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2018 California Journalism Awards Print Contest winners

2018 California Journalism Awards Print Contest winners

By default, the table below displays the 2018 California Journalism Awards Print Contest winners by category.

The table is sortable by the column headers (Category, Award, Publication, Entry Title, Credit and Judge’s Comments) but you probably want to zero in on your own publication. The easiest way to do that is to use the search box to type in the name of your publication.

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First-place and second-place plaques were awarded to winners who were present at the 2018 California Journalism Awards Gala on Saturday, May 4 at The Westin Long Beach. If no one from your publication was present to receive your plaque, we will ship it to you.

Personalized certificates will also be mailed to winners in each category.

CategoryAwardPublicationEntry TitleCreditsJudge's Comments
General Excellence1st PlaceSan Francisco Chronicle9/23/2018 & 9/24/2018San Francisco Chronicle StaffSo much to love in the San Francisco Chronicle. Lots of local voices. Strong opinion on civic issues that matter. Fun features such as the Chronicle Classic and find the Little Man. The Chronicle looks as diverse as California. A1 enterprise stories matter and take a leadership role for change. Graphics are interesting and important. This is a paper that's worth waking up for and spending lots if time with like an old friend. Beat the competition by a mile on all metrics.
General Excellence2nd PlaceThe San Diego Union-Tribune9/2/2018 & 9/3/2018Union-Tribune StaffStriking photos of McCain funeral set the San Diego Union-Tribune apart. Happy to see a staff cartoonist and as well as a caption contest. Illustrations add oomph to stories on economy, investments, IRAs. NFL preview was well designed with photos that popped. Puzzling why 12 of the 14 regular sports pages are b&w in a section where photos are often more important than the stories. Strong sense of place: Stick ball in Little Italy, Julian Fire Department, Coronado pool.
General Excellence3rd PlaceLos Angeles Times2/10/2018 & 2/11/2018Los Angeles Times StaffThe Sunday Times was missing its Opinion page on Sunday. This might be because there were 2 page A16's and no A17, an inexcusable error in this digital age as well as for a contest entry. Otherwise, the Times felt like an old friend who naturally did everything right. Interact with the Times: Share your story about harassment. Photos that put you in the center of the action, that place you where you've never been. Robin Abcarian's must-read each Saturday. Witty headlines: World's cutest convertible. A house ad that build on reporting: Real journalists, real impact.
General Excellence4th PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay Times9/2/2018 & 9/3/2018The Mercury News Staff
General Excellence5th PlaceThe Sacramento Bee9/2/2018 & 9/3/2018Sacramento Bee Staff
General Excellence1st PlaceThe Press Democrat9/29/2018 & 9/30/2018Press Democrat StaffThe Press Democrat owned the fire aftermath coverage. Great selection of sports. Compelling writing and deep reporting.
General Excellence2nd PlaceThe Modesto Bee2/25/2018 & 2/26/2018Modesto Bee StaffThe Modesto Bee offers a great sense of place. The reporting goes deep when necessary, and the writing is excellent.
General Excellence3rd PlaceChico Enterprise-Record2/10/2018 & 2/11/2018Chico Enterprise-Record Staff
General Excellence4th PlaceThe Bakersfield Californian2/22/2018 & 2/23/2018Bakersfield Californian Staff
General Excellence5th PlaceMarin Independent Journal2/24/2018 & 2/25/2018Marin Independent Journal Staff
General Excellence1st PlaceThe Tribune2/24/2018 & 2/25/2018Tribune StaffGreat use of color. Nice design. Issue-oriented reporting. Could compete in a larger category and do well.
General Excellence2nd PlaceNapa Valley Register2/4/2018 & 2/5/2018Napa Valley Register Staff
General Excellence3rd PlaceThe Union9/10/2018 & 9/11/2018Union Staff
General Excellence4th PlaceSanta Maria Times9/1/2018 & 9/2/2018Santa Maria Times Staff
General Excellence5th PlaceThe Record9/12/2018 & 9/13/2018Record Staff
General Excellence1st PlacePalo Alto Weekly9/21/2018 & 9/28/2018Palo Alto Weekly Staff
General Excellence2nd PlaceSacramento News & Review9/20/2018 & 9/27/2018News & Review Staff
General Excellence3rd PlaceGood Times9/5/2018 & 9/12/2018Good Times Staff
General Excellence4th PlaceChico News & Review9/13/2018 & 9/20/2018Melissa Daugherty, Meredith Cooper, Jason Cassidy, Tina Flynn
General Excellence5th PlaceSanta Barbara Independent9/13/2018 & 9/20/2018Santa Barbara Independent Staff
General Excellence1st PlaceGilroy Dispatch9/7/2018 & 9/14/2018Dan Pulcrano, Barry HoltzclawSolid writing and very newsy stories. I like the way they approach some governmental coverage with real people and not a recitation of events. There is nice ad support. The sports stories and photos were engaging and a real bright spot. Very nice work on the 150th anniversary section! South Valley section is beautifully designed, shot and features are written well.
General Excellence2nd PlaceMountain View Voice9/7/2018 & 9/14/2018Mountain View Voice StaffWell done, all the way around. Writing is good and stories were varied; Kids in Crisis was very in-depth. I liked the graphic of answers to issues in the City Council candidates story. Some photos shine. I also appreciated the local restaurant and movie reviews. Good ad support. The design was exceptionally clean and done well.
General Excellence3rd PlaceNorth Coast Journal2/1/2018 & 2/8/2018North Coast Journal StaffThis paper can tend to be a bit irreverent, but had a solid cover story with good graphics. I liked the hilarious “It’s Personal” column and the fun dining piece. This paper is an adventure. It’s totally engaging and covers the serious to the frivolous. I would read it every week, just for the fun of it.I wonder about other news coverage, but maybe other publications take care of that, leaving the North Coast Journal to be its own creature. It has great ad support and is friggin’ beautiful, too.
General Excellence4th PlaceSan Francisco Business Times9/14/2018 & 9/21/2018San Francisco Business Times StaffThis is well-organized and a great look at the business world. I like the index of people on Page 2. It has a sexy design, local editorial and does a great job for its market.
General Excellence5th PlaceAuburn Journal9/9/2018 & 9/13/2018Bill Sullivan, Julie Miller, Gus Thomson, Aaron TweetonWith local editorial and cartoon and lots of guest columns, the Auburn Independent aims to reflect its community. The photos and ads are often compelling. The design is clean, even if the spacing is a bit close at times. Sports stories are solid and engaging. I enjoyed the “Not the Only One” column. Some tighter and closer editing would help, not only in stories, but in headline breaks, etc.
General Excellence1st PlacePetaluma Argus-Courier2/1/2018 & 2/8/2018Argus-Courier StaffWell-designed and packaged, with strong sense of hierarchy. Good news edge and reader focus. Strong writing and headlines. Well organized, and sharp sectioning. A good sense of engagement, from the poll to viewpoints.
General Excellence2nd PlaceSilicon Valley Business Journal9/21/2018 & 9/28/2018Silicon Valley Business Journal StaffSophisticated design, organization and graphics. Sharp sense of readership. Engaging approach to stories. Clear writing, heads, well edited. Special women's section and awards a plus.
General Excellence3rd PlaceThe Sonoma Index-Tribune9/21/2018 & 9/25/2018Sonoma Index-Tribune StaffNice design, headlines, organization. Good sense of news and beat reporting, and of, people and place.
General Excellence4th PlaceKenwood Press2/1/2018 & 2/15/2018Alec Peters, Ann Peters, Jay Gamel, Sarah PhelpsStrong fire-follow coverage while also covering a breadth of community-interest items.
General Excellence5th PlaceThe Folsom Telegraph9/20/2018 & 9/27/2018Bill Sullivan, Rachel Zirin, Matt LongSolid A1 mix, generally clean writing and design some good photography and a good mix of voices.
General Excellence1st PlaceClaremont Courier2/2/2018 & 2/9/2018Kathryn DunnThere is something for everyone here. If I lived here, I would subscribe and read every page. Very local and pretty well-written. The design and photography is good. Good writing on the police bond measure with quotes and examples that realate to real people. Ads are diverse and pretty engaging. Very attractive. And, there are a lot of them. I liked the Adventures in Haiku and the police blotter. My only real complaint was the sometimes uneven typography, which was too tightly spaced many times.
General Excellence2nd PlaceThe Ark9/19/2018 & 9/26/2018Ark StaffAttractive, clean layout. good spacing.Headlines fill the column and are well-thought out. Ads are fine, many camera-ready, many real estate. A lot of the stories are about restaurants and dining, but that may reflect the area. Witty headings one the cop items. I would have liked more diversity in the story subjects. The Home section robust, covering a lot of ground. Good ad support everywhere.
General Excellence3rd PlaceHalf Moon Bay Review9/19/2018 & 9/26/2018Barb AndersonGood writing and the headlines showed some creativity, ingenuity. Sports was aces. The design was crisp and compelling and the photos were good. The ads are attractive and clear. The editorial was very local and pointed. There are some strange vertical spacing in some headlines/stories and in stand-alone photos. For instance, headlines touch text when there was plenty of room.
General Excellence4th PlaceSt. Helena Star2/8/2018 & 2/15/2018David Stoneberg, Jesse Duarte, Gus Morris, Tom StockwellThe writing is engaging and some excellent ledes in sports. The Catholic school story was a good read. There is local editorial. Photos could use some more toning; and the ads are OK, but not overly compelling.
General Excellence5th PlaceThe Trinity Journal2/21/2018 & 2/28/2018Trinity Journal StaffThe Trinity Journal is very newsy. I would like to see a little more relevance for the readers in the process stories (city council, etc.) The layout is clean and compelling, and there are some good photos. Good local editorial and interesting local columns. I like local sports paired with local education honors. The classifieds are solid and there are some good ads, but could use more local ad support.
Public Service Journalism1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesA Scandal at USCHarriet Ryan, Matt Hamilton, Paul PringleDogged reporting, clear writing and profound results are the hallmarks of this investigation by the Los Angeles Times. It began with an anonymous tip about a USC doctor. It led to revelation of the doctor’s sexual widespread misconduct — and subsequent coverup by the university — and to the ouster of a president, hundreds of lawsuits and multiple government investigations, including the convening of a grand jury.
Public Service Journalism2nd PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleDangerous GroundJason Fagone, Cynthia DizikesA community should expect better information about and protection from dangerous contamination than the Bay Area has received from multiple government agencies in the handling of the Hunter’s Point Shipyard Superfund site. But the community is fortunate to have a news organization willing to dig into a complex, drawn-out cleanup and redevelopment project with the single aim of figuring out how bad the contamination is and who was and continues to be at risk. What the Chronicle found were multiple agencies unwilling to advocate on behalf of citizens and ignored or misled them on the facts.
Public Service Journalism3rd PlaceThe Desert SunProsecution FeesBrett Kelman, Evan Wyloge, Sam Metz, Jay CalderonThe Sun exposed three cities’ practice of using a private law firm to extract thousands of dollars in fines from citizens for relatively minor or unwitting code violations — practices that would bring in significant sums for the private attorneys while leaving citizens at risk of losing their homes, and more. As a result, the state banned the practice, a class-action suit was filed, and one of the cities agreed to repay its citizens.
Public Service Journalism4th PlaceThe Press DemocratReporting on Rohnert Park Public Safety DepartmentJulie JohnsonWhat can happen when one reporter exposes a police department, and mostly one sergeant, for seizing — or shaking down — millions of dollars from people transporting pot far outside the city limits? In Rohnert Park, it meant a shakeup in the police department, a new chief, new federally mandated training and greater oversight of police behavior.
Public Service Journalism5th PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneSan Onofre settlement dealJeff McDonaldRatepayers in Southern California last year began to receive a $775 million break on their utility bills, in part because of years of reporting on behind-the-scenes deal-making involving the costs of a failed nuclear plant. This coverage is a good reminder that reporting out a story can take years, and the impact isn’t always immediate.
Public Service Journalism1st PlaceRedlands Daily FactsBad Apples: Investigating schools' culture of abuse and cover-upJoe Nelson, Scott Schwebke, Beau YarbroughWhat Redlands Daily Facts uncovered here is astounding. Contrats to the team on an incredible piece of journalism. I love how the cover-up is broken down. This investigation has depth and breadth. Well done.
Public Service Journalism2nd PlaceThe TribuneSLO County Jail inmate died naked on the floor as deputies watched, chilling video showsMatt Fountain, Phillip ReeseGreat, dogged reporting here. Without the Tribune’s reporting, the county may not have changed its policies, and more inmates could have been treated like Mr. Holland.
Public Service Journalism3rd PlaceThe UnionBright Fiber project sale to Race Communications made publicAlan Riquelmy, Jennifer Nobles, Brian HamiltonThe Union did a good job covering this topic over a whole year.
Public Service Journalism4th PlaceVisalia Times-DeltaHomeless seriesSheyanne Romero
Public Service Journalism5th PlaceThe RecordSwenson Golf CourseJoe Goldeen, Donald Blount, Micheal Fitzgerald, Wes Bowers
Public Service Journalism1st PlaceMetro Silicon ValleyDominic Caserta Sexual Harassment ExposedJennifer WadsworthA great example of a newspaper not waiting around for government types to get rid bad actors. "Bad news teacher meant big news for this winner."
Public Service Journalism2nd PlaceChico News & ReviewCamp Fire coverageMelissa Daugherty, Meredith Cooper, Ashiah ScharagaA strong competitor for top prize. The Chico staff truly captured nearly every aspect of what their readers/neighbors had endured during the great fires of 2018.
Public Service Journalism3rd PlaceSimi Valley AcornDirect interaction is essential for candidates and votersMelissa Simon, Sylvie Belmond
Public Service Journalism4th PlaceNew TimesOn the streetsChris McGuinness
Public Service Journalism5th PlaceSacramento News & ReviewCoverage of Hmong communityScott Anderson, Pachia Vang, Vlai Ly, Karlos Ayala
Public Service Journalism1st PlaceMountain View VoiceFight brewing over rent control petitionMark NoackGood digging on an important topic, bringing light to a deceitful ballot campaign.
Public Service Journalism2nd PlaceThe Malibu TimesWoolsey Fire CoverageShivani Patel, Emily SawickiHelpful mix of important information.
Public Service Journalism3rd PlaceLedger DispatchEvery 15 MinutesCaitlyn Schaap, Rachel Norris
Public Service Journalism4th PlaceLa Jolla LightOver Their Heads: La Jolla residents want answers to spiking water billsAshley Mackin-Solomon
Public Service Journalism5th PlaceThe Sonoma Index-Tribune"Sonoma Off the Mobile Health Services Map" and "Shock Corridor"Christian Kallen
Public Service Journalism1st PlaceThe ArkBelvedere-Tiburon Library expansionDeirdre McCrohan, Kevin Hessel, Matthew HoseStrong reporting and clear writing make the Ark stand out with this important public service project. Congratulations on taking the time to education yourself and your readers on how their dollars could be spent.
Public Service Journalism2nd PlaceThe Desert ReviewDesert Kids NewsAmanda Hollinger, Brett Miller, Noel Bravo, Kayla KirbyDesert Kids News gives public service a decidedly fun spin as it tackles improving literacy from all angles.
Public Service Journalism3rd PlaceLincoln News MessengerHuman trafficking a problem in Placer CountyCarol FeinemanStrong reporting, lots of local voices and clear writing as it explains a problem that few in the community understood.
Public Service Journalism4th PlaceMariposa GazetteMcClintock v. MorseGreg Little, Nicole Little, Matt Johnson, Laura PhillipsCreating a candidates debate from scratch is a colossal undertaking. I applaud your community-mindedness in taking this on.
Public Service Journalism5th PlaceSierra StarFerguson FireWilliam RamirezVivid writing and lots of local voices make the Sierra Star's entry standout.
In-Depth Reporting1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesA Dream DisplacedBrittny Mejia, Joe Mozingo, Andrea Castillo
In-Depth Reporting2nd PlaceLos Angeles TimesLife on the LineMolly Hennessy-Fiske, Robert Gauthier
In-Depth Reporting3rd PlaceThe Sacramento BeeCalling 911 in rural California? Danger might be close, but the law can be hours awayRyan Sabalow, Phillip Reese, Dale Kasler, Anita Chabria
In-Depth Reporting4th PlaceLos Angeles TimesDanger Spins From the SkyKim Christensen, Ben Welsh, Lorena Iniguez Elebee
In-Depth Reporting5th PlaceThe Orange County RegisterBorn on drugsTeri Sforza, Tony Saavedra, Scott Schwebke
In-Depth Reporting1st PlaceThe Press DemocratRebuilding Sonoma CountyPress Democrat Staff
In-Depth Reporting2nd PlaceThe Desert SunPoisoned Cities, Deadly BorderIan James, Zoe Meyers
In-Depth Reporting3rd PlaceDaily PilotLosing ‘Sunny,’ Part 1: Two decades after a young woman’s brutal slaying, those left behind still try to copeHannah Fry
In-Depth Reporting4th PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianWhere we live: The fight to save OildaleRobert Price
In-Depth Reporting5th PlaceThe Modesto BeeModesto youth pastors accused of sexually abusing teensGarth Stapley
In-Depth Reporting1st PlaceNapa Valley Register20 years of flood control: The remaking of the heart of NapaBarry EberlingExcellent reporting, but the writing puts this entry over the top. Clearly the class of the competition.
In-Depth Reporting2nd PlaceVisalia Times-DeltaDevin Nunes-Andrew Janz election coverageJoshua Yeager, Eric Woomer, James WardGood job of covering a national issue critical to the local community. Solid reporting.
In-Depth Reporting3rd PlaceThe TribuneCongressional hopeful Justin Fareed should disclose ranching and oil ties, watchdogs sayMatt FountainTop-notch political reporting. This is the type of coverage that only local newspapers can produce.
In-Depth Reporting4th PlaceLos Angeles Daily JournalIn-depth analysis of risk assessment tools for criminal defendantsPaula Lehman-EwingReporter does a nice job explaining a complicated, but important, topic.
In-Depth Reporting5th PlaceThe RecordPicking up the piecesRoger Phillips, Donald Blount, Nicholas Filipas, Almendra CarpizoExcellent idea for a comprehensive package. Good service to the community.
In-Depth Reporting1st PlaceMetro Silicon ValleyCEQA Racket Extracts 11th Hour Payoffs Amidst Housing CrisisJennifer Wadsworth, Dan Pulcrano, Tom GogolaCEQA is a dry, complex topic that most reporters want nothing to with. Through its digging, extensive reporting and clear but passionate writing, Metro Silicon Valley produced first-rate work.
In-Depth Reporting2nd PlaceSacramento News & ReviewPolice use of force videosRaheem HosseiniThis to me was also a first place entry. The use of newly released police videos to analyze a problem of police interactions with the public was superb. The writing and reporting were excellent. Another case of important public service.
In-Depth Reporting3rd PlaceMonterey County WeeklyReporting on justice and child custodyMary DuanThis was impressive coverage of heartfelt issues not for the accused but for the children. The writing was excellent, bolstered by the right choice of quotes from court testimony. The testimony of the teacher of one of the slain children was heart-wrenching.
In-Depth Reporting4th PlaceNew TimesPreserving homesPeter JohnsonThis was an excellent job of making a complex issue about the potential loss of affordable housing for the elderly and disabled hit home.
In-Depth Reporting5th PlaceThousand Oaks AcornBorderline Massacre: The AftermathDawn Megli-Thuna, Becca WhitnallToo often, the news media lose interest in a story. This was perhaps too big of a story to do that but the Acorn did it in a respectful way to help the community remember but heal.
In-Depth Reporting1st PlaceMountain View VoiceNowhere to turn for kids in crisis; Struggling to meet 'overwhelming' needKevin Forestieri, Andrea GemmetImportant story, well reported and written. Easily some of the best writing in this category.
In-Depth Reporting2nd PlaceGilroy DispatchMan dies in struggle with Gilroy policeMichael MooreDispatch does a good job of staying on top of a story critical to its community.
In-Depth Reporting3rd PlaceMountain View VoiceYoung, homeless and sickMark Noack, Andrea Gemmet, Michelle LeThe Voice, again, does a nice job with a critical issue. Well done.
In-Depth Reporting4th PlaceThe AlmanacThe long road to the classroomAngela SwartzLots of information here. It's maybe not the sexiest story, but the consequences are very real for this community. Nice job.
In-Depth Reporting5th PlaceValley VoiceTulare Public CemeteryCatherine DoeGreat lead. Good reporting throughout.
In-Depth Reporting1st PlaceTurlock JournalBattle for California's Congressional District 10Angelina Martin, Kristina Hacker, Frankie Tovar, Candy PadillaAngelina Martin dogged this congressional race for months, giving the reader a steady dose of news throughout the campaign, and enough information about both men’s positions and personalities to make up their minds at the ballot box. The Turlock Journal was right to invest such time and resources into covering the election. Martin’s reporting informed voters, who decided to take the district in a new direction. That’s what community journalism is all about.
In-Depth Reporting2nd PlaceMountain DemocratSomeone Else’s WarMackenzie MyersThis series skillfully weaved the personal story of one parent into the larger issue of immigration in a small community and throughout the US. Mackenzie Myers offers a compelling portrait of a side of immigration that the fear-based news often overlooks.
In-Depth Reporting3rd PlaceLedger DispatchMule Creek State Prison — ContaminationJack MitchellThis piece kicks off with a great lede, and Jack Mitchell digs deep to get to the bottom of an important issue in the community.
In-Depth Reporting4th PlaceTahoe Daily TribuneBeneath the SurfaceClaire Cudahy
In-Depth Reporting5th PlaceThe Sonoma Index-TribuneLawsuit Alleges Sex-Abuse Cover-Up by Boys & Girls ClubLorna Sheridan
In-Depth Reporting1st PlaceFeather River BulletinKeddie Murders Revisited: Parts I, II and IIIVictoria MetcalfThis was by far and away the most well-researched and well-sourced story in this category. Excited to see more from them.
In-Depth Reporting2nd PlaceSierra StarFerguson FireWilliam Ramirez
In-Depth Reporting3rd PlaceSonoma West Times & NewsHospital coverage (highlighted)E.I. Hillin
In-Depth Reporting4th PlaceThe Desert ReviewIID pushes back against regionalizing electric grid to western statesBetty Miller
In-Depth Reporting5th PlaceThe Trinity JournalWarrants detail county probeAmy Gittelsohn
Writing1st PlaceLos Angeles Times'This Is How I Die'Corina KnollI remember this story from a few months ago and it has always stuck with me. An Incredible snapshot of one person's fight to survive the Paradise fire. Totally gripping.
Writing2nd PlaceSan Francisco Chronicle150 Minutes of HellLizzie Johnson, John BlanchardUnbelievable and nightmarish portrait of something that should have come out of a science fiction novel. Amazing read.
Writing3rd PlaceLos Angeles TimesTemporarily, SpeechlessEsmeralda BermudezShines a light on a number of different issues: racism, the disappearance of language from multi-generational Latino families, and the desire to bring a child up to embrace a multicultural society.
Writing4th PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleWorking in a WastelandJason Fagone, Cynthia DizikesA gripping, compelling and exhaustively reported story.
Writing5th PlaceThe Orange County RegisterDeath of a unicorn: Couple endures emotional crime in bizarre botched adoptionKeith SharonA fascinating and utterly heartbreaking story that shows the depths a person can go to inflict suffering.
Writing1st PlaceThe Press DemocratSurviving flames with no way outMary CallahanStill compelling even a year later.
Writing2nd PlacePress-TelegramThis is how one woman went from prison to a Cal State Long Beach master’s programChris HaireInspirational story.
Writing3rd PlaceThe Desert SunSalvadoran parents fear split from adopted American daughtersRebecca PlevinBringing the impacts of federal decisions to the family level. Good job.
Writing4th PlaceDaily PilotThe monastery amid O.C.'s maniaBen Brazil
Writing5th PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianEven as end nears, couple find meaning in their time togetherSteven Mayer
Writing1st PlaceThe RecordPicking up the piecesRoger Phillips, Donald Blount, Nicholas Filipas, Almendra CarpizoA moving story, effectively written and well-organized. The group of stories was outstanding and important, and I hope it is being recognized as a whole package in another category.
Writing2nd PlaceThe TribuneWhen SLO woman could no longer fight for her life, she chose to fight for her deathLindsey HoldenA heroic effort in both writing and research, putting one woman's heart-breaking story into a broader context all readers can relate to.
Writing3rd PlaceRecord SearchlightRecounting fire's destructive pathMatt BrannonFor a story written mostly chronologically, a style that can deliver a story dead-on-arrival, it was compelling because of the reporter's effective language usage and lively style.
Writing4th PlaceThe RecordTwo-wheeled tombstonesAlmendra CarpizoThis is a small story with a big impact on the reader because of skillful and effective writing.
Writing5th PlaceSanta Cruz SentinelRock legend Ritchie Valens’ brother, Watsonville icon Bob Morales, dies at 81Michael ToddGreat lede and lively writing. Readers are likely to regret never having met La Bamba Bob after reading the story.
Writing1st PlaceSacramento News & ReviewA day on the death panelRaheem HosseiniExcellent writing from top to bottom. A clear winner in this category.
Writing2nd PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentSanta Barbara Racers Chase Land Speed RecordsTyler HaydenGood use of detail and descriptive language. This is not a topic I care much about, but your skills as a writer pulled me into the story and held my interest to the end.
Writing3rd PlaceNew TimesAll that's leftRyah CooleySearing entry on an intensely personal story. Good job of expanding the story to incorporate the experience of other families grappling with this scourge.
Writing4th PlaceGood Times"Santa Cruz Goes Dark"Steve PalopoliDelicious intro, one of the most colorful in this category, that was well-suited for the subject of the story before shifting to a more traditional tone.
Writing5th PlaceThousand Oaks AcornSeminole siftersGloria GlasserShort but colorful and effective first-person snapshot of the aftermath of the Woolsey fire.
Writing1st PlaceLos Altos Town CrierCounting crows: MV residents puzzled by abundance of black birdsMegan WinslowThis was a fun, concise and interesting take on a very common element in many communities.
Writing2nd PlaceMountain View VoicePatients go nuts over new allergy therapyKevin ForestieriVery interesting subject and told in an engaging way that engaged multiple perspectives.
Writing3rd PlaceLos Altos Town CrierCreeping, crawling critters: Parks smothered by caterpillar overpopulationMegan WinslowGreat lede that made me smile thinking of little ninja insects. Wove in educational information in a way that was still engaging.
Writing4th PlaceLa Jolla LightSperms of EndearmentCorey LevitanVery interesting topic and as the story developed, more and more interesting details were added. Enjoyed the honing in on the shared asthma.
Writing5th PlaceLamorinda WeeklyLafayette activist continues personal battle for an assault weapons banNick MarnellAn interesting look back on one man's loss and subsequent call to action. Nice contextual framing of his experience in today's discussion of the same issue.
Writing1st PlacePetaluma Argus-CourierFlying off to NeverlandDavid TempletonNicely done.
Writing2nd PlaceThe Business JournalTransplant talent boosting Fresno tech sceneDonald A. PromnitzI didn't expect to like this story but I did.
Writing3rd PlacePetaluma Argus-CourierFire's lasting impact on PetalumaYousef Baig, Matt BrownGood job on a compelling situation.
Writing4th PlaceDel Mar TimesAlzheimer's fundraiser at Morgan Run will feature 'Salute to Glen Campbell'Michael J. WilliamsGood way to reach the reader.
Writing5th PlacePatterson IrrigatorThe Joy of RunningJenifer West
Writing1st PlaceThe ArkLongtime anchor-outs reflect on changing bay communityGretchen Lang
Writing2nd PlaceCalaveras EnterpriseQuestions raised in child's drowningDakota Morlan
Writing3rd PlaceThe Trinity JournalLost and found Bigfoot hiker shares storyAmy Gittelsohn
Writing4th PlaceThe Weekly CalistoganCalistoga property owners ‘startled’ by PG&E tree workCynthia Sweeney
Writing5th PlaceMariposa GazetteThe Giants AwakenGreg Little
Investigative Reporting1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesA Scandal at USCHarriet Ryan, Matt Hamilton, Paul PringleThis series documents allegations that at first seem way too outrageous to be true. The stories did a good job of putting the pieces together and helping readers draw their own conclusions.
Investigative Reporting2nd PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleDangerous GroundJason Fagone, Cynthia DizikesThis was the whole package. Great storytelling, nice visuals, important topic.
Investigative Reporting3rd PlaceThe Orange County RegisterInvestigation into USA Swimming and USA GymnasticsScott M. Reid
Investigative Reporting4th PlaceThe Sacramento BeeFrom hidden cameras to crotch-watching: California pays out millions for sexual harassmentMarjie Lundstrom
Investigative Reporting5th PlaceLos Angeles TimesIn the Search for Drugs, a Lopsided DragnetJoel Rubin, Ben Poston
Investigative Reporting1st PlaceThe Desert SunProsecution FeesBrett Kelman, Evan Wyloge, Sam MetzThis was in-depth investigative work, illustrated well through multiple examples. And, it brought about change, which is the best outcome. The writing was compelling, the digging was dogged. Good work!
Investigative Reporting2nd PlaceThe Desert SunSheriff's Department Cheating ScandalBrett KelmanExcellent job of digging in to a hidden story and discussing the ramifications. Finding so many sources and examples shows the reporter knows his stuff. Very thorough and organized.
Investigative Reporting3rd PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianSpecial report: Red-light camera citations tripled in the last 10 years, city maintains program saves livesSam Morgenhe reporting and digging required in this story stands out. The writing is very clear and flows. This required dogged determination, the ability to wade through data from various sources and connect the pieces.
Investigative Reporting4th PlaceThe Modesto BeeModesto youth pastors accused of sexually abusing teensGarth StapleyExtensive, deep reporting on a crime against children. These events are thoroughly documented and written well. The videos are shocking in their content and totally told from the victims' perspective.
Investigative Reporting5th PlaceThe Press DemocratReporting on Rohnert Park Public Safety DepartmentJulie JohnsonWell done.
Investigative Reporting1st PlaceRedlands Daily FactsBad Apples: Investigating schools' culture of abuse and cover-upJoe Nelson, Scott Schwebke, Beau YarbroughExhaustive team reporting bears fruit in coverage of school system's lax nature in ferreting out bad acting teachers. A big service to the community.
Investigative Reporting2nd PlaceThe RecordCoroner costs climbingAlex Breitler
Investigative Reporting3rd PlaceRecord SearchlightHabitat for Humanity no longer builds in Shasta CountyJenny Espino
Investigative Reporting4th PlaceThe TribuneNipomo High girls wrestling coach suspended amid claims of inappropriate touching, commentsMatt Fountain, Travis Gibson
Investigative Reporting5th PlaceThe UnionNevada County Sheriff's Office deputies at center of corruption allegationsAlan Riquelmy, Liz Kellar, Brian Hamilton
Investigative Reporting1st PlaceMetro Silicon ValleyRacist, Sexist, Homophobic Texts Between Sheriff's Deputies Force Resignation of Deputy Sheriffs’ Association PresidentJennifer WadsworthNews Editor Jennifer Wadsworth's coverage of the Santa Clara Sheriff's Department stands apart with its deep reporting, thoroughness and effective use of the text messages at the heart of this scandal.
Investigative Reporting2nd PlaceMonterey County WeeklyMonterey's Me Too momentDavid SchmalzClearly lays out the issue, documents the facts and how they were uncovered.
Investigative Reporting3rd PlaceMetro Silicon ValleyPublic Agencies’ Secret Sexual Harassment Settlements Cost South Bay Taxpayers MillionsJennifer WadsworthJennifer Wadsworth can write and she can dig, dig, dig.
Investigative Reporting4th PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentDebris FlowTyler HaydenKudos to the Santa Barbara Independent for asking hard questions from the start of this unthinkable natural disaster.
Investigative Reporting5th PlacePalo Alto WeeklySecret dealings over President HotelGennady SheynerThe presentation of this investigation is particularly impressive. The sidebars effectively gives weight the the side issues and helps guide the reader to better understand the issues and consequences.
Investigative Reporting1st PlaceLedger DispatchMule Creek State Prison — ContaminationJack Mitchell
Investigative Reporting2nd PlaceThe Business JournalHealth Care Conglomerate Associates pillage Tulare hospitalDonald A. Promnitz
Investigative Reporting3rd PlaceLa Canada Flintridge OutlookLCUSD Settles With Ex-PrincipalsWes Woods II
Investigative Reporting4th PlaceTahoe Daily TribuneCity manager on indefinite leave following performance evaluationClaire Cudahy, Ryan Hoffman
Investigative Reporting5th PlaceSacramento Business JournalCity sues Wells Fargo, alleging discriminatory mortgage lending in minority communitiesScott Rodd
Enterprise News Story or Series1st PlaceThe Orange County RegisterCalifornia cannabis laws databaseBrooke Staggs, Ian Wheeler, Philip Lawrence, Daniel AitkenThe painstaking work of collecting and building a database of pot laws from each jurisdiction provided granular information as well as a broader perspective on the legalization of marijuana across the state.
Enterprise News Story or Series2nd PlaceLos Angeles TimesThe Next CaliforniaMelanie Mason, Priya Krishnakumar, Ellis SimaniThis critical step-back approach provided critical context not just for the coming election, but for civic life in California.
Enterprise News Story or Series3rd PlaceThe Sacramento BeeCalling 911 in rural California? Danger might be close, but the law can be hours awayRyan Sabalow, Dale Kasler, Phillip Reese, Anita ChabriaIt's too easy for many news organizations to ignore life-and-death issues in rural areas.
Enterprise News Story or Series4th PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesBay Area housingKaty Murphy, Angela HartHousing is a great topic for a poll, and this effort bolstered that data with readable stories and real people.
Enterprise News Story or Series5th PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleCar Break-in EpidemicHeather Knight, Todd TrumbullWhat a great way to shed light on a common crime plaguing parts of the city. Columnist and photographer took a street-level approach to this issue — and made it super accessible.
Enterprise News Story or Series1st PlaceThe Desert SunSpring Break RiotBrett KelmanTop-notch writing. Liked the heads and subheads. I appreciated the location markers by referencing current day businesses. Some very nice turns of phrases. This was a riveting read, well illustrated.
Enterprise News Story or Series2nd PlaceThe Press DemocratHomelessness in Sonoma CountyErik Castro, Mary Callahan, Meg McConaheyPowerful and moving. Very balanced. The photos helped tell the story. This entry is exceptional, hitting all the criteria for the Enterprise category.
Enterprise News Story or Series3rd PlaceLos Angeles Daily NewsEmergency rooms in Southern CaliforniaSusan Abram, Ian WheelerReally an in-depth look with good examples, great quotes. A little dense at times. Nice packaging online. Lots of graphs. Good writing and editing. The photos were spot on.
Enterprise News Story or Series4th PlaceThe Modesto BeeDodging Deportation: When ICE comes knocking on the doorRosalio AhumadaPowerful reporting. Well told. I liked the two women's perspectives and the balance. The videos were engaging and informative. The photos matched the story. The headlines were done well and pulled the pieces together.
Enterprise News Story or Series5th PlaceMarin Independent JournalAccess for allWill HoustonThe problem is well-spelled out. Good mix of options presented. The art was good, but much the same. It is a hard topic to illustrate, but maybe shoot a photo of the providers?
Enterprise News Story or Series1st PlaceThe San Bernardino SunDeadly watersJoe Nelson
Enterprise News Story or Series2nd PlaceRecord SearchlightDrag in Redding: A story of love, friendship and survivalAmber Sandhu
Enterprise News Story or Series3rd PlaceThe TribuneA fight for her deathLindsey Holden, Joe Johnston
Enterprise News Story or Series4th PlaceThe RecordPicking up the pieces; Project shows a part of life that goes unnoticed; Still wondering why; She never returned to her baby; No chance to say goodbye; It's crazy. It don't make no senseRoger Phillips, Donald Blount, Nicholas Filipas, Almendra Carpizo
Enterprise News Story or Series5th PlaceSan Gabriel Valley TribuneMotorcycle-involved deaths have been on the rise for 22 years — especially in Southern CaliforniaSteve Scauzillo
Enterprise News Story or Series1st PlaceThe Salinas CalifornianTackling FreedomJoe SzydlowskiThe Salinas Californian spent two years getting to know their subject. That kind of time and dedication paid off with a moving, and educational look at California's efforts at reform.
Enterprise News Story or Series2nd PlaceSacramento News & ReviewGhost gunsScott AndersonGreat storytelling made this a strong second place.
Enterprise News Story or Series3rd PlaceThe Salinas CalifornianGoing homeEduardo Cuevas
Enterprise News Story or Series4th PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentBellosguardo: A Legacy In LimboTyler Hayden
Enterprise News Story or Series5th PlaceThousand Oaks AcornFinding EricThomas McMahon, Michael Coons, Timm Sinclair
Enterprise News Story or Series1st PlaceSan Francisco Business TimesThe modular construction revolution is hereBlanca TorresA thorough examination of a vital trend in construction, one that will determine how and where we live, work and shop in the future. Exploring three segments of the trend as this entry does, using the most knowledgeable sources, provides for an enterprising report.
Enterprise News Story or Series2nd PlaceSanta Maria SunMusic as medicineJoe PayneA heartwarming account of how new hope for Alzheimer's patients is playing out among a group that may benefit from it.
Enterprise News Story or Series3rd PlaceThe AlmanacOne family's battle to stay in Menlo ParkKate BradshawAn important topic for the community, explored through the lens of a family struggling to survive in the midst of skyrocketing housing costs.
Enterprise News Story or Series4th PlaceMountain View VoicePatients go nuts over new allergy therapyKevin ForestieriWell-told story of one family's progress toward overcoming a little girl's food allergy and how it fits into broader efforts to combat a prevalent societal health problem. Would have been nice to hear from Amelia herself.
Enterprise News Story or Series5th PlacePasadena OutlookClergy Coalition Ministers to Public Needs, Bridges DividesCamila CastellanosThis story highlights successful efforts to solve a serious community challenge. Might have benefited from some additional sources.
Enterprise News Story or Series1st PlaceSacramento Business JournalA soft drink giant's four-year standoff with the city over wastewater pollutionScott Rodd
Enterprise News Story or Series2nd PlaceBlack Voice NewsWaiting for Justice... Family of 2016 Shooting Victim Prepares to go to Court for Justice / Bitter JusticeS.E. Williams
Enterprise News Story or Series3rd PlaceTahoe Daily TribuneBeneath the SurfaceClaire Cudahy
Enterprise News Story or Series4th PlaceTahoe Daily TribuneTahoe housing series: How bad is it? | Housing a drag on Lake Tahoe workforce | Who's going to fix it?Maggie Mayer
Enterprise News Story or Series5th PlaceTahoe Daily TribuneThe Four SeasonsBill Rozak
Enterprise News Story or Series1st PlaceHalf Moon Bay ReviewUnderstanding cannabis on the coastCarina Woudenberg, Alex Orlando
Enterprise News Story or Series2nd PlaceThe Trinity JournalTrinity's MissingAmy Gittelsohn
Enterprise News Story or Series3rd PlaceSanta Ynez Valley StarGun shopRaiza Giorgi
Enterprise News Story or Series4th PlaceThe Trinity JournalHomeless: 'Every day they have to make a new plan'Amy Gittelsohn
Enterprise News Story or Series5th PlaceWinters ExpressThe Mystery of Edith Irene WolfskillEmma Johnson
Breaking News1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesGunfire and Flames in CaliforniaLos Angeles Times StaffPowerful, engaging, action-packed narrative writing that placed readers at the Borderline Bar and on the ground at the Northern and Southern California fires; excellent examples of authoritative writing after deep reporting replete with detail and precision; finally, the entry included timely investigative reporting that held Paradise, California officials to account for lack of preparation for a massive fire they knew since 2005 would come one day.
Breaking News2nd PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleCamp FireKurtis Alexander, Lizzie Johnson, Gwendolyn Wu, Erin AlldayComprehensive coverage from the ground on the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history.
Breaking News3rd PlaceThe Sacramento BeeStephon Clark police shootingSacramento Bee StaffCompelling journalism using full digital reporting range to tell likely the most important story in Sacramento in 2018. Effective use of video and audio to engage readers. Smart decision to publish all 52 Sacramento police video files on this case.
Breaking News4th PlaceLos Angeles TimesMudslides Devastate MontecitoLos Angeles Times StaffComprehensive and authoritative reporting on the mudslides and their regional effects.
Breaking News5th PlaceThe Sacramento BeeEast Area Rapist suspectSam Stanton, Ryan Lillis, Darrell Smith, Benjy EgelInformative reporting that explained the significance of the arrest of the East Bay rapist and how authorities used digital and genealogy tools to crack this case.
Breaking News1st PlaceChico Enterprise-RecordParadise LostChico Enterprise-Record StaffComprehensive, informative and compelling reporting in the wake of a catastrophe. They hit all of the angles to inform the community and convey the chaos, desperation and severity of this tragedy. And wow, wow, wow! Great photos and personal stories.
Breaking News2nd PlaceThe Modesto BeeNewman police officer shot to death; manhunt snares suspectDeke Farrow, Erin Tracy, Kevin Valine, Garth StapleyExcellent package with compelling photos, good graphics and excellent writing and storytelling. They just reported the hell out of it. Bravo!
Breaking News3rd PlaceThe Press DemocratGunman kills 3 at Yountville vets homeJulie Johnson, Martin Espinoza, Christi Warren
Breaking News4th PlacePress-TelegramVeteran Long Beach fire captain is gunned down while responding to explosion at retirement home; 2 others woundedMegan Barnes, Nathaniel Percy, Kelly Puente
Breaking News5th PlaceThe Press-EnterpriseParents in Perris torture case charged, plead not guiltyBrian Rokos, Beau Yarbrough
Breaking News1st PlaceRecord SearchlightCarr Fire coverageRecord Searchlight StaffHaving gone through a similar situation at my own newspaper, I know what challenges this staff faced, and they did a superb job of staying on top of all the elements of the Carr Fire's impact on the community while being displaced themselves. Job well done!
Breaking News2nd PlaceNapa Valley RegisterVeterans Home standoff ends tragically, with Pathway Home hostages and gunman dead in YountvilleNapa Valley Register StaffGreat and timely reporting of a news story that was covered both statewide and nationally by other news outlets. But the hometown paper did a great job of getting information out even as the standoff continued for some eight hours. Well done.
Breaking News3rd PlaceNapa Valley RegisterNapa remembers Alaina Housley, a role model and 'bright beacon of light'Napa Valley Register StaffAnother great job of telling a story (in a short amount of time) that had a huge impact on the Napa Valley community.
Breaking News4th PlaceNapa Valley RegisterAssault suspect killed in Napa police-involved shooting; father says son suffered from brain damageCourtney Teague, Kevin Courtney, Howard YuneThis newspaper has two other entries in the top 5 of this category. Its staff's work on breaking news is exceptional.
Breaking News5th PlaceThe TribuneBig Sur hikers were looking for a fishing spot. Instead, they saved a woman’s lifeGabby FerreiraA different kind of breaking news story, somewhat told from the perspective of the rescuers. Interesting read.
Breaking News1st PlaceChico News & ReviewCamp Fire hitsMelissa Daugherty, Meredith Cooper, Ashiah Scharaga, Jason CassidyMost complete and multi-faceted coverage of the Paradise fire disaster by far. Strong writing throughout, hard to believe all of these 13 stories were in one issue of the weekly! Above and beyond coverage.
Breaking News2nd PlaceThe AcornThe worst 72 hoursIan Bradley, Stephanie Bertholdo, Melissa Simon, Dawn Megli-Thuna
Breaking News3rd PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentAnd Then Came the FloodKeith Hamm
Breaking News4th PlaceThousand Oaks AcornMurder at the mallBecca Whitnall, Kyle Jorrey, Bobby Curtis
Breaking News5th PlaceCamarillo Acorn12 killed in T.O. bar massacreKyle Jorrey, Dawn Megli-Thuna
Breaking News1st PlaceMoorpark AcornTrue hero’ among 12 killedChristina CoxPersonal information on the subject was woven in well with facts of the incident, which helped readers more closely feel the loss involved.
Breaking News2nd PlaceThe Malibu TimesMalibu Creek ShootingShivani Patel, Emily SawickiThis was clear and concise with good context worked in towards the end.
Breaking News3rd PlaceCalexico ChronicleDeputy AttackedGary Redfern, William RollerIncluded great quotes and details from the scene inside the church, drawing on some of the more unusual aspects of this incident.
Breaking News4th PlaceThe Malibu TimesBreaking News - Woolsey Fire Print CoverageShivani Patel, Emily SawickiA lot of work clearly went into compiling information for readers to help them cope with the aftermath of the fire. Particularly enjoyed the info on the man who fed chickens and checked on homes for people.
Breaking News5th PlaceLamorinda WeeklyOrinda teenager dies in early morning house fireNick MarnellGood, straightforward write-up on the death of a teen.
Breaking News1st PlaceThe Business JournalTable Mountain plans new casino, 151-room hotel, 454 new jobsJohn Lindt
Breaking News2nd PlaceDel Mar TimesClews gets 17.5 years for child pornography possession, distributionJoe Tash
Breaking News3rd PlaceLedger DispatchFowler Conviction OverturnedCailtyn Schaap
Breaking News4th PlaceThe Business JournalAfter 68 years, Fresno’s Herb Bauer Sporting Goods is closingGabriel Dillard
Breaking News5th PlaceThe Business JournalFresno's Fig Garden Golf Club to closeEdward Smith
Breaking News1st PlaceLompoc RecordHistoric InSight mission to Mars launches from Vandenberg Air Force BaseMathew BurciagaGood local angle on a historic event. Nice package with photos and graphics. Well written and timely.
Breaking News2nd PlaceShasta Lake BulletinCarr FireRon Harrington, Aaron Williams, Ken Smith, Gennie SeelyGood package on major story in the region. Well sourced with latest information. Touches on the controversial — evacuation order confusion. Good photos round out the package.
Breaking News3rd PlaceThe ArkDel Mar and Redwood kids stand against gun violenceJeff Dempsey, Elliot KarlanGood coverage from several schools on this issue. Could have been tightened with better use of selective quotes. Good breaking news lede.
Breaking News4th PlaceGreenfield NewsFire Destroys GreenhousesRyan Cronk, Jeanie Johnson, Michael RamirezGood breaking news lede. Should try and get a quote higher up, and a quote from a witness. Good photos.
Breaking News5th PlaceMariposa GazetteMariposa County MournsGreg Little, Nicole LittleGood package on the fire. Firefighter tribute has some redundancies. Friends, locals reacting could be moved up.
Coverage of Local Government1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesGaming the System: How Cops and Firefighters Cashed In on L.A.’s Pension ProgramJack Dolan, Ryan Menezes, Gus Garcia-Roberts
Coverage of Local Government2nd PlaceThe Orange County RegisterMoney-draining probate system 'like a plague on our senior citizens'Tony Saavedra
Coverage of Local Government3rd PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesBART expansionErin Baldassari, Emily DeRuy
Coverage of Local Government4th PlaceLos Angeles TimesWithout a HomeGale Holland, Christine Zhang, Doug Smith, Benjamin Oreskes
Coverage of Local Government5th PlaceThe Orange County RegisterOrange County helicopter feud could put patients at risk, documents sayJordan Graham, Tony Saavedra
Coverage of Local Government1st PlaceThe Press DemocratPress Democrat coverage of government response to 2017 wildfiresJD Morris, Julie Johnson, Kevin McCallumThorough, in-depth reporting and persistence are evident in each of these stories. Thanks to these pieces community members got some answers to crucial questions that some officials weren’t ready to provide yet. A good example of serving readers and holding their elected and appointed leaders accountable. I also liked how each story told a different person's experience, showing the human toll of some of the decisions leaders made.
Coverage of Local Government2nd PlaceThe Modesto BeeCouncil turmoil over Modesto's city auditorRosalio Ahumada, Ken Carlson, Kevin ValineImportant coverage of some questionable actions by city officials. It’s important to help readers realize the red flags in local government decisions, especially when a person in a watchdog role is forced out.
Coverage of Local Government3rd PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianA power struggle: Supervisors, MALDEF grapple with district linesJames BurgerTimely, consistent coverage of this court case and subsequent settlement spell out to readers and voters the potential and real changes in their political landscape. This clear, engaging analysis surely proved valuable to readers as the went to the polls.
Coverage of Local Government4th PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianMassage parlors or modern-day brothels? As businesses proliferate, agencies aim to thwart prosecution and root out human traffickingElizabeth Sanchez, Harold PierceGood detailed view into the effort to crack down on crooked massage parlors. Showed how many there were and the limitations to those investigations. I was surprised at the age of the arrested person in the six parlors that were closed.
Coverage of Local Government5th PlaceMarin Independent JournalTensions rise in boat crackdownMatthew PeraStory does a good job of explaining all views on the issues of a controversial floating community. I got a strong sense of the people who live there, the people who want to remove them, and why. Story told all sides without picking sides.
Coverage of Local Government1st PlaceThe TribuneWhen dust blows off the Oceano Dunes, Stanley Fisher can barely breatheMonica VaughanCompelling and thought-provoking series of high local interest and consequence. Stories show depth and great command of the underlying facts as well as an understanding of the various stakeholder perspectives.
Coverage of Local Government2nd PlaceNapa Valley RegisterNapa's Bremer case may have larger winery visitation implicationsBarry EberlingEngaging combination of explanatory writing and coverage of a hot-button local issue. Writing is clear, authoritative and accessible. Story does a good job of putting the controversy into context.
Coverage of Local Government3rd PlaceRecord SearchlightWhat the Carr Fire's speed and volatility taught agencies about communicatingDavid BendaInsightful, thorough reporting on the effects of communication problems in the midst of the fire and the resulting confusion — even among the agencies involved.
Coverage of Local Government4th PlaceSan Gabriel Valley TribuneCity of Industry charges mayor $700 to rent a 4-bedroom house it remodeled for $450,000Jason HenryGreat local watchdog story told in a methodical and engaging way. Well reported and smartly organized.
Coverage of Local Government5th PlaceThe TribuneFormer Paso Robles cop was accused of rape, abuse of power. Sheriff’s report reveals detailsMatt FountainCareful and comprehensive reporting on an important topic. The story serves as a powerful example of the importance of access to police misconduct records.
Coverage of Local Government1st PlaceThe Beach ReporterThe problem with e-scootersDavid RosenfeldWell-written, interesting and straight forward. Reporter has a great writing style.
Coverage of Local Government2nd PlaceThousand Oaks AcornBoard runs afoul of Brown ActDawn Megli-Thuna, Kyle JorreyImportant story to follow. Good that the board got called on this.
Coverage of Local Government3rd PlacePalo Alto WeeklyThe shrinking councilGennady SheynerThorough, and well-written. I learned something from this. Well-organized, too.
Coverage of Local Government4th PlaceNew TimesTake your pickPeter JohnsonWriting and reporting was solid. Great graphic. Good service to the readers. Great use of quotes.
Coverage of Local Government5th PlaceSimi Valley AcornCouncil takes a stand against state's sanctuary lawMelissa Simon, Sylvie BelmondImportant story. Well-reported.
Coverage of Local Government1st PlaceThe AlmanacWhat happened in China?Kate BradshawKate Bradshaw offers strong reporting and sharp writing throughout. A great example of covering local government, namely holding elected officials accountable for their actions and raising questions about their policies and practices. These stories also led the City Council to take action.
Coverage of Local Government2nd PlaceNorth Coast JournalArcata's McKinley StatueKimberly WearKimberly Wear brings great voice to this series of stories about the controversy an old statue of a former president brought to Arcata, California. Wear brings the reader into contentious City Council meetings. Vivid quotes from residents coupled with details about the challenges confronting local officials made the series compelling.
Coverage of Local Government3rd PlacePleasanton WeeklySeries on Chabad Center for Jewish LifeJeb Bing, Jeremy WalshJeb Bing took what could have been a basic zoning dispute and really explored it from all angles as he asked some pertinent questions surrounding religious liberties, planning department actions, and community attitudes. All sides in this fight are well represented in his stories.
Coverage of Local Government4th PlaceMountain View VoiceCouncil rejects restrictions on RV campersMark NoackHow to deal with homelessness is a common story in Silicon Valley. This piece did an excellent job of exploring one response — letting homeless people in cars use a church's lot. The city government impact is a secondary angle, but is explored toward the end.
Coverage of Local Government5th PlaceSanta Maria SunBurning upCamillia Lanham
Coverage of Local Government1st PlaceSilicon Valley Business JournalCupertino Confronts SB-35Janice BittersWell reported and well written, Bitters provided the breadth of perspective necessary to cover such a complex topic.
Coverage of Local Government2nd PlaceTruckee SunCampaign concerns: Truckee Airport directors question large donations to fellow directorsHannah JonesThis is a classic example of journalism doing what it's meant to do: provide facts to combat vitriol.
Coverage of Local Government3rd PlaceTahoe Daily TribuneTahoe Daily Tribune 2018 local government coverage - VHRsClaire Cudahy, Ryan HoffmanVery comprehensive coverage of a topic that is obviously of significant importance to readers.
Coverage of Local Government4th PlaceDana Point TimesClash of the CandidatesLillian BoydWonderfully reported.
Coverage of Local Government5th PlacePetaluma Argus-CourierHwy. 101 work advances as funding in doubtMatt BrownWell reported and well written.
Coverage of Local Government1st PlaceLompoc RecordTrying to survive: Lompoc homeless struggle with riverbed cleanupWillis JacobsonReally good reporting humanizes the issue as well as reports the government/law enforcement perspective. Well-written and nicely framed. Photos support the story but appear to have been left CMYK and aren't toned for viewing online in pdf. Video is rough but effective.
Coverage of Local Government2nd PlaceThe ArkBelvedere-Tiburon Library expansionDeirdre McCrohan, Kevin Hessel, Matthew HoseDogged reporting that proves why every community, no matter how small, needs an independent newspaper. Was hoping to see photos of current library. Nine stories in before there was art — two renderings and finally an event photo to cap off the coverage.
Coverage of Local Government3rd PlaceThe ArkTiburon Ridge subdivisionDeirdre McCrohan, Matthew HoseGood, solid reporting on land use — not sexy but important. Would give it 7.5. Only art is photos in story #8. Straightforward, well-done, not very exciting. No graphics or maps, which would have been nice.
Coverage of Local Government4th PlaceCalistoga TribuneNapa County FairgroundsKimberly BeltranCompetent accounting of back-and-forth among government entities over fate of fairgrounds. Fails to give enough of a sense of what's at stake for the community, and only touches briefly on community sentiment. Some photos, but could have used a map of the grounds, especially in last story on sale of half the property.
Coverage of Local Government5th PlaceGlendale News-Press‘They want to be seen and heard’: Volunteers help track Glendale’s homeless in annual countAndy NguyenCompelling story, concisely written. Nice photo gallery supports story, but captions need improvement. Not a lot of depth or context offered, especially when compared to top entries in this category.
Land-Use Reporting1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesProperty Rights vs. Public Interest: The Fight Over California’s ShorelineRosanna XiaRosanna Xia does an excellent job putting a face on the push and pull of property rights and the public interest when it comes to the California coastline. Strong in-depth reporting that keeps readers going to the end with a mix of visuals that amplify key points.
Land-Use Reporting2nd PlaceLos Angeles TimesSouthern California’s Housing Crunch is Now a CrisisAndrew KhouriThis exhaustive reporting effort leaves the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the housing crisis that's underway in California. The story on portable panels was fascinating, and a unique take on as obscure entrepreneurial effort that really brings home the severity of the situation.
Land-Use Reporting3rd PlaceThe Orange County RegisterRent control in CaliforniaJeff CollinsA concise, well-written, informative breakdown of rent control and its impacts. Gives readers a balanced look at the issue and puts a face on all sides.
Land-Use Reporting4th PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesHousing and land useKaty Murphy, Erin Baldassari, Louis Hansen, Angela Hart
Land-Use Reporting5th PlaceLos Angeles TimesA Tax Shelter for HeirsLiam Dillon, Ben Poston
Land-Use Reporting1st PlaceThe Desert SunA farm baron builds a water and energy empireSammy Roth
Land-Use Reporting2nd PlaceLos Angeles Daily NewsAs developments rise in the NoHo Arts District, artists are being forced out by high rentsOlga Grigoryants
Land-Use Reporting3rd PlaceThe Press DemocratAfter fires, push to fix housing crisisRobert Digitale, Kevin McCallum, JD Morris, Carole Kelleher
Land-Use Reporting4th PlaceMarin Independent JournalTule elk, rancher conflict reemergesWill Houston
Land-Use Reporting5th PlaceMarin Independent JournalCondo owners trapped in legal frayRichard Halstead
Land-Use Reporting1st PlaceNapa Valley RegisterWill Napa's 50-year-old agricultural preserve continue to protect the Napa Valley?Barry Eberling
Land-Use Reporting2nd PlaceThe TribuneBan on new oil wells, fracking will go to SLO County voters — and a battle is loomingMonica Vaughan
Land-Use Reporting3rd PlaceRedlands Daily FactsResidents in a pickle in dispute over Mentone burger joint ‘held hostage’ for a decadeJennifer Iyer
Land-Use Reporting4th PlaceNapa Valley RegisterNapa County scrutinizing surge of wineries off the beaten trackBarry Eberling
Land-Use Reporting5th PlaceSanta Monica Daily PressCorporate HousingKate Cagle
Land-Use Reporting1st PlaceNew TimesGrowing painsCamillia Lanham
Land-Use Reporting2nd PlacePalo Alto WeeklyAddressing the housing crisisGennady Sheyner
Land-Use Reporting3rd PlaceCamarillo AcornCamarillo's housing boomCameron Kiszla
Land-Use Reporting4th PlaceNew TimesOpen accessCamillia Lanham
Land-Use Reporting5th PlaceCamarillo AcornFinding the line between public good, private propertyHector Gonzalez
Land-Use Reporting1st PlaceSan Francisco Business TimesProp. 13 turns 40: Many unhappy returnsBlanca Torres
Land-Use Reporting2nd PlaceSan Francisco Business TimesSmall units, big issuesBlanca Torres
Land-Use Reporting3rd PlaceThe AlmanacIt takes a villageKate Bradshaw
Land-Use Reporting4th PlaceThe Malibu TimesMalibu Short Term Rental DebateEmily Sawicki, Judy Abel
Land-Use Reporting5th PlaceSanta Maria SunDeveloping valleyJoe Payne, Kasey Bubnash, Rebecca Rose, Spencer Cole
Land-Use Reporting1st PlaceSacramento Business JournalAmbitious Tower 301 project could dramatically change city skylineBen van der MeerImpressive effort on a major development! Terrific graphics; clearly written; obviously good source relationships; wealth of details; clear local appeal; excellent historical context.
Land-Use Reporting2nd PlaceSilicon Valley Business JournalFight for the FoothillsJody MeachamExcellent analysis embedded into the narrative. Editor clearly knows the landscape of the issue. Solid interviews, cogent quotes, decent graphics; helpful explanation desperately needed by local voters.
Land-Use Reporting3rd PlaceSilicon Valley Business JournalCan you pencil out a profit?Janice BittersGood sourcing, exceptional graphics, well-focused, clearly written. Though not a long article, it covered several angles.
Land-Use Reporting4th PlaceSacramento Business JournalFounded in 1859, Oest Ranch seeks protection to stay ruralMark AndersonSurprisingly well-written and well-reported article that went far beyond the headline. Would have been improved with a map or photo.
Land-Use Reporting5th PlacePetaluma Argus-CourierFunds secured for park landYousef BaigWell-written, interesting story about the use of law for preservation purposes. A photo of a family member would have improved the visual appeal.
Land-Use Reporting1st PlaceThe Mountain EnterpriseThe Blacklist: Tejon Ranch Wages War on Science and Public Comment + Editorial: Is First Amendment Obsolete in Tejon Ranch's Piece of California?Patric Hedlund
Land-Use Reporting2nd PlaceThe ArkPlan to solve housing crisis could transform the Tiburon PeninsulaMatthew Hose
Land-Use Reporting3rd PlaceClaremont CourierClaremont's Village SouthMatthew Bramlett
Land-Use Reporting4th PlaceThe ArkTiburon Ridge subdivisionDeirdre McCrohan, Matthew Hose
Land-Use Reporting5th PlaceSt. Helena StarSt. Helena City Council criticizes plan to revamp former mobile home parkJesse Duarte
Coverage of Youth and Education1st PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleRisky RetreatsKaren de Sá, Gabrielle Lurie
Coverage of Youth and Education2nd PlaceThe Sacramento BeeRace problems in local high schoolsDiana Lambert, Anita Chabria
Coverage of Youth and Education3rd PlaceThe Orange County RegisterBorn on drugsTeri Sforza, Tony Saavedra, Scott Schwebke
Coverage of Youth and Education4th PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesKaren d'Souza on Common Core math and homeless studentsKaren d'Souza
Coverage of Youth and Education5th PlaceLos Angeles TimesChildren in Poverty in the Land of PlentySteve Lopez
Coverage of Youth and Education1st PlaceThe Press DemocratFire’s toll ripples into schools across Sonoma CountyPress Democrat StaffThis is clearly the best, most comprehensive story I've read about the Northern California fires. The Press Democrat did an outstanding job of looking at the effects of the fire from a students/teachers perspective and how they are recovering. Even the interviews with the five teenagers showed journalism enterprise.
Coverage of Youth and Education2nd PlaceMarin Independent JournalModel BehaviorKeri Brenner3-D printer - This is an outstanding report about a 16-year-old high school sophomore whose developing skills on a 3-D printer enable him to make a prosthetic lower arm for a Romanian man. Keri Brenner, the writer, includes in her story a good profile of the student, his background and purpose, and the basic good that resulted from his patient, persistent computer work.
Coverage of Youth and Education3rd PlaceThe Modesto BeeModesto City Schools tackles issue over refugee educationKen CarlsonModesto Bee - Ken Carlson's story about 2 Afghanistan high school immigrants is a well-researched, poignant account about the difficulties many have in transitioning to a new country, different culture and complex education system and regulations. These two sisters deserve better and Carlson's report may make that happen.
Coverage of Youth and Education4th PlaceAntelope Valley PressStep 1: Students using code from scratch to futureKelsey KukauaValley Press - Good, comprehensive story about coding instructions for early elementary school students. But reporter's explanation is weak as to what coding really is.
Coverage of Youth and Education5th PlaceThe Desert SunPrivate schools expel kids for parents' behaviorJoesph HongThis is a well-written, well-researched article, but terrible one-sided. It reads as a hit piece against Palm Valley School's principal Susan Rice. I wish the write would have included some comments from parents who like the way Rice is running the school to give the story a degree of balance. Although well-done, the lack of balance makes this a mediocre story at best.
Coverage of Youth and Education1st PlaceThe RecordPutting the rainbow in readingNicholas FilipasIt was a different subject that makes readers think and helps promote tolerance and understanding at an early age.
Coverage of Youth and Education2nd PlaceThe RecordEarning their futuresNicholas FilipasNicely written. It's easy to see what the subject has gone through. Inspiring story.
Coverage of Youth and Education3rd PlaceThe TribuneCal Poly investigating photo on social media of frat member in blackfaceKaytlyn Leslie, Andrew Sheeler, Lindsey Holden, Travis GibsonVery timely topic. I would have liked to see more quotes and reactions from the community at large, including students and town residents.
Coverage of Youth and Education4th PlaceSanta Maria TimesSanta Barbara County taking steps to reduce juvenile incarcerationGina KimCharts were nice. It would have been nice to see more quotes and white space.
Coverage of Youth and Education5th PlaceWhittier Daily NewsBeyond a new name and logo, Dodgers Foundation has transformed from the ground upJ.P. HoornstraNice photos. Story shows what a community can accomplish.
Coverage of Youth and Education1st PlaceSacramento News & ReviewWhy is Sacramento failing its black students?Kris HooksAn important piece that brings in many voices to explain such lopsided discipline numbers and their effects. This could be a start for ongoing coverage to explore further such elements as preschool suspensions, implicit bias, and restorative justice. And showing the human toll of numeric trends is perhaps most important to readers.
Coverage of Youth and Education2nd PlaceThousand Oaks AcornThe Blogger vs The Board MemberDawn Megli-ThunaA good scoop well followed through. This story will make more people pay attention to board meetings. And it brings up important Freedom of Speech discussions.
Coverage of Youth and Education3rd PlaceMonterey County WeeklyStudents respond to gun violenceMonterey County Weekly Staff, Marielle Argueza, Students from 13 high schools in Monterey County, Lorenz CushmanThis package of stories gave a lot of voice to students, presented alternative views to a news event, and spoke to young people as well as older readers.
Coverage of Youth and Education4th PlaceNew TimesA Campus DividedKaren GarciaStory tackles difficult subjects and gives some students voices in the debates.
Coverage of Youth and Education5th PlaceBrentwood PressAdams Middle School uses coffee cart to enhance special education, community tiesAly BrownPleasant feature on one innovation in a special needs classroom.
Coverage of Youth and Education1st PlacePasadena OutlookLearning Works Gives Kids Last Shot at High School DiplomaCamila CastellanosThis was a really good read - some solid reporting and writing. But I would have liked to hear from someone at one of the districts about their view of this program.
Coverage of Youth and Education2nd PlaceThe AlmanacThe Big LiftKate BradshawThis was a great explainer of this multi-faceted program. I know it was interesting because now I want to follow up when the testing happens in a couple of years to see how it worked.
Coverage of Youth and Education3rd PlacePleasanton WeeklySeries on Pleasanton Unified School District EnrollmentErika Alvero, Julia BrownReally solid reporting, but only needed the fourth and fifth pieces. The rest were basically meeting coverage - though well-done meeting coverage.
Coverage of Youth and Education4th PlaceSanta Maria SunBlindspotKasey BubnashI would have liked to know what ultimately happened to the principal who stepped down. Great get to interview her, but where is she now?
Coverage of Youth and Education5th PlaceLos Altos Town CrierInvisible: Former homeless student sets out on mission to find housing for students in needAdanya LustigA good story on a subject that is becoming all too common.
Coverage of Youth and Education1st PlaceTahoe Daily TribuneBack to the LandClaire Cudahy
Coverage of Youth and Education2nd PlaceDel Mar Times'From Jail to Yale':Sunset graduate overcame adversity to reach his goalsKaren Billing
Coverage of Youth and Education3rd PlacePetaluma Argus-CourierRural school could be historyMatt Brown
Coverage of Youth and Education4th PlaceElk Grove CitizenHeard Loud and ClearCameron Macdonald
Coverage of Youth and Education5th PlaceThe Davis EnterpriseTech education helps studentsTanya Perez
Coverage of Youth and Education1st PlaceBig Bear GrizzlyPreparation and Awareness, Are Bear Valley Unified Schools safe?, Rumors lead to anxious moments, They've had enoughJudi Bowers, Natalie WilliamsThis is a timely, national topic that was localized really well. The stories were also well written.
Coverage of Youth and Education2nd PlaceCloverdale ReveilleYoung activistsZoe StricklandNice way to localize a national topic.
Coverage of Youth and Education3rd PlaceCloverdale ReveilleCan teenagers make a differenceZoe StricklandNice way to localize national topics.
Coverage of Youth and Education4th PlaceThe ArkBuilding homes and futuresEmily Lavin
Coverage of Youth and Education5th PlaceGlendale News-PressMagnet students overcome adversity; find pay dirtAndrew Campa
Coverage of Business News1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesA Window Into E-CommerceDavid PiersonThis series gave readers a diverse, inside look at topics that usually get superficial coverage. The in-depth reporting pushed back the curtain on issues affecting our everyday lives and gave readers information they need to make informed decisions in an engaging, digestible format.
Coverage of Business News2nd PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesH-1B visasEthan BaronExcellent, multi-sourced in-depth coverage of the impact the immigration debacle is having on residents' lives.
Coverage of Business News3rd PlaceLos Angeles TimesHigh-Interest LendingJames Rufus Koren, Andrew KhouriImportant reporting on high interest loans and their impact and legality. Really brings home the scope of the problem and the vicious circle high interest lending creates.
Coverage of Business News4th PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneMore 55-plus workers delaying retirement, but how hard is it to get a job?Lori Weisberg, Mike Freeman
Coverage of Business News5th PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleSilicon Valley Mall BattleRoland Li
Coverage of Business News1st PlaceThe Desert SunDesert towns bet big on cannabisAmy DiPierro, Nathalie Anderson
Coverage of Business News2nd PlaceThe Press DemocratTribal casino resort wielding wider cloutJD Morris, Kevin Fixler
Coverage of Business News3rd PlaceThe Press DemocratPainful insurance realityBill Swindell, Glen Martin, Stephen Nett
Coverage of Business News4th PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianFinancial fraud case: Investors stand by club's founder despite millions of dollars lostJohn Cox
Coverage of Business News5th PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianWill Amestoy's vintage neon sign be saved or sold?Steven Mayer
Coverage of Business News1st PlaceThe UnionHotelier Jordan Fife buys, renovates historic Holbrooke, National hotels in Nevada CountyLiz KellarI loved getting to know the hotelier and the hotels through this series of stories. Well written, concise and good use of visuals.
Coverage of Business News2nd PlaceRecord SearchlightThe business of wildfires in the West: 'It’s like we’re profiting off a disaster, which is very upsetting'David BendaVery well done. A new angle on covering the devastation of wildfires and the impact on a community, a state and the country. Well written. Would have liked maybe some quotes from firefighters, not just the administrators, on what having those vendors at fire camp means.
Coverage of Business News3rd PlaceSanta Maria TimesShoplifters taking toll on local economy after Prop. 47Gina KimThis is a timely topic and interesting business story tying in the legislation that affects crime to economy.
Coverage of Business News4th PlaceNapa Valley RegisterNapa's Red Hen unfairly attacked in Sarah Huckabee Sanders restaurant uproarJennifer HuffmanWell done. Good job tying the national news to a local business. An attempt, at least, to contact the Red Hen in Virginia would have been a nice addition.
Coverage of Business News5th PlaceNapa Valley RegisterCannabis operators say Napa's policy of medical marijuana sales too limitingJennifer HuffmanStrong topic. A little choppy with so many partial quotes, not a fan. Overall well done.
Coverage of Business News1st PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentThe Fight for State StreetTyler Hayden
Coverage of Business News2nd PlaceThe Salinas CalifornianHomemade, streetwiseKate Cimini
Coverage of Business News3rd PlaceNew TimesConflicting visionsCamillia Lanham
Coverage of Business News4th PlaceThe AcornRiver cruising seen as exciting travel alternativeJohn Loesing
Coverage of Business News5th PlaceMetro Silicon ValleyCEQA Racket Extracts 11th Hour Payoffs Amidst Housing CrisisJennifer Wadsworth, Dan Pulcrano, Tom Gogola
Coverage of Business News1st PlaceSan Francisco Business TimesCuring AIDSRon LeutyFascinating look at efforts behind a cure. I appreciated how facts and statistics were woven in with an easy to read and understand appeal. The graphics and pull quotes were well chosen and top notch. I also appreciated the look and feel of the Staging a Cure section.
Coverage of Business News2nd PlaceSan Francisco Business TimesLeaving CaliforniaMark CalveyFantastic job at taking a taxing topic and relaying it in an easy to read and understand way. The choice of layout was well done and helped to add different elements of understanding and personality to the article.
Coverage of Business News3rd PlaceMountain View VoiceConflicts over profits and pricing at Del Medio apartmentsMark NoackGreat balance of showing both sides of the conflict in the article. I really felt an understanding for both parties interviewed. Great Journalism right there.
Coverage of Business News4th PlaceBohemianThe Fate of ChanatePeter ByrneGreat balance of news, backstory and personalized, gripping details.
Coverage of Business News5th PlaceMountain View VoiceFirm behind local ADA lawsuits is being suedMark NoackExcellent coverage of topic. Layout could have benefited from a sidebar graphic showing the number of businesses targeted or something to add another layer of supporting depth to help break up the text.
Coverage of Business News1st PlaceSilicon Valley Business JournalWho needs an IPO?Cromwell SchubarthThoroughly researched and very well written, The story got me interested in a topic I knew nothing about.
Coverage of Business News2nd PlaceSilicon Valley Business JournalSilicon Valley Companies Walk an HR TightropeJennifer EliasTimely story covering an important business-related issue. Well done.
Coverage of Business News3rd PlaceTahoe Daily TribuneState of ride-sharing at Lake TahoeClaire CudahyI learned a lot about ride-sharing benefits and pitfalls and the unique circumstances of a region covering two states.
Coverage of Business News4th PlaceThe Business JournalThe Great Recession 10 Years LaterDonald A. Promnitz, David Castellon, Frank Lopez, Edward SmithA nice team effort. Especially enjoyed the stories on the youngsters.
Coverage of Business News5th PlaceThe Business JournalThe worm has turned: Bookstores beats odds in an Amazon worldDonald A. PromnitzGood to know small books stores appear to be thriving. A nice anti-technology trend. Interesting read.
Coverage of Business News1st PlaceSt. Helena StarSt. Helena's Montelli Construction closing after 72 yearsJesse Duarte
Coverage of Business News2nd PlaceCalaveras EnterpriseShopping local may mean life or death for Calaveras economyMarc Lutz
Coverage of Business News3rd PlaceThe Mountain EnterpriseHall Ambulance is in breach of 2017 contract + 2 other storiesPatric Hedlund, Gary Meyer, Jill Neptune Turner
Coverage of Business News4th PlaceThe ArkMichael Mina to open new restaurant in TiburonDeirdre McCrohan
Coverage of Business News5th PlaceThe ArkThe Cove at Tiburon apartments wraps $50 mil luxury renovationDeirdre McCrohan
Agricultural Reporting1st PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleNapa's Valley's FutureEsther MobleyExcellent package of writing, photography, maps and history of interest to local readers and beyond.
Agricultural Reporting2nd PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesHow an irked Northern California postal patron helped crack a global plant smuggling schemeLisa M. KriegerAn interesting and informative topic about an environmental catastrophe in the making. Excellent writing and photos.
Agricultural Reporting3rd PlaceLos Angeles TimesCould Blockchain Have Solved the Mystery of the Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Outbreak?Geoffrey MohanFascinating, innovative and informative topic. Well written.
Agricultural Reporting4th PlaceThe Sacramento BeeTule ElkRyan SabalowExcellent package of writing, video, graphics and photos.
Agricultural Reporting5th PlaceThe Fresno BeeFarmers push hemp as billion-dollar boon for San Joaquin ValleyRobert RodriguezGood stroy about an emerging agricultural trend.
Agricultural Reporting1st PlaceThe Desert SunWho will work the fields?Rebecca PlevinA great, in-depth series, illuminating multiple aspects of a farm labor shortage: the workers, the farmers, and the modernization spurred by a falling workforce and an increased minimum wage.
Agricultural Reporting2nd PlaceThe Modesto BeeState Water Board decision to have great impact on Modesto-area riversKen CarlsonThe Bee's series of excellent reports kept the pulse of farmers, community leaders, and residents, while simultaneously breaking down the state's water plan and informing readers of its potential effects on the region.
Agricultural Reporting3rd PlaceNapa Valley RegisterGunshots bring Napa Valley's bird cannon clash to a headHenry LutzThe writer uses a "shots fired" incident as an excellent jumping point for larger issue pitting a nearly unlimited "Right to Farm" against residents who would simply like a little more peace and quiet .
Agricultural Reporting4th PlaceNapa Valley RegisterWith vineyard labor scarce, Napa growers warm up to machinesHenry Lutz
Agricultural Reporting5th PlaceSanta Maria TimesA marked decline: Chlorpyrifos use down in Santa Barbara CountyMathew Burciaga
Agricultural Reporting1st PlaceMonterey County WeeklyMonterey County's 2018 wine grape harvestDave FariesJust like a fine wine, this story has balance — a good blend of sources, clearly explained science and terminology, and a comprehensive look at all aspects of the grapegrowing process up until harvest. Engaging and well-written, with very nice photos.
Agricultural Reporting2nd PlaceSanta Maria SunGrowing painsSpencer ColeStrong reporting on an interesting trend that has major economic and social consequences. Good sources, good writing, attractive photos.
Agricultural Reporting3rd PlacePleasanton WeeklyHive Minds: Local BeekeepersErika AlveroGraceful writing, good use of multiple sources, strong photos. Very good job tying local beekeepers to the broader environmental picture.
Agricultural Reporting4th PlaceGood Times"In Harm's Spray"Georgia JohnsonGood writing, strong local appeal
Agricultural Reporting5th PlaceChino ChampionNewcastle Disease outbreak hits north ChinoBrenda DunkleGood exploration of an emotionally charged topic.
Agricultural Reporting1st PlaceThe Weekly CalistoganGeologically speaking, Calistoga is young and volcanic, which wine grapes really likeAnne Ward Ernst
Agricultural Reporting2nd PlaceThe ArkLocal backyard bee hivesEmily Lavin
Agricultural Reporting3rd PlaceSt. Helena StarA story of opposites for 2017 vintage in Napa's Atlas Peak vineyardsDavid Stoneberg
Agricultural Reporting4th PlaceSt. Helena StarWould be millers at Napa Valley's Bale Grist Mill learn how to start up 172-year-old machineTom Stockwell
Agricultural Reporting5th PlaceSilicon Valley Business JournalAgtech takes root on the edge of Silicon ValleyLauren Hepler
Profile Story1st PlaceThe Orange County RegisterThe homeless Disney worker who died alone in her car became the face of a public debate, but all she wanted was privacyTheresa Walker
Profile Story2nd PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay Times50 years later, in front of Christine Blasey Ford’s house, Palo Alto mayor finally shares her #MeToo momentJulia Prodis Sulek
Profile Story3rd PlaceLos Angeles TimesRetiring After More Than 40 Years, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Has Evolved With the Department He LeadsCindy Chang
Profile Story4th PlaceThe Orange County RegisterHe watched his friends die in Vietnam. 50 years later, this judge returned to that same spot with their familiesKeith Sharon
Profile Story5th PlaceThe Sacramento BeeDetective in East Area Rapist case has become an unlikely sex symbolAnita Chabria
Profile Story1st PlaceThe Press DemocratHurt teen's inspiring journey to recoveryMary CallahanDid best job of nailing the human interest aspect with subject matter really benefited from it.
Profile Story2nd PlaceThe Modesto BeeVeteran suffers invisible injuries, struggles to adjustDeke FarrowGreat use of human interest to convey a larger story about mental health crisis
Profile Story3rd PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianThese men fought — and survived — on Hamburger HillSteven MayerMy favorite lead of the bunch.
Profile Story4th PlaceMarin Independent JournalMarin tennis legendDanny SchmidtFun subject, punchy lead
Profile Story5th PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianLiving my life: Tyler Schilhabel overcomes disability to excel in life and as a football coachTrevor HornStory well organized, clear and concise.
Profile Story1st PlaceThe UnionNew sheriff in town: Moon becomes California's first openly-gay sheriffLorraine JewettThorough, extremely well-written.
Profile Story2nd PlaceNapa Valley RegisterAustralian woman finds a sister she didn't knew she had in NapaMaria SestitoFascinating story, terrific writing.
Profile Story3rd PlaceVisalia Times-DeltaVisalia's Kevin Downes helps bring 'I Can Only Imagine' to big screenJames WardExcellent work.
Profile Story4th PlaceSanta Cruz SentinelFirefighter shares her recovery 14 years after being rapedMichael ToddGreat writing and coverage.
Profile Story5th PlaceThe RecordCelebrating a shining lightBob HighfillBeautiful piece and well presented.
Profile Story1st PlaceSacramento News & ReviewMy homeless dadLuis Jimenez
Profile Story2nd PlaceCamarillo AcornWoman’s trove of letters from Vietnam reveal wartime storiesDarleen Principe
Profile Story3rd PlaceChico News & ReviewAudrey DenneyRobert Speer
Profile Story4th PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentLady Leslie Ridley-TreeMichelle Drown
Profile Story5th PlaceGood Times"Now You Are Free"Steve Palopoli
Profile Story1st PlaceNorth Coast Journal'A Giant Falls Among the Redwoods'Thadeus Greenson
Profile Story2nd PlacePacific SunOne Foot on the GasDan Pulcrano
Profile Story3rd PlaceThe AlmanacLooking for troubleBarbara Wood
Profile Story4th PlaceLa Jolla LightCan’t Burst His BubbleCorey Levitan
Profile Story5th PlaceThe AlmanacPortola Valley’s passionate pollinatorMaggie Mah
Profile Story1st PlaceTahoe Daily TribuneFamily mattersClaire CudahyRemarkable profile that manages to be moving and insightful in a relatively small number of column inches.
Profile Story2nd PlaceSilicon Valley Business JournalThe eBay Tribe: How a sisterhood of former executives branched out to launch their own successful companiesJennifer EliasThis piece elevates the art of the profile by tying its subjects into a larger concept that hadn't gotten the attention it deserved.
Profile Story3rd PlaceLa Canada Flintridge OutlookMichael Gross Charms On and Off ScreenZane HillCelebrity profiles can be shallow or simply pointless. This is the antidote to those. Great approach in treating the subject as an important community member who just happens to also be a celebrity.
Profile Story4th PlaceSan Marino TribuneHe'll Stand Tall In the Long Gray LineMitch Lehman
Profile Story5th PlaceSacramento Business JournalDavid Bugatto’s 20-year bet on Natomas starts paying offScott RoddInteresting profile of a background figure whose importance most readers were probably unaware of.
Profile Story1st PlaceSt. Helena StarSt. Helenan walks from Selma to Montgomery in honor of historic civil rights marchJesse DuarteI was surprised by how hooked I got on this story. The nice, relaxed writing, great details and juxtaposition of history and present really made it sing for me!
Profile Story2nd PlaceThe Weekly Calistogan23andMe unites Calistogan with biological motherCynthia SweeneyJust loved this story, and totally teared up at one point. I think the secret here is you let the story tell it self with quotes and anecdotes and good organization, and kept your own prose out of the way.
Profile Story3rd PlaceThe Weekly CalistoganPeter Lang, owner of Safari West, receives 2018 Animal Rescue Hero Award from American Red CrossAnne Ward ErnstI know a profile is supposed to be about who someone is, but this story is really about what this extraordinary man did. You recognized that and wrote a fascinating piece.
Profile Story4th PlaceThe Mountain EnterpriseFrazier Mountain's Freedom RiderPatric HedlundI'm not sure how you made it work — a profile with almost no new information or quotes from the subject — but it's a really interesting piece hung on the transcript of a touching and engrossing prior conversation between someone who experienced the dark side of history and someone who was trying to change it,. Reminded me of an NPR piece.
Profile Story5th PlaceThe Weekly CalistoganMountain Home Ranch, on the path to recoveryAnne Ward ErnstIt's hard for any NorCal journalist to not get — sorry in advance! — burned out on fire stories but this recount of this family's struggle was compelling, and you did a good job not over-writing it.
Feature Story1st PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleCult wineEsther MobleyA sweeping adventure story, told with love and fluency. Instead of the high seas or the battlefield, the setting is wine and its making, a bullseye of an undertaking for the community served by this newspaper and a tale as fresh as the next Beaujolais nouveau.
Feature Story2nd PlaceThe Sacramento BeeSurviving the Camp Fire took bravery, stamina and luckRyan Sabalow, Ryan Lillis, Dale Kasler, Alexandra Yoon-HendricksA breathtaking account of evacuations during the deadly conflagration of the Camp Fire. Crackles with the currency of a timely, energetic takeout, with personal stories from some 20 people and just enough perspective on this region�s valiant but flawed plans to smooth escape from a big burn.
Feature Story3rd PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesVan life: My 80-square-foot solution to the Bay Area's housing crisisTracey KaplanThe thread of the author's first-person account makes this definitive story on moving into a van irresistible. An engaging read, broadly reported and written with authority.
Feature Story4th PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleDark DaysKevin FaganA raw and creative retrospective on a remarkable period in a community's life, revealing and insightful these many years later. As "the Kennedy assassination and 911 rolled together" for the people of San Francisco, it warrants this most thorough treatment.
Feature Story5th PlaceLos Angeles Times'This Is How I Die'Corina KnollClear, simple, dramatic story arc. A woman facing death in real time, her life flashing proverbially before her eyes.
Feature Story1st PlaceChico Enterprise-RecordI want my mom backBianca QuilantanThis piece grips you from the lede and wrenches your heart the whole way through. Bianca Quilantan uses exacting hard details, like that the sheriff's office logged Christina’s call at 1:26, and descriptive details, like that Victoria was the type of person who would draw smiley faces on the manager's rent envelope. The effect is to highlight Quilantan’s mastery of both reporting and writing, and leave the reader feeling invested in both the subjects and the broader subject matter. Christina and Victoria’s story is obviously amazing material. But a lesser writer could have blown it by relying too heavily on Christina’s words and narrative. The writing is clean and clear, and makes use of sparse but powerful quotes, allowing the writer to guide you through the story, with Christina stepping in just for the gut-punching lines. An incredible accomplishment and easy choice for first place.
Feature Story2nd PlaceThe Desert SunDoing drag changed how I see the LGBTQ CommunityRobert HopwoodA fun, insightful and expertly produced gonzo piece. In transforming into Sandi Ego, Robert Hopwood gives readers a peek behind the curtain into what it takes to make it in this demanding and often misunderstood art form.
Feature Story3rd PlaceDaily PilotAfter 50 years, Newport couple’s love is frozen in time — and so is their wedding cakeHillary DavisA quick, fun feature about the legacy of a wedding cake. This is the kind of story many reporters turn up their noses at, but under Hillary Davis' sharp eye and steady hand, the simple story is elegantly done, neither overwritten nor underwritten. Like the cake, the story is a “quirky testament to love, strength and sentimentality.”
Feature Story4th PlaceChico Enterprise-RecordCouple recounts dispatch to Camp FireRisa Johnson
Feature Story5th PlaceDaily PilotOnce-spindly tree flourishes at gravesite under a widow’s careHillary Davis
Feature Story1st PlaceThe TribuneThey wanted his parents to know he wasn’t alone. Death of Cal Poly student unites strangersLucas ClarkA touching look at how the people who tried to save a young accident victim cared enough about what happened that they tried to give the man's family closure.
Feature Story2nd PlaceSanta Monica Daily PressOrigami art folded into new scramble intersection markingsMatthew HallThis story makes me wonder how many Santa Monica residents travel these roads every day without knowing there is a hidden public art project underneath their feet.
Feature Story3rd PlaceThe Tribune‘It’s like nowhere else in the world’: Shandon’s chapel on a hill still leaves visitors in aweGabby FerreiraThe writer did a great job of scene-setting, making it possible for a reader to grasp at least a portion of the awe that comes from seeing a chapel in a most unexpected place.
Feature Story4th PlaceThe San Bernardino SunZeus the lost husky is found with another familyDavid Downey, Jeff HorsemanThis story did a great job at serving two purposes. First, it tells the heartfelt story of a man who lost his canine companion and misses him dearly. Second, it serves as a warning to other pet owners that the technology they rely on to help reunite them with their pets lives in a legal gray area.
Feature Story5th PlaceNapa Valley RegisterFrom FBI agent to PI: The life of a Napa private investigatorJennifer HuffmanA wonderful look at a woman with a unique professional history in a series of jobs that are traditionally dominated by men.
Feature Story1st PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentCracking MarsTyler HaydenTyler Hayden got a feature story assignment of a lifetime and executed the story wonderfully. Hayden managed to make a complicated topic — a NASA mission at an area Air Force base — understandable for the reader with accessible writing and reporting. He peppers in fun phrases throughout ("symphonies of mathematical precision") and includes some nice feature story elements, such as a Mars factbox. I was most amused by a photo credit of the Mars surface, courtesy NASA. Maybe someday we'll get a photojournalist up there!
Feature Story2nd PlacePalo Alto WeeklyMore than the baby bluesElena KadvanyThis story is perhaps the finest example of humanizing a broader issue among many great entries attempting to do so. There are many jarring, interesting details of reporting all throughout — readers hear from moms, a clinical psychologist and an ongoing effort within state government to improve maternal mental health care. The sidebar about a related program and a box listing available health resources in the region were nice touches.
Feature Story3rd PlaceGood Times"A Tangled Future"Lauren HeplerThis was an issues story done right: a lengthy dive (no pun intended) on the issue of whale entrapment rescuing on the Monterey Bay. The reporter does a good job anticipating what the reader is thinking; multiple times a certain passage would lead me to mentally pose a question, then I'd find the next passage would promptly detail and answer it. There are many, many factors at play in this story: climate change, human/whale interaction, shrinking federal conservation funding; Lauren Hepler does an admirable job weaving the topics together for an informative read.
Feature Story4th PlaceCamarillo AcornLure of big find drives treasure hunters to Gold CoastHector GonzalezTreasure hunting, you might be surprised to learn, is not some boring hobby: Gonzalez finds practitioners who find and return wedding rings, stumble upon $6,000 of treasury bonds and donate collected aluminum to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. This was a well-written, fun read. You get the sense this story spurred readers to go out and give treasure hunting a try for themselves.
Feature Story5th PlaceThe Salinas CalifornianParenting behind barsJoe SzydlowskiWhat kind of interactions do incarcerated parents have with their children? This story from Joe Szydlowski answers that in a respectful, empathetic way. The accompanying photo gallery was very touching.
Feature Story1st PlaceLa Jolla LightOn a mission: Rediscovering the original El Camino Real through La JollaCorey LevitanThe author's wit and candor won me over in this tale of an attempted adventure. I also enjoyed the "twist" about the main character, and thought he played it correctly by not revealing the cancer diagnosis earlier in the account.
Feature Story2nd PlaceSan Francisco Business TimesSameness sellsKatie BurkeThis analysis of the problems facing the San Francisco restaurant industry could have conveyed the same information in a traditional inverted pyramid structure, but the author smartly keyed in on a symptom of the larger issues that diners have likely not even realized they notice as a way to illustrate what challenges restaurateurs face in the market. Well done.
Feature Story3rd PlaceSanta Maria Sun'Fighting' backKasey BubnashA riveting story of how young children are able to use a physical activity to cope with bullying at school, even if they aren't using it in the way the parent had initially intended. Great storytelling and great research on the magnitude and lasting effects of bullying in our schools.
Feature Story4th PlaceMountain View VoiceMushroom houses on MarsMark NoackThe image of mushroom houses on Mars is fanciful, but the author backs up what sounds like a silly idea with a plethora of information that shows how serious scientists are taking the topic, both for space travel and even for sustainable construction on this planet in the near future.
Feature Story5th PlaceNorth Coast JournalPlight of the AbaloneKimberly WearA gripping tale of an environmental disaster while we are still in the middle of it, and a look at how government officials are scrambling to address it and hoping they can reverse the effects of this "perfect storm" that is killing a treasured and important part of the coastal ecosystem.
Feature Story1st PlaceLa Canada Valley SunGoats become gurus in Community Center of LCF’s first-ever goat yoga classSara CardineThere are trend stories...and then there's doing yoga with goats. Goat yoga is apparently more common than one might imagine (this entry was not the only one on this subject!). The clean and amusing writing elevated this story over all the others, as did a remarkable photo gallery that words don't do justice — you have to click through it to fully appreciate. Sara Cardine's imagery and hilarious quotes had me smiling the whole story. Well done.
Feature Story2nd PlaceThe Sonoma Index-Tribune"The Bear Flag Revolt Revolt"Kate WilliamsHere's a history story where the past and present collide into a fascinating controversy: a debate is ongoing regarding the tale of the Bear Flag Revolt. "This revolt was born of a racist belief," says one person. "History is rarely pretty," says another. The Index-Tribune lays out the whole story from all angles and lets the reader draw their own conclusion.
Feature Story3rd PlaceThe Sonoma Index-Tribune"Death and Cookies"Carole Kelleher"Death and Cookies" — now THAT's an eye-catching headline. I must also admit, it was jarring at first to see "Death" used as the 'jump' word ... but perhaps that is the point of this story and of these Death Cafes: turning what is considered a "taboo subject" into one that can be respectfully discussed among mature adults. This was truly an interesting, informative read.
Feature Story4th PlaceKenwood PressSome burned-out homeowners turning to pre-fab housesSarah PhelpsSarah Phelps' well-thought-out story offers a unique view into the aftermath of the October 2017 fires in Glen Ellen, California. There are many issues at play: residents seek to rebuild their homes, but there is a lack of available contractors due to the changing economy and job market. This story details both the issues at play as well as the "innovative" ways some are trying to solve the problems.
Feature Story5th PlaceSilicon Valley Business JournalWhy developers look to Watsonville as the Bay Area's next frontierRosellen "Rosie" DowneyIn just a few pages, reporter Rosellen Downey gives a concise but interesting overview of the past, present and future of the city of Watsonville. This entry was augmented by a nice display of photos by Vicki Thompson. I was also pleased with the addition of extra elements, such as the factbox "6 things you may not know" about Watsonville.
Feature Story1st PlaceSt. Helena StarSt. Helena women have walked together every morning for 31 yearsJesse DuarteWhen you're a longtime resident of a community with a good memory, everything around you has meaning: each rock and tree. Jesse Duarte's story about a local group of women who have walked around town together for decades is an example that anything can make for an interesting, enjoyable read. Beyond the simple subject is a charming story about friendship, aging and community.
Feature Story2nd PlaceLompoc RecordBattling opioid epidemic: Countywide 'Syringe Exchange Program' raises concernsWillis JacobsonWillis Jacobson tackles a complicated subject (a community syringe exchange program) with a deft, intelligent reporting approach. The story offers perspective from all angles: critics, program administrators, volunteers and
participants are all heard at length. The use of subheads helped a lot with story organization.
Feature Story3rd PlaceThe ArkFirefighters take on a new battle: mental health stigmaMatthew HoseIn a competition with many solid entries about a busy year of firefighting, this story stood out for its attention to an issue not often discussed: the mental health of first responders. A majority of firefighters say they have experienced mental health issues, and most say there are not adequate services to deal with that reality. What I liked most is the story did not just focus on the problem, but gives attention to those trying to fix the issue and make a difference.
Feature Story4th PlaceClaremont CourierSally Ride stampMick RhodesThis story offered a unique perspective we don't often read about: the parent of an astronaut. Mick Rhodes wrote a detailed story about the mother of astronaut Sally Ride, who was featured on a postage stamp for being the first American woman in space. Joyce Ride is a hoot and Rhodes captured many great quotes throughout the story. An enjoyable read.
Feature Story5th PlaceCalistoga TribuneDNA test surpriseClaudia AcevesThe fascinating subject material helped this entry stand out. Claudia Aceves tells the story of a local woman who finds her biological mother with the help of a DNA testing business. Aceves includes the unique perspectives from all sides. We may see more stories like this as DNA testing becomes more common. A fascinating, well-written entry.
Editorial Comment1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesThe Truth About Test ScoresKarin KleinClever writing, incisive an analysis on a vital topic.
Editorial Comment2nd PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneAll of these people have died in school shootings since Columbine. Enough.The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial BoardPowerful use of facts blended with an impassioned voice.
Editorial Comment3rd PlaceLos Angeles TimesShould Paradise Be Rebuilt?Kerry CavanaughSolid reporting, brisk writing make for a persuasive editorial.
Editorial Comment4th PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesBrown, Feinstein betrayal of the Delta is unacceptableEd ClendanielExcellent writing and a strong, sharp point of view.
Editorial Comment5th PlaceLos Angeles TimesKuehl: Call It By My NameRobert GreeneThis topic cried out for a powerful scolding. Very well done.
Editorial Comment1st PlaceChico Enterprise-RecordThis is the fire we were all warned aboutDavid Little, Steve Schoonover, Laura UrsenyA detailed explanation why the Paradise fire shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Refutation of President Trump’s comment that nobody would have ever thought this could happen.” The editorial brims with local knowledge that lends authority to the conclusion that “Paradise will come back, but it can’t be what it once was. It shouldn’t be.”
Editorial Comment2nd PlaceThe Modesto BeeModesto has a chronic sickness; can we find a cure?Mike DunbarA devastatingly detailed diagnosis of the ills of Modesto city that nonetheless ends on a hopeful note. The metaphor of municipal illness is effective but not overused.
Editorial Comment3rd PlaceThe Desert SunPolice, don't black out the mediaAl FrancoAn effective argument for why the public befits from media access to police radio communications. This piece also floats the idea of a compromise that would address law enforcement concerns without excluding the media. This could have been just a rant, but the author decides to engage with the other side of the argument and the result is a better editorial.
Editorial Comment4th PlaceMarin Independent JournalA sad county response to public recordsBrad BreithauptEditorials criticizing public agencies for a lack of transparency are most effective when they explain why it’s important for the information in question to be available. This piece effectively explains the importance of the information at issue to local residents, which makes it more than just a criticism of the county for embarking on a risky lawsuit
Editorial Comment5th PlaceChico Enterprise-RecordSo ... what is Paradise like? Good questionDavid Little, Steve Schoonover, Laura UrsenyThis editorial that places the Paradise fire in historical and social context but also comments on the irony that before the disaster residents extended a sales tax to shore up the police and fire departments. The description of Paradise is affectionate and at times lyrical, making the reader feel as if he or she lives in the community.
Editorial Comment1st PlaceThe TribuneSheriff Parkinson, it's time to answer for Andrew Holland's tortureStephanie FinucanePowerful persuasive writing, buoyed by the paper's own reporting, and bolstered by multimedia elements. Clearly the strongest editorial in this category. Bravo.
Editorial Comment2nd PlaceTimes-StandardShooting blanks: A timeless storyMarc VallesAn original approach to an age-old issue, not an easy thing to do. The best editorials make a strong point about an emotional issue and are sure to get people talking. This one succeeds there.
Editorial Comment3rd PlaceThe TribuneAre Cal Poly's fraternities worth saving?Stephanie FinucaneIncisive writing, insightful arguments. A surefire conversation starter. This editorial was excellent.
Editorial Comment4th PlaceThe UnionOur View: Failure to communicateAlan Riquelmy, Editorial BoardA thoughtful nuanced take by an editorial board that isn't afraid to acknowledge it didn't have all the answers but that advocated powerfully nonetheless for transparency.
Editorial Comment5th PlaceMerced Sun-StarTime to make our stand, fight for our riversMike DunbarTalking truth to power isn't necessarily easy, but it's crucial. Here it's done crisply, concisely, persuasively, with context and just the right amount of skepticism.
Editorial Comment1st PlaceChico News & ReviewWhat were they thinking?Melissa DaughertyIn small communities it is difficult to take on the power structures in a meaningful way. This stands out for its courage and how well it is written.
Editorial Comment2nd PlacePalo Alto WeeklyA stealth agenda for President HotelBill JohnsonImportant look into exactly how city staff (and council) hide difficult items within an agenda. Bravo.
Editorial Comment3rd PlacePalo Alto WeeklyUnprecedented obfuscationBill JohnsonLike this newspaper's other entry, this helps readers understand how their city actually works (or doesn't).
Editorial Comment4th PlaceThe AcornIs this how we should teach our children?John Loesing, Daniel WolowiczThe editorial writer took on both the school system and law enforcement in a single editorial. Bravo!
Editorial Comment5th PlaceSacramento News & ReviewA Confederacy of GrinchesSacramento News & Review StaffUnusual format, but the writing — at once scathing and hilarious — could not be overlooked. Interesting to have so many contributors to a weekly piece.
Editorial Comment1st PlaceSan Francisco Business TimesThe 1970s called: They want their housing policies backJim GardnerSharp, concise discussion on a pair of laws that continue to impact people all across the Golden State for better and for worse.
Editorial Comment2nd PlaceSan Francisco Business TimesS.F.'s west side story is not Sharks v. Jets, but haves v. have-notsJim GardnerThe Business Times entries were easily the most well-written among all others in this category.
Editorial Comment3rd PlaceThe AlmanacQuestions surround councilwoman’s trip to ChinaRenee BattiA lot of questions seemingly worthy of being asked after reading reporting from the Chinese press.
Editorial Comment4th PlacePleasanton WeeklySchool District, Sheriff's Office Stonewalling UnacceptableGina Channell
Editorial Comment5th PlaceMountain View VoiceA dishonest debate over rent controlAndrea Gemmet
Editorial Comment1st PlaceThe Sonoma Index-Tribune"On Trump, the Free Press and Democracy"Jason WalshSharply written piece that pulls no punches. The commentary relates well to both the national scene and more importantly to its local audience.
Editorial Comment2nd PlacePetaluma Argus-CourierTrafficking can happen anywhereMatt BrownThe editorial distills a very major problem of human trafficking into easy-to-apply action items with a thoughtful re-telling of a story likely covered in the news section. There are too many Mayas. Well done.
Editorial Comment3rd PlaceTahoe Daily TribuneVote 'no' on Measure TTahoe Daily TribuneAn editorial that carefully and thoughtfully sifts through the rhetoric of what appears to be a divisive local issue. The writer comes down on the side of reason and likely helped readers/voters make an informed decision at the ballot box.
Editorial Comment4th PlaceDel Mar TimesSchool shootings: The tipping point?Marsha SuttonA passionate treatment of a national issue yet with relatable local context. The outrage is palpable.
Editorial Comment1st PlaceSt. Helena StarElection results are worth the waitDavid Stoneberg
Editorial Comment2nd PlaceThe Trinity JournalSomething is terribly wrong with this picture, our economyWayne Agner
Editorial Comment3rd PlaceHalf Moon Bay ReviewNew library is more than a buildingClay Lambert
Editorial Comment4th PlaceLincoln News MessengerCarjacking hits too close to homeCarol Feineman
Editorial Comment5th PlaceThe Mountain EnterpriseIs First Amendment Obsolete in Tejon Ranch's Piece of California? There should be consequences for undermining the CEQA processPatric Hedlund
Columns1st PlaceThe Orange County Register"New pressures for perfection contribute to rise in teen suicide" and "Digital predators, teen victims"David WhitingGut-wrenching stories shared in a compelling conversational tone that no doubt hit home with readers. Fantastic writing.
Columns2nd PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay Times"Jerry Brown’s embarrassing bullet-train bragging to Trump" and "Contra Costa County at first buried assessor sexual comments case"Daniel BorensteinThe straightforward, on-point approach in the high-speed rail cut right through all the nonsense to put the project in proper perspective. No doubt Borenstein's approach has developed a trusting relationship with his readers, evident in his breaking of assessor story that very well might have not seen the light of day.
Columns3rd PlaceThe Sacramento Bee"The privileged candidate: Why do we let Gavin Newsom get away with this?" and "Protesters called him ‘Uncle Tom’"Marcos BretónBreton's piece on the protest was put us in the shoes of someone we'd likely not even thought of with such a major news story. His column on the pass so many California have given Gavin Newsom in his political was both eye-opening and thought-provoking.
Columns4th PlaceLos Angeles TimesCapitol JournalGeorge Skelton
Columns5th PlaceLos Angeles Times"The smiles left behind" and "He grew up on these pages. So long, son."Chris Erskine
Columns1st PlaceThe Bakersfield Californian"Cafe society, Oildale style" and "A devilishly exciting downtown walk"Herb BenhamWitty, descriptive, poignant. Wonderful writing.
Columns2nd PlaceChico Enterprise-Record"Canyon can’t dodge this bullet" and "So many stories, so little time"David LittleThis work exemplifies exceptional community journalism.
Columns3rd PlaceThe Bakersfield Californian"A tale of two cities and one congressman" and "No cape, but hip-hop hero took on machete man anyway at Starbucks"Robert PriceColumnist is a fine wordsmith and an exceptional storyteller.
Columns4th PlaceThe Modesto Bee"Would you like some facts, or do you prefer to remain all wet?" and "Boo me, cheer me, chew me out ... just don’t bore me"Mike DunbarThe columnist has a sharp, clear point of view, delivered with a clarity and a clear grasp of the facts.
Columns5th PlaceMarin Independent Journal"We are grieving but we keep going" and "Shopping in Marin with kids or black"Vicki LarsonWell-written - and with a sense of conviction. Quite moving.
Columns1st PlaceNapa Valley RegisterSurrendering to MotherhoodJennifer HuffmanIn these two columns, writer Jennifer Huffman takes her readers through primal experiences, the growth of a daughter and the death of a father. She does so with poignancy, humanity and where appropriate, humor. She clearly refects the human condition.
Columns2nd PlaceTimes-Standard"Northern California state of mind" and "What do these kids think they know, anyway?"Marc VallesManaging editor Mark Valles invites readers in with his personal connection to two diverse issues — gun control and geographic identity. Once he has the readers, he challenges them. When the issue is serious, as it was when a city council was considering a gun control measure, his tone is level. When considering the topic of who gets to claim the label of being a Northern Californian, he pokes fun at himself to make a point about inclusion. He provides sharp writing in both instances.
Columns3rd PlaceThe Union"Asked and answered, indeed" and "Paradise by the laptop light"Brian HamiltonBriain Hamilton writes with a clear voice when examines President Trump’s decision not to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin. He shows humanity when he relates his empty nest experience with his wife. These entries show strong range.
Columns4th PlaceDaily Press"The park Virginia built" and "Preserving Virginia Dunbar’s legacy"Matthew CabeMatthew Cabe shows strong reporting and solid community connections in these columns about how a city’s finances impacted a park named after a young woman who had died. He stayed with the story as it came to a poignant conclusion.
Columns5th PlaceThe Record"A picture of professionalism" and "30 years? Some memories never fade"Donald BlountEditor Donald Blount did the reporting to recognize a photographer’s service contribution to the community in one of these columns, giving his readers an inside connection to those who bring them the news. The writing captures the humanity of the moment without being overly sentimental. His column on the 30th anniversary of a tragic school shooting put some of today’s headines in context. [Note to Organizer: This entry is found in two different submissions. See also the second submission by Blount on the 30th anniversary of a school shooting.]
Columns1st PlaceChico News & Review"Spot-on, Mr. Mayor" and "Heartbreak Ridge"Melissa DaughertyThese columns demonstrate that the writer can be both indignant and reflective. Impassioned and elegantly written.
Columns2nd PlaceThousand Oaks Acorn"Love wins the day" and "Bad moon rising"Eliav AppelbaumThe first of these columns is a sustained criticism of a lack of sportsmanship in school sports, the second a tribute to athletes who responded to a tragedy. Both are eloquent and accessible.
Columns3rd PlaceMonterey County Weekly"A warrant gone wrong leaves an innocent man jailed for eight days" and "Greenfield sues the Weekly for doing journalism, and the Weekly fights back"Mary DuanIn both of these pieces the writer deftly combines opinion and factual exposition. I was especially impressed by the lucid discussion of the legal issues involved in the attempt to keep the newspaper from publishing documents that would shed light on local government.
Columns4th PlaceGrunion Gazette"Mascot Mayhem Must Stop" and "Old Irish Game Has New Fan"JJ FiddlerOne of these columns contains strong opinion, the other is a charming travelogue about an athletic event in another country. Both are written in an in an accessible style.
Columns5th PlaceGrunion Gazette"Try Positive Approach To Lent" and "Reality More Than A Tweet"Harry SaltzgaverThe reader adopts a charmingly conversational tone in addressing both an everyday dilemma — how to observe Lent — and a mass shooting at a community newspaper.
Columns1st PlacePalos Verdes Peninsula News"No offense Alexa, she'd rather chat with Brenda from the local market" and "It's not her neck she feels bad about, it's all in the eyes"Jean Shriver
Columns2nd PlacePleasanton Weekly"At 60 gallons an hour, I’ve got quite a leak" and "The Five"Jeb Bing
Columns3rd PlacePoway News Chieftain"This is worth the argument" and "Think of those in food deserts"Amy Roost
Columns4th PlaceChino Champion"Newspaper Brickbats" and "McCain — What If"Allen McCombs
Columns5th PlacePoway News Chieftain"Reflecting on #MeToo movement" and "Important election scorecard needed"Dick Lyles
Columns1st PlaceDel Mar Times"The Hamilton effect on education may make classrooms of the future 'The Room Where It Happens'" and "Today's Martin Luther King Day"Marsha Sutton
Columns2nd PlaceThe Davis Enterprise"Is it time for me to give up my sport?" and "Patience, empathy and taking the plunge"Marion Franck
Columns3rd PlacePetaluma Argus-Courier"On self-parody, new Christmas albums ... and 'Shatner Claus'" and "A shop, an angel and a stranger's kindness"David Templeton
Columns4th PlaceThe Davis Enterprise"O Captain, my captain" and "It's the must-have item for this summer"Maya Sinha
Columns5th PlaceThe Sonoma Index-Tribune"Forget '3 Californias' – we’ve got 3 Sonomas..." and "Our town, Sonoma"Jason Walsh
Columns1st PlaceWinters Express"Humor isn't an excuse for hate" and "We're not witches, we're just angry"Emma JohnsonTwo excellent columns.
Columns2nd PlaceHalf Moon Bay Review"Dr. Seuss explains SAM, HMB" and "We say goodbye to immigrant who became an old friend"Clay LambertConjuring Dr. Seuss is one of the funnies pieces I've ever read. A truly delightful bit of commentary.
Columns3rd PlaceSt. Helena Star"Asleep in wine country" and "To pick or not to pick"Rich MoranFantastic writing.
Columns4th PlaceCalistoga Tribune"The power of listening and contemplation" and "Be wary of trading old for new, new for old"Colin MacPhailVery engaging
Columns5th PlaceFeather River Bulletin"Flying on Swallow's Wings" and "Not an enemy of the people"Meg UptonStrong message conveyed in each column.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage1st PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneArts & CultureUnion-Tribune Arts & Entertainment StaffVery beautiful.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage2nd PlaceLos Angeles TimesSunday CalendarLos Angeles Times Staff
Arts & Entertainment Coverage3rd PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleDatebookChronicle Arts Staff, Chronicle Design Staff
Arts & Entertainment Coverage4th PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesThe EyeRandy McMullen, Jennifer Schaefer, Staff
Arts & Entertainment Coverage5th PlaceThe Sacramento Bee"Founder of Tower Records dies at 92 while drinking whiskey and watching the Oscars"Dale Kasler, Bob Shallit
Arts & Entertainment Coverage1st PlaceThe Press DemocratSonoma GoPress Democrat StaffThese were fun, engaging reads that looked great on the page. The music coverage is enviable, from the thoughtful profile of a cover band to the profiles of a diverse group of local musicians to the breakdown of festival lineups/tips that make the reader feel invited to the party. The writing and the photos are uniformly strong. The summer calendar is well done.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage2nd PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianEye StreetBakersfield Californian's Eye Street staffThis feels like a go-to source for locals, with plenty of community content and a comprehensive calendar. Event coverage is strong for events big and small — even squeezing engaging copy out of unlikely subjects. Cheers to staffers grinding it out. Well done.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage3rd PlaceMarin Independent JournalLifestylesVicki LarsonBeautiful pages and some excellent writing, especially the art and music pieces. The calendar is a lovely, easily navigated presentation.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage4th PlaceNapa Valley RegisterArts sectionSasha Paulsen, Kelly DorenThe bylined pieces about the work locals are doing in the area and elsewhere are solid, and the pages and photos look great.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage5th PlaceThe UnionProspectorSean JordanUseful A&E information for locals on a broad range of events and engaging features.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage1st PlaceMetro Silicon ValleyArts & Entertainment coverageNick VeroninThe Metro tab is vibrant. It has a solid foundation. The typography is bold. The use of color is restrained, but pops. The calendar spread is inviting.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage2nd PlaceChico News & ReviewArts & CultureJason Cassidy, Melissa Daugherty, Tina FlynnThe CN&R Arts & Culture section has lots of entry points to draw you in. You get a sense that Chico has a lot to offer.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage3rd PlaceSonoma County GazetteDecember Community & Holiday CalendarVesta Copestakes, Elisabeth DeGoffLight on visuals, but lots of reader utility offered here. Listings are well organized and clearly labeled.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage4th PlaceGood TimesArts & EntertainmentSteve Palopoli, Georgia Johnson, Tabi ZarrinnaalThe calendar listings are easy to navigate, but the use of color on the cover packages is over the top.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage5th PlaceSacramento News & ReviewArts & Entertainment coverageSacramento News & Review StaffThe visuals with the Ghost Guns package do not rise to the seriousness of the subject matter.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage1st PlaceNorth Coast JournalArts & Entertainment coverageNorth Coast Journal StaffA very nice local A&E section with sharp graphic design, lively writing and headlines and very comprehensive coverage of community events. Nicely done.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage2nd PlaceThe Sonoma Index-TribuneValley LifeSonoma Index-Tribune StaffThis local A&E section has clearly had a lot of care and thought put into it, with nice graphic elements, sharp writing and headlines and comprehensive coverage of the local A&E scene.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage3rd PlaceThe ArkArkBeatArk Staff
Arts & Entertainment Coverage4th PlacePetaluma Argus-CourierCommunityDavid Templeton
Arts & Entertainment Coverage5th PlaceLedger DispatchOn The Vine & Student PhotosJack Mitchell, Caitlyn Schaap
Sports Game Story1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesWith Unwavering Determination, Nick Foles Emerges as Philadelphia's Newest IconSam FarmerFantastic ability to blend a game story with feature-style writing.
Sports Game Story2nd PlaceThe Desert SunPatricio Manuel becomes first transgender male to debut as professional boxerAndrew JohnFascinating subject that led to a well-built story focused on the bout and the fighter's journey from woman to man.
Sports Game Story3rd PlaceLos Angeles TimesDodgers Beat Red Sox in the Longest Game in World Series HistoryAndy McCulloughGreat game led to a fantastic story, though the actual piece may have been longer than the actual game. Well done though.
Sports Game Story4th PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleA's Season Comes to an EndSusan SlusserGreat job of encapsulating the season in a final game story. Covers all the bases.
Sports Game Story5th PlaceMarin Independent JournalBulls' postseason run endsDanny Schmidt
Sports Game Story1st PlaceMonterey Herald'All I ever wanted to achieve'John DevineOpens with the emotional reaction to the team’s accomplishment, and what it took to motivate them to win the state title. The details of the game are there, but it's really the team's reaction that is important.
Sports Game Story2nd PlaceDaily PressUncharted territoryJose QuinteroStraight to the point of what this fight meant to the winner, including a good description of how the fight progressed.
Sports Game Story3rd PlaceThe UnionOutpouring of love: Forest Lake Christian community lends helping hand to Paradise Adventist AcademyWalter FordA good example of the times we need to acknowledge that the match itself turns out to be less important than the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie among rival teams.
Sports Game Story4th PlaceNapa Valley RegisterPGA Tour: Tway wins Safeway Open on third playoff holeMarty JamesStarts off well with a description of the challenges the golfers faced, and then describes what it took to win it
Sports Game Story5th PlaceSanta Cruz SentinelKatherine Beiers, 85, endures rain, cold during run at Boston Marathon historyJulie JagInspiring story about how determination prevails. Could have used a little more description of her experience during her eight hours out on the course.
Sports Game Story1st PlaceLos Altos Town CrierAnother tough-luck loss for the Lancers: Valley Christian rallies for 31-30 overtime win in CCS Open D-II finalPete BorelloI feel the pain! Excellent job making the reader feel what Nice work.
Sports Game Story2nd PlaceSan Clemente TimesSan Clemente Beats Mission Viejo for First Time Since 1999Zach CavanaghStory hooked me right from the start. Great intro and comment from the defensive savior.
Sports Game Story3rd PlaceGrunion GazetteLong Beach State Volleyball Takes NCAA TitleMike GuardabascioWell written story with a great layout.
Sports Game Story4th PlacePalos Verdes Peninsula NewsFrom shuttered to almost-champsNicholas Ingram, Lisa Jacobs
Sports Game Story5th PlaceLos Altos Town CrierPanthers refuse to lose: Pinewood tops Mitty in triple overtime, reaches state finalPete Borello
Sports Game Story1st PlaceSan Marino TribuneDrought Declared DeceasedMitch LehmanWell reported and researched with some tremendous detail and historical notes. Really thorough work.
Sports Game Story2nd PlaceCalaveras EnterpriseBilderback breaks school hurdle recordGuy DossiI enjoyed the construction of the story, which took an event that happens so fast and slowed it down for the reader, adding weight and drama.
Sports Game Story3rd PlaceCalaveras EnterpriseKraig Clifton is cancer freeGuy DossiWe all enjoy a real feel-good story like this. Good find.
Sports Game Story4th PlaceLedger DispatchTD pass is a dream come true for Elmore Bros.Jeremy Malamed
Sports Game Story5th PlacePetaluma Argus-CourierGauchos win Egg BowlJohn Jackson
Sports Feature Story1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesWorld Series Game 5: An Inside Look at How a Championship Slipped Away From the DodgersAndy McCulloughA fascinating examination of the details of the game, and how the momentum can shift on just one batter or even one pitch. You learn a lot about the game through the mindsets of the coaches and players at those critical moments. This story brings the mental aspect of the game to life.
Sports Feature Story2nd PlaceThe Orange County RegisterNBA All-Star weekend: L.A. is already the center of the hoop worldRyan KartjeThis is the type of reporting that reveals a city’s relationship with the sport through anecdotes that people at all levels of the sport can relate to. That the NBA’s greats connect to the city through this relationship makes the story even more compelling.
Sports Feature Story3rd PlaceLos Angeles TimesThe Final Call: The Voice of USC Football Does His Most Important Work for an Audience of OneBill PlaschkeHigh profile sports figures often give back to their communities in ways that you otherwise would not hear of. Good job of highlighting the type of service that is is a selfless expression of kindness and compassion, and which means so much to the community, and would otherwise go unnoticed.
Sports Feature Story4th PlaceThe Fresno BeeBulldogs’ linebacker Jeff Allison again playing through painRobert KuwadaA respectful treatment of players willing to open up about the personal pain in their lives. Teams are often described as family. This story shows good examples of how strong that bond can be.
Sports Feature Story5th PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleGoing Home with DeMarcus CousinsConnor LeTourneauI like how the origin story helps describe the caring and charitable side of a player that we otherwise would not see.
Sports Feature Story1st PlaceChico Enterprise-RecordParadise senior runs his way to state meetWill DennerA touching story in the face of a historically tragic event.
Sports Feature Story2nd PlaceThe Press DemocratField of redemptionPhil BarberExcellent work. Great details.
Sports Feature Story3rd PlaceThe Desert SunA coach's kindnessShad PowersGreat story. It guides the reader through like a alpine stream winding its way down the mountain.
Sports Feature Story4th PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianChampionship season: Reliving Bakersfield College's 1988 JC football national titleJon Mettus
Sports Feature Story5th PlaceChico Enterprise-RecordAnd here's the kicker - both from Glenn CountySharon Martin
Sports Feature Story1st PlaceSan Gabriel Valley TribuneFormer Bishop Amat pitcher Daniel Zamora beat the odds to reach the big leaguesFred RobledoStory was interesting with good and often humorous quotes. It flowed well and held my interest. I felt like I really got to know the relationship between the pitcher and his high school pitching coach. Some typos and other errors were not enough to hurt my enjoyment of the article.
Sports Feature Story2nd PlaceRecord SearchlightFoothill's female linebacker tackles the status quoMatt BrannonNot the first time this kind of story has been covered, but it was well written with a lot of good quotes and gave the reader an insight into the thinking of a young woman's desire to play football...and her parents and coaches concerns. Good photos.
Sports Feature Story3rd PlaceThe TribuneSpace travel and bug nutrition: The intriguing life of SLO County's Wrestler of the YearTravis GibsonProof that not all athletes are dumb jocks. Interesting story to read about this young man's other interests and pursuits off the wrestling mat. Held my interest throughout.
Sports Feature Story4th PlaceVisalia Times-DeltaDACA 'Dreamer' football star uses gridiron glory to go to college. But for how long?Vongni YangDefinitely a topical subject and interesting. It might have benefited from a bit of tightening up of the story.
Sports Feature Story5th PlaceThe UnionRunning with purpose: In the wake of tragedy Dawson Fay finds solace in the game he lovesWalter Ford, Elias FunezCompelling story. It generally held my interest, especially at the beginning when it mentions the tragic auto accident that affected the young athlete.
Sports Feature Story1st PlaceSacramento News & ReviewPlaying through painKate GonzalesThe lede gets you invested in the story right away, and by the time the writer explains what happened, the reader has already gotten an education on the nuts and bolts of why street soccer is important. Great expository writing with good scenes. It's clear the reporter puts her subjects at ease during interviews, given how open they were for this story, one which uses sports as a lens to a major societal issue, and one of the biggest problems Sacramento faces, which is homelessness.
Sports Feature Story2nd PlaceGood Times"There's A Kick To It"Lauren HeplerThis story is as much about the launching of a semipro soccer team as it is about the man behind it. The writer presents a well-rounded portrait of Roberto Casteneda and how his personal experience shaped his motivations for wanting to help others. It also brings awareness to the challenges of Latino youth in the area. The occasional flare of creative writing is a nice touch — "navigating a Jenga tower of tenuous relationships" ... "the constellation of under-the-radar clubs"
Sports Feature Story3rd PlaceMonterey County WeeklyIntroducing the Monterey AmberjacksDave FariesThe writer touches on some good themes about the human condition, labor laws and passion for sports. The story provides a window into what life is like at the lower levels of the minor leagues, with the quirks of mismatched uniforms and noisy grounds work interrupting practices, as well as the tenuous living situations — all in the name of baseball.
Sports Feature Story4th PlaceGrunion GazetteShampklin Excels Straight to HarvardMike GuardabascioGood scene-setting lede for this story about a trailblazing student athlete. I would have liked to have read more about his upbringing, or the hardships he and his family have endured — what made his story stand out to Harvard, and what drives that work ethic?
Sports Feature Story5th PlaceGrunion GazetteTragedies Bring Wilson Aquatics CloserJJ FiddlerA good story about a team rallying around one another in the face of grief. I especially was struck by the coach's quote about how it's like growing up in fast forward. I would have liked to have known more about Krueger's relationship with her mother.
Sports Feature Story1st PlaceMoorpark AcornShe will never walk aloneEliav AppelbaumReally solid piece that draws the reader in with a touching story. Good balance of creative feature writing that still is direct and let's the subject tell their story.
Sports Feature Story2nd PlacePoway News ChieftainPoway player says 'football saved me'Terry MonahanGreat subject and an all-around solid piece. Just enough style to go with a substantive topic that isn't easy to tackle.
Sports Feature Story3rd PlacePalos Verdes Peninsula NewsLiving and running with Type I diabetesNicholas IngramThe rare feature story: Not heavy handed but still able to tell a story with style.
Sports Feature Story4th PlaceFree LanceAKA, The House of ChampionsEmanuel LeeGreat start. Loses some steam toward the middle and is incredibly long. Suited for a series, not one 150 inch feature story.
Sports Feature Story5th PlaceMoorpark AcornSand stormEliav AppelbaumAnother solid entry that tells the story of a football player's ambitions off the field.
Sports Feature Story1st PlaceTruckee Sun'How fast can I go?' Hall of Fame welcomes speed skiing legend Steve McKinneyJustin Scacco
Sports Feature Story2nd PlaceSan Marino OutlookSMHS Grad's 'Gooool': Attract World Cup ViewersOscar Areliz
Sports Feature Story3rd PlaceTahoe Daily TribuneClimbing in FebruaryBill Rozak
Sports Feature Story4th PlacePetaluma Argus-CourierScout's grand adventureJohn Jackson
Sports Feature Story5th PlaceTahoe Daily TribuneAcross Big BlueBill Rozak
Sports Feature Story1st PlaceMount Shasta HeraldCorben Brooks can't wait for the futureBarry Kaye
Sports Feature Story2nd PlaceCalaveras EnterpriseA heart attack won’t keep Matt Kirk downGuy Dossi
Sports Feature Story3rd PlaceSt. Helena StarDeep, tight-knit St. Helena High swim team expects dynasty to continueYousef Baig
Sports Feature Story4th PlaceThe ArkTaekwondo a family affairJeff Dempsey
Sports Feature Story5th PlaceSt. Helena StarStoried St. Helena wrestling program on hiatusYousef Baig
Front Page Layout & Design1st PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleSan Francisco Chronicle front pagesDanielle Mollette-Parks, Reid Sams, Todd Trumbull, Elizabeth BurrJust wonderful pages. I'm particularly struck by the creativity that goes into each day. Though it's not entirely original, I love what you do with numbers above the fire page. That creativity is on display again on election day. Love the rail. The treatment of the mayor's first day is probably what pushes this entry to the top. Using that photo big — showing the mayor from behind as she walks toward an uncertain adventure — was brilliant.
Front Page Layout & Design2nd PlaceThe TribuneThe Tribune front pagesTribune StaffThis is a newspaper I would like to fall on my driveway every single day. Designers knew what to do with the Big "J" Journalism done at this newspaper. There is an evident lack of equivocation; the newspaper is setting the agenda by boldly devoting so much space to these particular stories.
Front Page Layout & Design3rd PlaceLos Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times front pagesLos Angeles Times StaffClean layouts and stunning art every day. If I have a nit it is with the same template for consecutive days in November. Would have liked to see some variety between the shooting and the fire.
Front Page Layout & Design4th PlaceSanta Maria TimesSanta Maria Times front pagesDeborah Hile
Front Page Layout & Design5th PlaceNapa Valley RegisterNapa Valley Register front pagesNapa Valley Register Staff
Front Page Layout & Design1st PlaceSacramento News & ReviewSacramento News & Review front pagesSarah Hansel, Maria RatinovaBeautiful and imaginative illustrations and typography that serve hard investigative cover stories just as well as they serve playful pieces. Every one of these three samples stood head and shoulders above the competition to make this an easy top choice. Wonderfully done, Sarah and Maria.
Front Page Layout & Design2nd PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentSanta Barbara Independent front pagesCaitlin Fitch, Ben CiccatiLove the delicate touch, where a little goes a long way: Each approach is simple and clean, with tone-matched typography and minor but restrained graphic and typographic flourishes that turn a good design into a great one. Also a big fan of the treatments on teasers to additional content.
Front Page Layout & Design3rd PlaceGood TimesGood Times front pagesTabi ZarrinnaalGreat photography and illustrations with fun, tone-matched typography that isn't over the top. Very attractive work.
Front Page Layout & Design4th PlaceMonterey County WeeklyMonterey County Weekly front pagesKaren LoutzenheiserGreat visual concepts and typography. Wish the full-page visual treatment given to the gun-safety and sheriff's stories had been given in the #MeToo design — the powerful photo was undermined by teasers, and by undersized headline typography that either should have been much bolder or much more delicate.
Front Page Layout & Design5th PlaceNorth Coast JournalNorth Coast Journal front pagesDave Orchard, Jonathan Webster, Alexander WoodardVery cool illustrations, with great typography on those pieces. Also loved the perspective on the art photo and the stacking and layering of the headline; watch out for the unreadable white-on-light text.
Front Page Layout & Design1st PlaceBlack Voice NewsBlack Voice News front pagesChris AllenIn spite of the over-reliance on gray backgrounds, the undeniably striking and potent imagery leads to a sense of urgency in the reader.
Front Page Layout & Design2nd PlaceKing City RustlerKing City Rustler front pagesRyan CronkColorful and eye-catching, great variety, definitely punching above its weight. Nice job.
Front Page Layout & Design3rd PlaceTahoe Daily TribuneTahoe Daily Tribune front pagesLauren SolingerNot enough variety of stories, but undeniably punchy. Who wouldn't want to pick up a copy of this?
Front Page Layout & Design4th PlaceThe Sonoma Index-TribuneSonoma Index-Tribune front pagesSonoma Index-Tribune editorial staffA tad dry, but some clever headlines and a crisp, Guardian-esque layout.
Front Page Layout & Design5th PlaceSacramento Business JournalSacramento Business Journal front pagesStephanie HaysSolid graphics with a unified aesthetic.
Inside Page Layout & Design1st PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleFood & Home: Chinese CuisineChronicle Design Staff
Inside Page Layout & Design2nd PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesGold CountryMercury News/East Bay Times Staff
Inside Page Layout & Design3rd PlaceLos Angeles TimesNBA Preview 2018Kelli Sullivan, Allison Hong
Inside Page Layout & Design4th PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesExploring NapaMercury News/East Bay Times Staff
Inside Page Layout & Design5th PlaceLos Angeles TimesWho Is Anna March?Paul Gonzales
Inside Page Layout & Design1st PlaceNapa Valley RegisterNapa Valley Register Food sectionSasha Paulsen, Kelly DorenLoved the use of the large image to build the page around. Nice use of color in the graphics. Liked the icon and font use.
Inside Page Layout & Design2nd PlaceNapa Valley RegisterNapa Valley Register On Wine sectionSasha Paulsen, Kelly DorenBeautiful photography made this entry. Nice graphic design.
Inside Page Layout & Design3rd PlaceThe RecordIn defense of the centerRecord StaffNice photography. Mistake in the spacing on the bottom story (On The Road). Didn't like the use of color (pink) in the design.
Inside Page Layout & Design4th PlaceNapa Valley RegisterNapa Valley Register Food sectionSasha Paulsen, Kelly DorenDon't like Lettering over images-doesn't work on the main image or jump image. Attractive photos.
Inside Page Layout & Design5th PlaceThe UnionThe Union: Sept. 11, 2018 editionSamantha Sullivan, Joslyn FillmanAds on the page are awful. Photography not very strong and quality of the images hurt this entry.
Inside Page Layout & Design1st PlaceSacramento News & ReviewThese bands are your lifeSarah HanselThe format feels fresh and calls back to punk zines at the same time.
Inside Page Layout & Design2nd PlaceNorth Coast JournalIn the WindJonathan Webster
Inside Page Layout & Design3rd PlaceSan Francisco Business TimesSameness SellsCarolyn Seng, Todd Johnson
Inside Page Layout & Design4th PlaceChico News & ReviewInside Layout, 2/22/2018Tina Flynn
Inside Page Layout & Design5th PlaceMountain View VoiceThe startup wineryTalia Nakhjiri
Inside Page Layout & Design1st PlaceSilicon Valley Business JournalThe Making of 'The Making of Silicon Valley'Doug MagillThe "timeline" is incredible! The graphics used are very well done.
Inside Page Layout & Design2nd PlaceThe Desert ReviewComic-Con: San Diego's pop culture phenomenonNoel Bravo, Katherine RamosGood use of color and background art. The photos are interesting and well placed.
Inside Page Layout & Design3rd PlaceThe ArkUnique TouchesKevin HesselPage design, use of color and photography are well done.
Inside Page Layout & Design4th PlaceLedger DispatchOn The Vine, 8/14/2018Caitlyn SchaapMain graphic on the page pulls you in, associated color on the right side of the page gives it balance.
Inside Page Layout & Design5th PlaceSilicon Valley Business JournalBay Area IPOs Hover Near 10-Year HighNadir HussainHeadlines, graphics and color all very well done!
Photojournalism1st PlaceCalistoga TribuneCalistoga Tribune PhotojournalismClark James Mishler, Kimberly Beltran, Pat Hampton, Claudia Aceves
Photojournalism2nd PlaceThe AlmanacThe Almanac PhotojournalismAdam Pardee, Natalia Nazarova, Kate Bradshaw
Photojournalism3rd PlaceShasta Lake BulletinShasta Lake Bulletin PhotojournalismRon Harrington
Photojournalism4th PlaceSonoma West Times & NewsWest county studentsE.I. Hillin
Photojournalism5th PlaceMountain View VoiceMountain View Voice July 13, Nov. 9, Dec. 21Magali Gauthier, Natalia Nazarova, Michelle Le
News Photo1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesThe Shirt on His BackStuart W. PalleyMoment captured that showed what this wildfire was and impact.
News Photo2nd PlaceLos Angeles TimesThe Worst Kind of CasualtyMarcus YamHeartbreaking moment with layers of content from white of baby to darkness in shadows of people grieving.
News Photo3rd PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleFleeing the Camp FireGabrielle LurieEyewitness shot that shows why the escape took so many lives.
News Photo4th PlaceThe Fresno BeeThis deported Marine veteran came home the only way he could – in a casketJohn WalkerUnusual angle that has layers of content. Particularly illustrates the story of Marine's return.
News Photo5th PlaceThe Sacramento BeeMelted cars in Camp FireHector AmezcuaStorytelling image that gains depth by the melting metal that takes on an anthropomorphic quality.
News Photo1st PlaceThe Press DemocratFighting the River FireKent PorterThis is just a fantastic image. There's such great storytelling going on. I can almost hear the roar of the jet as it drops the fire retardant and smell the smoke as the desperate firefighters stand watching.
News Photo2nd PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianReturn to the wild: Golden eagle nursed back to healthFelix AdamoThis is an amazing capture. I can almost feel the pride of the wildlife rehabilitators as they document the eagle returning to the wild.
News Photo3rd PlaceThe Modesto BeeBrother of fallen Newman police corporal overwhelmed at news conferenceJoan Barnett LeeI can feel the pain of this man through this image. It's a great capture of a heart-wrenching scene.
News Photo4th PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianFighting tears at the Portrait of a Warrior photo galleryFelix AdamoThis is a really great moment with some wonderful storytelling.
News Photo5th PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianSuspects in stabbing death outside Fox Theater appear in courtHenry BarriosI love the sense of fear captured on the one suspect's face. It adds a lot to what is a bizarre courtroom scene.
News Photo1st PlaceThe ReporterHomicide Suspect SearchJoel RosenbaumGreat. Excellent news photo that instantly tells a story. Exceptional framing and decisive moment/timing.
News Photo2nd PlaceVisalia Times-DeltaNoble smash upRon HolmanDifficult situation, but effective moment captured on expression of rescue personal. The technical merit of the high ISO image could be improved.
News Photo3rd PlaceDaily PressPublic corruption probe in Adelanto widensJames QuiggSolid news photo. Being in the right time and right place. Technical/lighting could be improved.
News Photo4th PlaceDaily PressA message for policeJames QuiggRight place and time. Doesn't look staged for camera which could be possible in a situation like this. Not sure if publishable in all circumstances, even in 2019.
News Photo5th PlaceInland Valley Daily BulletinCold caseStan LimTouching moment of a family that seems to be on a mission of rememberance.
News Photo1st PlaceBrentwood PressBald eagles make a crash landingTony KukulichGreat capture of rare moment, perfectly capturing the reaction of the bird.
News Photo2nd PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentHoliday Fire FridayPaul Wellman
News Photo3rd PlaceThousand Oaks AcornNo Time to GrieveJoseph Garcia
News Photo4th PlaceThe Salinas CalifornianLosing a betJoe Szydlowski
News Photo5th PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentJack & Kim Johnson Bucket BrigadePaul WellmanNice angle, but image could benefit from a tighter crop, focusing on crew working. Eye goes to woman with the camera.
News Photo1st PlaceMountain View VoiceHundreds walk out of Google's Mountain View HQNatalia NazarovaGood moment, good use of light, nice emotion.
News Photo2nd PlaceChino ChampionEight semi-trucks collide on 60 Freeway (July 14, 2018)Josh ThompsonUnique scene, haven't seen it before.
News Photo3rd PlaceThe AlmanacMenlo Park to distribute 1,000 'N95' masks donated by FacebookMagali GauthierEyes tell an interesting story. Could be stronger with better crop.
News Photo4th PlaceThe AlmanacTaking a standMichelle LeWith a stronger crop, this could have risen in the ranks.
News Photo5th PlaceMountain View VoiceFire’s smoky haze disrupts life on MidpeninsulaMagali Gauthier
News Photo1st PlacePetaluma Argus-CourierLeaving the shelterCrissy PascualHeartbreaking image. Would have liked to see a tighter crop to pull the reader into the emotional hug. But nicely done.
News Photo2nd PlacePatterson IrrigatorFires keep firefighters busyJenifer WestClean capture with bold primary colors. Almost puts the viewer in the cockpit.
News Photo3rd PlaceThe Sonoma Index-Tribune"Paradise Lost"Robbi PengellyStrong, poignant image of a family under stress. Would have rated higher if father's face had remained a larger part of the image.
News Photo4th PlaceLedger DispatchCar FireJack MitchellEvocative image. Slow-shutter speed gives image eerie feel.
News Photo5th PlaceThe Folsom TelegraphUnexpected Election WinnerBill SullivanAll politics is local and this photographer took us to the heart of election night emotions.
News Photo1st PlaceClaremont CourierManlapaz MemorialSteven FelschundneffExpertly shot, outstanding drama and emotional connection. Back lighting adds depth. I feel for this woman.
News Photo2nd PlaceClaremont CourierHouse ExplodesSteven FelschundneffGood image, flames and fighters. Would have liked to see more drama, intensity, fighters faces.
News Photo3rd PlaceThe Intermountain NewsHat Fire BackfireCraig HarringtonSolid general news image of a backfire being lit.
News Photo4th PlaceThe Intermountain NewsHat Fire Helicopter Against the FlamesCraig Harringtongood composition, technical quality needs improvement perhaps over enlarged, up-sampled?
News Photo5th PlaceThe Trinity JournalAir attack on Carr fireWayne Agnergood image, I think cropping out second plane would improve overall composition.
Feature Photo1st PlaceThe Sacramento BeeTurkeys block trafficJose Luis VillegasImmediately struck by the great composition and the humor. Nice depth of field. It’s great when turkeys cooperate, isn’t it? Must not have been taken close to Thanksgiving.
Feature Photo2nd PlaceThe Fresno BeeAfter watching someone inhale 73 tacos in 8 minutes, he may never eat againEric Paul ZamoraWhat a mess — but what a great shot. Great lighting, nice job of stopping/capturing the action.
Feature Photo3rd PlaceThe Sacramento BeeTrump visits Camp FirePaul Kitagaki Jr.Great composition and nice depth of field. Really hits home, not just for the Camp Fire, but all of the devastating fires that have burned across California. Only thing that might possibly have made it a little stronger shot was to see at least a portion of the President's motorcade in the frame. But maybe the timing wasn't right and they weren’t quite around yet to make that happen.
Feature Photo4th PlaceLos Angeles TimesA Monument to a MemoryCarolyn ColeNice lighting, well composed. These type of photos never get old. It's a shot that may have looked just as good or possibly even better in black and white.
Feature Photo5th PlaceThe Fresno BeeValley Children’s doctors seek new ways to ease painCraig KohlrussGreat composition. Well done capturing the moment.
Feature Photo1st PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianWarm applause at the Veterans Day ParadeHenry BarriosThis tells a great story and gives us a gossamer, translucent flag we seldom see, along with the colorful dress and soft expression of the marcher. A beautiful, impactful shot.
Feature Photo2nd PlaceMarin Independent JournalRosie the Riveter faces evictionRobert TongThe light here is incredible and we are pinned by her gaze. It's full of understated feeling.
Feature Photo3rd PlaceThe Press DemocratA prayer for homeBeth SchlankerThere seems to be more than one story in this photo and the woman in the foreground is captured a world apart. Beautiful color here, too.
Feature Photo4th PlaceLos Angeles Daily NewsDog parkHans GutknechtA great action shot with a fine focus on its subjects. We have all been the dog on the right, and this captures a familiar moment that's typically too fast for us to examine.
Feature Photo5th PlaceThe Modesto BeeSun sets on the Stanislaus County FairJoan Barnett LeeThis captures the vibe of a fair so well — the bright lights, the candy colors, the cheapness and the ephemeral quality of what carnies will tear down in a week.
Feature Photo1st PlaceThe TribunePee wee showmanDavid MiddlecampNice moment of struggle. Photographer did well to get low for the best angle.
Feature Photo2nd PlaceThe RecordWater jetsClifford OtoNice image, wonderful lighting.
Feature Photo3rd PlaceVisalia Times-DeltaGrad clicking heelsRon HolmanThe moment of spontaneity we all look for at graduations.
Feature Photo4th PlaceSanta Maria TimesThe magic of bubblesLen WoodThe expression of wonder makes the image.
Feature Photo5th PlaceThe ReporterHonoring His BrotherJoel RosenbaumPoignant and moving.
Feature Photo1st PlaceThousand Oaks AcornLong Trip DownMichael CoonsThis girl's face made this image. Great moment of total fear.
Feature Photo2nd PlacePalo Alto WeeklyOctagenarian WelderVeronica WeberReally like all the spark caught mid-air. Great moment.
Feature Photo3rd PlacePalo Alto WeeklyNever ForgetVeronica WeberNice composition. Low angle with clean layers really helped this image rise above.
Feature Photo4th PlaceSimi Valley AcornFine feathered friendsDianne AveryNice moment
Feature Photo5th PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentDrone ClubPaul WellmanGreat concept. I wish the club members were a little more in focus.
Feature Photo1st PlaceChino ChampionGirl with American flag attending Sept. 11 remembrance ceremonyJosh ThompsonFavorite image of the two categories judged. Dignified and reflective. Lovely moment.
Feature Photo2nd PlaceMountain View VoiceA colorful Dasara displayNatalia NazarovaPhotographer takes us to a shared, intimate moment captured with a warm inner glow.
Feature Photo3rd PlaceLa Jolla LightPEOPLE: Chef BernardCorey LevitanBrilliant perspective drew us in.
Feature Photo4th PlaceAuburn JournalBuckets of funGus ThomsonDelightful capture of child's creativity.
Feature Photo5th PlaceMountain View VoiceA perfectly glorious summer dayNatalia NazarovaRich, layered compositon built around a Rockewellian moment.
Feature Photo1st PlaceThe Sonoma Index-Tribune"The Lights of Their Lives"Robbi PengellyAnyone can look at this photograph and draw a connection to the moment. The lighting is perfect and the frame is beautiful captured.
Feature Photo2nd PlaceSilicon Valley Business JournalBellarmine Barber BoysVicki ThompsonI'm nutty about these old men. Love that the photographer thought to frame them between the legs of other folks getting their hair cut.
Feature Photo3rd PlaceRoseville Press TribuneStunning Campaign VictoryBill SullivanGreat capture of an important and historical moment.
Feature Photo4th PlaceThe Folsom TelegraphJourney accomplishedBill SullivanGreat capture of an important moment. The emotion is intense.
Feature Photo5th PlaceElk Grove Citizen"Preparing for the Worst"Steve CrowleyGood candid portrait.
Feature Photo1st PlaceCalistoga TribuneBulls eyeClark James MishlerI love this image. It does a great job of storytelling. The bull's face is wonderful. I do wish we could see the rider's face for some juxtaposing emotion, but otherwise I think this is a great capture.
Feature Photo2nd PlaceBig Bear GrizzlyLast tonesJudi BowersThis image is very strong. There's great emotion in his face and eyes. If only there was a tear rolling down, and maybe a bit more context that would show he's a firefighter.
Feature Photo3rd PlaceThe ArkA place of healingMatthew HoseI really enjoy the leading lines/repetitive patterns with the band stretching photo, as well as the woman's expression. It just feels a bit cluttered with the paintings behind them.
Feature Photo4th PlaceClaremont CourierEnter HereSteven FelschundneffI enjoy the sense of joyful chaos in this image. I just really want to see the full faces of the people off to the right.
Feature Photo5th PlaceThe Weekly CalistoganPinoeer Christmas Bale Grist MillCynthia SweeneyI like the interaction of this photo. Just a lot going on in the background.
Artistic Photo1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesOwl's Escape From the FlamesWally SkalijThis is a sublime image and an unusual look at a common theme of how fires affect wildlife.
Artistic Photo2nd PlaceThe Orange County RegisterIcy stareJeff GritchenThis picture really stood out from the thumbnails and even though one could argue it is just a guy in a costume, I felt the execution was excellent and fulfilled the category.
Artistic Photo3rd PlaceThe Sacramento BeeSac New YearJose Luis VillegasBeautiful take on a very over done subject. Nicely composed as well.
Artistic Photo4th PlaceLos Angeles TimesMoonlight SurfAllen J. SchabenGreat timing and perfect framing. I would have moved this up to third if the surfer was silhouetted against the sea as opposed to getting a bit lost among the pilings.
Artistic Photo5th PlaceThe Sacramento BeeTule ElkHector AmezcuaNice light and mood, fits the category perfectly
Artistic Photo1st PlaceThe TribuneRanger challengeDavid MiddlecampClever use of framing and backlit light to capture a very interesting and unique perspective during this event.
Artistic Photo2nd PlaceSanta Cruz SentinelBig SurfShmuel ThalerGreat frame with beautiful light and sharp details, plus impeccable timing capturing the three waves rolling into the frame with the silhouettes of the surfer and the seagull. I can almost feel the sea spray!
Artistic Photo3rd PlaceInland Valley Daily BulletinPolice funeralJennifer Cappuccio MaherA different perspective capturing a police funeral, I love the framing which focuses on the officer's eye framed amongst the other officers, and I love the muted tones.
Artistic Photo4th PlaceVisalia Times-DeltaTulare County FairRon HolmanWonderful tender moment captured in a tough lighting situation, I'm shocked the photo is so sharp. Love the contrast in colors and the mood conveyed as we feel the wonder of this little girl looking at the lights.
Artistic Photo5th PlaceThe TribuneSpaceX launchJoe JohnstonPerfect timing capturing the rocket launch with beautiful light and sharp details covering the event. Nice long exposure.
Artistic Photo1st PlaceThousand Oaks AcornA Walk In The SunRob VarelaClear winner, great composition and beautiful light.
Artistic Photo2nd PlaceThe AlmanacDreams come trueMagali GauthierNice composition and symmetry rose this image to the top
Artistic Photo3rd PlaceTracy PressSmoke and embersGlenn MooreNice composition from a surreal scene.
Artistic Photo4th PlaceLa Jolla LightChabad ushers in HanukkahCorey LevitanNice moment and light
Artistic Photo5th PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentFalcon LaunchPaul WellmanNice idea, execution could be a little cleaner.
Artistic Photo1st PlaceBlack Voice NewsIn Memoriam: Dr. Sterling Stuckey, Noted Historian & Riverside ResidentBenoit MalphettesNice personality coming through, technically interesting.
Artistic Photo2nd PlaceSilicon Valley Business JournalWalter Magnuson's MysteriesVicki ThompsonNicely lit and posed good color.
Artistic Photo3rd PlacePetaluma Argus-CourierDay of the DeadCrissy PascualNice candid moment.
Artistic Photo4th PlaceThe Folsom TelegraphEaster Morning TranquilityBill Sullivan
Artistic Photo5th PlaceThe Sonoma Index-Tribune"After the Fire, the Fire Still Burns"Robbi Pengelly
Artistic Photo1st PlaceThe ArkCelestial hat trickKevin Hessel
Artistic Photo2nd PlaceThe Intermountain NewsHot Air Balloon FestivalBill Myers
Photo Story/Essay1st PlaceLos Angeles Times'We Are Throwaways'Gary CoronadoWhile other entries told larger stories very well, I was compelled by the much smaller, more human story in this entry.
Photo Story/Essay2nd PlaceLos Angeles TimesDeadly Clashes in the Gaza StripMarcus YamAmazing photojournalism. Excellent storytelling.
Photo Story/Essay3rd PlaceLos Angeles TimesCalifornia WildfiresLos Angeles Times StaffTremendous job with setting a big scene. My one comment is that I think the entry needed more human photos in it.
Photo Story/Essay4th PlaceLos Angeles TimesLife on the LineRobert GauthierUpon viewing this entry, I wanted to read the series it was associated with. Great access to both sides of the border and both sides of this town.
Photo Story/Essay5th PlaceThe Sacramento BeeSay his nameHector Amezcua, Renee C. Byer, Paul Kitagaki Jr., Jose Luis VillegasThe way this entry depicted a community in turmoil was very effective.
Photo Story/Essay1st PlaceThe Desert SunHomeless camp clearedJay Calderon
Photo Story/Essay2nd PlaceThe Desert SunPoisoned Cities, Deadly BorderZoe Meyers
Photo Story/Essay3rd PlaceMarin Independent JournalEarn-a-Bike gives kids confidence and a bikeAlan Dep
Photo Story/Essay4th PlaceThe Record-30- After more than a century, print era comes to an end as Record press facility shuts downDonald Blount, Clifford Oto
Photo Story/Essay5th PlaceThe Press DemocratBroken: A Year in the Life of Steve & MichelleErik Castro
Photo Story/Essay1st PlaceBrentwood PressCity of Antioch removes homeless encampmentTony KukulichReally captured the serious situation. The black and white only added to the feel of the photos.
Photo Story/Essay2nd PlaceSan Clemente TimesOcean Festival Day One and TwoEric HeinzGreat action shots. Colorful photos. Good job.
Photo Story/Essay3rd PlaceCamarillo AcornEye-popping viewsJoseph GarciaI thought this was a fun photo spread. I was wondering how you got some of those photos from those heights and angles.
Photo Story/Essay4th PlaceMountain View VoiceRaising the curtain on 'The Nutcracker'Magali GauthierWell done. You did a nice job of showing the work that goes in to holding a production like that. It was cool that you acquired behind the scenes access.
Photo Story/Essay5th PlaceMountain View VoiceProtesters to Trump: keep families togetherNatalia NazarovaCaptured the serious nature of the event.
Photo Story/Essay1st PlaceLedger DispatchFire Blazes Mother LodeMichael Cozad, Bill Lavallie, Chip Dingman
Photo Story/Essay2nd PlacePetaluma Argus-CourierLincoln SchoolCrissy Pascual
Photo Story/Essay3rd PlaceLedger DispatchHoldin’ on for Dear Life!Johnathan Knittel
Photo Story/Essay4th PlaceShasta Lake BulletinCarr FireRon Harrington
Photo Story/Essay5th PlaceLedger DispatchColorful Day in JacksonJack Mitchell, Caitlyn Schaap, John Tuttle
Sports Action Photo1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesThe CatchWally Skalij
Sports Action Photo2nd PlaceThe Sacramento Bee49ers scramblePaul Kitagaki Jr.
Sports Action Photo3rd PlaceLos Angeles TimesIcarusWally Skalij
Sports Action Photo4th PlaceLos Angeles TimesRock the BoatWally Skalij
Sports Action Photo5th PlaceLos Angeles TimesFrostbiteWally Skalij
Sports Action Photo1st PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianKymberlynn Jackson takes solid leadHenry BarriosPerfect focus! perfect composition! Bravo!
Sports Action Photo2nd PlaceLos Angeles Daily NewsSafe at homeKeith BirminghamGreat moment. Great capture. I do wish however that the caption told me who the Dodgers won against. Seems like important information to include.
Sports Action Photo3rd PlaceThe Desert SunA first in the ringBrandon MagpantayI appreciate being able to see the emotion and effort of the athletes in this photo. Sports photos tend to be wider and I like that this photo is offering me a closer peak into this moment.
Sports Action Photo4th PlaceMarin Independent JournalSafe at homeAlan DepGreat symmetry in this photo.
Sports Action Photo5th PlaceMarin Independent JournalQuick turnAlan DepGood moment captured.
Sports Action Photo1st PlaceMerced Sun-StarHow Merced’s perfect season ended with a shocking playoff upset to River Valley.Andrew Kuhn
Sports Action Photo2nd PlaceThe TribuneKeeper collisionDavid Middlecamp
Sports Action Photo3rd PlaceVisalia Times-DeltaRedwood High School goalie in actionRon Holman
Sports Action Photo4th PlaceInland Valley Daily BulletinCrashWill Lester
Sports Action Photo5th PlaceThe RecordLucasClifford Oto
Sports Action Photo1st PlaceCamarillo AcornShooting for the moonJoseph GarciaGreat action, light, moment
Sports Action Photo2nd PlaceThe Beach ReporterCan't stop himGil CastroGreat moment. Fun how every player on the field is watching the ball carrier
Sports Action Photo3rd PlaceSimi Valley AcornCrosstown rivalryMichael CoonsGreat angle. I'm judging only the first photo on the two-page layout submitted, single this is a single image category.
Sports Action Photo4th PlaceCamarillo AcornMarch madness in CamarilloBobby CurtisSuper moment, great quality.
Sports Action Photo5th PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentNCAA College Cup ChampionshipPaul WellmanGreat action.
Sports Action Photo1st PlaceChino ChampionChino Hills High Basketball player Andre Ball making a two-handed leaping slam dunkJosh ThompsonThe potential energy is riveting.
Sports Action Photo2nd PlaceMoorpark AcornYou wanted a hit?Michael CoonsWhat a freeze frame. And in perfect focus outside during a night game. Impressive.
Sports Action Photo3rd PlaceThe Davis EnterpriseCan you dig it?Fred GladdisThe layers, from the diving player to her teammate to the bench, make this photo special.
Sports Action Photo4th PlaceLedger DispatchFlying HighJack Mitchell
Sports Action Photo5th PlaceTracy PressBloodlessGlenn Moore
Sports Action Photo1st PlaceMariposa GazetteLook out below!Matt Johnson
Sports Action Photo2nd PlaceBig Bear GrizzlyCatching a titleKathy Portie
Sports Action Photo3rd PlaceSt. Helena StarSt. Helena footballGus Morris
Sports Action Photo4th PlaceSt. Helena StarAhren Trumble bocceGus Morris
Sports Action Photo5th PlaceThe Intermountain NewsIncoming...Bill Myers
Sports Feature Photo1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesStretchWally Skalij
Sports Feature Photo2nd PlaceLos Angeles TimesReflection of a ManWally Skalij
Sports Feature Photo3rd PlaceLos Angeles TimesBlue Light SpecialWally Skalij
Sports Feature Photo4th PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneHorse trainer Joe Herrick and Lovely FinishHoward Lipin
Sports Feature Photo5th PlaceThe Press-EnterpriseBrothersTerry Pierson
Sports Feature Photo1st PlaceThe TribunePeekabooJoe JohnstonGreat unexpected frame from a scene that is often predictable to cover. Love the way the girls' lipstick matches the school's banner and the fun moment right before the action begins.
Sports Feature Photo2nd PlaceTimes-HeraldFlexing a winChris RileyGreat capture during this wrestling match showing the victor's celebration (in a not so sportsmanlike display!). Clean frame and really conveys the drama in wrestling.
Sports Feature Photo3rd PlaceThe San Bernardino SunRising starTerry PiersonBeautiful use of light and love the simplicity of the use of light and dark background and contrast to convey the drama of a young man with a lot of choices on his mind and the pressures of being an athlete. Portrait is very well done!
Sports Feature Photo4th PlaceRedlands Daily FactsHydrationStan LimThe photographer really captured a funny and quirky moment here in a sport that doesn't get covered very often. Love how the photog shot from a low angle to show the bicyclist's perspective.
Sports Feature Photo5th PlaceLodi News-SentinelSenior OlympicsBea AhbeckThe photographer captured a really charming scene as these women play their own version of hockey (and look like they are concentrating really hard too!) during the Winter Olympics. Wish the photo was sharper however.
Sports Feature Photo1st PlaceTracy PressJoyGlenn MooreGreat moment, good expressions, good composition, made the most of the bad light.
Sports Feature Photo2nd PlaceAuburn JournalA slip, a fall - and they're outMichael KirbyGood moment, good emotion, composition could have been better.
Sports Feature Photo3rd PlaceThe AcornSky's the limit for this CoyoteMichael CoonsWell composed and light.
Sports Feature Photo4th PlacePasadena OutlookPoly Wins ChampionshipEric Danielson
Sports Feature Photo5th PlacePoway News ChieftainPlay ball!Criselda Yee
Sports Feature Photo1st PlaceLos Banos EnterpriseLos Banos earns share of WAC championship with thrilling win over Pacheco.Gene LiebStrong moment with great interaction. Stood out as the clear winner.
Sports Feature Photo2nd PlaceCalistoga TribuneHurray for the WarriorsClark James MishlerGreat color and composition.
Sports Feature Photo3rd PlaceThe Folsom TelegraphSad day at the soapbox derbyBill SullivanNice face, but the hand of God was a little too heavy.
Sports Feature Photo4th PlaceCalistoga TribuneWalking away with fifth winGene Duffy Jr., Pat HamptonNice moment with a somewhat clean background.
Sports Feature Photo5th PlaceThe Intermountain NewsLady Bulldogs Keep Hope AliveCraig HarringtonGood faces, bad crop
Special Section1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesYear in Review 2018Los Angeles Times Staff
Special Section2nd PlaceNapa Valley RegisterInside Napa Valley MagazineSean Scully, Norma Kostecka
Special Section3rd PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesChill magazineJackie Burrell, Jennifer Schaefer, Chris Gotsill, Staff
Special Section4th PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianThe Year in Dining 2018The Bakersfield Californian
Special Section5th PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleFood & Home: The Matriarchy IssueChronicle Food & Wine Staff, Chronicle Design Staff
Special Section1st PlaceSacramento News & ReviewDessert issueSteph Rodriguez, StaffThis has all the elements of a great special section from layout that pops, graphics that entice the reader, stories that were descriptive and ads that correspond with the theme. #1.
Special Section2nd PlaceThe Beach ReporterKindness, a guide to philanthropy ... The Beach ReporterPaul Kryczko, Lisa Jacobs, Michael Hixon, David RosenfeldGreat cover, love the design and the stories were amazing! Nice job!
Special Section3rd PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentActive AgingSanta Barbara Independent StaffGreat use of photos and content, the graphics were great and on point. Nicely done!
Special Section4th PlaceMonterey County WeeklySummer Activities Guide 2018Monterey County Weekly Staff
Special Section5th PlaceSonoma County Gazette15th Annual Sonoma County Gardener's Resource GuideVesta Copestakes
Special Section1st PlaceNorth Coast JournalThe Media Literacy IssueNorth Coast Journal Staff
Special Section2nd PlaceSan Clemente TimesBest of San ClementeJasmine Smith
Special Section3rd PlacePalos Verdes Peninsula NewsOur TownPaul Kryczko, Lisa Jacobs
Special Section4th PlaceThe Capistrano DispatchBest of San Juan CapistranoJasmine Smith
Special Section5th PlaceAuburn JournalDiscover AuburnJulie Miller, Aaron Tweeton, Bill Sullivan, Beth O'Brien
Special Section1st PlaceThe Folsom TelegraphFolsom Telegraph, Folsom Lake Entertainer special section 2018Bill Sullivan, Rachel Zirin, Matt Long, Julie MillerImpressive.
Special Section2nd PlaceMountain DemocratAdventures Winter 2018Richard Esposito, Letty Baumgardner, Ian Balentine, Mimi EscabarWell done.
Special Section3rd PlaceLa Canada Flintridge OutlookFiesta DaysAisa Reyes, Karin Esterhammer, Camila Castellanos, Mirjam SwansonInformative.
Special Section4th PlaceThe Business JournalMade in the Central ValleyHarold Foster, Gabriel Dillard, David CastellonMeaty.
Special Section5th PlaceDana Point TimesBest of Dana PointJasmine SmithGood.
Special Section1st PlaceThe ArkHome - Fall 2018Emily Lavin, Staff
Special Section2nd PlaceThe Intermountain NewsVisitors Guide 2018Craig Harrington, Barbara Turner, Aaron Williams, Bill Campbell
Special Section3rd PlaceShasta Lake Bulletin2018 Shasta Lake & North State Visitors GuideRon Harrington, Aaron Williams, Jon Lewis, Buddy Fairbanks
Special Section4th PlaceCalistoga TribuneSeptember Mud City WeekenderPat Hampton
Special Section5th PlaceThe Healdsburg TribuneHarvest 2018Sonoma West Publishers
Special Section Cover1st PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleThree! (Warriors Commemorative Issue), California Wine, Island StyleElizabeth BurrThe Warrior cover is my top choice. It uses an impactful photo and dynamic image. Its obvious what the content is without spelling it out. Makes me want to open the section.
Special Section Cover2nd PlaceLos Angeles TimesSpecial Sections: Holiday Gift Guide, 101 Restaurants We Love, Year in ReviewLos Angeles Times StaffFirefighter cover is my second choice. I would have given it a 7 if I could have scored it separately.
Special Section Cover3rd PlaceNapa Valley RegisterInside Napa Valley Magazine coversNapa Valley Register StaffI love everything about this cover except for the font choice on the title.
Special Section Cover1st PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentWorkin' It, Fiesta, and Gift GuideElaine Madsen, Ben CiccatiThese covers were by far the class of the field. All of the covers were strong with great typography and photographs. The festival cover was especially strong and quite eye catching.
Special Section Cover2nd PlaceMonterey County WeeklyHoliday Shopping Guide, Eat+Drink, Summer Activities GuideKaren Loutzenheiser, Raul Magallanes, Rory GlassThese were good entries though having drawings sometimes takes away from the seriousness of the subjects. Good work.
Special Section Cover3rd PlaceNorth Coast JournalNCJ Special Section CoversJacqui Langeland, Jonathan WebsterThese entries were good, especially the subject matter. However, some of the text was unreadable on one of the entries. The cannabis entry was especially good.
Special Section Cover1st PlaceLedger DispatchAmador County FairCaitlyn Schaap, Beth Barnard, Sarah TullusStands out in the crowd for execution — use of graphics, fonts and color. Even though I believe the elements are not original, they are used together to create original art . This feels like I will learn about ways to have fun when I open the cover to see what's inside.
Special Section Cover2nd PlaceThe Business JournalMade in the Central Valley coverHarold Foster, Jr.I LOVE these colors and the fact that the original art does tell me what the topic is - industrial agriculture. I like the sun and gear in the title. This is visually exciting and hits high on all the judging criteria. The ONLY down-side is that I have no indicators as to what I'm going to learn when I open the publication. It could stand well on its own without ever turning the page...which misses that one important element - open me up!
Special Section Cover3rd PlaceLedger DispatchHoliday MagicCaitlyn Schaap, Beth Barnard, Sarah TullusI like the colors, use of fonts, and execution, but it's not especially original, which is why it ranks unde #1 and #2.
Special Section Cover4th PlaceCalistoga TribuneMud City WeekenderPat HamptonThis is functional and uses good quality photographs. It''s not inspiring visually but it does what its supposed to do - give me something pleasing to look at and tell me what's inside.
Special Publication1st PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleIn the KitchenDeb Wandell, Sarah Fritsche, Paolo Lucchesi, Tracy CoxThe use of photography and elegant design make this shine. I would tuck it away and keep it with my cookbooks for years. Very ambitious idea to collect all of those beloved recipes from powerhouse restaurants. A foodie celebration that is unique and beautiful.
Special Publication2nd PlaceLos Angeles Times101 Restaurants We LoveLos Angeles Times StaffStrong use of photography and the writing is so good, you can almost taste the dishes described. The checklists for true foodie fans to keep track of which places they've been is a nice touch. Well done.
Special Publication3rd PlaceThe Orange County RegisterCoast Magazine: May 2018Samantha Dunn, Jenn Tanaka, Karen KelsoLovely mix of photography and a strong editorial voice. The content could be more original, but definitely gives a clear vision of the luxury lifestyle. The design is elegant and simple.
Special Publication4th PlaceNapa Valley RegisterDistinctive PropertiesRandy Dowis, Kelly DorenA nice localized version of a classic real estate magazine. Strong cover art. Hyper-local maps and voices are useful and sets the publication apart. The real estate trends column is especially well done. Some of the content since rather generic - it would be better to have more content unique to the area.
Special Publication5th PlaceNapa Valley RegisterDistinctive PropertiesRandy Dowis, Kelly DorenA nice localized version of a classic real estate magazine. Strong cover art. Hyper-local maps and voices are useful and sets the publication apart. The real estate trends column is especially well done. Some of the content since rather generic - it would be better to have more content unique to the area.
Special Publication1st PlaceNorth Coast JournalHumboldt InsiderNorth Coast Journal StaffPublication is very well done serving the area with quality writing, useful information and great graphic design and promotions (advertising)
Special Publication2nd PlaceMonterey County WeeklyEat+Drink GuideMonterey County Weekly StaffPage 61 would not load. Very nice ad package with great graphic design, layout. Quality of writing is no Pulitzer, but rather simple, easy to read and serves its purpose.
Special Publication3rd PlaceNorth Coast JournalHumboldt Cannabis MagazineNorth Coast Journal StaffWell written. Photographs, for the most part, are good, accompanying art for the stories. Some captions are a little too simplistic and, I believe, would be stronger if those in them had IDs. Nice advertising package (and I bet they paid cash).
Special Publication4th PlaceTracy PressCelebrate TracyWill Fleet, Michael Ellis Langley, Lisa Cracraft, Melanie SmithPublication is well made serving the area with good writing, useful information and advertising.
Special Publication5th PlaceSan Francisco Business TimesBay Area BiotechRon Leuty, Richard ProcterFlexPaper not very conducive for viewing publication (at least on my Mac with a large screen). Too much zooming and scrolling required. Two-page viewing is thrown off by pages 1 and 2 appearing together, thus not representing how the publication would look as a printed copy. Type on some stories dropped. Otherwise, well written, nice charts, nice ad package.
Special Publication1st PlaceSilicon Valley Business JournalBook of Lists 2018Rosellen "Rosie" Downey
Special Publication2nd PlaceThe Healdsburg TribuneCannabis in Sonoma CountySonoma West Publishers
Special Publication3rd PlaceThe Intermountain NewsInter-Mountain Fair Centennial MagazineCraig Harrington, Barbara Turner, Aaron Williams, Ashley Rose Williams
Special Publication4th PlaceMountain DemocratAdventures Summer 2018Richard Esposito, Letty Baumgardner, Ian Balentine, Mimi Escabar
Special Publication5th PlaceLedger DispatchKnight Foundry Rededication Ceremony ProgramJack Mitchell, Caitlyn Schaap
Sports Section1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesL.A. Times Sports sectionLos Angeles Times Staff
Sports Section2nd PlaceThe Desert SunThe Desert Sun Sports sectionMatt Solinsky, Shad Powers, Larry Bohannan, Andrew John
Sports Section3rd PlaceNapa Valley RegisterNapa Valley Register Sports sectionAndy Wilcox, Marty James, Gus Morris, Yousef Baig
Sports Section4th PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneThe San Diego Union-Tribune Sports sectionSports Staff
Sports Section5th PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleSporting GreenSan Francisco Chronicle staff
Sports Section1st PlacePetaluma Argus-CourierPetaluma Argus-Courier Sports sectionJohn Jackson
Sports Section2nd PlaceLedger DispatchIn The GameJeremy Malamed, Jack Mitchell, John Tuttle, Aaron Johnson
Sports Section3rd PlaceMariposa GazetteMariposa Gazette Sports sectionMatt Johnson
Sports Section4th PlaceTracy PressTracy Press Sports sectionBob Brownne
Sports Section5th PlaceThe Desert ReviewThe Desert Review Sport sectionKalin Turner, Javier Guerrero, Gustavo Garcia
Special Sports Section1st PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleWarriors, The Oakland YearsChronicle Sports Staff, Elizabeth Burr, Tam DuongThis entry was absolutely astonishing. It is in a class all of its own. Bruce Jenkins pens a tale of a team that includes everything you can imagine, from heartbreak to saving a dolphin. The historical purpose of this is amazing — and it even ends with some hope for a city that is losing a team. The historical photos add so much to the publication. This was by far the class of this field and was a job so well done it deserves higher recognition than from a humble newspaper contest judge. Still, it just doesn't get any better than this publication. The Chronicle went above and beyond to produce this piece, itself a historical record.
Special Sports Section2nd PlaceLos Angeles TimesNBA Preview 2018Los Angeles Times StaffThis was a great special section, especially given the relevance of having the biggest superstar in the NBA as the centerpiece. The reporting in this edition is outstanding, as it the layout, photography and use of graphics.
Special Sports Section3rd PlaceThe Bakersfield CalifornianBVarsity 2018 Football PreviewThe Bakersfield Californian's BVarsity staffFor a production about high school football, this one was a job well done. The layout is good and the use of graphics is outstanding. All teams are previewed in depth with well-written stories. It should also be noted the amount of local advertising, which shows how much the community stands behind its teams. That is important in this day and age.
Special Sports Section4th PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneBaseball 2018San Diego Union-Tribune Sports StaffThis was a great edition for the baseball fan. If you wanted to know about the Padres, this was the place to go. Photography is outstanding as are the graphics and layout. It was also a nice touch having the chronicle of the team's schedule. Good job.
Special Sports Section5th PlaceThe Desert SunDesert Classic Golf Special SectionMatt Solinsky, Larry BohannanFor a golf tournament preview, this was packed with information. A lot of time and effort was put into this edition. The layout was very good as was all of the graphics which outlined each course. The local writing angle, too, was well done. Who knew how important musical entertainment was to a golf tournament.
Special Sports Section1st PlaceThe Folsom TelegraphFolsom Telegraph Friday Night Lights Special Sports Section 2018Matt Long, Bill Sullivan, Julie Miller
Special Sports Section2nd PlaceThousand Oaks AcornPigskin Preview 2019Thousand Oaks Acorn Staff
Special Sports Section3rd PlaceElk Grove CitizenAmgen Tour of California - Elk Grove - Thursday, May 17The Citizen staff
Special Sports Section4th PlaceGrunion GazetteLong Beach Prep Preview FOOTBALL 2018Grunion Gazette Staff
Special Sports Section5th PlaceLedger Dispatch2018 NorCal ChampionsJack Mitchell, Jeremy Malamed
Editorial Cartoon1st PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneCohen/ManafortSteve Breen
Editorial Cartoon2nd PlaceMarin Independent Journal2018 Marin whale killsGeorge Russell
Editorial Cartoon3rd PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneCalifornia is already divided into 3 statesSteve Breen
Editorial Cartoon1st PlaceThe UnionIt takes a village idiotR.L. CrabbEasily understandable and quickly elicits a laugh, though it is a deadly serious topic to people in the region.
Editorial Cartoon2nd PlaceThe Ukiah Daily JournalKester-Hot AirJames KesterFresh take on Donald Trump, focusing on his "interior" rather than other aspects of his personality.
Editorial Cartoon3rd PlaceNapa Valley RegisterWheel of HousingRoberto TinocoEasily understandable approach to Napa's housing issues; a crisis it shares with virtually all California regions.
Editorial Cartoon4th PlaceNapa Valley RegisterAffordable housingRoberto TinocoThis cartoon shows the nature of trying to find housing in one of California's more popular areas. Tough and random
Editorial Cartoon5th PlaceNapa Valley RegisterNew governorRoberto Tinoco
Editorial Cartoon1st PlaceWinters ExpressFire Evacuation CartoonDaniel WilliamsWonderful artwork. Subtle but very clear.
Editorial Cartoon2nd PlaceSt. Helena StarCartoon comment by Joan MartensJoan MartensFun change of pace. Nice concept.
Editorial Cartoon3rd PlacePetaluma Argus-CourierRural school enrollmentPete McDonnellClearl, timely and local.
Editorial Cartoon4th PlaceSt. Helena StarCartoon comment by Joan MartensJoan MartensNice artwork and execution.
Editorial Cartoon5th PlaceHalf Moon Bay ReviewPut that outMarc HershonFunny, slapstick take on a topical issue.
Illustration1st PlaceLos Angeles TimesFestival of BooksJonathan Bartlett, Paul Gonzales
Illustration2nd PlaceLos Angeles TimesTrump's MarketEdel Rodriguez, Kelli Sullivan, Betty Chavarria
Illustration3rd PlaceLos Angeles TimesResistance With a BeatEdel Rodriguez, Paul Gonzales
Illustration4th PlaceLos Angeles TimesThe Legacy of Stan LeeButcher Billy, Kelli Sullivan, Swetha Kannan
Illustration5th PlaceLos Angeles TimesCalendar Oscar WrapIC4DESIGN, Paul Gonzales
Illustration1st PlaceSanta Barbara IndependentBooksBen CiccatiThe artwork is the best at conveying what the article is about, tiny libraries. It clearly shows tiny libraries, but in a whimsical way that draws attention and brings the reader in. Especially effective was the theme of the books coming from a tree, and the wood tones of the tree being repeated in the colors of the houses as well as the books; brown, reddish-brown and green, etc.
Illustration2nd PlaceNorth Coast JournalAbalone coverJacqueline Langeland
Illustration3rd PlaceRosamond NewsRosamond real estateJohn Joyce, Gayle Joyce, Amanda Garcia
Illustration4th PlaceSacramento Business JournalSBJ Illustration EntriesStephanie Hays
Illustration5th PlaceRosamond NewsLet's Clean Up!Gayle Joyce, Amanda Garcia
Informational Graphic1st PlaceThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesOne bore or two?PaiColorful and detailed, it clearly conveys the information in an interesting way. Accessible to an average reader.
Informational Graphic2nd PlaceSan Francisco ChronicleWine Country FiresJohn BlanchardGood clean graphic that manages to go into granular detail without seeming too busy. Clear labels and color scheme makes it easy to read and accessible and locator map makes it easy to place.
Informational Graphic3rd PlaceLos Angeles TimesA Region at RiskRaoul Rańoa, Rong-Gong Lin IIGood use of dual graphics to convey both a problem and a solution. Information presented clearly and drawings are interesting, showing big picture as well as small details.
Informational Graphic4th PlaceLos Angeles TimesGavin Newsom's Loyal SupportersPriya KrishnakumarLots of information packed into a tight graphic. Not immediately clear what we are looking at without reading into it. Family tree format makes it seem busy and cluttered.
Informational Graphic5th PlaceLos Angeles TimesA Step-by-Step Account of the Destructive Camp FireSwetha KannanAn informative map, but this graphic has been employed in many disasters and is not creative or new.
Informational Graphic1st PlacePalo Alto WeeklyThe Year in NumbersKristin Brown, Linda TaaffeVery nice breakout of the year in this community. Simple to understand.Useful for community members.
Informational Graphic2nd PlaceSacramento News & ReviewWhy is Sacramento failing its black students?Sarah HanselVery informative and organized piece. Nice use of color. A little bit cluttered and jammed though.
Informational Graphic3rd PlaceLedger DispatchCost of DUICaitlyn SchaapSimple and impactful. Any parent with a new driver would clip this out and show it to their kids.
Informational Graphic4th PlaceThe Desert ReviewDesert Kids NewsAmanda Hollinger, Brett Miller, Noel BravoCute design. Easy to understand. Nice color. The space seems a bit big for the graphic. Maybe another visual element would have helped here.
Informational Graphic5th PlaceSonoma County GazetteSonoma County Watershed Cleanup GuideVesta Copestakes, Elisabeth DeGoffOrganized and very user friendly. Nice use of art.