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2013 Better Newspapers Contest — Campus winners

2013 Better Newspapers Contest Winners — Campus

Editorial Comment4-Year University1stLoyola Marymount University—Los Angeles Loyolan
Editorial Comment4-Year University2ndCSU Bakersfield—The Runner
Editorial Comment2-Year College1stContra Costa College—The Advocate
Editorial Comment2-Year College2ndSan Jose City College—The Times
Editorial CommentHigh School1stHarvard-Westlake School—The Chronicle
Editorial CommentHigh School2ndGranite Bay High School—The Gazette
Feature Story4-Year University1stSan Jose State University—Spartan Daily
Feature Story4-Year University2ndCSU Chico—The Orion
Feature Story2-Year College1stSanta Ana College—el Don
Feature Story2-Year College2ndSanta Ana College—el Don
Feature StoryHigh School1stMonta Vista High School—el Estoque
Feature StoryHigh School2ndHarvard-Westlake School—The Chronicle
General Excellence4-Year University1stCSU Chico—The Orion
General Excellence4-Year University2ndLoyola Marymount University—Los Angeles Loyolan
General Excellence2-Year College1stContra Costa College—The Advocate
General Excellence2-Year College2ndPalomar Community College—The Telescope
General ExcellenceHigh School1stMonta Vista High School—el Estoque
General ExcellenceHigh School2ndHarvard-Westlake School—The Chronicle
Photo4-Year University1stSan Francisco State University—Golden Gate Xpress
Photo4-Year University2ndCSU Northridge—Daily Sundial
Photo2-Year College1stBakersfield College—The Renegade Rip
Photo2-Year College2ndContra Costa College—The Advocate
PhotoHigh School1stGranite Bay High School—The Gazette
PhotoHigh School2ndDaniel Pearl Magnet High School—The Pearl Post
Sports Photo4-Year University1stCSU Northridge—Daily Sundial
Sports Photo4-Year University2ndCSU Chico—The Orion
Sports Photo2-Year College1stCity College of San Francisco—The Guardsman
Sports Photo2-Year College2ndEl Camino College—The Union
Sports PhotoHigh School1stHarvard-Westlake School—The Chronicle
Sports PhotoHigh School2ndMonta Vista High School—el Estoque
Sports Story4-Year University1stCSU Chico—The Orion
Sports Story4-Year University2ndSan Francisco State University—Golden Gate Xpress
Sports Story2-Year College1stCity College of San Francisco—The Guardsman
Sports Story2-Year College2ndContra Costa College—The Advocate
Sports StoryHigh School1stMonta Vista High School—el Estoque
Sports StoryHigh School2ndHarvard-Westlake School—The Chronicle
Writing4-Year University1stCSU Northridge—Daily Sundial
Writing4-Year University2ndCSU Bakersfield—The Runner
Writing2-Year College1stSanta Ana College—el Don
Writing2-Year College2ndSanta Rosa Junior College—The Oak Leaf
WritingHigh School1stHarvard-Westlake School—The Chronicle
WritingHigh School2ndMonta Vista High School—el Estoque