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2018 California Journalism Awards Campus Contest winners

2018 California Journalism Awards Campus Contest winners

The table below displays the 2018 California Journalism Awards Campus Contest winners sorted by category.

The table is sortable by the column headers (Publication, Award, Category, Entry Title, Credit and Judge’s Comments) but you probably want to zero in on your own publication. The easiest way to do that is to use the search box to type in the name of your publication.

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First-place and second-place plaques were presented at the 2018 California Journalism Awards Luncheon on Saturday, May 4 at The Westin Long Beach. If no one from your publication was present to receive your plaque, we will ship it to you.

Certificates will be mailed to all other finalists in each category.

CategoryAwardOrganizationEntry TitleCreditsJudge's Comments
General Excellence1stCSU Fullerton-Daily Titan2/20/2018 & 2/21/2018Kyle Bender, Sarah El-MahmoudIf I were a student I would read this paper. Very impressive. Smart story selection. Nice combination of on- and off-campus news. Stories are reported and edited well. The design is very clean. Nice use of photos.
General Excellence2ndSanta Clara University-The Santa Clara11/1/2018 & 11/8/2018The Santa ClaraSmart, aggressive coverage of a contentious topic, not only through the article but also related opinion pieces. Overall presentation, story selection and layout are excellent. Sports section is impressive with nice use of photos. Headlines are catchy without being juvenile.
General Excellence3rdCSU Long Beach-Daily 49er5/7/2018 & 5/9/2018Daily 49er StaffNice work. The Staff clearly is in touch with what students are interested in and recognize news when they see it (The Big Event). Couple of minor issues to keep an eye on, such as spelling errors and wrong words (peak vs. peek). Really nice use of photos for the volleyball team championship. Overall job well done.
General Excellence4thUC Berkeley-The Daily Californian2/20/2018 & 2/22/2018Harini Shyamsundar, Karim DoumarDedicating an entire issue to a topic as serious and as relevant as sexual assault is an undertaking, and the Staff clearly knew what they were doing. Intelligent pieces that answer the "why should I care" question. The second issue demonstrates a nice blend of local and campus-focused reporting. Clean headlines and consistent style.
General Excellence5thCSU Chico-The Orion11/28/2018 & 12/5/2018Natalie Hanson, Christian Solis, Alex Grant, Josh CozineVery impressive work to not only cover a tragedy but to also focus on how the Camp Fire affected the campus community and students. Nice use of photos. Layout could be stronger. Be careful not to overwhelm readers; sometimes fewer stories that are more well-developed is a better option than trying to cover everything.
General Excellence1stCity College of San Francisco-The Guardsman11/6/2018 & 11/28/2018The Guardsman StaffInteresting graphics, modern layout. Solid writing, good reporting.
General Excellence2ndOrange Coast College-Coast Report10/17/2018 & 10/31/2018Coast Report StaffVery clean throughout. Conservative, but professional approach.
General Excellence3rdSanta Monica College-Corsair11/20/2018 & 12/4/2018Corsair StaffNot afraid to tackle big issues. Could have tied to campus a bit more.
General Excellence4thContra Costa College-The Advocate2/14/2018 & 2/28/2018The Advocate StaffSolid throughout.
General Excellence5thSanta Ana College-el Don10/29/2018 & 12/10/2018Lizeth Fuentes, Jason Solares, Nikki Nelsen, Diego DeviaTaking chances can work — and can fail. A little of both here.
General Excellence1stGranite Bay High School-The Gazette3/2018 & 4/2018The Gazette StaffAn excellent newspaper, full of information and great headlines, graphics and advertising. As a school newspaper, this paper covers a wide range of topics. Good job!
General Excellence2ndHarvard-Westlake School-The Chronicle3/21/2018 & 4/25/2018Danielle Spitz, Josie AbugovExcellent newspaper, with large photos, compelling layouts and excellent graphics. Loved the Spring Into Action graphic and Q&A Sports feature with the large photo. Not a fan that every page seemed to be a section front.
General Excellence3rdArchbishop Riordan High School-The Crusader10/2018 & 12/2018Owen MurphyLayouts are all horizontal, need some vertical elements on the page. Layouts on some pages confusing, especially when stories are broken by placement of photographs. Good writing and excellent headlines, especially "Abundance of freshmen creates deficits of desks." Publication covers school, local, regional and national news and all the sports, NFL, NBA, MLB, one wonders if students/readers needed this information in a school newspaper, or could they have learned about the Warriors' NBA titles somewhere else.
General Excellence4thCastro Valley High School-The Olympian10/5/2018 & 10/26/2018The Olympian StaffSolid opinion pages, lots of views from students. But Opinion pages on Oct. 26, 2018 edition are Pages 4, 5 and 8 — weird. Put them together. Also in that edition, there are three photos pages without page numbers. Overall, good mix of stories, good editorials, layout, headlines and excellent use of photos. Loved the Lunt story with photo, nicely written.
General Excellence5thSanger High School - Hi-Lights4/26/2018 & 5/24/2018Von Balanon, Moises Buitrago, Berenice Vargas, Celyssa AguilarLots of information, good end-of-year graduation issue. Layout is good, plenty of graphics and neat story ideas, but overall the writing should be sharper, less repetitive with more focus on writing sharper, better and shorter ledes. The athlete of the month features is a good idea, but there's no sense in asking a question and then having the athlete repeat part of it in their answer. Should be rewritten. Loved the Life of a pilot feature and graphic, very strong.
Writing1stUCLA-Daily BruinSurvivalKristie-Valerie HoangThis is a beautifully written story with a vivid and compelling lede. This could easily have become an anecdotal piece based on a few people's accounts of their cultural identity, but figures are woven in throughout to support the narrative. Those supporting figures never interrupt the storytelling, but bolster it briefly then get out of the way in favor of a character-driven narrative.
Writing2ndSanta Clara University-The Santa ClaraJuuls at School are Smokin’Kimi AndrewA compelling lede uses a real story from a regular person on the street. The story is packed with facts and figures quotations from experts, very information-rich, but the best part is the observations of campus life and interviews with regular students. This helps keep the story interesting, such as the student reselling e-cigarettes, which diverges from the predictable smoking-is-bad-for-you script.
Writing3rdSan Diego State University-The Daily AztecGreeks need to get it togetherDaily Aztec Editorial BoardThis is a persuasive and compelling opinion piece. The writers are specific and clear, and every sentence conveys something clear and substantive. They've done significant reporting, too, and cite Greek Life misconduct on other campuses as well. The authors are not afraid to be bold and say exactly what they mean.
Writing4thCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanTitans quietly suspend player accused of domestic violenceHarrison FaigenThis is a deeply reported and well constructed story. The writing goes point by point through the evidence the reporter gathered, explaining decisions along the way—like why a domestic violence victim's name is included, and how administrators pointed them directly to the text of a law—to the reader. The story answers the questions a reader would have, clearly and precisely.
Writing5thSan Diego State University-The Daily AztecPort of entry closure threatens SDSU's transborder commutersDaniel Guerrero, David SantillanThis story opens with a powerful lede, then picks up the story of an individual to illustrate a story that affects more people.
Writing1stSanta Rosa Junior College-The Oak LeafBook by book: Rebuilding a post-fire identityLauren A. SpatesExcellent read. The topic was compelling, but it was framed in an interesting, unique way that captured the reader's attention. The story was not overwritten, which is a danger with stories that carry a level of emotion or trauma. Instead, it was measured but had solid details with strong organization. Well done.
Writing2ndOrange Coast College-Coast ReportLife is a gambleKassidy DillonStrong piece of writing. The entry point was interesting, drawing the reader in. The details add to the compelling nature of the story, interwoven with reaction from those affected.
Writing3rdSanta Rosa Junior College-The Oak LeafRise and grind: The student-athlete hustleIsaiah CappelenThis was a solid job, looking at the daily grind for student-athletes. The organization was strong, with effective use of language and strong quotes.
Writing4thSanta Ana College-el DonLoss of Custodial Staff Result in Heavier WorkloadMarta KonorskaI enjoyed this read. The lead was strong, drawing readers in and, also, highlighting the impacts of the decision. Overall, the writer put a face on the issue in a compelling way, using solid organization that ensured a smooth flow.
Writing5thSanta Rosa Junior College-The Oak LeafFinding tranquility in chaosLauren A. SpatesThis was a good read, looking at the impacts on mental health and students in the aftermath of a wildfire. While overwritten at times, the overall structure and organization was good. Insights from those affected was presented in a compelling way alongside data and statistics.
Writing1stGranite Bay High School-The GazetteAthletes upset with unprompted retributionAkhil ShahWell researched. Glad to see comments from both sides of the issue, allowing admin to share its side. Well written.
Writing2ndArchbishop Riordan High School-The CrusaderHistory Bowl team makes history with trip to nationalsRoman PeregrinoLove the nod to history and tradition. Well written.
Writing3rdGranite Bay High School-The GazetteAdministration seeks new discipline methodElliott HymanVery well researched. Buried the lead a bit with restorative justice being that low, but well written and well researched.
Writing4thCastro Valley High School-The OlympianTrojans oppose Trump on birthright citizenshipBrittany BinGood reporting on an national issue localized. A great basis for community journalism.
Writing5thCastro Valley High School-The Olympian"Four Men in Paris" wows audiencesTalaya Francoisinteresting, well thought-out review of performance brushing on important topic.
Enterprise News Story or Series1stUCLA-Daily BruinDeclined Help, Declining HealthTeddy RosenbluthComprehensive story that utilizes graphics, photos, pull outs to keep the reader engaged. Well rounded reporting looking at the issue from 360 degrees.
Enterprise News Story or Series2ndCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanContaminated groundwater under OCDaniel Inga, Tyrah Majors, Wendy ChavezGood job bringing to light a serious issue that could affect quality of life among the student population.
Enterprise News Story or Series3rdCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanMany Fullerton restaurants violate health codesTatiana Diaz, Omar Sanchez, Jacob Tatham, Kristine JanarillaDetailed research provides key look at the issue. Would have scored higher with customer voices.
Enterprise News Story or Series4thCSU Long Beach-Daily 49erCSULB continues to grapple with identity crisisKat SchusterInteresting topic with a good graphic illustrating the confusion. Good use of official comments as well as student voices.
Enterprise News Story or Series5thSonoma State University-Sonoma State StarRise in Campus Rapes, But Not in WarningsBraden CartwrightStory does a good job shedding light on a serious topic.
Enterprise News Story or Series1stEl Camino College-The Union13 percent of EC students are homelessJose TobarBy telling the story of homeless students so well, the journalists gave voice to an often overlooked segment of students. By mixing excellent portraits with information on the causes and economics of homelessness, this is an informative and human look at a very real problem.
Enterprise News Story or Series2ndSanta Rosa Junior College-The Oak LeafSchool’s out for summer: admin cuts summer coursesBrandon McCapes, Rachel Edelstein, Seamus Reed, The Oak Leaf StaffComprehensive coverage of proposed course cuts. Each story equally strong with excellent info on the impact the cuts would have on student. Great use of quotes.
Enterprise News Story or Series3rdGlendale College-El VaqueroSome Call for Extended DSPS ServicesKenya BarbozaBalanced, incisive coverage of the lack of resources for students, with clear evidence that this is a budgetary issue. Great example of how hard work by journalists can illuminate a problem and, it is hoped, lead to solutions.
Enterprise News Story or Series4thSan Diego City College-City TimesBlackout CoverageBrian MohlerExcellent sustained coverage of ongoing blackouts. Great sourcing with engaging details of the blackouts. Clear, clever writing. A pleasure to read.
Enterprise News Story or Series5thGlendale College-El VaqueroAmerica's Hate ProblemMarian SahakyanExcellent example of how local reporting can be used to illuminate a national trend, in this case anti-semitism. A very real and heartfelt examination.
Enterprise News Story or Series1stGranite Bay High School-The GazetteDoug Mason resignsSpencer CovaExcellent hard news feature and watch dog reporting.
Enterprise News Story or Series2ndGranite Bay High School-The GazetteFBLA group ousted from state eventMax Schwartz
Enterprise News Story or Series3rdArchbishop Riordan High School-The CrusaderClimate change debate continues to heat upFabian AguilarReporting and writing about climate change is complex. Good job tackling such a difficult issue to explain to mass audiences.
Enterprise News Story or Series4thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteMarch for our LivesSidney Zabell
Enterprise News Story or Series5thArchbishop Riordan High School-The CrusaderSmoke saturates San Francisco skiesHarrick Wu
Profile Story1stUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianThe people of People’s ParkMalini Ramaiyer, Miles Brown, Luz Rioja, Ian MacGregorObviously a lot of time went into this profile of a public space and "its people." Descriptions and details humanizes the subjects. Timely and relevant, videos add another dimension.
Profile Story2ndSanta Clara University-The Santa ClaraSenior Soloist in the SpotlightErin FoxWell-written, nice hook. Well-rounded depiction of the subject as a complete person.
Profile Story3rdClaremont Colleges-The Student LifeFrom Walk-On To National Champion: Tyra Abraham On Her Running Career That Almost Wasn’tTorrey HartVery tight concise, the definition of a well-written profile.
Profile Story4thSanta Clara University-The Santa ClaraThe Man with the Golden VoiceJimmy FlynnGood story, well written, could be shorter. A look at a rather unusual career path.
Profile Story5thCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanWayne Arnold motivated by familyHarrison FaigenGood, nice hook. Could be tightened up a little.
Profile Story1stSan Diego City College-City TimesUndocumented students share success storiesBrian MohlerRelevant, focused and strong writing, offering a unique chance to hear the voices of a population we don't hear often, putting a human face on a national issue.
Profile Story2ndSanta Rosa Junior College-The Oak Leaf“All that education for nothing”: One reporter recounts his path to the PulitzerLauren A. SpatesWell-shaped and engaging storytelling about a journalist's how and why.
Profile Story3rdSanta Rosa Junior College-The Oak LeafDaisy Garnica: A real life phoenixDakota McGranahanAn extremely revealing and vulnerable look into a student's challenges with mental health and dealing with great loss from the wildfire. The writer told her story with care. The photos were also beautiful.
Profile Story4thContra Costa College-The AdvocateDespite prejudice, transwoman shines pride, confidenceAnthony KinneyThe writer offers a rare and compellingly written glimpse into the life of a young trans woman.
Profile Story5thEl Camino College-The UnionFor this EC freshman, the sky is the limit, and her journey is just getting startedMelanie ChaconDescriptive and detailed profile of a young athlete that paints a vivid picture of both her personality and drive. The photos were fantastic.
Profile Story1stCastro Valley High School-The OlympianLunt kicks through gender barriersRia PanjwaniLOVE this story, very unique angle and the lede is great. The quotes are great and incorporate a lot of the nuances of females playing male-dominated sports.
Profile Story2ndArchbishop Riordan High School-The CrusaderRemembering Giants legend Willie ‘Stretch’ McCoveySteven RissottoMuch better job with the lede than on the Aretha Franklin one. Tells me right away why I should care that this person died. I also like that you added quotes from someone who knew Willie, really adds to story.
Profile Story3rdGranite Bay High School-The GazetteStudent shines in RussiaMia TaylorGood quotes and interesting story, especially like the quote you end with. Lede could be a bit better. It's vague and doesn't tell me what the climber's newfound passion is.
Profile Story4thArchbishop Riordan High School-The CrusaderCrusader brothers band together to support classmateSteven RissottoThe story is really interesting. Would have liked to hear from more people other than Blanchard. Lede could be improved. For profiles, start with the most interesting aspect of the story. In this instance, that would be the loud crack when Blanchard became paralyzed.
Profile Story5thCastro Valley High School-The OlympianResearch-scientist-turned-teacher Dr. Deborah Yager retiresJenny PhamStory doesn't mention that she's retiring until very end of the article. If that's what this story is supposed to be about, needs to be the lede. Lots of more interesting information about Yager at the end of the story that would have been better to have at the beginning.
Columns1stUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianSex on TuesdayRizza EstacioThe writer tackles topics that are often difficult to talk about. She is able to engage and reel in readers through her bold writing. I like her honest approach and how she incorporates her personal experiences to put the spotlight on relevant issues. She sheds light on topics and is able to give readers her viewpoint without lecturing to them about what is right or wrong.
Columns2ndUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianDocument ThisGladys Torres AvalosThe writer provided new insight into a topic that has been widely debated in recent months. I like that she wrote about her personal experiences and refrained from "lecturing" readers on how they should feel. Nice storytelling qualities.
Columns3rdUCLA-Daily BruinAre you there, UCLA? It's me, MomMariah FurtekThe writer concisely lays out the issues and solutions while engaging readers through a mix of student stories and facts and figures. She sheds light on topics that are relevant, timely and probably wouldn't otherwise be discussed if not for her column. Nice job!
Columns4thUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianThe Person InsideHari SrinivasanNice job on giving readers a look at what it's like to be a nonverbal autistic student and the daily challenges you encounter. The columns exposed me to something I didn't know much about, but were written in way that made your experiences something that others can probably relate to when experiencing their own challenges.
Columns5thCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanWhite Supremacy / America lacks true perspectiveBrandon AngelNice job weaving together facts and good writing to engage readers while making your point.
Columns1stContra Costa College-The AdvocateRobert Clinton columnsRobert ClintonStrong voice. Good use of anaphora. Writer is personal and persuasive. I felt like he and I were having a conversation.
Columns2ndContra Costa College-The AdvocateAlondra Gallardo columnsAlondra GallardoStrong voice. Poses a problem, then offers a solution. Writer gives readers a way to get involved with the solution, and not continue to be part of the problem.
Columns3rdSanta Barbara City College-The ChannelsOur district sustainability plan is not enough—we can do betterDaniel WallaceGood use of sources and statistics to bolster opinion. Strong voice. Call to action is clear and relevant.
Columns4thSanta Rosa Junior College-The Oak LeafMichael T. Barnes columnsMichael T. BarnesWriter clearly has done his research and his opinions are fact-based. Short, succinct paragraphs entice the reader.
Columns5thSanta Barbara City College-The ChannelsThe local “Straw Ban” isn’t helpful, here’s what could beDaniel WallaceWriter points out the bigger issue in the rise of pollution. Good combination of sentence lengths. Excellent use of sources.
Columns1stArchbishop Riordan High School-The CrusaderVanuska’s ViewKarl VanuskaThoughtful, well-developed arguments on topics relevant to students.
Columns2ndSanger High School - Hi-LightsDistrict splurges $15,000 despite budget cuts/Redefining the infamous f-wordEmily Hartsell
Columns3rdEastside College Prep - The Eastside PantherLess sympathy, more empathy; What's the key to holiday cheer? Donuts!Rayshaun Jordan
Columns4thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteToxic Masculinity & Long-term friendshipsCori Caplinger
Columns5thGranite Bay High School-The GazettePeople are lacking ... & Your personal space maySarah Withrow
Sports Game Story1stUCLA-Daily BruinBeach volleyball defeats Florida State, gains program’s first NCAA titleJoy Hong
Sports Game Story2ndCSU Bakersfield-The RunnerCSUB loses five straight, stumbles in conferenceVincent PerezI like how the writer makes the most of a losing season. Good intrigue with the suspended player.
Sports Game Story3rdUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianAll heroes on deck: Analyzing Cal football’s bowl chances with 5 weeks remainingJosh Yuen
Sports Game Story4thClaremont Colleges-The Student LifeRed-Hot Scarlett Scores 32 As CMS Men’s Basketball Outduels SagehensKellen Browning
Sports Game Story5thCSU Long Beach-Daily 49er49ers win first national championship in 20 yearsZackary Handy
Sports Game Story1stEl Camino College-The UnionFootball team advances to playoffsJustin BellGreat job on recreating the drama of the game. Summary of the game and the preview of the championship was well done.
Sports Game Story2ndSanta Ana College-el DonDons Lose to Santa Monica 2-1Diego DeviaGood job of setting the scene and keeping the pacing of the story tight.
Sports Game Story3rdEl Camino College-The UnionWarriors hold off Seahawks for first win of the seasonJustin BellInteresting lead that helped set a mood for the story.
Sports Game Story4thSanta Barbara City College-The ChannelsVaqueros baseball team defeated in gut-wrenching home gameJack DaviesSummary of the game was descriptive and well done.
Sports Game Story5thContra Costa College-The AdvocateFire, smoke jeopardize shot at BVC championshipEfrain ValdezGood job of blending sports and news and giving reader a sense of the teams' frustrations.
News Photo1stUCLA-Daily BruinUndergraduate student government election resultsAmy DixonStrong composition, captures the moment and tells a story — hallmarks of great news photography. It also conveys emotion, and the joy and elation are contagious. Minor flaws: the light is a little bright, and it would be good to crop the left side to eliminate the green arm and the random hand. Great shot!
News Photo2ndCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanWildfire devastation envelopes stateJoshua Arief HalimPowerful mood. Great creative way to tell this story visually, standing behind the woman surveying the scene. This photograph captures both the scope of the devastation, and the intimacy of the story and conveys emotion that stays with the viewer. I found myself remembering this shot for quite a while. Good framing and balance in composition. Technically solid.
News Photo3rdUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianAnti-Marxism protest returns to Berkeley after last year’s violence, ignites tensions among demonstratorsAmanda RamirezThis photograph makes you want to keep looking — a good example of strong storytelling. Technically, it's a little too dark on the right side. One concern — as a stand-alone shot, does this photograph correctly capture the event as described in the story? I'm afraid not. I saw that this is one in a package of photographs, so that's OK, and the photo itself is definitely strong. But if it were to stand alone, it would be misleading, so editors need to be careful where and how the photo is played in print or online.
News Photo4thUCLA-Daily BruinWednesday’s demonstration outside Royce Hall supported activist Ahed TamimiMacKenzie CoffmanBeautiful composition, beautiful light, artistic. Conveys the basic information related to the event, but doesn't capture a lot of energy, which detracts from the impact of the shot.
News Photo5thUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianChancellor Carol Christ speaks about diversity at ASUC Senate meetingAllen ZengGood informative shot, taking an unusual angle on the event. Photographer made a wise choice to focus on the audience, which allows reader to take in the diversity of the group. (Package should include at least a mug shot of the chancellor, though, since we want to see her face, too.)
News Photo1stSanta Barbara City College-The ChannelsChannels photographer evacuates from Woolsey FireNate StephensonAn excellent composition that captures the wildfire scene's intensity -the firefighter appears to be walking into hell. I also admire the lighting and color composition. The best in show.
News Photo2ndEl Camino College-The UnionBudding space engineerJack KanThe girl's facial expression says it all, I cracked up when I saw her. Great work in including the serviceman guiding her, which shows this is not your typical rocket launch.
News Photo3rdContra Costa College-The AdvocateGrief, outrage follow police homicide of Stephon ClarkDenis PerezExcellent cropping and overall composition that portray the scene's drama. This is one of the best shots of Stevante Clark I've seen.
News Photo4thSanta Barbara City College-The ChannelsChannels photographer evacuates from Woolsey FireNate StephensonA great composition that appears to be a still from a feature film. The landscape's placement is a fine backdrop to the subject. Professional quality.
News Photo5thEl Camino College-The UnionDisplaced againMiyung Kim1st-class work in portraying the homeless situation's desperation and misery. It's an unforgettable sight.
News Photo1stGranite Bay High School-The GazetteShocked after crash — Every 15 Minutes eventSidney ZabellPowerful image. Captures all the emotions.
News Photo2ndEastside College Prep - The Eastside Panther#Enough is enoughVannesa GurrolaGreat image. Tells the story. Gets to the heart of the event.
News Photo3rdGranite Bay High School-The GazetteVictim DOA — Every 15 Minutes eventSidney ZabellCompelling image. Grabs the viewers.
News Photo4thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteEmergency Airlift — Every 15 Minutes eventSydney SewellA strong photo that captures lots of action and reaction. Solid news image.
News Photo5thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteHomecoming royalty (dominant middle image)Shreya DodballapurCaptures the energy, color and excitement of a campus news event.
Feature Photo1stUCLA-Daily BruinDia de los MuertosRachel HefnerThis photograph stopped me in my tracks — the shallow depth of field that resulted in the blurred background, the focused intensity of the subject, the color of the Dia de los Muertos makeup all combined to create an arresting image that demands a viewer's attention. A truly noteworthy effort.
Feature Photo2ndCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanHalloween inspires freaky festivalSophia AcevedoThe whimsy of the lines of pumpkins, combined with the subtle, just-under-the-radar threat of possible Halloween horror for the visitors walking through the display, made this an especially effective image. Excellent use of leading lines.
Feature Photo3rdSanta Clara University-The Santa ClaraBollywood BeautiesNick KnivetonA fun, celebratory moment, with a shutter speed slow enough to allow just a bit of blurring to emphasize movement. The background color could have been jarring for some, but I thought it worked.
Feature Photo4thUCLA-Daily BruinActors perform alongside Japanese-inspired puppets in drama about family, memoryNiveda TennetyThis was the best of the performance/concert photographs — the lighting on the actor was perfect, and the fog suspended above the actor's head gave the image an ethereal, other-worldly quality that was quite powerful. The photographer captured an especially intense stage moment that put readers right in the theater's front row.
Feature Photo5thHumboldt State University-The LumberjackA dancer's journeyGarrett GoodnightI loved the way the photographer composed the image so that the dancer, in color, popped against a background that was intentionally chosen because it would appear to be in black and white. While I had some concerns that this photo might have been a better fit in the photo illustration category, it was extremely well executed.
Feature Photo1stSanta Monica College-CorsairA young child waits for his bus to leave a migrant shelter in Tijuana MexicoZane Meyer-Thornton
Feature Photo2ndSanta Barbara City College-The ChannelsSBCC Competitive Programming Club helps & challenges studentsVanessa Martinez
Feature Photo3rdSanta Monica College-CorsairThree teenage boys shout to draw attention to people cutting a line for suppliesZane Meyer-Thornton
Feature Photo4thSanta Monica College-CorsairHollywood Boulevard Zombie walkOskar Zinnemann
Feature Photo5thDiablo Valley College-The InquirerNavigating the depths of Monterey BayEthan Anderson
Feature Photo1stSanger High School-Hi-LightsStanding out in the crowdJose SoriaJose Soria’s photo does a great job capturing an image that depicts the seriousness of the subject matter.
Feature Photo2ndCastro Valley High School-The OlympianSwimming SophomoresTalaya FrancoisPep rallies are meant to encourage school spirit and support members of a sports team and this photo captures the enthusiasm and support of the students wonderfully. Great emotion and action.
Feature Photo3rdSanger High School-Hi-LightsHomecomingSuriya SiriphoositSuriya Siriphoosit’s photo is a fun portrait of two photogenic subjects.
Feature Photo4thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteWelcome through the windowSidney ZabellThe expression on the subject’s face is great and draws the viewer’s attention, though, the composition does draw attention away from the smiling face and toward the text on her shirt and nametag.
Feature Photo5thCastro Valley High School-The OlympianSeniors enjoy the limelight at the Welcome Back Assembly on August 31Natalie CostelloGreat expressions and color, though a little lacking in the “action” department. Changing the angle would add drama and scale to the photo, depending on if it was shot from a high or low perspective.
Sports Action Photo1stUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianCal men’s basketball loses to Washington State, falls to last place in Pac-12Joshua JordanExcellent action, focus and composition; a professional-quality shot.
Sports Action Photo2ndCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanBaseball takes down San DiegoGabe GandaraGood action, focus and composition.
Sports Action Photo3rdClaremont Colleges-The Student LifePomona-Pitzer Men's Tennis victoryChloe OrtizGood composition and emotion, captures the moment well.
Sports Action Photo4thCSU Bakersfield-The RunnerSebastian Mentel jumps over CSUN goal keeperJohnathan WheatleyGood action and composition
Sports Action Photo5thCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanAllman was ready for the spotlightJessica RuizGood action and focus.
Sports Action Photo1stContra Costa College-The AdvocateLocal boxers clash at Fairmont Hotel ballroom eventDenis PerezExcellent lighting and positioning. Captured the moment. Very well done. Not easy to do this in boxing.
Sports Action Photo2ndSanta Ana College-el DonSoccerDiego DeviaWonderful expressions. Viewer can feel the movement and the tension. Excellent work.
Sports Action Photo3rdContra Costa College-The AdvocateHorses, jockeys compete at Churchill DownsDenis PerezLove the color and angle in this sports feature photo. Wonderful framing. Very compelling.
Sports Action Photo4thSanta Barbara City College-The ChannelsSBCC football ends season with a one point loss against PasadenaThomas FernandezGreat moment. The viewer is left to wonder what happens next. So many possibilities. Very intriguing.
Sports Action Photo5thEl Camino College-The UnionFighting to free herselfDarwyn SamayoaBeautiful action. Well done.
Sports Action Photo1stGranite Bay High School-The GazetteSad football playersMax SchwartzPhoto illustration works well as an entry point into the page. 2ndary photo is effective, too.
Sports Action Photo2ndGranite Bay High School-The GazetteChasing the ballSidney ZabellThe action shot in the middle of the page really catches the intensity of the moment.
Sports Action Photo3rdGranite Bay High School-The GazetteFootball defensive lineSidney ZabellCatching the emotion of the moment is key in these photos.
Sports Action Photo4thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteBlocked shot water poloSidney ZabellNice action shot on water polo, it was a bit soft but still intense.
Sports Action Photo5thCastro Valley High School-The OlympianCVHS Cross Country teams give it their all at NCS championshipsAndrew WatanabeNice action photo of the cross country guys
Photo Illustration1stCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanCover artAndre Gomez, Chris TrinhA very clean image. Excellent work, an eye-catching piece. Good job with page balance. The illustration is allowed to breathe through the use of open space around it. Good use of color, with the school's complementary colors blending nicely. The elements work well together, positioned so as to keep readers’ eyes trained on the middle of the page.
Photo Illustration2ndUCLA-Daily BruinUCLA Health reneges on announced $5,000 housing stipend to resident physiciansLiz KetchamExcellent work. A very clean presentation. Flawless execution. It conveys the story very well — doctors are losing money.
Photo Illustration3rdCSU Bakersfield-The RunnerThinkin' of a Master PlanMiguel Fabian, Aqsa Khan, Skylar CarrascoA good idea, a creative approach. The illustration is striking and it clearly informs readers about the major issues involved with the master plan. Good use of white space. Effective use of color.
Photo Illustration4thSanta Clara University-The Santa ClaraPrecious JuulsMichelle WangVery good work. It presents a neutral look. The illustration could have made Juul smokers look bad, or it could have made vaping look glamorous/desirable. This avoids both of those, it plays it down the middle, as journalists should.
Photo Illustration5thUCLA-Daily BruinMeghan Scudero balances roles to prove both the pen and the soccer ball are mightyAmy Dixon, Axel LopezThe artist was wise to not overdo this. It’s not too busy. It avoids the visual cliches often seen with stories about athletes and books. The light on her face seems a bit bright, but otherwise the execution is very good.
Photo Illustration1stSanta Ana College-el Don41-year-old RookieJordy EspinozaNice treatment of a photo, good color choices
Photo Illustration2ndSanta Ana College-el DonWeed CoverNikki NelsenClear message, nice color treatment and overlay of images.
Photo Illustration3rdContra Costa College-The AdvocateInjustice breeds social changeDenis PerezCreative use of photos. Clear message. Good use of smaller elements.
Photo Illustration4thSanta Ana College-el DonStress 101Sabrina ZamoraPowerful message, appropriate color.
Photo Illustration5thEl Camino College-The UnionSmoking ban: Enforced or irgnored?Ryan GuitareGood image and use of lighting treatment. Absence of color makes it stronger! Nicely done.
Photo Illustration1stSanger High School - Hi-LightsTrump Tweets: Make Twitter great again!Von BalanonA witty, timely and clear illustration of an important topic. Well done.
Photo Illustration2ndGranite Bay High School-The GazetteDoug Mason resignsSidney ZabellThis illustration handles a serious subject with taste on a challenging campus issue.
Photo Illustration3rdGranite Bay High School-The GazettePumpkin faceDylan RoweA fun and clever way to represent a celebration of all things fall.
Photo Illustration4thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteParty sceneAkhil ShahThis illustration tackles an essential topic and adds depth to the article.
Photo Illustration5thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteLitterSydney SewellA well-executed photo illustration that makes its point clear.
Illustration1stUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianRinging in a new life: Recent graduates talk post-college careers, friendships and next stepsIsabella SchreiberThe execution here is wonderful — perfectly complementing the article. It hits the point — containing a diverse student and showing the idea of degree attainment.
Illustration2ndUC Berkeley-The Daily Californian‘The Black Woman is God: Assembly of Gods’ reveres the Black female artistIsabella SchreiberGorgeous illustration from the perspective of texture and execution. A creative complement to the piece.
Illustration3rdUCLA-Daily BruinCalifornia wildfiresNicole Anisgard ParraTimely, well-executed art.
Illustration4thUCLA-Daily BruinRomance and #MeTooClaire SunPotentially a conversation starter as a piece of art.
Illustration5thHumboldt State University-The LumberjackI was never silentJen KellyTimely and well-executed.
Illustration1stSanta Ana College-el DonSanta Ana City MayorAlberto Donjuaneffective use of color. Conveys clear message without words.
Illustration2ndSanta Rosa Junior College-The Oak LeafProfanityRachel EdelsteinGood digital art. Message is clear
Illustration3rdSanta Ana College-el DonKeep the Blunts RollingDennis Guirolanice art
Illustration4thSan Jose City College-The TimesHate crime shocks EVCMagnolia LoneroCreative use of color and shape
Illustration5thContra Costa College-The AdvocateFlicks splash onto silver screenIsaac BenivadesNice art
Illustration1stGranite Bay High School-The GazetteAnimeAndrew Yung
Illustration2ndGranite Bay High School-The GazetteSnow globeSidney Zabell
Illustration3rdGranite Bay High School-The GazetteStudent SenateAbbie Gould
Illustration4thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteDyer RoadAbbie Gould
Illustration5thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteClashing carsAndrew Yung, Sidney Zabell
Online General Excellence1stUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianThe Daily Californian websiteHarini Shyamsundar, Victoria Do, Michael Tamaki
Online General Excellence2ndUC Santa Barbara - The Daily NexusThe Daily Nexus websiteDaily Nexus
Online General Excellence3rdUCLA-Daily BruinDaily Bruin websiteNathan Smith, Mike Zhang, Hongyi Zhang
Online General Excellence4thClaremont Colleges-The Student LifeThe Student Life websiteHank Snowdon, Meghan Bobrowsky, Ariel So, Kellen Browning
Online General Excellence5thHumboldt State University-The LumberjackThe Lumberjack websiteDeija Zavala, Nicole Bravo
Online General Excellence1stCity College of San Francisco-The GuardsmanThe Guardsman websiteThe Guardsman StaffBold design and great coverage of campus stories. Easy to navigate based on interests with category buttons.
Online General Excellence2ndEl Camino College-The UnionThe Union websiteThe Union StaffGood use of large typefaces and simple, clean color scheme. Enjoyed the sports profiles and crime map features.
Online General Excellence3rdSkyline College-The Skyline ViewThe Skyline View websiteThe Skyline View StaffSimple, clean layout. The 'Honoring our Veterans' and extensive reviews were highlights.
Online General Excellence4thSanta Ana College-el Donel Don websiteLizeth Fuentes, Diego Devia, Nikki Nelsen, Jason SolaresEffective use of photos for a big, bold presentation. Enjoyed the health articles.
Online General Excellence5thDiablo Valley College-The InquirerThe Inquirer websiteThe Inquirer StaffSimple green and black color scheme most effective of all entries. Enjoyed 'The Buzz' pieces in the Opinion section.