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2019 California Journalism Awards Digital Contest winners

2019 California Journalism Awards Digital Contest winners

The table below displays the 2019 California Journalism Awards Digital Contest winners by category.

The table is sortable by the column headers (Category, Award, Publication, Entry Title, Credits and Judge’s Comments) but you probably want to zero in on your own publication. The easiest way to do that is to use the search box to type in the name of your publication.

A search will begin as soon as you start typing in the box. The more specific you are, the faster you’ll find your results.

First-place and second-place plaques will be shipped directly to the winning publications in a few weeks.

Personalized certificates will also be mailed to winners in each category.

CategoryAwardPublicationEntry TitleCreditsJudge’s Comments
General Excellence1stLos Angeles Timeslatimes.comLos Angeles Times StaffThe LA Times news coverage is wide in it's breadth, but also very focused on what makes LA tick. Headlines give just enough to entice more information. Innovative and short videos also make it clear that people are still having fun at the LA Times. 'How to vote the new way in LA' is worth a look.
General Excellence2ndSan Francisco Chroniclesfchronicle.comSan Francisco Chronicle Staff
General Excellence3rdThe San Diego Union-Tribunesandiegouniontribune.comSan Diego Union-Tribune Staff
General Excellence4thThe Sacramento Beesacbee.comSacramento Bee Staff
General Excellence5thThe Mercury News/East Bay Timesmercurynews.comMercury News/East Bay Times Staff
General Excellence1stCalMatterscalmatters.orgCalMatters StaffThis Website continues to impress. As a specialty Website, CalMatters has easy navigation, good art, superbly written stories and even interactivity. I enjoyed the game "Find yourself in the California Legislature." I laughed when I best identified with an open seat. Specialty Websites across the country can learn from CalMatters.
General Excellence2ndThe Sonoma Index-Tribunesonomanews.comSonoma Index-Tribune Editorial StaffBeautiful Website. I would challenge anybody to guess that this site belongs to a twice-weekly. This is chock full of news and features and video and even a poll on the home page. The Website urges the reader to explore. And it is so worth exploring.
General Excellence3rdGrunion Gazettegazettes.comGrunion Gazette StaffThis is good ol' fashioned community journalism wrapped into a modern, easy-to-use Website. The number of directories and story specialties is impressive. The videos were actually fun to watch. After digesting this Website, I feel like I very much know the community.
General Excellence4thSan Francisco Examinersfexaminer.comSara Gaiser, Deborah PetersenEasy to use Website that is full of surprises at every click. Great photo galleries, good choices in dropdown menus and even a compelling opinion page. This is a fun and informative site.
General Excellence5thThe Salinas Californianthecalifornian.comChelcey Adami, Joe Szydlowski, Ayrton Ostly, Kate Cimini, David RodriguezSolid Website. The stories marked "For Subscribers Only" are a nice way to add value to the site. Navigation is solid and I was happy to see you had an agricultural category (almost never seen in newspapers nowadays) and you also had a section written in Spanish. Bravo!
General Excellence1stCapital & Maincapitalandmain.comCapital & Main Staff
General Excellence2ndSan Clemente Timessanclementetimes.comSan Clemente Times Staff
General Excellence3rdPleasanton Weeklypleasantonweekly.comJeremy Walsh, Gina Channell, Julia Baum, Ryan J. Degan
General Excellence4thComstock's Magazinecomstocksmag.comTom Couzens, Sena Christian, Matthew Keys
General Excellence5thClaremont Courierclaremont-courier.comPeter Weinberger
Public Service Journalism1stSan Francisco ChronicleVanishing ViolenceJill Tucker, Joaquin Palomino, Evan SernoffskyThe Chronicle's in-depth look at why California's teen-related crime rates are improving was enthralling. The idea of looking into what is going right isn't always our first instinct and this turned out to be very impactful. Even good news can lead to change.
Public Service Journalism2ndThe Sacramento BeeUC Davis BandMolly Sullivan, Ryan Sabalow, Paul Kitagaki
Public Service Journalism3rdLos Angeles TimesCalifornia Against the SeaRosanna Xia, Swetha Kannan, Terry Castleman
Public Service Journalism4thAssociated PressDestined to BurnJuliet Williams, Lauren Gustus, Silas Lyons, Jenny Espino
Public Service Journalism5thRecord SearchlightFuel for our FiresDamon Arthur, David Benda, Mike Chapman, Randall Hauser, Nick von Beroldingen
Public Service Journalism1stLong Beach PostClose to home: Climate change in Long BeachLong Beach Post StaffThis is meant as a compliment -- I was thoroughly depressed after reading this entry. I have never seen such an in-depth report, complete with interactive maps and videos, on global warming. If this sort of reporting does not push governments and businesses to start making changes, I don't know what will.
Public Service Journalism2ndCalMattersDisaster Days SeriesRicardo Cano, Mohamed Al Elew, John Osborn-D'AgostinoAmazing reporting, done with a look to the long-term. Further, the database reporting shows how journalists can take numbers and turn them into something useful, not only for the general public but also for the government.
Public Service Journalism3rdEdSourceRural California: An Education DivideEdSource StaffIncredible, in-depth reporting, complete with documentary-like videos and interactive maps. This not only shed a light on rural schools in California but likely gave all of us from across the United States an idea of the challenges that rural schools face. Bravo.
Public Service Journalism4thChicoSolAn in-depth look at police shootings in Butte CountyDave WaddellThis is an issue that pretty much every newsroom has faced -- getting pushback from police after an officer or group of officers kills somebody. This gets more complicated when the victim was fighting mental illness. ChicoSol went above and beyond an initial news story. The ongoing nature of the story and keeping the issue in the public's eye is at the very heart of great journalism.
Public Service Journalism5thCapital & MainThe Gun Range Next Door: A Public Health FailureJoe RubinThis is amazing reporting that produced substantial results, including a state law. I particularly enjoyed the follow-up story, which showed that despite the overwhelming evidence, not all kids were tested. It's also eyebrow-raising that the name of the gun-range was taken out of the final report.
In-Depth Reporting1stLos Angeles TimesAmerican fallout: The Marshall IslandsSusanne Rust, Carolyn Cole, Ali Raj, Lorena Iñiguez ElebeeThe combination of excellent reporting and writing, incredible photography and informative graphics made this entry tough to beat. It became very evident that this team truly worked together on this project. The science and politics of this story were expertly explained, the timeline was thorough and the future implications were scary. Above all, the stories told about the impact on real people made this package the winner in a very impressive field.
In-Depth Reporting2ndLos Angeles TimesCalifornia Against the SeaRosanna Xia, Swetha Kannan, Terry CastlemanReporter Rosanna Xia did an amazing job looking at this issue from many viewpoints. She clearly explained the science and did a remarkable job of detailing the emotions in each community she visited. The graphics were easy to understand and really helped explain the science. The game was brilliant. It was fun and very effective in giving the reader a clear sense of why this issue is so challenging for communities. With excellent writing and reporting combined with great graphics and a very creative game, this entry stood out.
In-Depth Reporting3rdAssociated PressDestined to BurnJuliet Williams, Lauren Gustus, Silas Lyons, Jenny EspinoThis package felt like a must-read for every citizen in California. The series of stories gave readers a lot to absorb and think about. It did a great job of hitting it from several points of view and really examined best practices and also irresponsible practices of homeowners and government officials. The amount of data analyzed was amazing the really showed why escape routes in many communities are inadequate. This partnership clearly demonstrated the power of collaboration.
In-Depth Reporting4thSan Francisco ChronicleOne Day, One City, No ReliefSan Francisco Chronicle StaffThis was a very unique way to look at homelessness. The 24-hour journey gave the reader a real look at what it is like to be homeless. The presentation on the web was very smooth and worked as intended, mixing in the narrative with amazing photos and very interesting numbers to close nearly every vignette.
In-Depth Reporting5thThe San Diego Union-TribuneCrime CountsGreg Moran Lyndsay Winkley, Lauryn Schroeder Sam HodgsonExcellent use of data and anecdotes to show areas that have not benefitted from overall reduction of crime of San Diego. The data led this team to the areas of concern, but the solid one-the-ground reporting and photography gave readers a real look at how crime affects neighborhoods.
In-Depth Reporting1stCalMattersBreakdown: California's mental health system, explainedJocelyn WienerExcellent job! This series shows overall excellence covering the complicated issue of mental health. It is clear that much time was devoted to indepth research, great reporting with diverse sources that add the human element to the issue. Data is presented in a variety of ways with analysis and the summary/explainer section was a good idea.
In-Depth Reporting2ndEdSourceCalifornia's Teacher Housing CrunchDiana Lambert, Daniel Willis, Yuxuan (Sunny) Xie, Justin AllenGood data, extensive coverage of the topic with personal stories in the voices of the teachers, and indepth research that provide a clear analysis of the issue.
In-Depth Reporting3rdLong Beach PostBrokenJeremiah Dobruck, Stephanie Rivera, Thomas R. Cordova, Michael Democker, Joel SappellI could not stop reading this story. This story was intense and touching and a great example of indepth reporting with multiple elements that really made a lasting impact on the topic of a broken mental health system.
In-Depth Reporting4thCalMattersHow California got tough on gunsBen ChristopherGood lead, excellent news value with good infographics, subtopics and video. Shows a considerable degree of research and investigation.
In-Depth Reporting5thSan Francisco ExaminerFormerly homeless say city ignores complaints over living conditions in subsidized housingLaura WaxmannMoving story that humanizes the issue of homelessness, has impactful quotes from sources and reader comments show the story was engaging.
In-Depth Reporting1stChicoSolAn in-depth look at police shootings in Butte CountyDave Waddell
In-Depth Reporting2ndComstock's MagazineShouldering the BurdenSena Christian
In-Depth Reporting3rdCapital & MainUnited States of InequalityCapital & Main Staff
In-Depth Reporting4thComstock's MagazineBeating the BurnSena Christian
In-Depth Reporting5thCapital & MainThe Gun Range Next Door: A Public Health FailureJoe Rubin
Writing1stSan Francisco ChronicleA Fire's Unfathomable Toll: SFChronicle.comLizzie JohnsonThis is undoubtedly one of the most well-written stories I have ever read. I cried my eyes out as I read it. As I reviewed all entries in this category a second time, I read this and cried again. The reporter captured my attention and used language so well to propel me through the story. Many reporters could simply report about this family. You made me weep for this family. I can't even imagine the reporting effort it took to be able to tell this story.
Writing2ndLos Angeles TimesDetective TrappChristopher GoffardThe reporter's use of words propelled me to keep reading about this incredible detective. I loved how the reporter wove in details of her personal life — both currently and as a teen — with the case at the center of the story. The reporter made me want to meet this detective. While the story was long, I kept reading. What twist awaited me in the next chapter? I had to find out.
Writing3rdThe Sacramento BeeOut in the ColdBenjy EgelYou kept me reading until the very end with effective use of language. I wanted to see how this case turned out.
Writing4thThe Sacramento BeeAutistic sonSawsan Morrar, Daniel KimI can't believe the horror this mother and son experienced. Your story took me from being sad to angry and back and forth via effective storytelling.
Writing5thLos Angeles TimesIn a neglected cemetery lie black jockeys who helped create the Kentucky DerbyKurtis LeeYou told an important history lesson with this story,
Writing1stLong Beach PostBrokenJeremiah DobruckPoignant writing and dogged reporting drive this exceptional piece. Innovative story structure works flawlessly. Bravo to the writer who assembled this and the editors who nourished such an ambitious project.
Writing2ndCapital & MainCalifornia’s Impoverished RivieraSasha AbramskyThe writer profiles a complex and haggard community with great humanity. Excellent fact-finding mixed with detail and narrative strength.
Writing3rdCalMattersWhat wildfire did to one California town's schools in four yearsRicardo CanoToo many enterprise pieces are long on findings and analysis but short on storytelling. This piece personifies hard-edged reporting delivered through deft writing.
Writing4thCapital & MainBarron of Frogtown: Watching L.A. change with “the Willy Wonka of rusted metal”Rex WeinerThis tale of an urban maverick is stitched with a broader political and demographic perspective. Big picture storytelling made real with detail and humanity.
Writing5thSan Jose SpotlightA night on Route 22: ‘Homeless riders’ fear loss of overnight busNadia LopezInstead of focusing on advocates and bureaucrats, these journalists went straight to real people. A mosaic of portraits told through an innovative team approach.
Investigative Reporting1stLos Angeles TimesAmerican fallout: The Marshall IslandsSusanne Rust, Carolyn Cole, Ali Raj, Lorena Iñiguez Elebee
Investigative Reporting2ndSan Francisco ChronicleVanishing ViolenceJill Tucker, Joaquin Palomino, Evan Sernoffsky
Investigative Reporting3rdLos Angeles TimesBodies of evidenceMelody Petersen, David Willman, Gus Garcia-Roberts
Investigative Reporting4thThe Sacramento BeeOverCorrectionJason Pohl, Ryan Gabrielson, Sohail Al-Jamea
Investigative Reporting5thLos Angeles TimesPromised federal contracts for Native Americans go to othersAdam Elmahrek, Paul Pringle
Investigative Reporting1stCalMattersDisaster Days SeriesRicardo Cano, Mohamed Al Elew, John Osborn-D'AgostinoDisaster Days shines a light on a little-discussed topic, something that all states should be looking at when it comes to climate change. This series armed lawmakers to make informed decisions. The writing keeps readers engaged and the databases will be useful to all readers.
Investigative Reporting2ndVoice of OCAngels Stadium NegotiationsSpencer CustodioInforming our communities about decisions being made around them is why journalism exists. This investigation allowed Anaheim residents to see behind the curtain, and take action.
Investigative Reporting3rdCalMattersBreakdown: California's mental health system, explainedJocelyn Wiener
Investigative Reporting4thChicoSolAn in-depth look at police shootings in Butte CountyDave Waddell
Investigative Reporting5thSan Jose SpotlightSanta Clara bucked city rules with Singer public relations contractsJanice Bitters
Enterprise News Story or Series1stSan Francisco ChronicleOne Day, One City, No ReliefSan Francisco Chronicle StaffThis entry stood out for it's fantastic presentation and for the access the reporters, photographers and videographers gained to tell this story. The animation was also remarkable. The story kept the reader moving forward. Plus, the characters were all captivating.
Enterprise News Story or Series2ndLos Angeles TimesAmerican fallout: The Marshall IslandsSusanne Rust, Carolyn Cole, Ali Raj, Lorena Iñiguez ElebeeThe explanatory journalism in this piece was a feat. Not many Americans learn about what we did to the Marshall Islands. This reporting is important and moving.
Enterprise News Story or Series3rdThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesThe Price We PayJulia Prodis Sulek, Kaitlyn Bartley, Katy Murphy, Dai Sugano, Pai
Enterprise News Story or Series4thLos Angeles TimesTheir kids died on the psych ward. They were far from alone, a Times investigation foundSoumya Karlamangla
Enterprise News Story or Series5thLos Angeles TimesCalifornia Against the SeaRosanna Xia, Swetha Kannan, Terry Castleman
Enterprise News Story or Series1stGV WireSpecial Report: Nearly Half of Fresno Unified Students Below Grade LevelNancy Price
Enterprise News Story or Series2ndCalMattersBreakdown: California's mental health system, explainedJocelyn Wiener
Enterprise News Story or Series3rdCapital & MainRural Poverty in CaliforniaSasha Abramsky, Judith Lewis Mernit
Enterprise News Story or Series4thEdSourceSaving StegeAshley A. Smith, Zaidee Stavely, Theresa Harrington
Enterprise News Story or Series5thThe RecordGravediggerJoe Goldeen, Calixtro Romias, Elizabeth Roberts
Breaking News1stGV WireGladding’s Powerful Testimony Changes Minds in AssemblyDavid Taub
Breaking News2ndSan Francisco ExaminerSan Francisco police raid home of journalist to find who leaked Adachi reportLaura Waxmann
Breaking News3rdLos Angeles TimesCollege admissions scandalLos Angeles Times Staff
Breaking News4thLong Beach PostMother, father and 3-year-old son dead after suspected DUI driver hits them on HalloweenJeremiah Dobruck, Valerie Osier, Kelly Puente, Jason Ruiz
Breaking News5thLos Angeles TimesConception boat fireLos Angeles Times Staff
Breaking News1stGilroy DispatchGilroy Garlic Festival mass shootingBarry Holtzclaw, Erik Forstner, Michael Moore, Jennifer Wadsworth, Nathan MixterYour team was all over the coverage of the mass shooting at the popular Gilroy Garlic Festival. You stuck with it like any news organization must. You produced multiple stories long before you'd have another print edition again. The writing and style, however, was on the rough side.
Breaking News2ndSan Clemente TimesAllegations of Racial Slurs by Fans at San Clemente-Lincoln Football Game Incite InvestigationsZach CavanaghWow. Thorough reporting on a story of major importance to the high school and wider community.
Breaking News3rdCapital & MainLead Dust Closes Bay Area Gun Range and Kids’ Gymnastics CenterJoe RubinGood work breaking this story. This is a serious public health issue.
Breaking News4thSan Clemente TimesSCHS Football Removed from CIF-SS Playoffs, Player Ruled IneligibleZach CavanaghGood work being in court and quickly breaking this story,
Breaking News5thPleasanton WeeklyPUSD transcripts: Investigator finds two impermissible alterations, no systemic problemJeremy WalshI can see why this would be a big topic in your community — an audit of school transcripts.
Coverage of Local Government1stLos Angeles TimesDeveloper ties to City HallEmily Alpert Reyes, David ZahniserA remarkable, well-documented, series on City Hall corruption, with extensive use of public records and interviews. Well done.
Coverage of Local Government2ndThe Sacramento BeeCannabis KingpinsTheresa Clift, Dale Kasler, Ryan SabalowFascinating story; good use of both local and national connections. Solid, well-documented reporting.
Coverage of Local Government3rdThe Sacramento BeeSacramento Sheriff & JailsSam Stanton, Molly Sullivan, Ryan Sabalow, Jason PohlGood reporting on problems in the local jails, backed up by legal documents.
Coverage of Local Government4thLos Angeles TimesLAPD stop and searchCindy Chang, Ben PostonWell-reported series on a critical community issue.
Coverage of Local Government5thLos Angeles TimesA sheriff's scandalMaya Lau, Matt StilesGood reporting on an important local issue.
Coverage of Local Government1stCapital & MainThe Big Chill: L.A.’s Homeless Face the Winter With Fewer Beds Than BeforeJessica GoodheartTimely, smart, expansive and humane look at something that seems confounding at first glance. And still is. Also, the on-the-scene reporting sets this apart. Reporter went to the people, rather than rely on them to be brought her or his way.
Coverage of Local Government2ndCalMattersAs more Californians borrow at shockingly high interest rates, will state crack down on 'predatory lending'?Ben ChristopherVery long on a topic -- but such an important topic, and one that hasn't received enough attention. Also, the graphics serve effectively to illustrate how this has grown out of nothing.
Coverage of Local Government3rdLong Beach PostCouncilwoman Jeannine Pearce seriesKelly PuenteOld-fashioned City Hall reporting in a fresh digital venue.
Coverage of Local Government4thGV WireClovis Unified Sued for Punishing Student Who Used N-WordDavid TaubStraightforward news, but thoroughly reported and commendably even-handed in writing. This is the type of piece that shows the newsgathering ability of hyperlocal reporting.
Coverage of Local Government5thSan Jose SpotlightGoogle's secret plans for San JoseJanice Bitters, Ramona GiwargisThis one makes the cut because of the idea of going through all the transcripts, with someone watching -- dogged reporting that deserves an audience.
Land-Use Reporting1stCalMattersLawmakers and landlords: More than a quarter of California legislators are bothElizabeth Castillo, Matt LevinGreat enterprise reporting of a huge conflict-of-interest issue that could affect all Californians. Very strong lede that allows us a window into the problem, also solid ending with the fate of Bonta's bill demonstrating the potential consequences of this issue.
Land-Use Reporting2nd48hillsThe Yimby narrative is wrongTim RedmondLot of eye-opening reporting and local appeal, plus a solid throughline of evidence to back up the recurring central arguments. Delivered with style and humor.
Land-Use Reporting3rdPress-TelegramRising Up interactive mapHayley Munguia, Ian WheelerGreat use of an interactive map, providing impressive coverage of local developments. In addition, the supporting story is extremely well-reported and comprehensive. Could have used better packaging to really showcase the work put into it.
Land-Use Reporting4thSan Jose SpotlightThe price of growth: Alum Rock businesses at risk of displacementNadia LopezInteresting and important issue, engaging lede, and very thorough reporting.
Land-Use Reporting5thVoice of OCSanta Ana Residents Say Landlords Are Evicting Them Ahead of New State Law, City Council Balks on Emergency Tenant ProtectionsBrandon PhoExcellent reporting, goes beyond the details of what happened at the meeting to investigate whether this is indeed happening (and provides some solid evidence that it is).
Land-Use Reporting1stSan Francisco ChronicleMission Bay Comes of AgeJohn King, J.K. DineenThis project has it all: fine writing, in-depth reporting, a sense of history and a sense of ow. Photos and graphics are excellent. Innovative use of alternative story forms is a treat for readers. There is depth and perspective here without any of the typical drab, gray excess of major projects. Truly exceptional journalism.
Land-Use Reporting2ndThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesWho Owns Silicon Valley?Leonardo Castañeda, Marisa KendallA Herculean undertaking with huge stakes for the Silicon Valley. Findings are eye-opening, packaging is excellent, reporting is definitive. A journalistic tour de force.
Land-Use Reporting3rdThe Sacramento BeeHigh & DryDale Kasler, Craig KohlrussCommendable depth and breadth here examining challenges with dire consequence for the San Joaquin Valley.
Land-Use Reporting4thLos Angeles TimesEnergy sourcesSammy RothWhat a gift to readers. Topics of great complexity are rendered with extraordinary grace and clarity. There is fine, fine reporting here on topics of huge consequence to Los Angeles. Photos and graphics are strong. Yet it is the writing - clear, conversational and superbly paced - that makes this project indelible.
Land-Use Reporting5thLos Angeles TimesThe world is watching as California weighs controversial plan to save tropical forestsJulia RosenA complex and controversial proposal is dissected with great balance, insight and artful writing.
Land-Use Reporting1stChicoSolWould Sites reservoir become a ‘biological wasteland’?Dave WaddellIn-depth. One story tells you everything. Strong reporting, great quotes and you linked nearly the whole state with one topic.
Land-Use Reporting2ndCapital & MainLast Battle for a Toxic CommunityDan RossAn emotional introduction into a topic that affects people and an action group dedicated to finding a solution...or demanding action. Well done.
Land-Use Reporting3rdComstock's MagazineShouldering the BurdenSena Christian
Land-Use Reporting4thCapital & MainRising Sea Levels Leave Coastal Cities With Hard ChoicesLarry Buhl
Land-Use Reporting5thThe Capistrano DispatchCity to Negotiate Plans for GlampingShawn Raymundo
Coverage of Youth and Education1stLos Angeles TimesSurrounded: Killings near school, and the students left behindSonali Kohli, Iris Lee, Priya Krishnakumar, Marcus Yam, Jerome CampbellThis interactive storytelling makes the reader want more, driving them to the next part in the series. It's emotional and puts the reader in the shoes of students. Well done.
Coverage of Youth and Education2ndSan Francisco ChronicleVanishing ViolenceJill Tucker, Joaquin Palomino, Evan SernoffskyA great series of stories and easy to navigate. Readers will find it easy to find stories, stay with them and this series is well told.
Coverage of Youth and Education3rdThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesCollege Admissions ScandalJohn Woolfolk, Julia Prodis SulekObviously local, but even more so comprehensive in your wealth of reporting and resources.
Coverage of Youth and Education4thThe Press DemocratSonoma County schools increase securitySusan Minichiello
Coverage of Youth and Education5thSF WeeklyCity College Cybersecurity Program Stands OutRichard Procter
Coverage of Youth and Education1stLong Beach PostViolence at Poly HighStephanie Rivera, Valerie Osier, Jeremiah Dobruck,,
Coverage of Youth and Education2ndCapital & MainHave West Sacramento Charters Become Self-Segregated Enclaves?Bill Raden
Coverage of Youth and Education3rdCalMattersHow far will California go on charter schools?Ricardo Cano
Coverage of Youth and Education4thEdSourceCalifornia's Teacher Housing CrunchDiana Lambert, Daniel J. Willis, Yuxuan Xie, Justin Allen
Coverage of Youth and Education5thVoice of OCOC’s Urban, Suburban Youths Are Down With the FarmAmy DePaul, Julie Leopo
Feature Story1stSan Francisco ChronicleThe Fisherman's SecretTara Duggan, Jason Fagone
Feature Story2ndLos Angeles TimesTongva, Los Angeles’ first language, opens the door to a forgotten time and placeThomas Curwen
Feature Story3rdLos Angeles TimesMilos Forman, Ivan Passer and their 73-year friendshipJohn Penner
Feature Story4thLos Angeles TimesAt Transgéneros Unidas, Latinas find refuge and fellowshipMarisa Gerber, Vanessa Martinez, Carolyn Cole, Alejandro Maciel
Feature Story5thThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesWhen Google bought this San Jose house, it upended one family’s dream, made millions for another and almost sent a third packingJulia Prodis Sulek
Feature Story1stVisalia Times-DeltaThe Ku Klux Klan and Visalia: A legacy of racism that hasn't diedJames Ward, Calley Cederlof
Feature Story2ndThe Salinas CalifornianFields to classroomsAyrton Ostly, Eduardo Cuevas
Feature Story3rdEdSourceTrauma in Paradise: A California school system focuses on mental health after devastating fireDavid Washburn
Feature Story4thKaiser Health NewsA Young Woman, A Wheelchair And The Fight To Take Her Place At StanfordJenny Gold
Feature Story5thEdSourceCalifornia schools help unaccompanied immigrant students combat trauma, language barriersZaidee Stavely
Feature Story1stComstock's MagazineRecord SpinnersMatthew KeysGood organization, pathos, OK photos, effective use of language. Relevant to Californians of more than one generation. Moving.
Feature Story2ndChicoSolChico’s “undocumented” attorney earns U.S. citizenshipLeslie LaytonGood lead. Very relevant and news. Photos are not compelling. Writing is clear and well organized but not sparkling.
Feature Story3rdCapital & MainChild Law Penalizes Moms for Abusive PartnersAngelika AlbaladejoWell reported, but needs anecdotes from more real people. Illustrates a problem not widely known, but very important. Feels a little long because of the pedestrian presentation and writing that could be more dynamic.
Feature Story4thCapital & MainBarron of Frogtown: Watching L.A. change with “the Willy Wonka of rusted metal”Rex WeinerPhotos are good, but presentation is cluttered. I don't know this story is about gentrification until a third of the way down and the beginning text doesn't make me care about reading further. But there is originality and the subject matter is relevant to the times and California.
Feature Story5thCapital & MainIs the American Dream Drying Up in California’s Central Valley?Judith Lewis MernitI want to care about this story because the subject matter is newsworthy, but the organization is jumbled. The writing is not engaging. The photos don't grab.
Columns1stLos Angeles TimesHe died Sunday on a West L.A. sidewalk. He was homeless. He is part of an epidemic; A homeless musician changed my life. I wish I could do more to change hisSteve LopezRiveting columns on the homeless by a master
storyteller. There is much passion here, along with artful writing and rock-solid reporting.
Columns2ndThe RecorderTalking Hair and Speaking Cakes; Government Issued CaviarWilliam BedsworthWhat a refreshment: Legal columns that are downright hilarious. The writer is an extraordinary wordsmith and wit. Read him and you learn something - and you bust a gut.
Columns3rdSan Francisco ChronicleA homeless Oakland couple moved into a $4 million Piedmont home. Then came the calls to police; Longtime Oakland residents — now homeless — get pushed out of Wood Street encampmentOtis R. Taylor Jr.Can't-put-down columns on a compassionate man and a homeless couple. With insight and sensitivity, the writer ventures well beyond the bruising economics of housing in the Bay Area.
Columns4thVoice of OCThe Pesky Public; Stage Set For ACLU Vs. County of Orange Fight Over Public Comment RulesNorberto Santana Jr.Every voter and taxpayer in Orange County should be outraged by these columns revealing the arrogance of Orange County officials in block the public's right to know - and be heard. The reporting here is exhaustive, the writing is brisk yet conversational.
Columns5thSan Francisco ExaminerYou’ve heard of the Clinton Park boulders. Now, meet the Ingleside Pathway blockade; 25 years later, evicted black tenants may get the last laugh against Vallie BrownJoe Rodriguezth a fresh, edgy voice, the columnist presents a clear point of view, backed up by excellent reporting. A pleasure to read.
Home Page Layout & Design1stSan Francisco HomepageSan Francisco Chronicle Staff, Hearst Product+Design TeamThe depth of content is incredible. That's what grabs you first. And through excellent organization and design, it's easy to navigate what could be an imposing maze. Care is given to each photo, each headline, each element. The website is a work of art, even though it has a newsy feel at the same time.
Home Page Layout & Design2ndThe Press DemocratPressdemocrat.comPress Democrat StaffThe photography stands out above all others in this category. The photos are expertly shot, chosen and cropped for home page presentation. The layout is easy to navigate. Creativity is strong and the site seems fun. That is, designers and editors are having fun, so readers do too.
Home Page Layout & Design3rdCalMattersCalMattersCalMatters StaffThe site is attractive and simple, without a lot of invasive ads and pop-ups adding clutter. Headlines are strong and compelling. Its lone deficiency is strong photography.
Home Page Layout & Design4thCapital & MainCapital & MainCapital & Main Staff
Home Page Layout & Design5thLong Beach PostLong Beach PostDennis Dean
Story Presentation Page Layout & Design1stLos Angeles TimesMan in the WindowPaige St. John, Andrea RobersonAbsolutely stunning presentation, great use of web graphics. An eye-grabber; sets the standard for how this should be done.
Story Presentation Page Layout & Design2ndLos Angeles TimesSurrounded: Killings near school, and the students left behindSonali Kohli, Marcus Yam, Iris Lee, Priya KrishnakumarExcellent presentation that adds a lot to the reporting.
Story Presentation Page Layout & Design3rdThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesWho Owns Silicon Valley?Pai, Sarah Dussault, Laura Oda, Jeff Durham, Mercury News/East Bay Times Photo StaffGood use of eye-catching graphics that help draw the reader into the story.
Story Presentation Page Layout & Design4thThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesPrice We PayPai, Sarah Dussault, Dai SuganoNice mix of graphics and photos, easy to follow.
Story Presentation Page Layout & Design5thLos Angeles TimesLos Angeles keeps changing. These 50 songs help explain howRandall Roberts, Priya KrishnakumarI liked the mix of graphics and photos, which really brought the story to life.
Story Presentation Page Layout & Design1stLong Beach PostBrokenDennis DeanStrong mix of story layouts from your organization. The dashed line in Broken was simple but elegantly leads the reader through the story.
Story Presentation Page Layout & Design2ndCalMattersCalifornia's on fire, unplugged and out of easy answers. So why don't we...?Julie Cart, Judy LinMany strong layouts. The tone of the subheads in "California's on fire..." made the dry subject more engaging. It helps that California residents have these very questions in their heads.
Story Presentation Page Layout & Design3rdEdSourceRural California: An Education Divide: Lost Days, Poverty, isolation drive students away from school in California's rural districtsJustin AllenClean layout and nice use of a variety of elements in
Story Presentation Page Layout & Design4thCapital & MainUnited States of InequalityCapital & Main StaffAmbitious to present as many stories as you do in this project. It's clean, but the stock images detracts from the strength of your reporting.
Story Presentation Page Layout & Design5thVoice of OC QuickSimple but clean layouts. Colors and typography are strong.
Photojournalism1stLos Angeles Timeslatimes.comLos Angeles Times Staff
Photojournalism2ndSan Francisco Chroniclesfchronicle.comSan Francisco Chronicle Photo Staff
Photojournalism3rdThe Salinas Californianthecalifornian.comDavid Rodriguez, Kate Cimini, Ayrton Ostly, Joe Szydlowski, Chelcey Adami
Photojournalism4thVoice of OCvoiceofoc.orgJulie Leopo
Photojournalism5thLong Beach PostThe 10 (plus 1) best photos of 2019Thomas R. Cordova, Stephen Carr
News Photo1stThe Sacramento BeeOfficer's parents mourn at funeralHector Amezcua
News Photo2ndThe Sacramento BeeRookie cop vigilHector Amezcua
News Photo3rdThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesFamily shaken by youth coach’s death by armed intrudersJane Tyska
News Photo4thThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesFirefighter battles grass fireJose Fajardo
News Photo5thThe Sacramento BeeKincade Fire boarJason Pierce
News Photo1stSan Francisco ExaminerSomething is very wrongKevin HumeThe woman's grieving facial expression and the picture she holds leave a haunting impression.
News Photo2ndTaft Midway DrillerDouglas KeelerDoug KeelerThe photographer did a fantastic job focusing on the two subjects who are about to get arrested. The look of dawning realization on the second man's face, juxtaposed with the blurred officers in the foreground, tell you everything you need to know.
News Photo3rdLong Beach PostFamily members react after the Los angles Coroners office spoke with family of victims,Stephen CarrA wrenching portrait of grief. Well-composed and powerful.
News Photo4thTaft Midway DrillerPhilippine fireDoug KeelerStrong triangular composition leads your eye to the fire.
News Photo5thSan Francisco ExaminerSkateboarder killed in SoMa CollisionKevin HumeA photo like this tells a horrible story with minimal sentimentality.
Feature Photo1stThe Sacramento BeeParadise accordionHector Amezcua
Feature Photo2ndThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesStrong winds stoke flames, fears as Kincade Fire rages onDai Sugano
Feature Photo3rdThe Sacramento BeeHomeless woman washes in plastic binRenée C. Byer
Feature Photo4thThe San Diego Union-TribuneAztec rowingJohn Gibbins
Feature Photo5thThe Sacramento BeeNewsom's Dutch steals the stagePaul Kitagaki Jr.
Feature Photo1stEdSourceThe Long Bus RideJulie Leopoexcellent photo that captures the mood and packs a punch.
Feature Photo2ndMountain View VoiceBack in the saddleMagali GauthierPhoto added to the story by helping create a sense of small space.
Feature Photo3rdLong Beach Post7th Day Blessing at the home where 9 people where injured and 3 killedThomas R. CordovaGreat technical skills to get this shot.
Feature Photo4thCalMattersPaging more doctors: California's worsening physician shortageAnne WernikoffPhotos helped tell the story of this doctor and what he means to the community.
Feature Photo5thCapital & MainErie at the CrossroadsJoanne KimGood job of capturing an honest moment.
Photo Story/Essay1stSan Francisco ChronicleInside the Kincade FireSan Francisco Chronicle Photo Staff
Photo Story/Essay2ndLos Angeles TimesMexico's homicide crisisGary Coronado
Photo Story/Essay3rdLos Angeles TimesThe Street WithinFrancine Orr
Photo Story/Essay4thLos Angeles TimesAmerican fallout: The Marshall IslandsCarolyn Cole
Photo Story/Essay5thThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesHouse poor: How price hikes hurt the most vulnerableDai Sugano, Ray Chavez, Jane Tyska, Randy Vazquez
Photo Story/Essay1stSanta Maria TimesMonks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery create, and destroy, 'Green Tara' mandala at Hancock CollegeLen Wood
Photo Story/Essay2ndMountain View VoiceWrestling with stereotypesMagali Gauthier
Photo Story/Essay3rdSan Francisco ExaminerRaptors defeat Warriors in NBA Finals in last game at OracleKevin Hume, Christopher Victorio
Photo Story/Essay4thMountain View VoiceAll-female Mountain View fire crew draws national attentionMagali Gauthier
Photo Story/Essay5thLong Beach PostLong Beach grieves the loss of family killed Halloween nightThomas R. Cordova
Informational Graphic1stLos Angeles TimesMapping the Golden State KillerPaige St. John, Lorena Iñiguez Elebee, Ellis Simani, Priya Krishnakumar
Informational Graphic2ndLong Beach PostCompare Your CandidatesDennis Dean
Informational Graphic3rdEdSourceInteractive Map: Percentage of California students eligible for a 4-year state universityYuxuan (Sunny) Xie
Informational Graphic4thSan Francisco Tracker ProgramSan Francisco Chronicle Digital Team
Informational Graphic5thLong Beach PostClose to home: How climate change is shaping the future of Long BeachDennis Dean, Melissa Evans
Video Journalism-News1stSan Francisco ChronicleLife after Loss: SFChronicle.comGabrielle Lurie
Video Journalism-News2ndLos Angeles TimesEl Paso’s Eastwood High uses football to face down tragedySteve Saldivar
Video Journalism-News3rdLos Angeles TimesThe Street WithinRobert Meeks, Francine Orr, Yadira Flores
Video Journalism-News4thThe San Diego Union-TribuneDying Behind BarsKelly Davis, Jarrod Valliere
Video Journalism-News5thLos Angeles TimesFaviken’s Last SuppersErik Himmelsbach-Weinstein, Robert Gourley
Video Journalism-News1stEdSourceRural California: An Education DivideJennifer Molina, David Washburn, Carolyn Jones, Larry GordonThis documentary on chronic absenteeism, high suspension rates and lack of college preparation in rural California does an excellent job of talking to an array of sources and communicates the problems facing these communities. The B-roll used in the film was excellent, giving the viewer a true understanding of the community.
Video Journalism-News2ndCapital & MainA Reprieve for Affordable Housing in Los Angeles’ ChinatownMarco Amador
Video Journalism-News3rdEdSourceLost Days: Chronic Absenteeism in Rural California [VIDEO]Jennifer Molina, David Washburn
Video Journalism-News4thCalMattersCalifornia new laws in 1 minuteByrhonda Lyons
Video Journalism-News5thCapital & MainL.A. Teachers Strike DiaryMarco Amador
Video Journalism-Other1stSan Francisco ChronicleThe Fisherman's Secret: SFChronicle.comSantiago Mejia
Video Journalism-Other2ndThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesGoodbye Oracle, through good and bad, you will be missedRandy Vazquez
Video Journalism-Other3rdLos Angeles TimesL.A. In the Time of Charles MansonErik Himmelsbach-Weinstein, Jessica Q. Chen
Video Journalism-Other4thThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesA San Quentin Prison culinary program and its restaurant-ready inmatesRandy Vazquez
Video Journalism-Other5thLos Angeles TimesWomen of ApolloRobert Meeks, Jessica Q. Chen
Video Journalism-Other1stThe Desert SunThe Desert Sun: Purepecha keeping tradition aliveVickie ConnorIn a little over three minutes, this video gave wonderful insight into a community and its culture, celebrations and challenges. The videography effectively combined narration, scenes from the celebration and the community, and detail shots. The audio was very well done, with music running under the interviews and narration but everything clearly audible (and supplemented by unobtrusive captioning). Great job.
Video Journalism-Other2ndLong Beach PostLong Beach printmaker Abel AlejandreMark HillCompelling video with excellent storytelling — the video gave a great sense of Alejandre’s creative process while providing context about his background and growth as an artist. The viewer learns something about printmaking without having it overly explained — the long stretches of silence while Alejandre worked were effectively incorporated. Beautifully done.
Video Journalism-Other3rdSanta Maria TimesTwenty years after losing legs, Mark Andersen steps on the mound at Dodger StadiumSergio RuizThis video draws the viewer in from the very first shot — the close-up of Andersen’s prosthetic legs covered with Dodgers logos. Solid storytelling sets up the event (throwing out the first pitch) while providing key context through interviews with Andersen and his daughter, plus family cellphone footage. Really nicely done.
Video Journalism-Other4thThe TribuneSee the Carrizo Plain wildflower super bloom from the airDavid MiddlecampFabulous-looking video with the drone used to great effect — the videography was extremely well executed. Would have loved even more storytelling to support the beautiful images — captioning, narration or an interview telling more about what and where this is.
Video Journalism-Other5thThe Salinas CalifornianFundraising for your own funeralKate CiminiStrong video with a very poignant and interesting subject. The video effectively combined current video, historic photos, family photos and explanatory narrative. Audio quality could have been a little better, and music and some text on screen would have enriched the presentation, but overall the storytelling was compelling.