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2019 California Journalism Awards Open Contest winners

2019 California Journalism Awards Open Contest winners

The table below displays the 2019 California Journalism Awards Open Contest winners by category.

First-place and second-place plaques will be shipped directly to the winning publications in a few weeks.

Personalized certificates will also be mailed to winners in each category.

CategoryPublicationEntry TitleCreditsJudge’s Comments
Public Service JournalismLong Beach PostClose to home: Climate change in Long BeachLong Beach Post StaffAn exhaustive look at how climate change most certainly within the next 30 years will endanger Long Beach neighborhoods, raise temperatures and create droughts and more ferocious storms, even subjecting Long Beach to wildfires for the first time. The web presentation was superb.
In-Depth ReportingLos Angeles TimesAmerican fallout: The Marshall IslandsSusanne Rust, Carolyn Cole, Ali Raj, Lorena Iñiguez ElebeeGreat Pulitzer-worthy investigative piece on American nuclear waste deposited in the Marshall Islands, in a container now at risk rising ocean levels. Spectacular nine part series (with excellent artwork and graphics as well) - you could expand it just a little and turn it into a good book.
Investigative ReportingLos Angeles TimesAmerican fallout: The Marshall IslandsSusanne Rust, Carolyn Cole, Ali Raj, Lorena Iñiguez ElebeeIn a category packed with some of the nation's most powerful journalism, this entry stood out. Few Americans know anything about the Marshall Islands. This series documented atrocities inflicted by the United States on unsuspecting islanders. The upshot is that this is a U.S. badge of shame, and this series provides the only chance for redemption.
Enterprise News Story or SeriesSan Francisco ChronicleOne Day, One City, No ReliefSan Francisco Chronicle StaffCutting-edge storytelling with concise, vivd writing, superb photography and smart graphics. The format of one day may be familiar, but the execution here is innovative and wonderfully reader-friendly. A brilliant fusion of journalistic skills.
Feature StorySanta Barbara IndependentIn Cryonics Lawsuit, Son Fighters for Father’s Frozen HeadTyler HaydenVery poignant but tasteful writing of a macabre subject that few people know anything about.
ColumnsLos Angeles TimesHe died Sunday on a West L.A. sidewalk. He was homeless. He is part of an epidemic; A homeless musician changed my life. I wish I could do more to change hisSteve LopezA heartbreaking look at Los Angeles' homeless epidemic. If this writer can't move the bureaucracy, who can?
PhotojournalismSan Francisco ChronicleJuly 31, Nov. 3 & Dec. 1, 2019San Francisco Chronicle Photo StaffFine photography throughout, but the real grabber for me was the black and white visuals (alongside the also-excellent writing) in the package on San Francisco's homeless. The black and white starkness made it gripping and evocative both.
News PhotoSanta Monica Daily PressPolice prevent suicideMatthew HallWow. This photo grabs the reader instantly and tells a powerful, life-or-death story. High, high drama skillfully captured.
Feature PhotoLos Angeles TimesThe end of the season for Paradise HighWally SkalijSuch eloquence. Powerful, graceful and superbly composed. This image is timeless.