavin Halloran
Castro Valley High School — The Olympian1stBest ColumnsUnderstanding eating disorders and body imaging/Clinton: “nasty,” smart woman deserved betterHalley Lin-JonesThis columnist exhibits honesty about her close encounter with anorexia and wisdom beyond her years in her cut-to-the-bone opinion that Hillary Clinton lost just because she was a woman. Her treatment of both topics come across as truthful and true to her.
Castro Valley High School — The Olympian1stIllustrationMoana ReviewDa Di
Castro Valley High School — The Olympian1stNews PhotoEvery 15 MinutesHalley Lin-JonesWhile the “Every 15 Minutes” photos have become kind of clichéd, this one really captures the moment. Great composition and terrific work with the light. Great capture — raw, evocative and powerful. Hopefully will drum home the message of the campaign.
Castro Valley High School — The OlympianHonorable MentionNews PhotoCVHS Election ProtestsHannah JohanssonSome photos work because of what they hint at but don’t tell. The fact that the photographer focused on the girl in the headscarf makes me want to know more about her and her connection to the protests. And the photo was shot at just the right moment.
Castro Valley High School — The OlympianHonorable MentionOnline General Excellencecvhsolympian.comOlympian Staff
Castro Valley High School — The OlympianHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceNov. 4 and Dec. 2, 2016Olympian Staff
City College of San Francisco — The Guardsman1stEnterprise News Story or SeriesCCSF Maintenence WoesMarco Siler-Gonzales, David Horowitz, Cassie OrdonioReporters did some digging into underlying causes, although I’d like to have heard from a climate expert from the area about the rust and how to ameliorate the weather’s effects.
City College of San Francisco — The GuardsmanHonorable MentionBest Sports Game StoryCity’s worst loss of the yearShannon ColeLots of things to like about this story.
City College of San Francisco — The GuardsmanHonorable MentionOnline General Excellencetheguardsman.comStaffFantastic, splashy artwork on featured story “The city VS. Trump” but the image and headline appear in four places atop the home page, which is overwhelming. Grid-style presentation of home page works with strong headlines and artwork — a deviation for standard design. Twitter feed down the side is a bit confusing because text is removed from context of Twitter/conversations. The quality of the writing and breadth of local coverage are excellent. Some of the story choices are refreshing and unique. However, the website layout could be improved by breaking things up by section, instead of having one massive list of latest stories from all sections. Also, there needs to be more art included. Most of the lead stories do not have art included with them, which leaves them less than eye-catching.
Claremont High School — The WolfpacketHonorable MentionBest ColumnsKickin’ With Kellan GrantKellan Grant
Contra Costa College — The AdvocateHonorable MentionBest WritingCircumcision? Or mutilation?Benjamin Bassham
Contra Costa College — The AdvocateHonorable MentionBest ColumnsSpreading knowledge is an art, not a job; Hold your nose and vote for freedomBenjamin Bassham
Contra Costa College — The Advocate1stPhoto IllustrationCrude oil pipeline fuels protestsMarci SuelaThe photo collage within a cutout was impressive enough, but when coupled with the map and the “pipeline” timeline this was definitely first-place work!
Contra Costa College — The AdvocateHonorable MentionPhoto IllustrationCreator aspires to perfect craftMarci SuelaVery creative way to feature several somewhat simple photos.
Contra Costa College — The Advocate2ndIllustrationUndocumented students lack support, resources Marci SuelaHaunting illustration. Effective in its message showing confusion and lack of support.
Contra Costa College — The AdvocateHonorable MentionNews PhotoElection results spur outrageDenis PerezNice unexpected quiet reflection in a chaotic situation.
Contra Costa College — The AdvocateHonorable MentionNews PhotoYouth protest against TrumpDenis PerezGood choice of color, conscious decision to shoot low to high helped get it into the top 4.
Contra Costa College — The AdvocateHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoFather, Comet forward leads playoff dreamCody Casares
Contra Costa College — The Advocate2ndOnline General Excellencecccadvocate.comThe Advocate staffStrong flag with dominant art work on top is enticing. Five squares of feature stories with “pop-up” headlines bring variety to the page. Print edition window was nonfunctional during my viewing. Sports score ticker is another nice touch, but could me more visually engaging. The quality of the writing and breadth of the content is incredible. The layout of the homepage and individual section homes is excellent, very clean and readable with great use of art. Fair amount of multimedia available (likely most is on social media) is separate section, but not always within individual stories. Unsure what the difference is between Opinion and Forum.
Contra Costa College — The AdvocateHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceOct.19 and Nov. 2, 2016The Advocate staff
CSU Bakersfield — The Runner2ndBest WritingThrough labor, dreams are rebornChris MateoIf Chris Mateo is willing to work on his imagery, style and organization, he will become a journalist with real impact. The potential for a very powerful story is there with, especially, the voices of workers in the field. However, the story needs a better narrative focus -- is it a story about you and your work in the fields or how your life compares to that of farm workers?
CSU Bakersfield — The Runner2ndBest Sports Game StoryLarios powered by guardian angelSyleena PerezGood use of quotes. The story gave me chicken skin.
CSU Bakersfield — The RunnerHonorable MentionPhoto IllustrationBasketball PreviewAJ Alvarado
CSU Bakersfield — The RunnerHonorable MentionFeature PhotoNo shelter from the coldBen PattonThese photos help clearly tell the story, giving the reader/viewer eye contact with sources. The close-up portraits are a dignified way to present people who live on the street. The slightly wider shot of the cardboard box shelter helps put the portraits in context. There is a lot of emotion and storytelling contained in these photos.
CSU Chico — The OrionHonorable MentionOnline General Excellencetheorion.comStaffThis is a clean, easy to read website. One of the few college paper websites to have a Twitter feed on the site. Would like to see a little more mixing it up in the page design.
CSU Fullerton — Daily TitanHonorable MentionBest WritingBody found in Newport ID’d as missing CSUF studentMicah Augimeri-Lee, Breanna VasquezWriter is to be commended for staying away from police jargon. The story has lots of detail, clearly laid out, but strive to order things a bit better. The reader appeal is undeniable as the death of a student would be widely shocking.
CSU Fullerton — Daily TitanHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryStudent racer kicks his passion into high gearKaleb Stewart
CSU Fullerton — Daily TitanHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryWhitmore embraces challenge, softballHayley M. Slye
CSU Fullerton — Daily Titan1stBest Sports Game StoryTitan baseball slugs way to sweep over UC DavisHayley M. SlyeStrong, confident writing.
CSU Fullerton — Daily TitanHonorable MentionPhoto IllustrationLocal spots help celebrate romantic holidayPatrick Do, Jillian Lees
CSU Fullerton — Daily TitanHonorable MentionNews PhotoUnruly protests erupt at Trump rally in OCMicah Augimeri-LeeLove the use of the flair in this photo to accentuate the line of police standing against a group of protesters. The colors in this photo are vivid, and the photographer does an excellent job showing the energy of the scene.
CSU Fullerton — Daily Titan1stSports Action PhotoBaseball hits the road for BakersfieldPatrick Do
CSU Sacramento — The State HornetHonorable MentionBest WritingSac State students brush with volunteerism during Paint the TownBarbara HarveyStrong narrative lead vividly sets the scene. Was “female resident” the best word choice? This would have rung more genuinely with readers with more reaction from students and Sacramento residents who benefited from the work.
CSU Sacramento — The State HornetHonorable MentionBest Sports Game StoryNo. 14 Cal Poly runs over Hornet football team 59-47Angel GuerreroWell written but too long.
CSU Sacramento — The State HornetHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoMen’s soccer vs UC DavisMatthew Dyer
CSU Sacramento — The State HornetHonorable MentionOnline General Excellencestatehornet.comStaffBold, in-your-face website. Catches viewer’s attention. The news ticker (top stories) could be more prominently displayed. I didn’t see it at first. Would also like to see more text on the page.
CSU Sacramento — The State HornetHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceNov. 10 and 17, 2016StaffWell written, good use of quotes, clean layout, nice photography, especially some of the sports action photos.
El Camino College — The Union1stBest Sports Game StoryEl Camino can’t overcome early turnovers in loss to Saddleback CollegeEric RamosGood, clean easy to read copy. Not a lot of numbers, but great story telling.
El Camino College — The UnionHonorable MentionBest ColumnsCoachella and Killer’s sentencingPhil SidavongReal nice page setup, and easy to read.
El Camino College — The UnionHonorable MentionIllustrationAcademics v athleticsEugene ChangWell done. Message is clever but clear. Nicely drawn.
El Camino College — The Union1stFeature PhotoAnonymous smokerAlain MirandaPhoto is clear and provides a good depth of field. The composition of the student holding the cigarette makes it appear as though the cigarette is his eye. It was a smart composition choice by the photographer.
El Camino College — The UnionHonorable MentionFeature PhotoEl Camino sophomore soccer playerElijah HicksColors are well-balanced, photo is clear. Framing of the photo gives a different look to present a feature story about a soccer player aside from the normal “soccer stance.” Photo matches story about player’s love of the game.
El Camino College — The Union2ndSports Action PhotoDiving into the end zoneJackie Romano
Fresno City College — Rampage1stBest WritingThe Revival of Ruby RedAshleigh PanooCompelling story. In the opening anecdote the reader is there with the subject huddled in a house in the midst of gunshots. The writer tells the story using multiple senses. And the author threads the story throughout with great quotes.
Fresno City College — Rampage1stProfile Feature Story9/11 Responder Spreads Message of Love and HopeFrank LopezGood job of capturing the feelings and telling the story. The reporter offers a life trajectory and brings the 9/11 event to life in a vivid and intuitive way that made reading this story both real and inspiring.
Fresno City College — RampageHonorable MentionFeature PhotoL.O.U.D.Ram ReyesIn photos the subject is one of the most important parts and Promise Nevarez is a good subject. Great capture of her face in this moment. The slight graininess of the photo works with the overall composition.
Fresno City College — Rampage1stSports Action PhotoBoxingLarry Valenzuela
Fresno City College — RampageHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceOct. 11 and 25, 2016Staff
Granite Bay High School — The GazetteHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesIs the Trump Effect a reality?Hannah XuWell written. Reads more like a story found in a daily or weekly rather than a campus paper.
Granite Bay High School — The Gazette2ndBest WritingPadgett resigns from GBHS over summerConnor Hinson
Granite Bay High School — The GazetteHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryFaithful four-legged friend fetches attentionSydney ZabellA good story that should have been featured more prominently. This is an interesting topic and the story could have been featured with a larger photo. Writing is very good.
Granite Bay High School — The Gazette1stBest Sports Game StoryDoes success cover controversy?Will Anderson
Granite Bay High School — The GazetteHonorable MentionBest ColumnsMultilingualism broadens minds AND You can’t force an empty pledgeCarissa Lewis
Granite Bay High School — The Gazette2ndBest ColumnsHell hath no fury like a smart kid scorned AND The death penalty should meet its endAnjali ShrivastavaAs with the first place winner in this category, this columnist uses his own truth to share about a personal challenge, and in doing so, he likely offers relief to others. That takes a certain kind of humility that we need more of in this world. His column on abolishing the death penalty uses logic and pathos effectively.
Granite Bay High School — The GazetteHonorable MentionPhoto IllustrationLGBT history added to crowded K-12 curriculumCarissa LewisThe book’s pages pop with the message that everyone has his/her story and it’s truly a rainbow world! Loved it! This photo illustration’s worth a thousand words!
Granite Bay High School — The Gazette2ndIllustrationReligious allusionsHannah Xu
Granite Bay High School — The GazetteHonorable MentionNews PhotoEvery 15 Minutes (bottom center)Surina KhuranaHuman emotion is always compelling and this one is chock full of it. Great composition, too.
Granite Bay High School — The Gazette1stFeature PhotoGBHS winter sports season beginsCarissa LewisGreat action shot mixed with fan energy. The photographer captured the moment.
Granite Bay High School — The GazetteHonorable MentionFeature PhotoSantasCarissa LewisA very nice angle that draws the viewer into the photo. Ties in well with the topic.
Granite Bay High School — The GazetteHonorable MentionOnline General Excellencegranitebaytoday.orgStaff
Granite Bay High School — The Gazette1stGeneral ExcellenceNovember and December 2016Staff
Harvard-Westlake School — The Chronicle1stProfile Feature StorySeeing Red; Faded Innocence; Seeking SafetyJesse Nadel and Jean Sanders, Danielle Spitz, Danielle KayeA fascinating series of stories about a wide array of current issues. “Faded Innocence” is the best in the group, and a unique way to do profiles. It also shows the reality that going to a highly regarded academic school does not make the issues any different. “Seeing Red” put an interesting perspective on national politics -- and California politics. “Seeking Safety” put a personal touch on an issue at the heart and soul of the political debate in America. All well done.
Harvard-Westlake School — The ChronicleHonorable MentionPhoto IllustrationWhen Tourism Meets TerrorismEshanika Chaudhary
Harvard-Westlake School — The Chronicle1stPhoto IllustrationFaded InnocenceJosie Abugov and Alena Rubin
Harvard-Westlake School — The Chronicle2ndPhoto IllustrationStudents with Dual CitizenshipEshanika Chaudhary
Harvard-Westlake School — The ChronicleHonorable MentionIllustrationInjured Students, Third Party, Pokemon Go Kitty Luo and Alena Rubin, Kitty Luo, Alena Rubin and Nicole Kim
Harvard-Westlake School — The Chronicle1stSports Action PhotoSoccer, Wrestling, Swimming, Field HockeyElly Choi, Pavan Tauh, Juliana Berger, Aaron ParkThe photo from a field hockey match is a very solid action shot of competitors going after the ball — sharp, focused and very colorful. It’s also well played on the page, large and displaying that vibrant color.
Harvard-Westlake School — The Chronicle1stOnline General Excellencehwchronicle.comBryant Wu, Cameron Stine
Harvard-Westlake School — The Chronicle2ndGeneral ExcellenceOct. 4 and Nov. 21, 2016Staff
Humboldt State University — The LumberjackHonorable MentionBest ColumnsWitness at Standing RockPhillip SantosPowerful personal narrative about a timely and explosive issue. Could have used a trim on some of the smaller details as the middle started to drag. Could have provided more context, why the author was there, what it all means, etc.
Las Positas College — Express2ndBest ColumnsThat’s How I RollIan Jones
Las Positas College — ExpressHonorable MentionPhoto IllustrationReality vs. Virtual RealityJennifer Snook and Jeremy JuianInteresting way to help readers experience the game.
Loyola Marymount University — Los Angeles Loyolan2ndGeneral ExcellenceMarch 30 and April 6, 2016StaffGood, clean layout. Writing is strong, but could be stronger if quotes could be moved further up in the story. I recommend a good quote by the third paragraph to draw the reader quickly (after a strong lede) to keep them reading. Nice photography, but feature all photos with the size they deserve. Sports photography could use tighter cropping and enlarge them. If it’s a sports action photo, I recommend having the ball in the photo. Good balance of sports and living/arts coverage. Some very nice graphics work, but overall design spotty. A tendency toward opinion rather than news.
Monta Vista High School — El Estoque1stEnterprise News Story or SeriesInside the ChatTrisha Kholiya, ZaZu Lippert, Priya ReddyWell done. I applaud the topic choice on this and being willing to delve into an important subject. Well written.
Monta Vista High School — El Estoque2ndEnterprise News Story or SeriesImmune TogetherKaren Sanchez, Hannan Waliullah, Jessica XingVery well written, and a tough subject to tackle for a student paper. Nice job.
Monta Vista High School — El EstoqueHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesTaking the High RoadIlena PengWell written.
Monta Vista High School — El EstoqueHonorable MentionBest WritingA Lost CityAvni Prasad
Monta Vista High School — El EstoqueHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryOld but GoldAnjini Venugopal, Himani YalamaddiA well-written piece that gets to the heart of a relevant issue in today’s society. The writing reflects this category well.
Monta Vista High School — El EstoqueHonorable MentionBest Sports Game StoryBasketball: Teams face off against Cupertino HSKaren Ma, Aditya Pimplaskar
Monta Vista High School — El EstoqueHonorable MentionIllustrationTrees killed in Academic QuadElizabeth Han
Monta Vista High School — El Estoque2ndNews PhotoTrump protestKaren SanchezAn interesting perspective from the march rather than “of” the march. I like the perspective created by the fuzzy foreground too.
Monta Vista High School — El Estoque2ndFeature PhotoDrama ProductionJustin KimVery interesting effect. The lack of contrast is incidental because the photographer grabs your attention without it.
Monta Vista High School — El EstoqueHonorable MentionFeature PhotoDance team homecomingIlena PengTells a lot about what’s going on. Good indoor shot.
Monta Vista High School — El Estoque2ndSports Action PhotoBoy’s Basketball layupOm KhandekarExcellent color action shot taken from a distance that shows a lot of emotion and effort from throughout the gymnasium.
Monta Vista High School — El EstoqueHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoBaseball MVHS over the shoulderPranav IyerNice clear picture of the baseball pitcher warming up with the catcher taken from behind the plate.
Monta Vista High School — El Estoque2ndOnline General ExcellenceBeyond the BallotStaff
Orange Coast College — Coast Report2ndNews PhotoTrump RallyZach BoettoTheres a lot of visual variety going on here. It had potential to place higher but the digital noise limited it. The photograph easily conveys the situation despite difficult lighting.
Orange Coast College — Coast Report1stGeneral ExcellenceMay 4 and 11, 2016Coast Report StaffGood mix of news, features, sports. Excellent photo coverage & design on the Trump protest. Opinion page has good mix of lively topics.
San Jose City College — The TimesHonorable MentionProfile Feature StorySJCC alumna makes historyPatrick LoeraGood story with a lot of facts in well written story. Stayed on point.
San Jose City College — The Times2ndProfile Feature StoryPresident of the Jaguars speaks outMelissa Maria MartinezNice tight story with good quotes. The reporter does a good job explaining the new president’s background, attitude, and influences, and handles the subject of women in leadership roles with confidence and grace.
San Jose City College — The TimesHonorable MentionBest Sports Game StoryFootball team stumbles out of the gateIvan CruzGreat story. This writer has a lot of potential.
San Jose City College — The Times2ndPhoto IllustrationAdministrators mapPatrick Jenkins and Miguel NoronaImpressive use of photos and graphics to give a lot of information in a reader-friendly manner.
San Jose City College — The TimesHonorable MentionIllustrationFisher mid schemePatrick JenkinsCreative. Concept is well executed.
Santa Ana College — El DonHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesHomeless VeteransR. Nicanor SantanaSolid story. A solid interview and a nice recitation of facts relating to the vet’s issues.
Santa Ana College — El DonHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesReligion Among MillennialsNoemi MosquedaNicely written.
Santa Ana College — El Don2ndBest WritingVaporwaveTimothy BravoYou can hear the music in the writer’s words and phrases. There was effective use of rhythm and four dimensionality. This story was told with an obvious passion for the subject matter in a way that engages the reader unfamiliar with the music genre.
Santa Ana College — El DonHonorable MentionBest WritingFreedom FighterLaura O. Garcia
Santa Ana College — El DonHonorable MentionProfile Feature StoryDesert BiologyJose ServinNice imagery, composition and photos.
Santa Ana College — El Don2ndBest Sports Game StoryDons Shoot FalconsJorge CamposNice work! Well written.
Santa Ana College — El Don1stBest ColumnsUnder PressureMeghan KliewerBoth “Under Pressure” and “Girl Power” read well and look great. Great subject matter and layout and super use of the phone regarding its interaction to the story and content of what’s seen on the phone.
Santa Ana College — El Don1stIllustrationSummer of HateNino TanabeNice. Great colors. Powerful message.
Santa Ana College — El Don1stNews PhotoCampus ArrestJorge CamposThere’s some technical problems with this image (blown out background), but the composition leads the eye to the suspect’s reaction. The photographer has done a good job of conveying action and emotion.
Santa Ana College — El Don2ndFeature PhotoCosplay: Dragon AgeChristabelle BlakeBeautiful depth of field and focus on the subjects in the photo. Captures their characters as well as their personalities.
Santa Ana College — El DonHonorable MentionOnline General Excellenceeldonnews.orgStaffEasy-to-follow design from top to bottom. There’s a great deal of variety in story type and layout, but the business doesn’t overwhelm. The print edition cover looks very strong at top right of page. Only criticism is that it appears stories are living too long on the site (I see numerous posts from November). The writing quality is good, but it seems some sections get more coverage than others -- a few have two or fewer pieces of content from this year. The last video upload appears to have been in September. Story selection is good, but should cover a wider range of topics. The layout is great, very well organized.
Santa Clara University — The Santa ClaraHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesStrictly Platonic: Finding Friends Online and Invisible InjurySummer Meza, Brendan WeberBoth stories were very interesting but I was captivated by the Summer Meza’s work on the intersection of loneliness and online interactions. This was an examination of a group that I have never seen before. It was extremely compelling and I found no fault with the narrative, compelling characters and a point that says more about society at-large than I think anyone might expect. Great job Summer.
Santa Clara University — The Santa ClaraHonorable MentionBest Sports Game StorySanta Clara Stifles Stanford and Women’s Soccer Faces Reality CheckAndrew Slap
Santa Clara University — The Santa ClaraHonorable MentionBest ColumnsThe Big Short: The Most Important Film Of The Year and I Deserve to Be HereJohn Flynn, Perla Luna, Sophie MattsonThis well-written piece is part movie review, part commentary on social-economic issues. The review is a good device for explaining the current state of the economy, though the summary of the movie could have been condensed.
Skyline College — The Skyline View1stOnline General Excellencetheskylineview.comStaffClean home page layout, with clever categories that engage reader: “Focal Point,” “Artistic License,” etc. Embedded Twitter and Flickr feed are a nice touch. The breadth of the coverage is astounding, with sections for just about everything, most of which are active (though Viewpoint and Satire seem like they haven’t been updated in a year or more). The writing is great across all sections. The homepage and section page layouts are fantastic, with plenty of art and good organization. Wide variety of multimedia available, not just videos, though not much in individual stories. Drop-down menus are great (just check spelling of Wrestling under Sports).
Southwestern College — The Sun2ndEnterprise News Story or SeriesRacism charges rise againBianca Quilantan
Southwestern College — The Sun2ndGeneral ExcellenceNov. 29 and Dec. 14, 2016The Sun Staff
UC Berkeley — The Daily Californian2ndEnterprise News Story or SeriesUC Berkeley sexual misconduct cases and administrative responseStaffThis was far and away some of the best work I read in this category. The compelling narrative was reinforced with data culled from the 400 pages of university records. My one critique is that the lede on the Tyann Sorrell story was written very circuitously. When it comes to the lede, I would as an editor have opted for something more straightforward.
UC Berkeley — The Daily Californian1stProfile Feature StoryThe Come Up: Ivan Rabb stays true to OaklandWinston ChoThis story has everything you want in a profile: a deep understanding of the individual, set securely in his time and place. This entry wins for the depth of its reporting and ambition, and the more sophisticated theme of Rabb’s ties to Oakland. Story would have benefitted from tighter writing and a tighter focus.
UC Berkeley — The Daily Californian2ndIllustrationGene WilderWillow Yang
UC Berkeley — The Daily CalifornianHonorable MentionNews PhotoThousands attend fiery anti-Donald Trump protest in OaklandMikael RaphaelYou can feel the oppression of the protesters in this photo as they are surrounded by a sea of cops in dark clothing. The protesters themselves huddle in a pool of color and light in the middle. The photographer had to be int he thick of this to get the action and desperation of the protesters. Good use of lighting and composition; there’s an artistic, Rembrandt quality.
UC Berkeley — The Daily Californian2ndSports Action PhotoTre WatsonIf More than 3 names type: Staff
UC Berkeley — The Daily Californian2ndOnline General Excellencedailycal.orgStaffThis was a close runner up to first. Would like to see a bit more photo play than ad play. Otherwise, well done, visually appealing and informative.
UC Berkeley — The Daily Californian1stGeneral ExcellenceNov. 9 and 10, 2016StaffOverall, well done. Good writing, good photography, clean, effective layout. Comprehensive, well written and photographed news coverage with attention to design. Good mix of news, sports and features. A concern that opinion was not clearly marked as such in some cases. But a welcome preference for news coverage over opinion.
UC Santa Barbara-The Daily NexusHonorable MentionIllustrationGetting Closer to God in I.V.Peyton Stotelmyre
UCLA — Daily Bruin1stEnterprise News Story or SeriesCaring for the CaregiversShreya Aiyar, Miriam Bribiesca, Daniel AlcazarThe field in this form does not allow enough words to laud the work that these journalists have done in tackling an incredibly nuanced issue that has broad impacts on future patients and the lives of these physicians. I not only commend the intensive first-person journalism evident here, and the likely hundreds of hours it took to produce this, but the layout and presentation of the project. I hope to hire one of you someday.
UCLA — Daily Bruin1stBest WritingStudent musician captures momentary emotions with R&B, verseShreya AiyarA vivid and intriguing narrative lead moves quickly to a nut graph. The striving to succeed comes through. A strong ending with a surprise or catchy summation would have helped. There are some really elegant turns of phrase in the story: “a tune would tangle itself around his thoughts” was particularly powerful. The key is to ensure that they don’t become too noticeable and overbearing, and I think the writer accomplishes that.
UCLA — Daily Bruin2ndProfile Feature StoryParalympian Blake Leeper forges path to Rio on Drake Stadium trackMatthew JoyeClear, clean writing with a subject that had more nuance and difficult material to deal with than some of the athlete profiles.
UCLA — Daily Bruin1stBest ColumnsThe Dam TruthTuAnh DamGood use of the “open letter” device to get the point across. Personal and compelling, a well-written piece on a topical subject. TuAnh Dam’s columns stood out for their straightforward, compelling writing. In her Trump column, Dam takes a national news story and makes it personal — and relatable — for students on her campus. Both columns in this entry tackle sports-related issues with larger societal implications. Dam’s opinions are clear, and her arguments are compelling.
UCLA — Daily Bruin2ndBest ColumnsDaily Bruin Opinion columnsDaily Bruin Opinion StaffA well-argued piece on a niche subject. Could have done better to explain how this issue impacts average students. This entry impressed with columns about local issues that affect UCLA students. Both Ghoogasian and Campbell tackled complicated topics, unraveling the complexities and explaining why students should care. Both columnists had a firm grasp of the details, and both made persuasive arguments for their points of view.
UCLA — Daily Bruin2ndPhoto IllustrationTwo UCLA alumni headline as Kristoff in live production of ’Frozen’Jennifer Hu, Harish BalasubramaniLove the whimsy and spirit of this image. It works because it’s a feature profile and looks magazine-ready.
UCLA — Daily Bruin1stPhoto IllustrationUnmasking mental health: Eren NgEfren PiñonAn effective approach to a difficult-to-illustrate subject.
UCLA — Daily Bruin1stIllustrationCaring for the caregiversDevin Le
UCLA — Daily BruinHonorable MentionIllustrationPolitical science professors weigh in on presidential electionJustin Ma
UCLA — Daily Bruin2ndNews PhotoStudents protest Trump victory early Wednesday morningJintak HanThis is a dynamic photo that takes a protest shot to the next level. The composition and lighting pulls the eye directly to the man in front and the anger on his face. The lines in in the street also serve to draw the eyes along the photo. Many protest photos take on an almost generic look of a crowd and police. This one shows the emotion of one person, while also giving a good sense of crowd and place
UCLA — Daily Bruin1stNews PhotoBruins United sails past Waves of Change in 2016 USAC electionAubrey YeoWhat a moment of pure joy captured here. The photographer did a strong job of showing the moment, the three main subjects in the foreground expressing victory among a sea of other students. The composition draws the viewer from the main subject to the two men interacting with him. This photo stood out because it captured a special moment and the interaction among the three subjects. They are laughing and the photo tells that story so well that the observer wants to join in the celebration.
UCLA — Daily Bruin2ndFeature PhotoDancing to healTehya FaulkIt’s hard to pull off a mirror photo effectively, but it makes sense here and it works well. He’s a dancer, so the setting in a studio with a wide mirror is relevant to the subject at hand, and the caption—and his intense expression—suggest he is introspective and self-reflective, teaching youth based on his own past experience, so it works on a metaphorical level too.
UCLA — Daily Bruin1stFeature PhotoCracking the Gender CodeMiriam Bribiesca, Austin YuThis photo helps communicate what the story is about in a more visually interesting way than a straight portrait. She’s actively working on her computer, but that’s a hard action shot; the reflection of computer code tells the viewer/reader right away what the story is about, and catches your eye. Good use of projecting codes on Apurva Panse’s face to visually tell the story.
UCLA — Daily BruinHonorable MentionSports Action PhotoUCLA gymnastics triumphs over Utah with thrilling comeback routinesAngie Wang
UCLA — Daily Bruin1stOnline General Excellencedailybruin.comDaily Bruin StaffA great looking website. Clean, easy to read and visually appealing. A lot of information, but not crammed and ads are spread out well.
University of La Verne — The Campus TimesHonorable MentionEnterprise News Story or SeriesFighting the Status QuoEmily LauThat was a really strong lede. Very nice. I also liked the subtlety with which you introduced the inherent sexism of the community. Cheers for subtle writing! This was a very interesting look at this issue. The one question I had was whether men and women game for the same reasons? My only other critique is that I would have liked an explanation about how you enterprised this story: you knew someone; you game; just an idle question you had; etc.
University of La Verne — The Campus TimesHonorable MentionGeneral ExcellenceApril 29 and May 6, 2016StaffOverall, good use of quotes and well placed in stories. Layout is fairly clean. Photos are sparse, but the ones used are handled well in the layout. Try some tighter cropping in your photography, especially with sports.