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2019 California Journalism Awards Campus Contest winners

2019 California Journalism Awards Campus Contest winners

The table below displays the 2019 California Journalism Awards Campus Contest winners by category.

The table is sortable by the column headers (Category, Award, Publication, Entry Title, Credits and Judge’s Comments) but you probably want to zero in on your own publication. The easiest way to do that is to use the search box to type in the name of your publication.

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Personalized certificates will also be mailed to winners in each category.

CategoryAwardPublicationEntry TitleCreditsJudge’s Comments
General Excellence1stSan Jose State University-Spartan DailyMay 9 & 15, 2019Spartan Daily Staff
General Excellence2ndUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianOct. 3 & 4, 2019Soofie Motamedi, Sakura Cannestra, Kaitlan Tseng
General Excellence3rdCSU Fresno-The CollegianMarch 13 & 20, 2019Collegian Staff
General Excellence4thCSU Bakersfield-The RunnerNov. 20 & Dec. 4, 2019Sam Underwood, Amy Pachla, Marsalh Musaad
General Excellence5thCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanNov. 20 & 21, 2019Daily Titan Staff
General Excellence1stSouthwestern College-The SunNov. 21 & Dec. 12, 2019Sun StaffThe Sun's writing is top notch. The design is a bit weak, but the use of photos is excellent. The paper's editorial voice is strong and the range of coverage is compelling and thought-provoking. The line in the editorial about "Seagull Management" is PURE GOLD.
General Excellence2ndContra Costa College-The AdvocateApril 21 & May 7, 2019Advocate StaffVery strong design, especially in typography and use of graphics/illustration. The cannabis layout is especially good. As is the election timeline - useful and effective. Stories cover a good range, but could use some more editing for clarity and readability.
General Excellence3rdSanta Ana College-el DonOct. 28 & Dec. 2, 2019Lesly Guzman, Ashley Ramynke, Kate Bustamante, Dorian ZavalaThe design is near flawless - excellent use of color, typography and especially illustration. The coverage is strong, although could reflect back on the school/students more. The boxing feature did not seem to connect to campus. The Women In Fear package was very strong, specifically due to the illustration.
General Excellence4thSan Joaquin Delta College-The CollegianNov. 8 & Dec. 6, 2019Collegian StaffIt's clear the large staff of the Collegian has a lot of talent. Their dedication to investigative work is admirable. The use of design and illustration is strong. More creativity could be put into the headlines. Excellent job at presenting a wide range of campus views.
General Excellence5thSan Jose City College-The TimesMay 7 & April 9, 2019Joeanna Lopez, Mikie Negrete, Jason Lin, Times StaffIt is clear the Times staff knows its campus well - they demonstrate a wide range of student views and opinions. The layout and use of typography could use work.
General Excellence1stSanger High School - Hi-LightsOctober & November 2019Emily Hartsell, Allison Chang, Madison Lopez, Simran SodhiEye-catching front pages and design. Interesting mix of news stories and opinion pieces. Elements such as scannable codes are a fun way to incorporate digital media into a print product. Strong writing and photography. The staff demonstrates a commitment to providing local news coverage.
General Excellence2ndGranite Bay High School-The GazetteMarch & April 2019Granite Bay Gazette Staff
General Excellence3rdArchbishop Riordan High School-The CrusaderOctober & December 2019Steven Rissotto, Crusader Staff
General Excellence4thCastro Valley High School-The OlympianNov. 8 & Dec. 6, 2019Olympian Staff
Writing1stClaremont Colleges-The Student LifeLoud hands are proud hands: The joy, freedom, and pain of stimmingDonnie DenomeA poignantly written first-person column that certainly opened this judge's eyes to one of the often-dismissed challenges of people with autism.
Writing2ndUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianPay Attention to Santa Rita JailRevati Thatte, Daily Californian Editorial BoardCrisply written editorial that grabs the reader's attention in the very first sentence and doesn't let go until it's made its convincingly made its point.
Writing3rdCSU Fresno-The CollegianWednesday Warmup: The assassination of California sports by the coward Mark EmmertAnthony De LeonThis editorial was illuminating even for a reader who doesn't follow college sports.
Writing4thCSU Fresno-The CollegianWednesday Warmup: A tale of two interceptionsAnthony De Leon
Writing1stEl Camino College-The UnionLiving as an undocumented student under the Trump administrationFernando HaroStrong anecdotal lede (should be used sparingly, but works here). Really appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this piece, balancing the personal with the greater issue/context. Great choices.
Writing2ndSan Jose City College-The TimesWhen mommy wasn't the greatestKrissy TobeyThis is just darned good writing. I loved it.
Writing3rdSanta Ana College-el DonLocal Gamers Protest Against BlizzardCarrie GrahamExciting journalism from the community college level.
Writing4thSan Jose City College-The TimesAstronomical selfishnessKrissy TobeyVery clever writing.
Writing5thEl Camino College-The UnionHumanitarian pushes through traumatic past to help othersFernando HaroAnother outstanding effort from this talented journalist.
Writing1stGranite Bay High School-The GazetteCheating on the riseEmerson FordThe piece did a good job tackling a timeless topic. It was filled with engaging examples and was well reported and organized.
Writing2ndGranite Bay High School-The GazetteAfter 5 days in a coma, former Rocklin student has become an anti-vaping activistAshley YungThe story is filled with vivid details and shows impact.
Writing3rdSanger High School - Hi-LightsDress codes updates are underwayEmily HartsellStory is well reported and includes strong examples and sources.
Writing4thCastro Valley High School-The OlympianAmazon rainforest needs actionTiffany HoThe lead grabbed my attention and made me want to keep reading.
Writing5thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteTeachers Fear They Lack a Voice & Representation in RJUHSDCori CaplingerWriting about contract negotiations is tough. Story showed balance.
Enterprise News Story or Series1stSan Jose State University-Spartan DailyMillions MisusedLindsey Boyd, Jana Kadah, Mauricio LaPlante, Kunal MehtaReally belongs in an investigative category if there is one, reporting on large-scale financial mismanagement at the Spartan Foundation. This subject was picked up later by other news organizations and led to a lot of discussion about how the funds were used. A couple of well-designed graphics outlines the sometimes complex money flow, as it is supposed to occur and as the paper says it actually did, along with a timeline showing how the personel interacted; all were helpful in conveying the situation. The university disputed some of the article's conclusions but apparently not the core factual assertions. Outstanding work.
Enterprise News Story or Series2ndCSU Long Beach-Daily 49erBehind the scenes at CSULBJacob Powers, Rachel Barnes, Anna KarkalikA goal for news: Tell me something I don't already know even thought it's in plain sight. These articles do that. I always wondered what was actually inside my university's "central plant." Now I have a better idea. The description (and ample but not overwhelming details) plus the clear photos make for a good package in story 1. The article on "a taste of the nugget" (about how the campus' main eatery works) came close to the first, the backgrounder of the campus shuttle system was enlightening and probably directly useful for many students, and the night shift custodians piece probably exposed students to a whole world of people they hadn't even thought of before. (Not to mention the winner of the custodian of the year award.) This is the kind of series any college paper (really, any paper) could usefully do, and these articles, not especially long but overall well crafted, could serve as models.
Enterprise News Story or Series3rdSan Jose State University-Spartan DailyOut of nine faculty members denied tenure or promotion, seven were women of colorChristian TrujanoSome of the professors denied tenure maintain that the evaluations system is broken. The article (prompted by those complaints) takes a careful look at the process, drawing on both procedural records as well as interviews and confidential documents. This probably was not an easy story to research, though there were advocates on both sides who likely helped. It reads like a solidly-researched piece focused more on the background than on the specific news item (though there was some digging into the specific cases), so it logically fits this category.
Enterprise News Story or Series4thSan Jose State University-Spartan DailyA.S. President accused of harassmentVicente Vera, Chelsea Nguyen FleigeShould this have been in a news category? It is a broadly comprehensive article about an accusation of stalking and harassment against a student leader, with images of official documents related to the case, along with (later on as the story develops) a defamation lawsuit filed by the accused. It looks to have been comprehensively and clearly reported, though the first article might have benefited from a tighter copy edit. A good series of spot news stories covering a sensitive conflict.
Enterprise News Story or Series5thCSU Chico-The OrionButte Hall project stirs asbestos fearsJessie ImhoffShort but packed a lot of useful background and information into the story plus accompanying graphic. It notes that asbestos removal is ongoing, what the history of the main removal site is, why the problem happened, what the health problems are that could be involved, some background on past possibly-related deaths and other locations where asbestos can be found on campus. That makes it sound like a long story but very efficiently handled. It was partially a news story per se, though, since it was prompted by just-then ongoing asbestos removal operations.
Enterprise News Story or Series1stSan Joaquin Delta College-The CollegianMyDelta RolloutCollegian Staff
Enterprise News Story or Series2ndSouthwestern College-The SunAssociated Student Organization DebacleBrittany Cruz-Fejeran, Katy Stegall, Julia Woock, Pernisha Gaines
Enterprise News Story or Series3rdEl Camino College-The UnionHeavy rain and cold temperatures impact homeless residentsJose Tobar, Juan Miranda, Cameron Woods
Enterprise News Story or Series4thEl Camino College-The UnionStudents with Autism Spectrum Disorder make up 12% of disabled student population at El Camino CollegeRosemary Montalvo
Enterprise News Story or Series5thEl Camino College-The UnionFood safety questioned around community colleges; inspection results varyMerritt Ryan Albin
Enterprise News Story or Series1stGranite Bay High School-The GazetteGen Z facing the vaping epidemicAngelina Kolosey, Mareesa Islam, Ashley YungThe topic is a timely one, and I appreciated there were numerous voices. The structure was strong, but be careful about leads that carry an opinion.
Enterprise News Story or Series2ndSanger High School - Hi-LightsNew whistle blower on campusCarlos Moctezuma, Anysa ChanthavongTimely information presented clearly. Some strong writing and a straightforward lead.
Enterprise News Story or Series3rdGranite Bay High School-The GazetteThe Administrative Angle at Granite Bay HighAshley Yung, Sophie Criscione, Angelina KoloseyWell-framed story that highlights perspectives of admin in an effort to educate readers.
Enterprise News Story or Series4thSanger High School - Hi-LightsMake the government open againEmily Hartsell
Enterprise News Story or Series5thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteJust a difference of opinion?Angelina Kolosey, Sophie Criscione, Ashley Yung
Profile Story1stClaremont Colleges-The Student LifeWhat’s going on at the Denver House?Laney Pope, Siena SwiftIn lesser hands, this story could have been snarky and confusing. Instead, this well-reported effort answered some interesting questions while posing others.
Profile Story2ndUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianTrey Turner III: Family is ‘forever united’Surina KhuranaNice general profile, touching on many aspects of the young man's life.
Profile Story3rdCSU Long Beach-Daily 49erTransitioning while visibleMadalyn AmatoTook what can be a complicated subject and always presented it in knowable, human terms.
Profile Story4thCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanEscaping Vietnam to reform educationBrandon PhoA warm piece that did a good job of presenting personal history within the context of history itself.
Profile Story5thCSU Long Beach-Daily 49er94-year-old man goes back to collegeSaad KaziA heartwarming slice of life.
Profile Story1stSanta Rosa Junior College-The Oak LeafResistance: Now and foreverZane Zinkl
Profile Story2ndEl Camino College-The UnionFeaturesTop Stories Humanitarians fight against homelessness by providing basic needsRoseana Martinez
Profile Story3rdLas Positas College-ExpressIt's about more than basketball for Hawks Australian forwardArion Armeniakos
Profile Story4thLas Positas College-ExpressCamryn Adams emerges triumphantDevin Bradshaw
Profile Story5thSanta Rosa Junior College-The Oak LeafDouble life: Classes by day, jokes by nightRiley Palmer
Profile Story1stGranite Bay High School-The GazetteTeacher tries tiny-house livingKate FernandezTight professional-level writing. Excellent layout with two-deck head and off-center photo due to vertical quote.
Profile Story2ndArchbishop Riordan High School-The CrusaderCelebrating 70 years of Crusader Brotherhood: 1970s: The PathfindersMichael GraySchool pride, properly written. Insightful quotes instructive for all who read story.
Profile Story3rdGranite Bay High School-The GazetteMulti-lingual students on campusShreya DodballapurQuotations support amazing story about value of multilingual relationships and assist others. Bright layout is attractive.
Profile Story4thSanger High School - Hi-LightsChacon bring legacy to new high schoolSuriya SiriphoositGood, broad coverage of multi-faceted topic. Tighter editing would help. Layout rather “busy.”
Profile Story5thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteGBHS faculty also write fictionBella KhorPleasant read. Did need tighter editing for less casual approach. Good interview skill, demonstrates a teacher who “gets it done.”
Columns1stUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianPee math; Rain, rain, go awayVyoma RamanPowerful writing that provides a glimpse into the daily routines so many take for granted but prove challenging for those with disabilities.
Columns2ndCSU Chico-The OrionChico State struggles with Camp Fire aftermath; Campus police take responsibility for actions — Hutchinson will notNatalie HansonColumns held public institutions accountable with effective writing.
Columns3rdUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianDelaying my diagnosis; Not your inspirationSimmy KhetpalColumns are well written.
Columns1stLas Positas College-ExpressNo, Quentin Tarantino was not disrespecting Bruce Lee. Lighten up. Please.; ‘The Irishman’ a harbinger of the digital dominance paradigmTravis DannerEnjoyed the opinions.
Columns2ndSouthwestern College-The SunBlack men need understanding, support to fight depression; ‘No Snitching’ ethos a contagion for minoritiesJustin DotteryWell-written.
Columns3rdContra Costa College-The AdvocateDrag culture gets watered down by mainstream TV; Smollet hoax sets back the LGBTQ community, sheds negative lightMichael SantoneImportant topic.
Columns4thContra Costa College-The AdvocateGaming professionals need league support; Boxing’s dangerous norms raise questionsXavier JohnsonFascinating.
Columns5thContra Costa College-The AdvocateProfit margins spell doom for holiday cheer; Indigenous beauty tests society’s viewCindy PantojaInteresting
Columns1stCastro Valley High School-The OlympianWhy do you choose to judge people based on what they wear?; APUSH class simulations should be reconsideredKatrina SilerThoughtful commentary on the influence and conduct of a class.
Columns2ndCastro Valley High School-The OlympianDon’t be afraid to take a risk; Growing Up MultiracialJeanette WallisBoth Olympian entries into this contest demonstrated superior writing.
Columns3rdGranite Bay High School-The GazettePolitics have come for comedy; Problematic or not, Kanye is reformedJustin HaNice take on how funny it always is when politics and comedy collide.
Columns4thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteSuccess has numerous definitions; Censorship keeps the truth awayAshley Yung
Columns5thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteDreams should be encouraged; Our teachers need some support tooCori Caplinger
Sports Game Story1stUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianThe Axe is back: Cal beats Stanford for 1st time in decadeEmily OhmanSharp lede on this college football rivalry story which pulled me into the piece. Overall, tight writing with nice descrlption. Excellent game coverage.
Sports Game Story2ndCSU Chico-The OrionRugby team fights for national titleLucero Del Rayo-Nava
Sports Game Story1stLas Positas College-ExpressHawks show off grit, determination — advance in the playoffs with a win over TaftArion Armeniakos
Sports Game Story2ndEl Camino College-The UnionECC men’s basketball team’s offensive struggles continue in loss to Fullerton CollegeMatthew Sandoval
Sports Game Story3rdSanta Ana College-el DonDons Women's Soccer Team Win Their First Playoff Since 2009Dorian Zavala
Sports Game Story4thLas Positas College-ExpressHawks historic season ends after loss in Santa RosaArion Armeniakos
Sports Game Story5thContra Costa College-The AdvocateEarly lead squandered after errorLuis Cortes
Sports Game Story1stCastro Valley High School-The OlympianTrojans achieve epic comebackKatrina Siler
Sports Game Story2ndCastro Valley High School-The OlympianKia's kick caps Trojans' triumphMyla Ogle
Sports Game Story3rdArchbishop Riordan High School-The CrusaderBasketball starts season with slam dunkCameron Bevan-Abel
Sports Game Story4thArchbishop Riordan High School-The CrusaderRiordan cross country runs its way to top 5Christian Ramirez Cortes
News Photo1stUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianMultiple arrests, 1 injury occur during protest of Ann Coulter event at UC BerkeleySam AlbilloThe source of light turns a good picture into a great one. I like how it illuminates the faces of those nearby, while the edges of the photo disappear into darkness. The focus of the picture, the president’s catchphrase, jump out at the viewer and make this photo more significant, whether you agree with the message or not. Nice job.
News Photo2ndCSU Long Beach-Daily 49erRoof repair -- workers go high to fix a leaky pyramid roofAustin BrumblayGood use of the trees in the foreground to make a contrast with the massive building in the background. The difference in color between foreground and back also makes this picture jump out at the viewer. The people look like ants on the pyramid. Great photo.
News Photo3rdUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianBerkeley celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Day with 27th annual powwowJosh KahenThe focus on the three women in their colorful outfits makes for a beautiful, sharp photo. The background shows the viewer what’s happening, though I’d prefer the focus to be more on the women and have less tents in the shot.
News Photo4thSan Jose State University-Spartan DailyDeath stirs concern for pedestriansMauricio La PlanteA picture that makes the viewer remember how fleeting life is. The deceased is obviously weighing on the subject of the photo, and it makes for a thoughtful picture. It’s a bit too fuzzy for me, though, and would have liked a sharper image.
News Photo5thCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanBlack students say CSUF isn’t as diverse as university claimsNoah BiesiadaIt’s obvious that this group of people is dealing with significant issues and is deep in discussion. Ultimately, though, it’s a picture of people standing around. Action would make this photo more powerful.
News Photo1stSouthwestern College-The SunOne Region — Two CountriesAilyn DumasThe barbed wire behind the subject of the photo captures the tense moments these people went through to get to the border. Captures impact.
News Photo2ndSouthwestern College-The SunStranded in Tijuana: Santos Catalino López Velásquez's daughterBrittany Cruz-FejeranThe child is sickly, and could have been the main focus of the shot, but by showing the hand holding the child with the face blurred out, gives a sense of hope despite the tough conditions they find themselves in.
News Photo3rdSanta Monica College-CorsairPete Buttigieg (left) and Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, speak to mediaYasamin JtehraniGood up close shot. Captures Pete's facial expression well in a clear shot. Great quality.
News Photo4thSouthwestern College-The SunLife in the BorderlandsAilyn DumasThis image captures impact of the story well. Countless mothers who traveled to the border with their children underwent a lot of stress, but the small curve in her lips delivers a calm only a mother can give.
News Photo5thSanta Ana College-el DonProtest Against Gaming CompanyCarrie GrahamProtest photos always offer great environments for shoots. The ability to get a tight shot on here is commendable.
News Photo1stSanger High School - Hi-LightsMom surprised son named Homecoming KingEmily HartsellThe photographer did a great job of capturing the mom's surprise. Without much movement in the photo, her expression helps liven up the image.
News Photo2ndGranite Bay High School-The GazetteHomecoming kissLindsey ZabellGreat job at finding a heartfelt moment to photograph! You can feel the emotion in this photo.
News Photo3rdArchbishop Riordan High School-The CrusaderMercury levels in murky Lake Merced increaseAntonio MaffeiThis photo has a clean composition that gives the eye clear direction of focus.
News Photo4thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteAnimal rehab courageBradyn KestiThis photo has a great subject; showing more of the person's face would have made it significantly more impactful.
News Photo5thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteEnjoying the showLindsey Zabell
Feature Photo1stUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianFight Until The EndSam AlbilloStriking visual with great composition. Extremely well done with attractive shadowing and back light.
Feature Photo2ndUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianRun It BackIreland WagnerStrong visual storytelling. Nice details captured on subject's face and balanced back lighting.
Feature Photo3rdCSU Chico-The OrionQueens, camera, actionMary VogelCaptivating image composed well.
Feature Photo1stSanta Monica College-CorsairWomens Swim Team Sana Shoket emerges from pool in a shower of water sprayYasamin Jtehrani
Feature Photo2ndContra Costa College-The AdvocateCulture and resistance celebratedXavier Johnson
Feature Photo3rdSanta Ana College-el DonBallet FolkloricoNikki Nelsen
Feature Photo4thSanta Ana College-el DonBrainstory Debuts Album in Downtown Santa AnaAshley Ramynke
Feature Photo5thSouthwestern College-The SunChild Development Center serves students and their kidsNicholas James
Feature Photo1stSanger High School - Hi-LightsDaddy's pride and joyMadison LopezThis perfectly timed and well-composed shot captured the sweet and emotional moment in the foreground as well as the explosive action in the background.
Feature Photo2ndCastro Valley High School-The OlympianHomecoming Football Game CelebrationDerek NeyerThe photographer was in place on the field and captured an emotional moment right after the game.
Feature Photo3rdCastro Valley High School-The OlympianHomecomingElena LottichThe photographer was well positioned to capture this energetic crowd of students. We only hope he/she didn't get run over!
Feature Photo4thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteVapingMaya SnowThis well-composed photo illustration was used to good effect in the page design.
Feature Photo5thCastro Valley High School-The OlympianMariachiMilagros AquinoThe photographer captured a nice swirl of action by a colorfully dressed dancer.
Sports Action Photo1stCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanVolleyball splits weekend in RiversideMariah Ross
Sports Action Photo2ndUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianNever say die: Inside Cal’s 2019 seasonIreland Wagner
Sports Action Photo3rdCSU Long Beach-Daily 49erInternational waters -- Brazilian star making wavesAustin Brumblay
Sports Action Photo4thCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanTitans win slew of Big West conference awardsKason Clark
Sports Action Photo5thCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanNewsom gives the power to the playersEliza Green
Sports Action Photo1stLas Positas College-ExpressPhoto of Michael HayesAlan Lewis
Sports Action Photo2ndSanta Ana College-el DonWomen's SoccerChris Castro
Sports Action Photo3rdSanta Ana College-el DonDons Men's Soccer Team TiesRafael Valencia
Sports Action Photo4thSanta Ana College-el DonSophomore Running Back Scores Against LA Valley CollegeChris Castro
Sports Action Photo5thSanta Monica College-CorsairThe Flash at the LA Marathon StartAndrew Narvaez
Sports Action Photo1stSanger High School - Hi-LightsKosi Agina FootballTroy CastilloSharp photo capturing action at the right moment.
Sports Action Photo2ndGranite Bay High School-The GazetteFootball runLindsey ZabellGreat shot, well focused, capturing the players' action (and even the ref in the background!)
Sports Action Photo3rdCastro Valley High School-The OlympianOlivia Ott, wrestlingKayla Craft-Williams
Sports Action Photo4thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteColor guardLindsey Zabell
Sports Action Photo5thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteFootball trenchesLindsey Zabell
Photo Illustration1stCSU Chico-The OrionQueens, camera, actionJacob Collier, Mary VogelThe photos are vibrant and special for each subject. The page design helps highlight each photo.
Photo Illustration2ndCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanTitans cap Big West run as championsJordan MendozaThe emotion in the photo is touching and it's amazing that so many players are included.
Photo Illustration3rdCSU Fullerton-Daily TitanSuspect on campus after stabbingEliza GreenThe thoughtful page design and photo editing shows that the articles are related, but gives proper attention to the victim.
Photo Illustration4thClaremont Colleges-The Student LifeThe darker side of sports: Career-ending athletic injuries and adjusting to life afterwardTalia BernsteinThe photos are well shot and tasteful for the article's subject.
Photo Illustration5thCSU Bakersfield-The RunnerVegan HeartBre ParksThe photo is colorful and vibrant.
Photo Illustration1stSanta Ana College-el DonSpring Break GuideNikki NelsenStriking, bold colors and meticulous photography that immediately say "spring." A refreshing, eye-catching work of art.
Photo Illustration2ndSanta Rosa Junior College-The Oak LeafCarceral state: The prison industrial complex wasn’t the solution for my momEdgar Soria GarciaPowerful.
Photo Illustration3rdSan Jose City College-The TimesSJCC's Past vs. Present — TrackJason LinNice "then and now" concept.
Photo Illustration4thLas Positas College-ExpressLittle man on campusJennifer Snook, Thiha NaingSimple yet effective.
Photo Illustration5thContra Costa College-The AdvocateMarvel wraps up historic seriesDenis Perez
Photo Illustration1stSanger High School - Hi-LightsHome AloneAllison Chang, Emily HartsellThis was an excellent, faithful, and funny re-creation of the Home Alone cover, bound to pull in the reader - or at least give them a good laugh.
Photo Illustration2ndGranite Bay High School-The GazetteVaping victimAngelina KoloseyEven if vaping is now commonplace, this cover certainly grabbed readers' attention.
Photo Illustration3rdSanger High School - Hi-LightsElfAllison ChangGreat re-creation of the Elf cover.
Photo Illustration4thSanger High School - Hi-LightsPrincipal of funSergio LopezPerfect arrangement, blending, positioning and photo choice in this photo collage -- bringing home the "principal of fun" headline.
Photo Illustration5thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteTeens who still trick or treatLindsey Zabell
Illustration1stSan Jose State University-Spartan DailyBlack students seek unity and belongingNachaela Flores
Illustration2ndCSU Bakersfield-The RunnerCost of graduationBre Parks
Illustration3rdUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianThe Castro’s designation as cultural district highlights importance of LGBTQ+ spacesEmily Bi
Illustration4thSan Jose State University-Spartan DailyWelcome SpartansCindy Cuellar
Illustration5thUC Berkeley-The Daily CalifornianFacial recognition ban highlights hypocrisyAlexander Hong
Illustration1stEl Camino College-The UnionPriorities: Spending for a few or the many?Luciane GasperisDetailed and self-explanatory illustration that enhances the text. A real editorial cartoon. Great job!
Illustration2ndContra Costa College-The AdvocateZombie alertCindy PantojaIt looks like a real newspaper! Fun illustrations of the zombies and the cute and disgusting bugs with informational copy on which ones are most nutritious in preparation for the apocalypse. Playful and unexpected. Great job.
Illustration3rdSan Jose City College-The TimesNRAMagnolia LoneroA self-explanatory illustration that cleverly shows parts of Congress' dependence on the NRA.
Illustration4thContra Costa College-The AdvocateCalifornia’s green rushJanet LiraLove the package with the breakout, the different clubs listed, and the girl smoking below. Intelligent and well done.
Illustration5thSan Jose City College-The TimesStudent loanMagnolia LoneroWith a simple (and not particularly strong drawing), the artist still cleverly illustrates the risk with student loans and mounting debt. Great job!
Illustration1stArchbishop Riordan High School-The CrusaderWhat’s best for Kyler Murray: football or baseball?Miles PoonInteresting graphic, attention to detail, and clarity of concept.
Illustration2ndSanger High School - Hi-LightsIphone11 too expensiveSimran Sodhi
Illustration3rdGranite Bay High School-The GazetteWelcome home Spider-ManLindsey Zabell, Kate Fernandez, Maya Snow
Illustration4thGranite Bay High School-The GazetteStudents react to the impeachment hearingsShreya Dodballapur
Illustration5thGranite Bay High School-The Gazette‘Joker’ movie is no jokeKate Fernandez
Online General Excellence1stCSU Long Beach-Daily 49erdaily49er.comDaily 49er StaffDynamic and engaging layout, with a solid amount of content and in-depth features, plus impressive multimedia.
Online General Excellence2ndSanta Clara University-The Santa Clarathesantaclara.orgSanta Clara StaffGreat look and feel to the site, easy-to-read, with solid reporting and a variety of content.
Online General Excellence3rdCSU Bakersfield-The Runnertherunneronline.comFernanda Martinez, Norma Hernandez, Sam UnderwoodClear layout, easy to read, colorful and engaging. Good mix of multimedia and static content.
Online General Excellence4thCSU Chico-The Oriontheorion.comOrion StaffEasy to navigate, good variety of content, engaging writing and stories.
Online General Excellence1stSanta Rosa Junior College-The Oak Leaftheoakleafnews.comOak Leaf Staff
Online General Excellence2ndLas Positas College-Expresslpcexpressnews.comExpress Staff
Online General Excellence3rdCerritos College-Talon Markstalonmarks.comTalon Marks Staff
Online General Excellence4thContra Costa College-The Advocatecccadvocate.comAdvocate Staff
Online General Excellence5thSanta Ana College-el Doneldonnews.orgLesly Guzman, Kate Bustamante, Ashley Ramynke, Dorian Zavala
Online General Excellence1stGranite Bay High School-The Gazettegranitebaytoday.orgGraniteBayToday StaffAn impressive news site that is easy to read, frequent updates, strong headlines. Impressive TV reporting. Interesting stories.
Online General Excellence2ndCastro Valley High School-The Olympiancvhsolympian.comOlympian Stafftoo big masthead that pushes the content down the page. I would have liked to see more frequent postings. When it comes to online, good to spread out the posts.
Online General Excellence3rdArchbishop Riordan High School-The Crusaderrcrusadernews.comSteven Rissotto, Antonio MaffeiInteresting stories and good headlines. Hard to read with white fonts on dark background. It feels a bit dated in its design. I would have liked more frequent updates.