Taking a closer look at your design: Part 2

Last month’s column focused on design critiques: working at improving your design by taking a look at what you’ve recently done. I suggested then that those critiques be done every quarter … at least every six months. In that column, I offered a laundry list of those elements that need to be reviewed during the…

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Hold editorials to highest standard

By Jim Pumarlo What’s the first word you associate with editorials? Editorials can serve a variety of roles. They educate. What are the current rental codes and how would they be strengthened under a proposed ordinance before the city council? What’s the process, and the pros/cons, for annexing land to a city? They enlighten. Newspapers…

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60 inches? No visual? Unacceptable

Poll after study after survey tells us readers will not read a story that’s more than 15-20 inches long. They just won’t. So, what do you think they’ll do with a story that’s 60 inches long? With no visual. That’s right … no visual. No photo. no chart. No map. No pullout. Nothing to draw…

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