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2015 Better Newspapers Contest — Campus winners

2015 Better Newspapers Contest Winners — Campus

CategoryDivisionPlacePublicationCreditEntry TitleJudge’s Comments
Columns4-Year University1stCSU Chico-The OrionJoseph RogersHIV / AIDSA very powerful piece that clearly illustrates the stigma and its emotional toll on you. I dig how everything cuts to the chase and speaks from the heart. Excellent job. Keep this for your portfolio.
Columns4-Year University2ndUCLA-Daily BruinArthur WangKanye Western party and its aftermathKanye: A great, thought-provoking piece that shows why the issue of cultural appropriation is far more complex than what's argued by many moral absolutists these days.

Free Speech: Not as strong as the Kanye piece since your argument could have been more concise. But you did thoroughly explore many accusations that free speech is supposedly dead. I like how you challenge readers to think more about the controversy at hand than rushing to judgement.
Columns2-Year College1stSanta Ana College-El DonIzabella SantanaGrowing Pains, Electric Haze, Actors Breaking BarriersIzabella does a fantastic job taking general social issues and framing them as campus-life issues, in each of these examples bolstering her columns with the voices of on-campus experts and others in her community.
Columns2-Year College2ndOhlone College-The MonitorBrianne O'SullivanMany writers tackled national issues without focusing on a direct campus or personal angle, but Brianne's entries are strongly written, well reasoned and assertive with a clear, deliberate message and perspective. Well done.
ColumnsHigh School1stHarvard-Westlake School-The ChronicleEllis BeckerThrough Thick and Thin
ColumnsHigh School2ndHarvard-Westlake School-The ChronicleBenjamin MostPocket Man
Enterprise News Story or Series4-Year University1stUC Santa Barbara-The Daily NexusJuliet Bachtel, Josh OrtizThe Principles Against IntoleranceThis piece does a good job of taking a current issue and giving it context from diverse viewpoints. I especially like the mix of expert and student opinions. The lede and ending wrap up the piece nicely.
Enterprise News Story or Series4-Year University2ndCSU Long Beach-Daily 49erValerie OsierNo paperwork no pay: Student president goes unpaid without documentationThis story presents the sides of a local undocumented situation and its affects, which makes the reader think a lot about the national issue of undocumented residents. Great job!
Enterprise News Story or Series2-Year College1stOhlone College-The MonitorStaffExcellent coverage of a relevant topic on college campuses and elsewhere. Comprehensive, well-sourced and personal. First-person story is a real plus for the story.
Enterprise News Story or Series2-Year College2ndCity College of San Francisco-The GuardsmanPatrick Fitzgerald, Marco Siler-Gonzales, Audrey Garces & Otto PippengerImportant topic that has tremendous impact on the future of the college. Very detailed coverage with reporters who firmly grasp the significance or what they are writing. The story could have incorporated more explanation and background (or even a clearly written nut graph) to clearly outline the importance o each story... related to the bigger picture.
Enterprise News Story or SeriesHigh School1stGranite Bay High School-The GazetteHannah HolzerAre we losing connectivity?
Enterprise News Story or SeriesHigh School2ndHarvard-Westlake School-The ChronicleSu Jin NamIn Harm's Way
Feature Photo4-Year University1stLoyola Marymount University-Los Angeles LoyolanSophie BroideBrandon Brown
Feature Photo4-Year University2ndCSU Bakersfield-The RunnerAJ AlvaradoParade honors service members
Feature Photo2-Year College1stCity College of San Francisco-The GuardsmanEkevara KitpowsongMuralist immortalizes local leadersThis photo is a testament to the photographer's technical ability as well as the ability to recognize and capture a heartfelt moment. Great focus, color and framing. A truly beautiful portrait!
Feature Photo2-Year College2ndSouthwestern College-The SunBianca Elena QuilantanWhat A Piece of Work Man IsGreat choice by the photographer to bring the viewer close to Jorge—from his gaze to his half-smile, his face tells his story. Strong technical ability as well—great use of lighting and focus.
Feature PhotoHigh School1stArchbishop Riordan High School - The CrusaderDamon CruzBand on the runA nice moment. It should have run much larger.
Feature PhotoHigh School2ndThe Castro Valley High School OlympianBrittany BracyTalent showA little dark and grainy but the activity is nice.
General Excellence4-Year University1stUCLA-Daily BruinStaffDaily BruinWell done! Great layout, great use of graphics and excellent photos.
Design is appealing.
Writing is top notch.
Only real criticism is put the staff box at the bottom of the page instead of the top.
General Excellence4-Year University2ndCSU Chico-The OrionStaffWell done. Design and layout are compelling and draw the reader in.
Nice use of graphics throughout. Good story selection and news play.
Issue 12 Page 1 suggestion to keep the trash story as the main story, place the noise story below the fold or on another page. It was confusing, led me to think it was part of the trash story.
Writing decent. Some better than others.
Sports, same volleyball photo in both submitted issues.
General Excellence2-Year College1stSanta Ana College-El DonStaff
General Excellence2-Year College2ndCity College of San Francisco-The GuardsmanStaff
General ExcellenceHigh School1stGranite Bay High School-The GazetteStaffThis is a remarkable newspaper - very clean, comprehensive, and professional looking. Good photography and photo illustrations, clean layout, excellent selection of stories, including some potentially controversial ones which were delicate but forthrightly handled. Well done.
General ExcellenceHigh School2ndHarvard-Westlake School-The ChronicleHenry Vogel, Eugenia KoVery slick and well-thought-out newspaper. Love the pieces on stress at home and other features content. Nice illustration, good story concepts. Well done all around.
Illustration4-Year University1stCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanNatalie GoldsteinMass shootings becoming cultural
Illustration4-Year University2ndUCLA-Daily BruinCourtney TranWho Gets to Dream?
Illustration2-Year College1stOhlone College-The MonitorIvan Vargas
Illustration2-Year College2ndOhlone College-The MonitorShuai Liu
IllustrationHigh School1stHarvard-Westlake School-The ChronicleVivian LinMore Strain, Less Gain
IllustrationHigh School2ndGranite Bay High School-The GazetteOlivia HeppellDifferent holiday traditions
News Photo4-Year University1stUCLA-Daily BruinDaniel AlcazarBlack Lives MatterThere were several other protest photos entered in this category, but this was the one that best expressed the emotions behind the protest.
News Photo4-Year University2ndCal Poly-Mustang NewsJoe PackASI Election WinnerThis shot really tells the story, especially with the campaign sign in the background to tell you why exactly these folks are celebrating.
News Photo2-Year College1stContra Costa College-The AdvocateQing HuangNewsPhoto.HuangBy far stood out from all the others as the best hard news photo. Lots of emotions, in your face action. Good shot!
News Photo2-Year College2ndLong Beach City College-VikingJoshua MillerDelGuadio RememberedRepetition of form works here. Also the fact that the photographer captured the eyes of the man holding the photo really tells the story. Making him the center of attention.
News PhotoHigh School1stGranite Bay High School-The GazetteMaddie WilliamsHe's the King!This photo stands out from the others based on emotions on all the faces. Should have been cropped a bit tighter and could have worked on quicker shutter speed, but tells a good story. Good Job.
News PhotoHigh School2ndThe Castro Valley High School OlympianAnna TalajkowskiNick WhitakerNice moment, but a bit too soft. And can't see the young man's eyes.
Online General Excellence4-Year University1stSanta Clara University-The Santa
Online General Excellence4-Year University2ndLoyola Marymount University-Los Angeles
Online General Excellence2-Year College1stSanta Ana College-El
Online General Excellence2-Year College2ndSanta Rosa Junior College-The Oak
Online General ExcellenceHigh School1stHarvard-Westlake School-The
Online General ExcellenceHigh School2ndGranite Bay High School-The
Photo Illustration4-Year University1stUCLA-Daily BruinDaniel Alcazar, Miriam BribiescaUCLA student helps incarcerated youth, works to improve criminal rights
Photo Illustration4-Year University2ndCal Poly-Mustang NewsJason HungA week in the Life
Photo Illustration2-Year College1stLos Angeles City College-CollegianAnde Richards, Beatrice AlcalaStudents Sleep on Streets
Photo Illustration2-Year College2ndLos Angeles City College-CollegianCurtis SabirBlack Art Sparks Discussion
Photo IllustrationHigh School1stHarvard-Westlake School-The ChronicleJacob GoodmanAfter Assault
Photo IllustrationHigh School2ndGranite Bay High School-The GazetteTroy PawlakYou can't ignore ... racial tension PHOTOILLUSTRATION
Profile Feature Story4-Year University1stCal Poly-MustangJacob LauingBroken
Profile Feature Story4-Year University2ndCal Poly-MustangBrenna SwanstonUnderstanding Islam
Profile Feature Story2-Year College1stSouthwestern College-The SunAlberto CalderonA Future Well In Hand
Profile Feature Story2-Year College2ndSouthwestern College-The SunGabriel SandovalCourage, Lucky dog, Lead to America
Profile Feature StoryHigh School1stHarvard-Westlake School-The ChronicleJake LikerFreshman phenom ushers in new era for boys' basketballAn excellent blend of text, video, and photos that vividly profiled the subject. You definitely showed your love of basketball and you should keep this piece for your portfolio. The story structure flowed well, although some of the quotes could have been a little shorter. Overall, great job!
Profile Feature StoryHigh School2ndHarvard-Westlake School-The ChronicleJoe LevinQB Marshal Cohen Looks Beyond Injuries, Heartbreak.A solid profile that illustrated the pressures and agonies that befell Cohen. The writing style is akin to many ESPN and Sports Illustrated pieces I've read. I advise you to not space out the sentences so much - you risk losing the reader's attention if he or she has to scroll down the page a lot. Online readers generally have shorter attention spans than print readers. Still, you did fine work. A tip of the hat to your school's journalism program.
Sports Action Photo4-Year University1stCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanWinnie HuangTitans turn out for homecomingThis photo captures movement and a what may have been a crucial moment in the game.
Sports Action Photo4-Year University2ndCSU Bakersfield-The RunnerAJ AlvaradoVolleyball CelebrationThe photographer did a great job timing the end of the game and players' reaction to a victory.
Sports Action Photo2-Year College1stContra Costa College-The AdvocateQing HuangBasketballThis is a great action shot. Shooting basketball is hard due to gym lighting and speed but photog nailed it along with player's expression.
Sports Action Photo2-Year College2ndBakersfield College-The Renegade RipJoe BergmanWrestlers are hard-headedLove the angle of this shot--I kept getting drawn back to it.
Sports Action PhotoHigh School1stHarvard-Westlake School-The ChronicleCaitlin.NeapoleSoak City
Sports Action PhotoHigh School2ndHarvard-Westlake School-The ChronicleCarina MarxBreakaway Speed
Sports Game Story4-Year University1stUCLA-Daily BruinAnnie BardetMen’s water polo sinks USC for UCLA’s 113th national title
Sports Game Story4-Year University2ndUC Santa Barbara-The Daily NexusMichael JorgensonClassic Blue-Green Rivalry Game Ends in 2-2 Tie
Sports Game Story2-Year College1stSouthwestern College-The SunNicholas BaltzOlowora Wins Three State Titles
Sports Game Story2-Year College2ndPalomar Community College-The TelescopeMike AdamsComets cap off Myers Field
Sports Game StoryHigh School1stHarvard-Westlake School-The ChronicleBennett GrossCelts defeat Wolverines with overtime buzzer beater
Sports Game StoryHigh School2ndHarvard-Westlake School-The ChronicleHenry VogelGirls' basketball advances to semifinals of State Playoffs with dominant win over St. Anthony
Writing4-Year University1stUCLA-Daily BruinKevin TruongStreet LevelWhy is your nut graf so far down? You don't need five grafs to set this up — one or two would do. I like the personal angle bringing me into the problem. Article is well-organized and kept reader moving. Maybe could have used a stronger conclusion - but all in all, an excellent job of weaving a lot of complex issues together.
Writing4-Year University2ndSan Jose State University-Spartan DailyNicholas IbarraLegacy of GhostsSuper-long lede sentence. Break it up. Overall, a very good piece - but I don't understand the random quotes from students.
Writing2-Year College1stSouthwestern College-The SunAsjia DanielsCaffeine King Creates A BuzzExcellent cameo of a coffee barista. ***
Writing2-Year College2ndSouthwestern College-The SunBianca Elena QuilantanNo Work, No Rights, No CountryBasically a good story. Intro is a little too flowery. The title is not really revealed in the narrative, and the reader is asked to reach that conclusion.
WritingHigh School1stThe Castro Valley High School OlympianStephanie HuertaA shadow will no longer be the place I hideUndocumented worker is revealed by niece. Personal history account. Nice little cameo.
WritingHigh School2ndHarvard-Westlake School-The ChronicleZachary HarlestonWhat it means to be black