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2019 California Journalism Awards Print Contest winners

2019 California Journalism Awards Print Contest winners

The table below displays the 2019 California Journalism Awards Print Contest winners by category.

The table is sortable by the column headers (Category, Award, Publication, Entry Title, Credits and Judge’s Comments) but you probably want to zero in on your own publication. The easiest way to do that is to use the search box to type in the name of your publication.

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Personalized certificates will also be mailed to winners in each category.

CategoryAwardPublicationEntry TitleCreditsJudge’s Comments
General Excellence1stThe San Diego Union-TribuneSept. 22 & 23, 2019San Diego Union-Tribune StaffAll local front page. Incredible jail death package. Really good local stories. Nice use of language. The Back Story on Page 2 is a great idea. Lots of local, paired with plenty of wire. Profiles. Local editorial. Solid opinion section. Love the cartoon caption contest. Pet obituaries! Robust comic pages. Massive Padres coverage. Arts & Culture pages are well done. Some very lovely, enticing ads.
General Excellence2ndSan Francisco ChronicleSept. 14 & 15, 2019San Francisco Chronicle StaffNice centerpiece on the vintners, good sports perspective. Lots of AP, but relevant. Liked the Last Word faceoff. Business has some good stories and is easier to read. Fallen hero story was powerful. Some good graphics and photos. Nice local color with Nolte. The more local ads seemed to be well done. Lots of wire. Climate package was great. Loved the Q&A. Good photos. Good examination of mixed up runways. Riveting firefighter rescue story. Local opinion was good in Yes and No format. Local editorial cartoon. Sunday had local edit, and liked Parting Shots. Bay Area section was chock-full. Huge Life Tributes pages. Amazing Posey photos in sports. Some great stories in Food & Wine. Straw story was interesting and readable. Good job on Datebook in both content, ads and layout. Good Sunday sports pages. An Outdoors reporter! Good local business centerpiece. Several other local pieces. Food & Wine is well done. Witty plastic straw story. Noise story is a public service. Delorean hovercraft? Loved the features in the Style section, including the 49-mile manifesto. Essential for the area.
General Excellence3rdLos Angeles TimesFeb. 2 & 3, 2019Los Angeles Times StaffNice spread on Navajo drought: Photos are outstanding. CHP story was well told. Excellent supervisors story. Ads are OK. Some pages were a bit gray. Good variety of letters. Liked the Numbers and Letters stats and that there was some art on the pages. California page is varied. Mostly crime news on City & State cover. Lots of business news, good sports column on stadiums. Sports editorial cartoon and lots of letters. Entertaining Calendar section. Theater review! Saturday cover is very colorful and inviting, if not a bit confusing. Restaurant review. Super Bowl section has super graphic on front. Tons of information and features on plenty. Rosters, good and fun graphics and stats. They went all in on this and I bet the fans appreciated it. Robust real estate section with Hot Properties tab. Tijuana package on the next day is massive, well-told and displayed. Well-spoken and reasoned editorials on Trump and the border and LA jail vs. hospitals. Several columns on Sunday. Fun Science File about the other rams around town. Page layout is dandy, although occasional dog legs and gray areas. Many pages the same layout. I like how many sections have their own letters. Fun Sundance photos. Arts & Books section! And Travel. If I lived in California, I would subscribe. Chock-full of news you need, want and never knew you could have.
General Excellence4thThe Orange County RegisterFeb. 3 & 4, 2019Orange County Register StaffAquarium of the Pacific story is witty. Loved the pets section. Restaurant closures! Lots of wire. Huge sports section. Comprehensive Super Bowl preview section, including a good column on CTE. Nice Rams Depth Chart graphic. Great graphics, overall. Abrupt switch to lifestyles in section. Halftime story was fun. Two editorials and lots of local views. Beautifully laid out Lunar New Year section. Nice ads. Good variety of features. Excellent day-after headline for Super Bowl!
General Excellence5thThe Sacramento BeeSept. 26 & 27, 2019Sacramento Bee StaffMissing Five is solid and intriguing. Lots of wire. Local editorial on the first day. Good local and state reporting.
General Excellence1stThe Bakersfield CalifornianSept. 28 & 29, 2019Bakersfield Californian StaffClean design, good use of typography. Great sense of place, and personality carries throughout.
General Excellence2ndThe Desert SunFeb. 9 & 10, 2019Desert Sun StaffThe Desert Sun conveys a sense of place and has a clean design and compelling ads throughout.
General Excellence3rdThe Press DemocratSept. 28 & 29, 2019Press Democrat StaffThe Press Democrat really allows photos to shine. It offers a good mix of local and national news, but it lets stories run long, with few opportunities for the reader to catch his breath.
General Excellence4thAntelope Valley PressSept. 19 & 20, 2019Antelope Valley Press Staff
General Excellence5thThe Fresno BeeFeb. 23 & 24, 2019Fresno Bee Staff
General Excellence1stThe TribuneFeb. 2 & 3, 2019Tribune StaffClearly the best of the field. Solid local content, and the design and photo usage is top-notch.
General Excellence2ndMarin Independent JournalFeb. 15 & 16, 2019Jen Swartz, Robert Sterling, Gary Klien, Joe KonteGood local content and coverage of a breaking event makes this entry stand out. Appropriate use of good, local photos.
General Excellence3rdNapa Valley RegisterSept. 3 & 4, 2019Napa Valley Register StaffNice front-page package is the stand-out here.
General Excellence4thSanta Maria TimesSept. 21 & 22, 2019Santa Maria Times StaffLots of good, if not spectacular, local content. Good use of photos and a solid sports section.
General Excellence5thChico Enterprise-RecordFeb. 27 & 28, 2019Enterprise-Record StaffThe look and feel of this paper is nice, but I'd like to see more meat to its local coverage. More in-depth reads would have elevated this entry.
General Excellence1stGood TimesSept. 11 & 18, 2019Steve Palopoli, Lauren Hepler, Tabi Zarrinnaal, Good Times StaffThis entry stood out for the excellent presentation, writing, story choices and quality of the photography. The advertising was attractive and engaging.
General Excellence2ndSacramento News & ReviewFeb. 7 & 14, 2019Sacramento News & Review Staff
General Excellence3rdSF WeeklyFeb. 7 & 14, 2019Richard Procter, Peter Kane
General Excellence4thMonterey County WeeklyFeb. 21 & 28, 2019Monterey County Weekly Staff
General Excellence5thChico News & ReviewFeb. 7 & 14, 2019Melissa Daugherty, Tina Flynn, Meredith J. Cooper, Jason Cassidy
General Excellence1stComstock's MagazineAugust & September 2019Tom Couzens, Sena Christian, Kelly Barr, ShokaComstock's Magazine is beautifully designed throughout, both ad and news pages. This is one gorgeous magazine. The August issue on construction was breath-taking and presented sense of place in a whole new way.
General Excellence2ndSan Francisco Business TimesSept. 13 & 20, 2019San Francisco Business Times StaffLots of names and faces in San Francisco Business Times. Leads section sets this apart from all competitors in this category.
General Excellence3rdAuburn JournalSept. 18 & 22, 2019Bill Sullivan, Nick Peccaro, Traci Newell, Gus ThomsonThe Auburn Journal is local, local, local from first page to last with a strong variety of beats and sense of place. Impressive that the Journal is soliciting nominations for Women in Business after just publishing its Home Show special section.
General Excellence4thNorth Coast JournalSept. 19 & 26, 2019North Coast Journal StaffThe news in North Coast Journal matches the community and the advertisers. This is one fun read, and a publication that makes bold decision such as the comic book issue and the taglines that include descriptive pronouns.
General Excellence5thTracy PressSept. 20 & 27, 2019Will Fleet, Melanie Smith, Lisa Cracraft, Tracy Press StaffThe Tracy Press has a strong sense of place. Its obits and milestone ads are lovingly presented. Nice to see so many Classified ads, and even nicer that they are so much fun to read. The Tracy Press is full of clip and keep news.
General Excellence1stLedger DispatchSept. 20 & 24, 2019Jack Mitchell, Jeremy Malamed, Rachel Norris, Sarah Tullus
General Excellence2ndNorth Bay Business JournalFeb. 4 & 11, 2019Elissa Torres, Jeff Quackenbush, Cheryl Sarfaty, Chase DiFeliciantonio
General Excellence3rdDel Mar TimesSept. 5 & 12, 2019Del Mar Times Staff
General Excellence4thPetaluma Argus-CourierFeb. 7 & 14, 2019Petaluma Argus-Courier Staff
General Excellence5thThe Sonoma Index-TribuneSept. 10 & 17, 2019Sonoma Index-Tribune Staff
General Excellence1stThe ArkSept. 18 & 25, 2019Ark Staff
General Excellence2ndSt. Helena StarSept. 5 & 12, 2019David Stoneberg, Jesse Duarte
General Excellence3rdThe Trinity JournalFeb. 13 & 20, 2019Trinity Journal Staff
General Excellence4thHalf Moon Bay ReviewSept. 4 & 11, 2019Half Moon Bay Review Staff
General Excellence5thOjai Valley NewsSept. 13 & 20, 2019Laura Rearwin Ward, Perry Van Houten, Marianne Ratcliff, Austin Widger
Public Service Journalism1stSan Francisco ChronicleVanishing ViolenceJoaquin Palomino, Jill Tucker, Evan SernoffskyPowerful reporting, photos and graphics that produced almost instant results. Great statewide sweep. Reporters did not shy away from the fact that many of these people committed horrible crimes, but they humanized people who'd only been known as "super predators." And it wasn't just retrospective. The story about juveniles being locked up for long periods for misdemeanors raised troubling questions about current practices.
Public Service Journalism2ndThe Sacramento BeeUC Davis Band InvestigationMolly Sullivan, Ryan Sabalow, Paul KitagakiWow. A seemingly beloved local institution that countenanced shockining, even criminal behavior for years. Bravo to the women who stepped forward to tell their stories, and the reporters who made it possible.
Public Service Journalism3rdThe Press DemocratCoverage of homeless camp on Joe Rodota TrailPress Democrat StaffCompelling, in-depth coverage of one community wrestling with a problem that is both chronic and worsening.
Public Service Journalism4thThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesThe fight for SB1421: Bringing police misconduct into the lightThomas Peele, Cecily Burt, Robert Salonga, Nate GartrellReporting that highlighted shocking behavior kept secret from the people law enforcement is supposed to protect. Some of the cases may have been old, but the results were immediate: police officers resigning, criminal convictions being dropped. I appreciate how they continued to hold agencies accountable for not releasing information despite laws and court rulings that said they had to.
Public Service Journalism5thThe Desert SunMisery at the Oasis: Arsenic contamination, dump fire reveal serious environmental health hazards on tribal landNicole Hayden, Ricardo Lopez, Omar Ornelas, Jay Calderon
Public Service Journalism1stChico Enterprise-RecordNever to be forgotten: The Camp Fire a year laterChico Enterprise-Record StaffA powerful effort from the Chico Enterprise-Record grips you from the first page, with a collage of photos showing all who had died in the devastating Camp Fire. The newspaper put faces to the tragedy and gave readers a full sense of the trying year following the fire. There are stories of people who stayed, stories of people who left. The special edition included a related editorial, cartoon and letter to the editor. The presentation and reporting about the coverage bridge reconstruction was a nice touch. In sum, this was a remarkable journalistic effort. Sometimes the best public service a newspaper can provide is perspective.
Public Service Journalism2ndThe TribuneBad air from the Oceano Dunes forces people inside. Is it a crisis or exaggeration?Monica Vaughan, David Middlecamp, Stephanie FinucaneThere are so many things to appreciate about this project from The Tribune detailing bad air quality at the Oceano Dunes. The newspaper hosted a public forum to inform local residents of the problem and answer questions. The interactive digital map of which areas are most affected was surely helpful to those who live there. The transparency offered from beginning to end, explaining how the reporting came together with help from the Annenberg Center for Health Journalism, helps readers understand what it took to make this reporting possible. This is how issues and solutions journalism should be done.
Public Service Journalism3rdRecord SearchlightFuel for our FiresDamon Arthur, David Benda, Mike Chapman, Randall HauserThe public service element of this entry was made clear from the first headline: Is your home at risk? The Record Searchlight made an interesting decision to collaborate with a tech firm to report this important story. The interactive maps and charts presented the issue in a clean way. The transparency in explaining how the project came together is commendable, as is the way this newspaper encouraged readers to support the reporting by subscribing.
Public Service Journalism4thVisalia Times-DeltaWhat role did Tulare County's mental health system play in this unsolved murder?Sheyanne RomeroSheyanne Romero's reporting of a tough issue told through one family's story may have positive affects on how one county handles its mentally ill residents. Compelling writing made this entry stand out.
Public Service Journalism5thLos Angeles Daily JournalExposure of government fraud led to resignationsJustin KloczkoSometimes government fraud is out there, but it takes a dogged reporter to keep searching and put the pieces together. This is one of those cases, with Justin Kloczko detailing for a knowing, specialized audience the major collusion involving the LA City Attorney's office. Best of all, Kloczko's reporting got results and helped to rid the city of these bad actors.
Public Service Journalism1stChico News & ReviewPost-Camp Fire water contaminationMeredith J. Cooper, Melissa DaughertyImpressive effort here -- constant, dogged attention on an important public health issue that might otherwise be easy for the community to ignore given all the other recent developments in that area.
Public Service Journalism2ndThe AlmanacUneven GroundKate Bradshaw
Public Service Journalism3rdThousand Oaks AcornOur community suffered a mass shooting. Here's what happened nextThousand Oaks Acorn Staff
Public Service Journalism4thThe Salinas CalifornianFundraising for your own funeralKate Cimini
Public Service Journalism5thLamorinda WeeklyFire & Fury - Dealing with the New NormalJennifer Wake, Vera Kochan, Cynthia Brian, Nick Marnel
Public Service Journalism1stLa Canada Valley SunFull coverage: Devil's Gate Dam sediment removal projectSara CardineExcellent job keeping on top of a story obviously important to the community. Appreciated the depth of the coverage.
Public Service Journalism2ndGlendale News-Press‘We’re just stuck here’: Montrose seniors stranded for a week in facility with no elevatorLila SeidmanThis may seem like a small thing, but it's a good example of a reporter bringing to light an issue important to the disadvantaged. Writing is solid.
Public Service Journalism3rdThe Business JournalClovis Unified's Opioid CrisisDonald PromnitzSolid coverage of an important and growing issue.
Public Service Journalism4thThe Sonoma Index-Tribune"The $80 Million Man," "Developer Face Backlash Over LGBTQ Views," "Anti-Gay Comments Paint Troubling Picture"Lorna SheridanNice job holding developers accountable. I'm sure readers appreciated knowing the beliefs of those buying up land in their city.
Public Service Journalism5thLincoln News MessengerLincoln's teens and young adults not immune to vaping-related illnessesShaden Solanji, Carol FeinemanGood job on an important topic.
In-Depth Reporting1stLos Angeles TimesMan in the WindowPaige St. JohnExcellent, compelling report that will keep readers engaged throughout the entire story. Impressive visual research and presentation.
In-Depth Reporting2ndSan Francisco Chronicle24 Hours of HomelessnessSan Francisco Chronicle StaffThe alternative presentation gives readers choices in how to read, what to read. Very strong photographs. It's a thorough view of the city's challenging issue and impact.
In-Depth Reporting3rdLos Angeles TimesMexico's homicide crisisKate Linthicum, Gary Coronado, Jessica Q. ChenExcellent series of articles that likely were done at great risk to the reporters and photographers. Each entry was very well researched and reported.
In-Depth Reporting4thThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesSecond Chance P.D.Laurence Du Sault, Katey RuschThe investigative reporting is so well done here. The stories should prod authorities to change a system that is failing citizens.
In-Depth Reporting1stThe Modesto BeeStraight Pride rally stirs monthlong controversy in ModestoModesto Bee StaffThe Modesto Bee's coverage of a straight pride rally covered the run-up to the rally exhaustively — 18 stories in 30 days. The coverage was fair and honest. Every day it took a new turn. I'm betting that readers eagerly awaited the next day's Bee to see how the story was unfolding.
In-Depth Reporting2ndThe Desert SunHomeless in the Coachella ValleyNicole Hayden, Jay Calderon, Vickie ConnorThe Desert Sun's homeless investigation was deeply reported. The print special report was storytelling at its finest and the best writing in category.
In-Depth Reporting3rdThe Desert SunDrilling deep on California's oil regulatorsJanet Wilson, Evan Wyloge, Julie MakinenThe Desert Sun's drilling investigation had the most actionable response of any entry: Leadership and policy change of oil regulations.
In-Depth Reporting4thThe Modesto BeePolicing Themselves: MPD has fired five cops over dishonesty ...Erin Tracy, Kevin ValineThe Modesto Bee shed light on policing with great detail. What sets this story apart was the Bee's clear explanation of what they sought and why, and the promise of its next investigative focus.
In-Depth Reporting5thThe Press DemocratRebuild North Bay — Coverage of Sonoma County's recovery from the 2017 wildfiresPress Democrat StaffThe Press Democrat's 12 monthly special reports on the Tubb fire is a marvel of planning and organization. These reporters know their beats and what's important to the community.
In-Depth Reporting1stNapa Valley RegisterPathway Home shooting, one year laterNapa Valley Register StaffA horrific story beautifully told. The reporting was comprehensive and presented for maximum impact.
In-Depth Reporting2ndNapa Valley RegisterCosts of LivingCourtney Teague, Danielle Fox, Sean ScullySolid, compelling occasional series. I liked that she talked to so many different people from different perspectives. I especially liked that she had a "what to do" article. Clear writing and excellent editing makes this easy to read, even though the topic is a bit hard.
In-Depth Reporting3rdThe RecordFalling through the netJoe GoldeenSafety net:Well done! Good examples and lots of digging to find people, statistics and framing the issue.
In-Depth Reporting4thThe RecordAlzheimer's long goodbyeBob HighfillGreat examples of the toll it takes on the family and how they cope and pay for the medical care needed. Liked the daughter who had to worry about the hereditary factor with so many relatives affected. Offered some examples to get help.
In-Depth Reporting5thChico Enterprise-RecordInhaledRobin EpleyGood job explaining the damage polluted air does going through your system. Needed more attribution early on. This package is chock-full of interesting and powerful information, but it's a bit textbook style with facts just there for you to believe. Tons of research here and, for the most part, pretty well told.
In-Depth Reporting1stThousand Oaks AcornSurviving BorderlineDawn MegliEssential first-person stories from the people that lived through a tragedy and survived to tell their tales.
In-Depth Reporting2ndThousand Oaks AcornBorderline: One Year LaterDawn Megli, Becca WhitnallA compelling look at how a community continues to recover from a tragedy, paired with strong story-telling that draws in the reader.
In-Depth Reporting3rdSacramento News & ReviewA grisly murder. An illegal confession. A 20-year fight to be free.Raheem HosseiniWonderful story-telling keeps the reader riveted and wanting to know what happens next in both storylines -- how the police violated a man's rights and how he found justice.
In-Depth Reporting4thMonterey County WeeklySB 1421 and police transparency—or lack thereofMary DuanCritical government accountability reporting by a reporter who clearly understands how public records work and why they are so important,
In-Depth Reporting5thChico News & ReviewPost-Camp Fire water contaminationMeredith J. CooperAs much as I appreciated the deep research and records work that went into this series of stories, I loved that each story put a human face -- and story -- on the issue. That kind of story-telling allows readers to connect complicated and often arcane issues to their daily lives.
In-Depth Reporting1stNorth Coast JournalBlackoutNorth Coast Journal StaffIn a category full of high quality entries, this entry from the North Coast Journal detailing the impact of a series of blackouts on its coverage area. Reporters tackled the subject from all perspectives: local residents, first responders and business owners. There is the imagery of the rush to the grocery store. Included were important, helpful details about local resource centers could help people going forward. This was an impressive group effort.
In-Depth Reporting2ndGilroy DispatchGilroy Garlic Festival mass shootingErik Chalhoub, Barry Holtzclaw, Michael Moore, Jennifer WadsworthThe Gilroy Dispatch staff should be commended for its strong, comprehensive coverage in the aftermath of the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting. Beyond the responsible, professional spot coverage of the shooting, the newspaper made smart choices in its follow-up reporting. The Dispatch even secured an interview with the local police chief, who reportedly turned down requests from national outlets. The ongoing coverage of a community trying to move on, along with perspectives of festival organizers wanting to come back for 2020, was inspiring. A well-rounded, impressive effort.
In-Depth Reporting3rdComstock's MagazineBeating the BurnSena ChristianIn what might be the strongest writing effort of the category, Sena Christian offers an in-depth overview of the topic of wildfires: what causes them, and how the resulting devastation can be mitigated in the years ahead.
In-Depth Reporting4thSanta Maria SunAll bark, no biteKasey BubnashThis entry from the Santa Maria Sun highlighted an interesting, unique issue of pet stores selling commercially-bred dogs. Reporter Kasey Bubnash cleanly presented the topic and problems at hand, and effectively weaved together a number of different voices. Well done.
In-Depth Reporting5thThe AlmanacUnderstanding the Unsheltered; Police used city funds to taxi homeless woman to SFKate BradshawKate Bradshaw's comprehensive story about a police department sending a homeless woman away via taxi is a good example of highlighting a broader issue through the lens of one person's experience. Nicely done.
In-Depth Reporting1stSilicon Valley Business JournalRace to See the FutureCromwell Schubarth
In-Depth Reporting2ndThe Sonoma Index-TribuneRebellion at Hanna Boys CenterAnne Ward Ernst
In-Depth Reporting3rdSan Marino OutlookTraffic Tinkering in San MarinoZane Hill, Camila Castellanos, Mark Geers
In-Depth Reporting4thThe Davis EnterpriseCorona murder seriesLauren Keene, Tanya Perez, Anne Ternus-Bellamy
In-Depth Reporting5thLa Canada Flintridge OutlookHeartbreaking Memories Remain 10 Years Aftr Fatal Crash on FoothillWes Woods, Camila Castellanos, Mark Geers
In-Depth Reporting1stThe ArkAnchor-outs on Richardson BayGretchen Lang, Hannah WeikelDoes Gretchen Lang live on a boat? Because she describes life on a boat like she's been there. This tight package -- anchored by Lang's piece about local government being stumped about how to treat boat dwellers, and one family’s struggles to get off the water -- is a great slice of life for a lifestyle I didn’t know existed. I've traveled through Sausalito many times, and always assumed the yuppie-types owned the boats floating outside town. Liberty and Kelly Darling were not what I expected. The piece expertly weaved the story of their dangerous living situation into a larger narrative about affordable housing. The package, which includes Lang’s follow-ups on the NIMBY fights over where to put these anchor-outs, and Hannah Weikel’s spot news on the chaos from high winds, shows The Arc’s dedication to covering an important and overlooked problem.
In-Depth Reporting2ndSiskiyou Daily NewsA river runs through them: A look at the Klamath River and those who depend on itBarry KayeIn his well-written expose on a plan to remove dams on the Klamath River, Barry Kaye gives insightful historical context, serves up interesting river characters from the river, and gives voice to both sides of an argument over removing the dams that have become integral to the life in the area. It’s a fun read on an important topic, and includes strong art. A close second.
In-Depth Reporting3rdThe Mountain EnterpriseFederal forest managers skip past environmental reviewsPatric Hedlund, Marcy Axness, Gary MeyerSolid coverage of an important environmental issue with national implications.
In-Depth Reporting4thLincoln News MessengerFighting breast cancer and survivingCarol Feineman, Joshua Gutierrez, Shaden Solanji, Matthew Nobert
In-Depth Reporting5thThe Trinity JournalCaltrans may resume herbicide sprayingAmy Gittelsohn, Sally Morris
Writing1stLos Angeles TimesDetective TrappChristopher Goffard
Writing2ndSan Francisco ChronicleThe Fisherman's SecretJason Fagone, Tara Duggan, Santiago Mejia
Writing3rdLos Angeles TimesAn identical twin sister lost, found and, at long last, homeBarbara Demick
Writing4thSan Francisco ChronicleA Fire’s Unfathomable TollLizzie Johnson
Writing5thThe San Diego Union-TribuneA bomb, a call, lives alteredJohn Wilkens
Writing1stThe Desert SunLost ShipKristin ScharkeyThough lengthy, the excellent reporting, writing and presentation carry the reader through and craft an engaging, informative article that leaves the reader wanting more.
Writing2ndThe Bakersfield CalifornianPowerful gay men. Vulnerable teenage boys. Murder. Justice. And now, for newly freed Bobby Mistriel, a measure of vindication.Robert PriceWell written, fascinating look at the underbelly of sex trafficking in the 70s and 80s. Kudos on the follow-through over the years that keeps this story alive.
Writing3rdThe Desert SunEnvironmentalists back border wallJanet WilsonIn-depth, well-written look at reality on the border. Through the mouths of those who live there, the reality of border issues comes to life.
Writing4thPress-TelegramLakewood Equestrian Center, a longtime rural gem, faces uncertain futureChris Haire
Writing5thThe Desert SunPools and PaychecksAmy DiPierro
Writing1stRecord SearchlightSix months later, Carr Fire survivors share tales of horror and hopeAlayna Shulman
Writing2ndThe RecordLiving in fearAlmendra Carpizo
Writing3rdWhittier Daily NewsThis Pico Rivera cat was stuck in a 90-foot palm tree for nearly two weeks ... then he fellBradley Bermont
Writing4thNapa Valley RegisterThe Pathway Home, looking back one yearSean Scully
Writing5thRecord SearchlightHere’s how football and community brought Paradise together after the Camp FireEthan Hanson
Writing1stThe Salinas CalifornianA month laterKate CiminiA tale of a mother's grief after loss of a child. good descriptions: Never thought something so ugly would happen to us ... having a hard time going outside after dark ... frustrated how the world has moved on ... lost faith in humanity.
Writing2ndThe Salinas CalifornianSentencingJoe SzydlowskiAnother tragic story told well, Clear writing and solid organization.
Writing3rdThousand Oaks AcornHolding on for RonDawn MegliNice tribute to a fallen officer and those left to deal with grief. Clean and concise writing.
Writing4thThousand Oaks AcornPutting tragedy into wordsBecca WhitnallVery good read about picking up the pieces after Borderline shooting.
Writing5thTimesOCTom Tully never knew he had a Hollywood star. His grandchildren found it decades after his deathAda TsengInteresting mystery story. Clear and well organized.
Writing1stNorth Coast JournalButter and Belonging at Red LobsterJennifer Fumiko CahillReally lovely writing.
Writing2ndPoway News ChieftainChabad members surrounded with post-tragedy loveElizabeth Marie HimchakTop notch reporting.
Writing3rdPalos Verdes Peninsula NewsThe machine at her bedsideMary Jo HazardVery nice writing.
Writing4thCalexico ChronicleThe Inside Story of Trump's Visit to Imperial CountyGary Redfern
Writing5thLos Altos Town CrierDeputies get their goats – without using billy clubsMegan Winslow
Writing1stThe Davis EnterpriseTurning the cornerAnne Ternus-BellamyOur paper is in the midst of a homeless series and I keep saying "put a face on it." This story does that better than anything I've read in a long time. Fantastic reporting; this story grabbed me from the first paragraph and never let me go. Within a few sentences, I cared about this man and even felt as if I knew him.
Writing2ndPetaluma Argus-CourierLonger commutes on the riseMatt BrownOne of the better commute stories I've read. I especially enjoyed the description of his journey; good reporting tied in a lot of different topics (commute, housing, employment) into one story.
Writing3rdSilicon Valley Business JournalA Decade of Promise and PerilCromwell SchubarthThis could have been a very boring big-picture numbers story; instead, it was boiled down into a highly readable and informative piece. Well done.
Writing4thSilicon Valley Business JournalTo All the Jobs I've Had BeforeJ. Jennings MossHighly entertaining column. I don't say this often, but -- I wish it was longer!
Writing5thThe Davis EnterpriseCommunity mourns ‘fun teacher’Lauren KeeneA very sensitive topic handled very well. Lots of great writing and reporting here.
Writing1stThe ArkTiburon cancer survivor leads fundraising to launch yoga program at Benioff hospitalEmily Lavin
Writing2ndThe Windsor TimesThere's no place like homeHeather Bailey
Writing3rdThe ArkCounty struggles to prioritize housing for bay’s anchor-outsGretchen Lang
Writing4thThe Desert ReviewA surprise visit for the school's biggest Padres fanBetty Miller
Writing5thThe Desert ReviewBuyers unite at livestock auction to help save a little girlBetty Miller
Investigative Reporting1stThe Sacramento BeeOverCorrection: Crisis in California JailsJason Pohl, Ryan Gabrielson, Sohail Al-JameaThis groundbreaking project provided a blueprint that reporters in other states can and should replicate. Criminal justice and prison reform is a heavily debated topic at the moment, and while jurisdictions across the U.S. struggle to understand their own problems, it seems that big picture explanations have been missing. Until now. Pohl and Gabrielson take an immense topic- the state of incarceration in California- and make it digestible and compelling. They expertly balance the use of data and graphics with human sources and victim narratives to keep the reader engaged while telling the whole story. As if that's not enough, the writing is also top notch. The amount of work that went into this project is clear, and it was time well spent.
Investigative Reporting2ndSan Francisco ChronicleVanishing ViolenceJill Tucker, Joaquin Palomino, Evan SernoffskyThis is an expertly crafted and explored series, leaving few stones unturned on this topic. The series benefitted greatly from the use of graphics, maps and photos to present 30 years of information in a manner that is easy to grasp both the immense scope of change and individual nuances. I especially appreciated the special report from local youth who were skeptical in the drop in juvenile crime and the interviews with adults who had been impacted by the system as youth. This project is a great example and teachable piece of investigative journalism, including the tangible results it had on the city of San Francisco, including the upcoming closure of the juvenile detention center and ousting of the head of juvenile probation.
Investigative Reporting3rdLos Angeles TimesPromised federal contracts for Native Americans go to othersAdam Elmahrek, Paul PringleThere isn't a word to accurately describe the scope and reach of this investigation, as "impressive" is surely an understatement. The information uncovered by the Times reporters in the first story in this entry was shocking, and I felt a touch of satisfaction as I watched the dominos fall in subsequent stories, as state and federal officials tightened processes and demanded inquiries. This is a textbook example of how investigative reporting utilizing public records and data provides irrefutable evidence that can lead to impactful and nationwide changes.
Investigative Reporting4thThe Orange County RegisterAbuses in U.S. Olympic sports programsScott M. ReidExcellent reporting that utilizes deep sourcing and impactful interviews with victims, as well as rich detail from public documents and hearing transcripts. Scott Reid clearly has his finger on the pulse of misconduct in Olympic sports, both in and outside of California. The first two stories in this investigation revealed problems within a newly formed regulatory body designed to protect young athletes from sexual assault and exploitation, and when the issues were brought to light, the group sought to silence future victims. This is remarkably telling. In terms of positive impact, this investigation and Reid's additional stories are being cited in the highest of forums and has sparked rule changes and additional oversight in an area of sports that was already under a microscope. It's clear that Reid is remarkably well sourced in this arena. Well done.
Investigative Reporting5thLos Angeles TimesBodies of evidenceMelody Petersen, David Willman, Gus Garcia-RobertsThis is one of those stories that you wouldn't believe were true if it wasn't printed on the pages of a reputable newspaper. The cases that were upended by this practice are heartbreaking and the business practices behind this somehow legal practice almost leave the reader feeling almost dirty. I appreciated the sidebar pieces, giving a more in-depth look into many of the nuances of this investigation, particularly the "what you can do to protect yourself" piece, as I imagine most readers were left feeling the same way I was at the completion of the project's centerpiece story.
Investigative Reporting1stThe Desert SunDrilling deep on California's oil regulatorsJanet Wilson, Evan Wyloge, Julie MakinenKaren Wilson's ongoing reporting about California oil regulators is watchdog journalism personified. In one story after another, The Desert Sun highlighted conflicts of interest and dummy permit files that showcased the corruption in clear, understandable terms. More important is that the reporting prompted change. Very impressive work.
Investigative Reporting2ndThe Desert SunSexual harassment and assault at Coachella and Stagecoach music festivalsNicole Hayden, Kristin Scharkey, Kate Franco, Christopher DamienWhen The Desert Sun staff noticed discrepancies in reported statistics of sexual assault/harassment at the Coachella music festival, the publication decided to conduct its own investigation into the matter. Reporters surveyed a high sample of Coachella attendees to determine a more a more accurate assessment of the problem. It is commendable that, in a nod to transparency, the Sun included information as to how it conducted the investigation and what survey questions were asked to attendees.
Investigative Reporting3rdThe Fresno BeeHow bad teeth and a lack of dental care can lead to discrimination and povertyManuela TobiasThe Fresno Bee's investigation into dental care access shows that a topic that might seem narrow at first glance actually involves many different issues at play. This story features an intersection of health care, the economy and government's role with Medi-Cal. The interactive map chart showing dental benefit usage by area/race, along with a short video, made this a well-rounded, quality entry.
Investigative Reporting4thThe Modesto BeeMID plays favorites with its electricity rates. So who’s paying the price?Garth StapleyGarth Stapley's reportorial knowledge of the "winners and losers" of public utilities charges is evident in this work for the Modesto Bee. The charts were helpful, and the clean, crisp writing laid out the problem effectively.
Investigative Reporting5thThe Fresno BeeCity manager claims councilman defamed her over talk of relationship with police lieutenantBrianna Calix
Investigative Reporting1stSan Gabriel Valley TribuneCity of Industry misused subsidized housing to reward allies, force out dissentersJason HenryGood, thorough reporting. Hard to believe the city was so blatant about its misuse of public property.
Investigative Reporting2ndThe TribuneBad air from the Oceano Dunes forces people inside. Is it a crisis or exaggeration?Monica VaughanThis article offered a lot of data and a variety of perspectives, and it clearly led to changes in the management of the State Park. As a reader, though, I remained unconvinced that the recreational vehicle activity was solely responsible for the dust plume, and besides it being expensive, I wasn't sure why the ocean algae report was written off so easily.
Investigative Reporting3rdRecord Searchlight'Fox in the Henhouse': How law enforcement officers get away with domestic violenceDamon Arthur
Investigative Reporting4thThe TribuneMany cops got breaks when charged with crimes in SLO CountyMatt Fountain
Investigative Reporting5thRecord SearchlightA decade of shootings by Shasta County-based law enforcement officersMatt Brannon
Investigative Reporting1stBohemianCharity Case: Investigating PG&E-funded Rebuild North Bay FoundationPeter Byrne, Will Carruthers
Investigative Reporting2ndPalo Alto WeeklyOn the trail of a killerSue DremannThis painstakingly researched entry is a fascinating portrait of a rapist and murderer and apparent serial killer living comfortably within our society for decades. Utterly chilling and wonderfully put together.
Investigative Reporting3rdThe AlmanacTroubled waterKate BradshawA really thorough examination of a troubled private water system, showing how grievously it has failed its members. Nepotism, corruption and dirty water all wrapped into a readable story.
Investigative Reporting4thSacramento News & ReviewCounterfeit vape cartridges and illnessKen MagriThe Sacramento News & Review is to be commended for a thorough consumer report that had direct benefit to its readership. The dedication to spend the money to test these cartridges is something all too rarely seen in today's impoverished newsrooms.
Investigative Reporting5thMetro Silicon ValleyTap Dance: Snooping on Jail Calls Catches Bad Actors, But Easy Access Raises New ConcernsJennifer WadsworthThis report shines a light on a really important Fourth Amendment issue and intelligently explores the balance point between law-enforcement necessities and privacy rights.
Enterprise News Story or Series1stSan Francisco ChronicleOne Day, One City, No ReliefSan Francisco Chronicle StaffOf the many marvelous entries in this category, "One Day, One City, No Relief" stands out. Outstanding journalism that provides local insight to a staggering issue. The commitment to this project is impressive, but the writing, photography and design are a glorious example of what journalists can and should accomplish for their communities.
Enterprise News Story or Series2ndLos Angeles TimesCalifornia Against the SeaRosanna XiaExcellent writing, photos, graphics and design. Amazing. A great example of the critical importance of in-depth reporting.
Enterprise News Story or Series3rdLos Angeles TimesAmerican fallout: The Marshall IslandsSusanne Rust, Carolyn Cole, Ali Raj, Lorena Iñiguez ElebeeEach of the top-three finishers in this category is worthy of first place. Difficult to find anything but superlatives. One of the criteria for judging, though, was local appeal, which was a straw to grasp at while sorting such strong entries. The writing here is off the charts excellent.
Enterprise News Story or Series4thLos Angeles TimesTheir kids died on the psych ward. They were far from alone, a Times investigation foundSoumya KarlamanglaMore excellent journalism from the Times. Ambitious reporting and storytelling with real implications.
Enterprise News Story or Series5thSan Francisco ChronicleBroken CareTrisha Thadani, Dominic FracassaEntries like this remind us of why local journalism is so important. Bravo.
Enterprise News Story or Series1stThe Desert SunHomelessnessNicole Hayden, Sam Metz, Jay CalderonThis is one hell of a tour de force from Nicole Hayden. In early 2019, she sunk her teeth into the issue of homelessness, and she spent the rest of the year feasting on every angle of homelessness in California. She wrote spot news of political funding decisions, feature stories of the impact shutting down encampments, did interviews with addicts, spoken word alongside formerly homeless people and advocates, and dozens of stories between. This expertly produced yearlong coverage of the problem stands out in a crowded field of entries. While the amount of time and work Hayden sunk into the projects is impressive, the elegance of her writing and her ability to think outside the box on story ideas and presentation made the package a real treat to read. Props to her tireless work on the issue, and to the Desert Sun for giving her the time, resources and freedom to take on such an ambitious project.
Enterprise News Story or Series2ndThe Bakersfield CalifornianWhere We Live: An in-depth look at the enclaves, districts and neighborhoods that make up the fabric of Kern CountyRobert PriceI’ve never been to Bakersfield. But after reading these half-dozen or so vignettes about the city’s neighborhoods, each giving a unique slice of modern life and history (complete with maps and photos), I feel like I could navigate it pretty well. Actually, I think I know in which neighborhood I’d like to live. At first, I was a little confused by Robert Price’s project of documenting the changing faces of these neighborhoods. There was no clear news hook. But a good story, or project, doesn’t always need a newsy angle. Sometimes, people just want to pick up the local paper and read something interesting about their community. Price is obviously a man about town, expertly documenting the different flavors of Bakersfield just for the joy of writing, and reading, it.
Enterprise News Story or Series3rdThe Bakersfield Californian34 deaths in 10 years: Newly released documents detail a decade of force by members of the Bakersfield Police DepartmentSam MorgenSolid watchdog reporting on an important social justice issue with national implications.
Enterprise News Story or Series4thThe Modesto BeePolicing ThemselvesErin Tracy, Kevin Valine
Enterprise News Story or Series5thThe Desert SunSexual harassment at Coachella music festNicole Hayden, Christopher Damien
Enterprise News Story or Series1stThe UnionHomelessness in western Nevada CountySam Corey, John OronaA compelling subject helps draw the reader in from the very start of the first story, and I liked the repeated pairing of articles in the series. The coupling of "human stories" and solution/ issue stories in the same edition and page was a great way to draw the reader into the first story and give them an immediate reason (the person they just learned about) to read the second story. I also really appreciated the lengthy resource box for people experiencing homelessness attached to the first story. This was a well-executed deep dive into an essentially universal problem, and as a person not from the region, I feel like I have a fairly good grasp on the homelessness situation (at the time of publication) in Western Nevada County.
Enterprise News Story or Series2ndThe TribuneThis is the Deadliest year at the Oceano Dunes. What is State Parks going to do about it?Kaytlyn Leslie, Monica Vaughan, David MiddlecampThis is a very solid piece of reporting. It clearly identifies the problem- lack of education and enforcement of laws at Oceano Dunes that is literally killing people- backs it up with data and outlines steps that officials are taking to remedy the problem. The use of a human byproduct of the problem quickly drew me in as a reader, eager to learn his whole story. Circling back to the subject after laying out the problem and potential solutions was a nice way to circle back around and remind readers that allowing the problem to continue has a human cost. While the details of the 2019 fatal crashes were difficult to read, they felt necessary to drive the point home.
Enterprise News Story or Series3rdThe Union DemocratPerp-Walks on the Sheriff’s FacebookGiuseppe RicapitoInteresting topic that's well-explored by the reporter, who makes it clear mid-way through the article that the posting of perp walk videos on the sheriff's Facebook page (which nets tens of thousands of views) is more or less arbitrary and based upon staffing. The reporter found sources to weigh in on both sides of the issue at hand which helped to articulate the nuances to the sheriff department's practice. The reporter also takes a deep dive into the department's use of Facebook to reinforce that perp walks are in the minority of the posts, but takes it a step further by breaking down the posts since the page's creation in 2016.
Enterprise News Story or Series4thSanta Monica Daily PressVanlord parks homeless crisis in residential neighborhoodsMadeleine PaukerThis story was a new twist on a familiar topic and did a good job of presenting the full picture in terms of the affect of this new spin on dealing with homelessness on the various affected parties. The main source provided candid, revealing and relatable quotes that engaged me as a reader and a fellow human being. This was an extremely well-rounded and engaging piece.
Enterprise News Story or Series5thThe RecordBattle with KaiserJoe GoldeenA tragic and compelling story about a lifelong caregiver denied by her own employer the compassion that she bestowed upon thousands of patients. The use of primary documents in this story was an almost bulletproof testament to what Ms. Fillon experienced, despite Kaiser's statement to the contrary. This was a story that needed to be told.
Enterprise News Story or Series1stNew TimesHand-sculptedCamillia LanhamThis entry stood out in a crowded category because of the lovely storytelling quality and the accompanying images. It also explained a process I had never heard of.
Enterprise News Story or Series2ndMetro Silicon ValleyStealing Home: Weak Oversight Leaves Rent-Subsidy Fraud Unchecked for Years on EndJennifer WadsworthA top investigative piece explaining what's behind rent-subsidy fraud. Well written.
Enterprise News Story or Series3rdTimesOCThe Frat House is the last gay bar standing in Garden GroveLilly Nguyen
Enterprise News Story or Series4thThe Salinas CalifornianHomicide dropJoe Szydlowski
Enterprise News Story or Series5thPalo Alto WeeklyThe price of 'paradise'Palo Alto Weekly Staff
Enterprise News Story or Series1stMountain View VoiceA neighborhood association on wheels: New advocacy group seeks to unite Mountain View's vehicle dwellersMark Noack, Magali GauthierA great take on a different slice of homelessness: long time residents who, because of circumstances beyond their control, can no longer afford to pay rent in one of the most expensive housing markets in the country. Thoroughly reported and well written.
Enterprise News Story or Series2ndThe AlmanacA death on the tracksKate BradshawReporter uses one family's pain to raise questions about the absence of cameras and other security/safety measures at some Caltrain stations.
Enterprise News Story or Series3rdMountain View Voice'No one actually reads' it: City runs its legal notices in hard-to-find newspaperMark NoackThis is a great find, and written with real wit. But the reporter rightly shows how the public is being ill-served by the decision to publish legal notices in a newspaper with a total circulation of 69.
Enterprise News Story or Series1stThe Sonoma Index-Tribune'Blue Line' or Crossing a Line?Kate WilliamsThis story frames a complex, national issue in local terms. It's thoroughly and fairly reported, and beautifully presented on the page.
Enterprise News Story or Series2ndSilicon Valley Business JournalAlong the Rails of the Caltrain CorridorJanice Bitters, Marlize van Romburgh, Alex BarreiraThis is a deep dive into the dynamics of transit and housing that are shaping many West Coast cities. A nice mix of narrative and visuals, with many entry points.
Enterprise News Story or Series3rdSanta Clara WeeklyLegendary Concert Promoter Will "Never, Ever" Book Weeknight Shows at Levi's Stadium Due to CurfewCarolyn SchukAn illuminating follow-up to the establishment of a curfew in Santa Clara, showing the unintended consequences of the city's controversial measure.
Enterprise News Story or Series4thSacramento Business JournalLittle SaigonMark AndersonThe writer took time and trouble to find the intriguing backstory of a building that has stood empty so long it's become invisible in plain sight. This type of story encourages us to look at our surroundings anew.
Enterprise News Story or Series5thThe Folsom TelegraphSalute to local Breast Cancer Survivors SeriesRachel Zirin, Bill SullivanAn ambitious attempt to raise awareness about a quiet but life-threatening issue that affects many individuals and families. The multiplicity of voices is powerful.
Breaking News1stLos Angeles TimesCollege admissions scandalLos Angeles Times StaffThe Los Angeles Times was clearly ready and waiting for the unsealing of the college admissions indictments. When the story broke, the Times reporters and editors jumped into action, and stayed ahead of this major national story: It was in the Times’ territory, and the newspaper owned it. The story struck at the heart of its two biggest universities, and at the heart of its biggest industries—entertainment and sports—and the newspaper used its expertise to provide readers with the complete story. This story didn’t unfold as much as it became revealed with each edition of the Times. The writing was crisp and accurate, the reporting was solid. The mix of stories and expertise of its news, sports and entertainment teams was more than impressive. This was an extraordinary effort.
Breaking News2ndLos Angeles TimesDeadly Conception boat fireLos Angeles Times StaffWhen the unexpected strikes, the Los Angeles Times showed it knows how to react, with its reporting on the Conception Boat Fire: lots of detail in a long day of reporting, excellent writing and sensitive, empathetic photos and stories told the tale of this horrific event. This reporting showed great coordination and organization of a news team that touched all the bases; excellent editing with no redundancies and strong first-day, one-day coverage that will stand as a vital historical document of a tragic event.
Breaking News3rdSan Francisco ChronicleWildfire and Shut-OffsSan Francisco Chronicle StaffThe very definition of a wildfire is that it catches everyone by surprise and grows faster in its early stages than anyone can keep up with. This Kincade Fire north of San Francisco came at a tough time for the newspaper deadlines, but the Chronicle marshaled its professional resources quickly and relentlessly, eventually matching the energy and reach of yet another California wildfire story, with the added layer of a utility’s blackout campaign. The stories of the firefighting and the politics and the communities were all captured brilliantly, photographs were stunning and graphics unmatched by any media or state agency in their clarity.
Breaking News4thThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesGilroy Garlic Festival ShootingJulia Sulek, Nico Savidge, Leonardo Castaneda, Robert SalongaSolid reporting, especially after the first day, about this shocking shooting in a nearby small city; reporting on the shooter was especially strong, as the Mercury News explored all aspects of this story with top-notch journalism.
Breaking News5thThe Sacramento BeeShooting of Davis Police OfficerBenjy Egal, Molly Sullivan, Sam Stanton, Ryan SabalowExcellent reporting of a confusing incident. The timing of the event must have been difficult for the newspaper deadlines; questions surrounding the victim's volunteer status were left out of the newspaper's initial coverage of this breaking story.
Breaking News1stThe Press DemocratKincade fire coverage: Oct. 25-Nov. 4, 2019Press Democrat StaffThis entry is a great example of how bold and dynamic the printed newspaper can be, especially during coverage of a huge news event in the region. I was impressed not only with the depth of coverage, but also the quality of reporting and writing, the exceptional photos and the great play they were given, and the clean design. Each day over the five days the readers were given coverage not only of the fire, but also how the fire was affecting their daily lives. Kudos.
Breaking News2ndThe Press DemocratFlood coverage: Feb. 27-March 8, 2019Press Democrat StaffThis was another solid example of how the printed newspaper can rise to the magnitude of a big, local story. The depth and quantity of coverage was warranted by the seriousness of the news. Another great use of exceptional photos.
Breaking News3rdThe Desert SunValentine's Day FloodDesert Sun StaffThis entry showed an exceptional depth of coverage of an event seldom experience in the region. There are lots of pertinent sidebars and helpful stories. I just wish I could have seen how it played in the printed newspaper.
Breaking News4thThe Bakersfield CalifornianFourth of July Temblor: 'A lot of shaking and a lot of noise'Darla A. Baker, Teddy Feinberg, Christine L. Peterson, Maureen StrodeDynamic A1 coverage - story, headline, photo and clearly told the reader that this was a big deal to the community.
Breaking News5thThe Desert SunWater Wars: Imperial Valley cut out of western U.S. drought planJanet Wilson, Evan WylogeThis is a fine example of how to explain a complicated story and how it affects the region. Water is one of the biggest issues in the state, and this entry reflected that importance.
Breaking News1stRecord SearchlightHistoric February 2019 snowstormRecord Searchlight StaffExcellent, thorough continuous coverage.
Breaking News2ndMarin Independent JournalMarin storm havoc: Sausalito mudslide, broad flooding, outagesMatthew Pera, Will Houston, Gary KlienTerrific writing and reporting.
Breaking News3rdSanta Maria TimesFive dead in shooting, fire at mobile home parkRazi Syed, Mike Hodgson, Mathew BurciagaStrong, clear reporting.
Breaking News4thMonterey HeraldDoris Day dies in Carmel Valley homeJames HerreraMoving life profile.
Breaking News5thThe TribuneSLO sheriff identifies suspect in 2 unsolved Atascadero murders — after 41 yearsGabby Ferreira, Kaytlyn Leslie, Lindsey Holden, David MiddlecampExceptionally strong recap of time and lives.
Breaking News1stMonterey County WeeklyCoverage of the aftermath of a mass shooting in GilroyMonterey County Weekly contributors and StaffUnique and compelling approach to an all too familiar story. The inclusion of community leaders gave depth to the story.
Breaking News2ndPalo Alto WeeklyPay to play: College admissions scandalSue Dremann, Jamey Padojino, Elena KadvanyGood coverage of a complex story. Kudos for keeping the sensationalist aspects out of the story. This allows more of the real story to be revealed.
Breaking News3rdPalo Alto WeeklyCellphone video captures heated MAGA confrontation that went viralSue DremannInteresting perspective on a new issue confronting our society. Good to have a perspective that doesn't predict gloom and doom for our communities.
Breaking News4thSacramento News & ReviewThe second killing of Stephon ClarkRaheem Hosseini, Scott Anderson, Karlos Ayala, Kris HooksCompelling story told in a minute by minute fashion. However, if concerned about bias in reporting, perhaps the line"Fruit of the biased tree" could be left out.
Breaking News5thBrentwood PressMarsh Complex Fire burns 757 acresTony KukulichGreat photos of the air tankers in action.
Breaking News1stGilroy DispatchGilroy Garlic Festival mass shootingMichael Moore, Erik Chalhoub, Barry Holtzclaw, Jennifer WadsworthA great report of a tragic event and excellent breaking news reporting. The headline, copy and photos all mix to tell the story quite nicely. Impressive job.
Breaking News2ndNorth Coast Journal'Witnessing a Miracle'Thadeus GreensonExcellent use of format. The chronological narrative is weaved together nicely from start to finish by reporting blended with amazing photos and layout.
Breaking News3rdMountain View VoiceMountain View man detained in ICE raidKevin ForestieriPowerful, well researched piece which gives a new perspective on the subject of immigration.
Breaking News4thPleasanton WeeklyPUSD transcripts: Investigator finds two improper alterations, no systemic problemJeremy WalshA good explanation of a difficult topic. Great writing, great package.
Breaking News5thCalexico ChroniclePresident Trump to Visit Imperial CountyRichard Brown Montenegro, Gary Redfern, Jayson Barniske, William RollerGood breaking news content, solid writing, great use of style and nicely packaged. All around top notch.
Breaking News1stThe Morgan Hill TimesFord Store shootingMichael Moore, Erik Chalhoub, Scott Forstner, Jaqueline McCoolCommunity news reporting at its best. Excellent follow-up that moved a breaking story forward for readers of a weekly. Well-written lead; effective, compelling approach, and good writing all through. Effective photo choices, sidebars and layout. Excellent teamwork with several staff members pursuing different aspects of the story, seeking what was new, what would happen next, what was still unknown and reactions from community members and experts. Included important details that portrayed full pictures of the victims and the perpetrator, which is important for community readership. Included details of what happened but did not rest on that. Went far beyond a recap or chronology.
Breaking News2ndPetaluma Argus-CourierSeeking sanctuaryKathryn Palmer
Breaking News3rdThe Davis EnterpriseUnpaid student workers stage walkoutCaleb Hampton
Breaking News4thThe Davis EnterpriseDavis police officer shotLauren Keene
Breaking News5thSilicon Valley Business JournalWhat a Leadership Change Spells for AlphabetAllison Levitsky
Breaking News1stThe Trinity JournalFish and Game 'meeting'Amy GittelsohnThis story on a public meeting that went off the rails captures the tension through extensive quotations, and backs up just enough to remind readers that the real story isn't the process and the Brown Act and the meeting, but the issue of herbicides as a tool. The perspective is clear while sticking to straight news reporting.
Breaking News2ndThe ArkPeninsula hit with PG&E blackoutsHannah Weikel, Kevin Hessel, Rachel SimpsonThis in-depth story on PG&E's public safety power shutoff really runs the gamut of telling what happened from the perspective of law enforcement and first responders to ordinary people, and includes a helpful resource box for readers who want further information.
Breaking News3rdThe Weekly CalistoganA tale of two Calistogas: Two different stories across the Napa River during power shutoffsCynthia SweeneyThis is a nice snapshot of the struggles business owners face during public safety power shutoffs by PG&E, and conveys the sense of fear residents feel during uncertain wildfire conditions. It also answers a question many readers are likely to have about why some areas are affected by a PSPS and others aren't.
Breaking News4thThe ArkBoy killed, father arrested in boating accidentHannah WeikelThis tragic story presents the essential who's who in this breaking news piece, and also effectively relies on a neighbor to give personality and color to the story, going beyond the details of the police report.
Breaking News5thClaremont CourierQuestions remain after parade accidentSteven FelschundneffWhile this story leaves some important questions unanswered (who was the driver and what was the suspected cause of the crash?) it very effectively sets the scene for the reader and describes the circumstances of what happened. It also takes it one step further with the description of trauma response offered by the city, and how families are using those available services.
Coverage of Local Government1stLos Angeles TimesLAPD stop and searchCindy Chang, Ben PostonWow - what a series. It starts with a deep dive into data, thoughtfully explained for the reader. The findings in the first report then trigger an audit and policy change from the mayor's office, becoming the basis of future stories in this series. The scenery from traffic stops bolsters the narrative as this story unfolds. Even as the police defend their practices, the reporting keeps returning to the data presented in the first deep dive story.
Coverage of Local Government2ndSan Francisco ChronicleHomeless on BARTRachel SwanThis story takes on a scene we all experience anecdotally, that there seem to be more homeless people on public transit, and takes a close look at what is really happening. Using data from 911 calls and other sources, the narrative packed with personalities and scenery reveals a series challenge for a public transit agency: What do you do when you are not equipped to act as a homeless services agency but the problem increasingly falls to you? There is an exploration of some efforts at solutions underway, as well, not just an indictment or finger-pointing for who is to blame.
Coverage of Local Government3rdThe Orange County RegisterCalifornia cities, counties spent $4 billion on overtime in 2018Teri SforzaThis is an important story on public employee salaries and overtime. While there is a persuasive case made for why government agencies are experiencing this trend, it’s clear that this is a problem for a variety of reasons, and something that local government agencies need to step in to fix.
Coverage of Local Government4thSan Francisco ChronicleThe Adachi LeakEvan SernoffskyTruth is stranger than fiction in this one, and this story reflects that. The reporting gets into not only who Adachi was and why we as readers should care, but the political motivations and dynamics between the police department, Public Defender’s Office, and Board of Supervisors, and the media as well. There is some very helpful big-picture explaining on who’s who and how the characters fit together that makes this saga easier to follow for newcomers to the story.
Coverage of Local Government5thLos Angeles TimesDeveloper ties to City HallEmily Alpert Reyes, David ZahniserThese stories require extensive investigative work to reveal the apparent deal-making between developers and decision-makers. The rent break story especially, based on reviewing redacted rent records, is a fine piece of work. The reporters are careful not to draw connections where they aren’t proven and to make clear what’s beyond the purview of the criminal investigation, but still reveals the way power brokers (from developers to hoteliers) operates and the means by which they curry favor with elected officials.
Coverage of Local Government1stThe Press DemocratCoverage of homeless camp on Joe Rodota TrailPress Democrat Staff
Coverage of Local Government2ndPress-TelegramLong Beach opens new City HallHayley Munguia, Emily Rasmussen, Rich Archbold, Jeff Goertzen
Coverage of Local Government3rdLos Angeles Daily NewsTransgender people and law enforcementBrenda Gazzar
Coverage of Local Government4thDaily PilotAmerican flag design will stay on Laguna Beach police cars, council decidesFaith Pinho
Coverage of Local Government5thThe Bakersfield CalifornianWay overdue: More than 40,000 Kern residents owe county $1.1 millionSam Morgen
Coverage of Local Government1stSan Gabriel Valley TribuneCity of Industry misused subsidized housing to reward allies, force out dissentersJason HenryOutstanding writing and reporting using a number of methods to substantiate the story's shocking premise: "Interviews and public records obtained by the Southern California News Group show city-owned housing in Industry often has been used as a tool for those in power to reward allies and punish dissenters. " Hard to believe this kind of corruption exists in the United States.
Coverage of Local Government2ndLos Angeles Daily JournalExposure of government fraud led to resignationsJustin KloczkoSome of these stories could have used a roadmap, a cast of characters and better context, but the reporting here is excellent, showing the reporter understood the basics of the case as it moved through the court. The final story is the best because it lays out all the element in plain English.
Coverage of Local Government3rdThe TribuneSLO has plans for thousands of new homes, buildings. Not everyone is happy about itNick WilsonThis story does an excellent job of explaining a difficult and technical issue: how a city plans to address housing. The reporting is detailed, with easy-to-understand explanations about costs and good use of bulleted lists to identify each proposed project and its price tag. Growth opponents get a platform and enough space to make their arguments. This entry fits the "issue being addressed by local government" nature of the category better than most entries in this class.
Coverage of Local Government4thMonterey HeraldSCRAMP ousted as countyJim JohnsonBalanced and detailed reporting about a county getting rid of a concessionnaire with a history of financial problems. Not enough dollar signs, but otherwise top-notch reporting.
Coverage of Local Government5thVisalia Times-DeltaCoverage of local public hospitals in Visalia and TulareJames Ward, Sheyanne RomeroThis series of stories about poor performance and misbehavior by two local public hospitals and their owner's attempt to influence an election is exhaustively reported and well documented. It doesn't fit the contest category, though, because the primary government involved is a state agency, so it's not a local government story.
Coverage of Local Government1stThe Salinas CalifornianWave of evictionsKate CiminiA powerful dive into the human impact of the housing crisis. Well written and reported. Good sourcing takes the reader inside the homes of people being evicted and puts a human face on the issue. Photos round out the package.
Coverage of Local Government2ndNew TimesWho to honor?Peter JohnsonWell reported look at a controversy that has divided a community. The piece takes a comprehensive tour of both sides of the issue and lets the reader make a decision. Well written.
Coverage of Local Government3rdChico News & ReviewChico responds to Camp Fire surgeAshiah Scharaga, Meredith J. Cooper, Melissa Daugherty, Evan TuchinskyNice five-part series on impacts of the fire six months later. The main package was well reported and comprehensive.
Coverage of Local Government4thPalo Alto WeeklyWhose rules?Gennady SheynerA good in-depth look at a potential solution to the housing crisis with voices on both sides of the issue.
Coverage of Local Government5thMetro Silicon ValleyTaxpayers Demand Sunshine in Little-Known Special DistrictJennifer WadsworthInteresting look at a little known service district board. History section could be condensed. Nice job getting tax payer and pocket book angle.
Coverage of Local Government1stNorth Coast JournalWe Are Coming HomeThadeus GreensonNo. 1 Wit beautiful illustrations, photographs and writing, these stories put in perspective the history and the future of the Wiyot Tribe. It provides compelling details of the brutality these native people faced more than a century ago. The stories put an eloquent narrative to the lengthy process of repatriation, the impact the ultimate decision has had, and the national attention it has attracted. Well-done!
Coverage of Local Government2ndSanta Maria SunNow recruitingZac EzzoneNo. 2 Police shortages and their impacts are often reported in local media, however, this coverage actually shows readers, as opposed to telling them, the impact. It draws the reader in with a story of the  police chief in which he had been up late the night before conducting a gang sweep. The coverage details the causes and impact of the shortage and is illustrated with strong photographs. The box telling readers how they can apply to become an officer is a thoughtful finishing touch.
Coverage of Local Government3rdComstock's MagazineSlow Progress for Fast SpeedsRussell NicholsMaking dry topics such as 5G readable is a challenge, but this piece managed to do so by finding a main character to tell the story. The photo illustration and strong layout complements the coverage.
Coverage of Local Government4thSanta Maria SunThe transformationChris McGuinnessNo. 4 The complexities of cleaning up land that has become makeshift homes for people are well-examined in this piece, making it clear how  many stakeholders need to be involved, and how challenging it is for communities with limited time and resources to align on how to solve the issue of homelessness.
Coverage of Local Government5thThe Malibu Times'Mansionization' in MalibuEmily SawickiNo. 5 This is strong coverage of an issue that strikes at the heart of homeowners. It provides details of the proposal, its impact, and developments in the issue along the way. However, I would have liked to have seen more people stories and photographs of property owners to help tell the story.
Coverage of Local Government1stKenwood PressKFD Tables Consolidation EffortJay GamelToo the point and clearly and brightly written starting from the headline and lead and all the way through. Good use of numbers; they don't overwhelm the reader and writer takes the reader along in his investigation. Important to the community as to how tax money is spent and decisions that affect it. Got the "why" up high and put it in for every additional idea.
Coverage of Local Government2ndKenwood PressSounding the AlarmSarah Phelps
Coverage of Local Government3rdDana Point TimesAllegations Disrupt Party UnityLillian Boyd, Shawn Raymundo, Adam Gilles
Coverage of Local Government4thDel Mar TimesTorrey Pines Community Planning Board OKS lightLuke Harold
Coverage of Local Government5thSanta Clara WeeklySanta Clara 2019-20 Budget: 1% Higher, 100% ClearerCarolyn Schuk
Coverage of Local Government1stThe ArkTiburon drone banDeirdre McCrohan, Alison T. GrayTiburon has banned drones from flying in certain areas, and those rules were challenged by a variety of organizations, including news media. The concerns about the ordinance are in the details, and the story carefully spells them out, running through the implications and (notably in the last story) the debate over those details, while giving everyone their say. Many sources and perspectives were included in clearly-written stories that required precision and got it. An opinion piece from the publisher (really either an editorial or column), though not part of the story, provides some additional perspective. A useful package across several issues for local readers.
Coverage of Local Government2ndThe Weekly CalistoganCalistoga winery, city spar over what constitutes an 'event'Cynthia SweeneyWineries are concerned by what falls under the category of "event" at their outlets. One person asked, “In all the discussion throughout Napa County about wineries (the question arises) are they there to make wine and sell wine or are they event centers?” There are limits to how many events can be held; the story is unclear about exactly what the limits are: Evidently it's not an absolute matter but a question of wineries having too many, when there seems to be a disagreement over how many is too many. The story appears to indicate the number allowed is variable depending on what kind of permit is applied for and what is noted in the specific permit, but there's some vagueness there. Still, the story is strong on perspective and providing a fresh angle on a subject of local controversy.
Coverage of Local Government3rdThe ArkStrawberry Recreation DistrictEmily LavinA former general manager has sued the recreation district for wrongful termination relating to sexual harassment and other concerns. The longish story outlines both the details of the suit, drawn from court record, and background from both the board's and the manager's viewpoints, as well as pointing out the legal issues relating to open meetings. Well crafted (though it could have straightened out the narrative flow a bit) and gives the reader a strong sense of the internal dynamics in the district. The two followup articles don't expand on it greatly but do continue the story (and fill in further on the seeming management problems in the district).
Coverage of Local Government4thSanta Ynez Valley StarSolvang Tourism CutRaiza GiorgiAt points the story veers a little near editorializing - against the budget cut - but as a whole it covers the bases and does a good job outlining the implications of the decision to cut funding toward tourism, though it leaves open questions concerning some of the motivations for doing so (since the officially-stated reasons seem a little implausible, and there are a little vague references to personal conflicts). Could have combined this one and its followup.
Coverage of Local Government5thBig Bear GrizzlyCounty DA's office probes MWD resignation processJudi BowersThe facts seem largely to be collected here, and the necessary stops made by way of checking information and getting responses. And the story underneath what might have been a two-graf mention of a board resignation was skillfully teased out, the details examined with some care. But the perspective is still missing; is this just a case of administrative sloppiness (which on the surface it seems to be), which might not be especially significant, or is something else going on or at stake? Is something else going on beyond careless managing of paperwork and formal action - or is that carelessness part of an ongoing pattern here, or a one-off? In other words, what should the reader make of it?
Land-Use Reporting1stThe Orange County RegisterCalifornia's housing shortage and demands on citiesJeff Collins, Alicia Robinson, Nikie Johnson, Jeff Goertzen
Land-Use Reporting2ndThe San Diego Union-TribuneAll is not calm around piers lining Shelter Island enclaveJennifer Van Grove
Land-Use Reporting3rdLos Angeles TimesRemaking the Miracle MileCarolina Miranda
Land-Use Reporting4thLos Angeles TimesHousing in CaliforniaLiam Dillon
Land-Use Reporting5thSan Francisco ChronicleMission Bay Comes of AgeJohn King, J.K. Dineen, Mark Lundgren
Land-Use Reporting1stPress-TelegramAfter 112 years of carrying Long Beach’s heritage, the future of Sunnyside Cemetery is on a precipiceHayley MunguiaThis entry is a powerful and well-written story that weaves together the memories of the deceased and highlights the cemetery's historical significance -- while providing an in-depth explanation about the fight between city officials and cemetery board members as they decide how to preserve and manage the site. The reporter did a superb job of highlighting what's at stake if the two sides can't reach a compromise. Fantastic writing.
Land-Use Reporting2ndThe Desert SunPrivate homes inside Joshua Tree National ParkJanet Wilson
Land-Use Reporting3rdThe Bakersfield CalifornianKern quickly rises to become California's top hemp-producing countyJohn Cox
Land-Use Reporting4thThe Press-EnterpriseIn rural Anza, marijuana is seen as a scourge. Could it also be a savior?Jeff Horseman
Land-Use Reporting5thThe Desert SunCannabis in the Anza ValleySam Metz, Jay Calderon
Land-Use Reporting1stRecord SearchlightFuel for our FiresDamon Arthur, David Benda, Mike Chapman, Randall HauserAn incredibly important series phenomenally reported, and beautifully written, photographed, illustrated and packaged. A real standout.
Land-Use Reporting2ndPasadena Star-NewsCaltrans lets 163 homes sit vacant along part of 710 corridor 2 years after nixing freeway extension planSteve ScauzilloExcellent investigative journalism and use of the CPRA to shine a light on a hidden story. Wow!
Land-Use Reporting3rdRecord Searchlight‘There are more coming. We’re desperate for housing’: One woman’s storyMichele ChandlerWonderfully crafted, humanizing piece to illustrate a massive issue on the horizon. Fine research and investigation to really bring it all home.
Land-Use Reporting4thThe TribuneNo more off-road riding at the Oceano Dunes? Coastal Commission staff says 'it is time'Kaytlyn Leslie, Ashley Ladin, Monica VaughanGreat series in following this as it unfolded and focusing on all sides and perspectives. Excellent service piece on an issue that just about everyone is going to have a strong opinion about.
Land-Use Reporting5thThe San Bernardino SunPioneertown residents now have clean tap water for the first time in decadesSandra EmersonNeat little story that was also a real eye-opener. Great explainers on the system and the quirky background of the town made it fun and informative.
Land-Use Reporting1stSilicon Valley Business JournalWatch This SpaceJody MeachamA nicely written narrative that brings to life what could have been a dreary topic to tackle: future parking space in San Jose. The writer engages readers immediately, quickly and clearly summarizes the somewhat complex issues at play and lets readers know why they should care. Tightly written, balanced with a strong mix of voices set against interesting national and historical context. The sidebars are deftly written and useful to the local target audience. An excellent, informative package.
Land-Use Reporting2ndSilicon Valley Business JournalAlong the Rails of the Caltrain CorridorJanice Bitters, Marlize van Romburgh, Alex BarreiraAn engaging visual presentation combined with a deeply reported and authoritatively written main story make for a strong, useful, reader-friendly package. Outstanding design, strong art and clear writing.
Land-Use Reporting3rdSilicon Valley Business JournalDestination: Santa ClaraMatthew Niksa, J. Jennings MossAn informative look at changes looming in one of Silicon Valley’s biggest cities. Thoroughly reported, with strong use of graphics and design to present details of the development project. A compelling narrative offers readers a look at how the plans play into the history of the city. Very well done.
Land-Use Reporting4thDel Mar TimesDel Mar, Solana Beach brace for added density from new state housing mandateLuke HaroldA concisely written look at a complex issue, detailing how small San Diego County cities are dealing with daunting housing mandates. A clearly crafted, well-organized narrative guides readers through the facts and figures.
Land-Use Reporting5thElk Grove CitizenCalifornia Northstate University's proposed hospitalLance ArmstrongThe series of stories gives readers an informative look into an unfolding, controversial issue. The writer offers up a balanced view of the various sides weighing in on the topic.
Land-Use Reporting1stThe ArkCounty scientist looks to create 'living shorelines'Gretchen Lang
Land-Use Reporting2ndThe Weekly CalistoganPG&E to seize private vineyard property for liquid natural gas plant in CalistogaCynthia Sweeney
Land-Use Reporting3rdThe ArkTiburon suspends plan for McKegney maintenance shedDeirdre McCrohan
Land-Use Reporting4thThe Trinity JournalHomeless in TrinityAmy Gittelsohn
Land-Use Reporting5thCalaveras EnterpriseForest-thinning project near Glencoe breaks groundDavis Harper
Land-Use Reporting1stPalo Alto WeeklyInside Stanford's bid to expand — and how it came undoneGennady SheynerA deeply reported, fairly written look on how Stanford's plans for a major campus expansion fell apart. The writer deftly navigated and explained cogently the university's fruitless efforts to appease multiple stakeholders, while sympathetically capturing the frustration felt by one of those groups: students who felt as if Stanford was simply waiting for them to graduate before bringing the issue back to to county supervisors again in a few years.
Land-Use Reporting2ndMountain View VoiceReclaiming the BayKevin Forestieri, Magali GauthierThe best land use reporting takes local issues and explains them in ways that are easy to grasp by someone who's just passing through. This piece does that.
Land-Use Reporting3rdThe AlmanacDogged by constant barking, Haven Avenue residents seek reliefKate BradshawThis nuanced, balanced take on a hyperlocal neighborhood issue is sensitively reported, presenting the positions of apartment residents and the owner of a neighboring dog kennel without judgment. In a category otherwise dominated by stories about massive development and environmental restoration projects, this piece held its own.
Land-Use Reporting4thSan Francisco Business TimesWelcome to HipsturbiaBlanca Torres, Todd Johnson
Land-Use Reporting5thValley VoiceWho Closed Yaudanchi?Catherine Doe
Coverage of Youth and Education1stSan Francisco ChronicleVanishing ViolenceJoaquin Palomino, Jill Tucker, Evan Sernoffsky
Coverage of Youth and Education2ndLos Angeles TimesCollege admissions scandalLos Angeles Times Staff
Coverage of Youth and Education3rdLos Angeles TimesCharter schools seriesAnna M. Phillips
Coverage of Youth and Education4thLos Angeles TimesCalifornia weighs standardized testingTeresa Watanabe
Coverage of Youth and Education5thThe San Diego Union-TribuneOceanside school busing had irregular mandatesDeborah Sullivan Brennan
Coverage of Youth and Education1stThe Press DemocratRace, test scores divide Healdsburg schoolsSusan MinichielloClearly well-researched. The story flowed well and thoughtfully tackled the charged topic of racial disparities between charter and public schools.
Coverage of Youth and Education2ndThe Bakersfield CalifornianNew policy draws clear bounaries between employees, studentsStacey Shepard, Ema SasicThe story wove narrative together with information about the new policy and an impressive collection of public records to discuss the pros and cons of limiting teachers' interactions with students.
Coverage of Youth and Education3rdThe Fresno BeeYemeni student who fled civil war excels in computer programming while learning EnglishCarmen GeorgeThis story was not just a heartwarming profile of a 15-year-old Yemeni immigrant girl who can code, but showed readers a little bit about what the "Newcomer" classroom experience was like. Fascinating.
Coverage of Youth and Education4thThe Desert SunIzzy RamirezAndrew John, Taya Gray, Matt SolinskyThis story impressed me with the way the author not only shared Izzy's story, but captured how the community rallied around him throughout his surgical treatments and recovery. Great photos.
Coverage of Youth and Education5thThe Modesto BeeCaring Counts: It's hard for homeless kids to prepare for school. Kindness as important as suppliesChrisAnna MinkI liked the angle this story took in exploring topic of student homelessness from the perspective of how homeless students actually get the supplies they need for the new year.
Coverage of Youth and Education1stRecord SearchlightImmunization ratesAlayna Shulman
Coverage of Youth and Education2ndThe TribuneWill fewer college students report sexual assault after this California court ruling?Monica Vaughan
Coverage of Youth and Education3rdThe RecordHigh school paper freedom of speechNicholas Filipas, Don Blount
Coverage of Youth and Education4thThe TribuneThis Cal Poly student was in a battle with bulimia — and kept it a secret from everyoneMonica Vaughan, David Middlecamp
Coverage of Youth and Education5thThe TribuneA fall in Big Sur took his ability to walk. How Cal Poly got this student back to the beachMonica Vaughan
Coverage of Youth and Education1stMetro Silicon ValleyFunding Uncertainty Threatens Future of Silicon Valley’s Oldest Vocational Training CenterJennifer WadsworthIncredibly detailed and thorough.
Coverage of Youth and Education2ndPalo Alto WeeklyThe challenge of charter shoolsElena KadvanyIncredibly detailed and thorough. Tied for first in my opinion.
Coverage of Youth and Education3rdMonterey County WeeklyMonterey County is producing more college-bound students than ever. Is that too much of a good thing?Marielle ArguezaExcellent!
Coverage of Youth and Education4thThe Salinas CalifornianLockup to master'sChelcey Adami
Coverage of Youth and Education5thSimi Valley AcornReading, writing and emotional well-being, New program seeks to give students a voice, improve learning experience for allKrista Abrahamsen, Sylvie Belmond
Coverage of Youth and Education1stSanta Maria SunSubbing for substitutesKasey Bubnash
Coverage of Youth and Education2ndPleasanton WeeklyAmador Valley High School transcript probe and falloutJeremy Walsh, Julia Baum
Coverage of Youth and Education3rdMountain View VoiceFood allergy clinics a leap of faith for desperate familiesKevin Forestieri, Magali Gauthier
Coverage of Youth and Education4thLos Altos Town CrierMVLA to move start times later, create new bell scheduleZoe Morgan
Coverage of Youth and Education5thThe AlmanacInclusivity on the sidelinesAngela Swartz
Coverage of Youth and Education1stThe Sonoma Index-TribuneRebellion at Hanna Boys CenterAnne Ward ErnstJust flat out excellent. Good reporting and writing, excellent use of sources on a meaningful story that is relevant for our times.
Coverage of Youth and Education2ndPetaluma Argus-CourierSupport for trans kidsYousef BaigWell written, well researched, tough topic that is relevant in today's world. Good, all around.
Coverage of Youth and Education3rdGlendale News-PressFriends, parents champion LGBTQ inclusion through elementary book donationsAndrew CampaGreat cause, well written, tells the stories of two activists who are making a difference to children, donating LQBTQ+books to elementary school libraries.
Coverage of Youth and Education4thLa Canada Valley SunParents of LCHS students expelled from class for cheating file discrimination lawsuitSara CardineHeadline is confusing, should be broken into two parts. Intriguing story that tells both sides, lets the reader decide if there was discrimination or not ...
Coverage of Youth and Education5thSan Marino OutlookBe Prepared - Century Old Troop 351 Seeks More AdventuresZane Hill, Camila Castellanos, Mark GeersGood story telling of the expansion and maintenance of a Boy Scout troop, in times where it is harder and harder to get outdoors, no matter who you are.
Coverage of Youth and Education1stThe ArkStrawberry teen’s girls camp aims to spark passion for scienceEmily Lavin
Coverage of Youth and Education2ndThe ArkDel Mar teacher uses own creation to teach kids basic circuitryEmily Lavin
Coverage of Youth and Education3rdThe ArkRevamped garden takes rootEmily Lavin
Coverage of Youth and Education4thSonoma West Times & NewsWest county teacher strikesLaura Hagar Rush, E.I. Hillin
Coverage of Youth and Education5thCloverdale ReveilleCloverdale community comes out for climateZoe Strickland
Coverage of Business News1stLos Angeles TimesEmployee or contractor?: Coverage of AB 5Margot Roosevelt, Johana Bhuiyan, Ryan Faughnder
Coverage of Business News2ndThe San Diego Union-TribunePatients saw hopes for cancer drug dashedBradley Fikes, John Wilkens
Coverage of Business News3rdLos Angeles TimesEnergy sourcesSammy Roth
Coverage of Business News4thSan Francisco ChronicleShuttered StoresShwanika Narayan, Roland Li, Jessica Christian
Coverage of Business News5thLos Angeles TimesPower moveMeg James, Ryan Faughnder, Stacy Perman, Josh Rottenberg
Coverage of Business News1stThe Press DemocratCoverage of insurance payments to fire survivorsBill Swindell
Coverage of Business News2ndThe Desert SunPot feuds tear Anza Valley apartSam Metz, Jay Calderon
Coverage of Business News3rdThe Desert SunTribe's plans for arena shock Palm SpringsShane Newell, Melissa Daniels, Risa Johnson, Larry Bohannan
Coverage of Business News4thThe Modesto BeeHousing leaves seniors, many others in stress in Modesto areaKen Carlson
Coverage of Business News5thThe Press DemocratCannabis tourism faces hurdlesJulie Johnson
Coverage of Business News1stSan Gabriel Valley TribuneThe groups against El Monte’s marijuana projects keep growing and suing; here’s the scorecardChris LindahlVery thorough and balanced "guide" to the players behind planned marijuana projects.
Coverage of Business News2ndVisalia Times-DeltaCoverage of downtown Visalia, which saw some major changes in 2019Joshua Yeager, Sheyanne Romero, James WardThorough coverage of challenges downtown businesses are facing.
Coverage of Business News3rdInland Valley Daily BulletinSmart cars learning to avoid unpredictable pedestriansBeau YarbroughThis is a well-written, engaging story, with added context from an outside source.
Coverage of Business News4thNapa Valley RegisterSpurred by a broken flip flop, a 9-year-old Napa youth invents a new shoeJennifer Huffman
Coverage of Business News5thSanta Monica Daily PressO'Brien's Irish Pub celebrates 25 yearsAngel CarrerasThis feature could have benefitted from an additional source, such as a long-time customer.
Coverage of Business News1stSilicon Valley Business JournalBloom or BustJody MeachamGreat mix of story, photos, graphics to tell the story.
Coverage of Business News2ndSilicon Valley Business JournalCisco RebootsJennifer Elias
Coverage of Business News3rdNorth Bay Business JournalGrowing the marketChase DiFeliciantonio
Coverage of Business News4thSacramento Business JournalDevelopment DoldrumsBen van der Meer
Coverage of Business News5thThe Business JournalIn a pickleEdward Smith
Coverage of Business News1stThe ArkLocal businesses grapple with impacts of power shutoffsDeirdre McCrohanGood local companion story showing real impact of the other story in the package. This is a story that many dailies missed: the business impact of the power outages, especially on small businesses in small towns. Great reporting and writing job.
Coverage of Business News2ndThe ArkSam's Anchor Cafe renovation, music permitDeirdre McCrohanThe story captures the feel of the place and gives a good history; it is clear what it means to the identity of the town.
Coverage of Business News3rdSanta Ynez Valley StarSolvang Fall Festival delights thousands, but hurts many businessesRaiza GiorgiThe twice-monthly paper got caught in a deadline squeeze on this one, since it couldn't report the council discussion. But it did a nice job framing the issues raised by these event -- issues which aren't going away soon.
Coverage of Business News4thThe ArkNew mourning of cafeDeirdre McCrohanGreat feel for this place, and for the issues raised by new developments supported by well meaning local politicians at the expense of local traditions and small business owners.
Coverage of Business News5thCalaveras EnterpriseVacation rentals on rise, but regulations may prove hinderingNoah BernerThere is a great story here, but it would have come to life with interviews with Airbnb owners and motel owners; too many national statistics blurred the real impact this issue clearly has on this region
Coverage of Business News1stChico News & ReviewLocal businesses respond to Camp FireMelissa Daugherty, Tina Flynn, Meredith J. Cooper, Ashiah Scharaga
Coverage of Business News2ndMetro Silicon ValleyAs Community Lenders Sell Out or Go Under, Can Publicly-Owned Banks Restore Local Control?Jennifer Wadsworth
Coverage of Business News3rdSan Francisco Business TimesExecutive of the Year: Chip Bergh has led a denim renaissance at LeviKatie Burke, Todd Johnson
Coverage of Business News4thSan Francisco Business TimesA new day for the WarriorsRon Leuty, Todd Johnson, Katie Burke
Coverage of Business News5thSF WeeklyTech Workers Have Started Organizing More FrequentlyRichard Procter
Agricultural Reporting1stThe San Bernardino SunIf fire wipes out joshua trees, other desert plants, this group has a planSandra Emerson
Agricultural Reporting2ndThe TribuneMorro Bay oyster farmers are thriving now — but they face a looming threatCarrie Schuman
Agricultural Reporting3rdVisalia Times-DeltaCoverage of the struggling olive-growing industry in CaliforniaJoshua Yeager
Agricultural Reporting4thNapa Valley RegisterFrom Napa Valley to Australia, advancing the science behind smoke taint in wine grapesSarah Klearman
Agricultural Reporting5thChico Enterprise-RecordNoble Orchards starts u-pick apple harvestCamille von Kaenel
Agricultural Reporting1stThe Sacramento BeeHigh and DryDale KaslerThis is a very comprehensive examination of the ramification's of California's groundwater use and how it will affect farming, particularly in the Central Valley.
Agricultural Reporting2ndThe Desert SunCannabis in Riverside CountySam Metz, Amy DiPierro, Melissa Daniels, Jay CalderonI found this to be a very ambitious series of stories on a very timely topic. I judged all three stories as a series, even thought it was presented clearly to the readers as a series. Of the three, I particularly liked the piece on Blythe, and how it put its hopes on weed.
Agricultural Reporting3rdSan Francisco ChronicleNapa's Small Wine GrowersEsther MobleyNot only is this story well reported and well written, it really tackles an issue few even know existed. It's a very good David vs. Goliath story.
Agricultural Reporting4thThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesBay Area spillover: Farmworker housing crisis has people sleeping in dining roomsLou Hansen, Randy VazquezThe fallout over the super high housing prices in the Bay Area continues, and the Mercury News and the reporting did an excellent job of finding a segment of the population truly affected by it.
Agricultural Reporting5thLos Angeles TimesCalifornia farmers are planting solar panels as water supplies dry upSammy RothThis is another very interesting piece about famers finding a new crop - in this case, they are raising electricity instead of crops.
Agricultural Reporting1stSacramento News & ReviewHunting poachersScott AndersonWell reported and written piece on an interesting topic. Many diverse sources add context to the story. Vivid details set the scene for the reader and show that the author went to great lengths to get the story. Specific facts put the problem into context.
Agricultural Reporting2ndSanta Maria SunDisplacedKasey BubnashWell reported look at the economics of housing in the ag industry. Story is well written, using one family's experience to guide the reader through the issue. Photos and graphs round out the package.
Agricultural Reporting3rdChico News & ReviewPG&E's Miocene Canal debacleAshiah ScharagaGood comprehensive series that lays out the issue and explores in-depth an important water source for many users. The series is well sources and each part is topped
Agricultural Reporting4thSanta Maria SunStruggling to get alongZac EzzoneNice in-depth look at two ag industries and their conflicts as they attempt to coexist. Well sourced and good color pull the reader into the story. Ending is a bit tangential and could be trimmed.
Agricultural Reporting5thComstock's MagazineShouldering the BurdenSena ChristianNice package with photos and words. Good anecdotes and colorful description. The author puts us on the farms. The nut graf up top could give more of a sense of why this matters, and some good facts and statistics that are buried in the lower third could be sprinkled throughout the piece.
Agricultural Reporting1stThe Business JournalRaising the good ol' raisinDavid CastellonAn innovative and fresh look at a familiar topic. Nutrition is examined in a thorough manner accompanied by a great layout and top-notch photography. All around a solid, fun and impressive piece of work.
Agricultural Reporting2ndThe Business JournalHemp SeriesDavid CastellonWell researched. The photography is vivid and stands out and it makes a nice blend with the excellent copy. Well researched and great use of author's voice and of elucidating a complex agricultural issue. Well done.
Agricultural Reporting3rdPetaluma Argus-CourierBeefing about beefMatt BrownThe lead is engaging and the feature has a nice mixture of photos and written copy. A sound effort.
Agricultural Reporting4thSanta Ynez Valley StarOlive do it by handRaiza GiorgiSolid writing and nice photos and layout.
Agricultural Reporting5thHalf Moon Bay ReviewFloraculture business pleads poverty, courts cannabisAshlyn Rollins-KoonsA thorough look at this complex topic. Well researched, well written and nicely packaged. A great read throughout.
Profile Story1stSan Francisco ChronicleFinding KyleLizzie JohnsonA powerful, personal story. Lizzie Johnson’s straight-forward writing is grounded in empathy. Three stories are skillfully interwoven: Kyle’s life, his family’s pain and the push for a suicide barrier for one of California’s most well-known landmarks. Many visual details — the plastic glass of orange juice in the cupholder, the family grocery cart now being lighter, pulling petals off the rose — are constant connections, helping the reader not just feel, but also see. A nice mix of photographs complemented by a helpful graphic of the suicide barrier. This is an important story shared in an impactful way.
Profile Story2ndLos Angeles TimesShe feeds Bel-Air's mega-mansion boom. But lunch is a battlefield.Sonja SharpSmart and insightful, this story rolls right along. Sonja Sharp’s profile of Jennifer Ramirez and her red lunch truck offers a unique perspective on the socioeconomic divide, sharing a scene that is unseen by many. Great juxtapositions throughout — high school student leaving school to help family sells lunches to workers building 40,000-square-foot mansions (complete with rooms for manicures and Botox). Wonderful, descriptive phrasing: “homes the size of strip malls,” “lumbering scarlet workhorse,” “how skilled labor is valued relative to Italian marble or Canary Island date palms.” The many photographs capture the spirit of the story (and narrowness of the roads). An important, relevant and very original story.
Profile Story3rdThe Orange County RegisterA decade after Great Recession chewed him up, homeless DJ feels almost backTheresa WalkerGreat lede. Theresa Walker writes with clarity and humanity in this profile of Jim Henry and how he was impacted by The Great Recession. There are a lot of complexities to homelessness. Devoting the time to follow one person over two years provides important perspectives for readers. The photographs and video are key to this package, helping readers better know Jim Henry.
Profile Story4thLos Angeles TimesTo bring a boy’s murderers to justice, a prosecutor wrestled with his own childhood abuseMarisa Gerber, Francine OrrMarisa Gerber’s story of a prosecutor on a high-profile child-abuse case dealing with his own childhood trauma covers troubling territory, but does so deftly. It is a compelling piece. That Jon Hatami shared his story so openly indicates trust built by the reporter. The photos capture emotion and are essential in telling the story too. The ones of Hatami experiencing joy with his children provide a nice counterbalance to some of the tough details in this story.
Profile Story5thLos Angeles TimesHe went to jail as a fake doctor. Now he’s a real one: The saga of Adam Litwin, MDSoumya KarlamanglaInteresting story about a peculiar situation. Interviews from those who knew the faux doctor provide important context.
Profile Story1stThe Modesto BeeModesto Man's Lost Identity: 'I Feel Like Nothing'Deke FarrowThis story grabbed me from the very beginning. Hearing the daughter scream at the police for her father's safety. It's a piece that was heartfelt, well written and just a wonderful window into the struggles of this man's life.
Profile Story2ndThe Fresno BeeWoman waves at Fresno traffic for hours each day. She gives joy and happy hallelujahsCarmen GeorgeThis story resonated with me from the start. Women have such wonderful stories to be told of courage, of direct change and influence, and this piece showcased such a unique story.
Profile Story3rdThe Bakersfield Californian‘If you make good food, people will come.’: Punjabi food vendors see an opportunity in Bakersfield’s sweeping demographic changesSteven MayerFood speaks to the heart of many and it's a unifier between cultures. This piece truly showcased that and I appreciated it. Now, I can't wait to visit my folks in Bakersfield and try this food truck for myself.
Profile Story4thThe Bakersfield Californian‘They set my shop on fire three times in 24 hours’: But ‘Uncle’ Larry still in Oildale 50 years onSteven MayerA great piece that showed such struggle and truly let the reader see what this man went through.
Profile Story5thThe Bakersfield Californian'You can still live': Stricken by stage 4 cancer, high school band director remains dedicated to her students, passion, purposeEma SasicI enjoyed the perspective and the descriptions of chaos of a high school band room juxtaposed with the teacher's own struggles. Great piece.
Profile Story1stNapa Valley RegisterThey Served With Honor: Keeping the supply lines movingSean Scully
Profile Story2ndNapa Valley RegisterThe World in a Glass: Boisset's 'The Alchemy of the Senses'Sasha Paulsen
Profile Story3rdThe Tribune‘Radiator Don’ was a Paso treasure. But he died alone on the train tracksLindsey Holden, David Middlecamp
Profile Story4thThe RecordDel BarbaRoger Phillips
Profile Story5thThe TribuneThis Cal Poly student runs a restaurant out of his apartment. Now he's writing a cookbookSarah Linn, Joe Johnston
Profile Story1stThe Salinas CalifornianWaves of golf ballsKate CiminiCongrats to Kate Cimini on fascinating piece on father-daughter duo making a difference, a profile that shares the work they do, what they've learned from it and what impact they've made — as well as the why behind the work of Alex and Mike Weber. The story was well-written and uses photos, video and graphics to help tell the story. Well done.
Profile Story2ndTimesOCO.C. private investigator C.J. Ford fights for 'those nobody cares about'Benjamin BrazilBen Brazils look at C.J. Ford helps shed light on an unsung hero in the community, not only reporting on the work that Ford does and the impact it has — particularly in the case of Kenneth Clair — but also why he does it by sharing Ford's story and how he arrived to this work. Well-written piece in a category of strong competition.
Profile Story3rdSacramento News & ReviewThe marriage guruRaheem HosseiniAn interesting and in-depth look at an organization promoting shocking approaches to "self help" and marriage advice, focused on the nefarious character behind it. Strong category with several quality entries.
Profile Story4thSacramento News & ReviewUnbreakable bondScott AndersonRichard “Trino” Savala's contribution to his community is impressive and inspiring. Scott Thomas Anderson's writing is worthy of recognition among a strong field of entries.
Profile Story5thThe Salinas CalifornianFields to classroomsEduardo Cuevas
Profile Story1stSignal TribuneRemembering Long Beach’s Santa Claus: Thomas “Ski” DemskiLissette MendozaThis was a really fun and well-written piece about an interesting and well-known community figure. Great use of submitted photos as well in layout.
Profile Story2ndLa Jolla LightJeffrey JunkinsCorey LevitanThis piece chronicled the difficult story of a Vietnam veteran's service and life after the war. Great use of quotes and details.
Profile Story3rdRancho Bernardo News JournalQuads take the field for Maranatha soccerTerry MonahanA fun piece that featured concise and engaging writing about quadruplets playing on the same soccer team.
Profile Story4thSan Clemente TimesBefore He Made San Clemente, Ole Hanson Made Headlines as a Seattle Mayor in 1919Fred SweglesA well-written historical feature that clearly involved a lot of research.
Profile Story5thPleasanton WeeklyAmazing VoyageJeb BingGreat profile that weaves together details of the musician's particular music style with the larger message he sends in his work.
Profile Story1stSilicon Valley Business JournalTurn On, Tune In, Stream LiveRosellen "Rosie" DowneyThis was an engaging way to tell this story to a wider audience.
Profile Story2ndThe Sonoma Index-TribuneThe Hand That Rocked the CradlesKate WilliamsThe story was a fascinating look at a bigger issue.
Profile Story3rdThe Davis EnterpriseTurning the cornerAnne Ternus-Bellamy
Profile Story4thPetaluma Argus-CourierThe Dean of YosemiteMatt Brown
Profile Story5thNorth Bay Business JournalRethinking Ice CreamCheryl Sarfaty
Profile Story1stParadise PostRecovering hopeAudria RuscittiUnique story that is told well.
Profile Story2ndOjai Valley NewsSole SurvivorPerry Van HoutenThe details of this story make for a compelling narrative.
Profile Story3rdThe Weekly CalistoganNASA astronaut inspires youth to follow their dreamsCynthia SweeneyGreat job of telling an interesting person's life story.
Profile Story4thClaremont CourierFrom father to sons: Styles Music outlasts them allMick Rhodes, Steven FelschundneffGreat storytelling.
Profile Story5thSt. Helena StarSailing the Atlantic for nine months changed the life of a St. Helena teenJesse DuarteGreat storytelling.
Feature Story1stLos Angeles Times60 hours, 50 abortions: A California doctor’s monthly commute to a Texas clinicSoumya Karlamangla, Gina FerazziAbortion divides the nation, generally between the group supporting a womans' right to choose and evangelicals "right to life" stance. Both sides should read this well done feature for perspective.
Feature Story2ndThe San Diego Union-TribuneGrieving mothers' 26-year quest for justiceJ. Harry JonesClear writing about the grief of mothers and their search for justice. A difficult story/situation well told by the author.
Feature Story3rdThe Orange County RegisterUsing DNA tests, Dwight Manley found his birth father: L.A. politician Mike AntonovichTheresa WalkerEverybody loves a happy ending and this feature has one. Very readable feature.
Feature Story4thLos Angeles TimesTake a ride along the Punjabi American highwayJaweed Kaleem, Irfan KhanA story that celebrates the melting pot of America and the difficulties sometimes attached. Very nice read.
Feature Story5thSan Francisco ChronicleUnder FireLizzie JohnsonAnother feel-good story about a bad disaster.
Feature Story1stThe Fresno BeeClovis teacher’s students rally to give her ‘year of a lifetime’ as she battles cancerCarmen GeorgeA real tear-jerker, told with compassion and care. Well organized and clearly presented. Overall exceptional package.
Feature Story2ndThe Modesto BeeModesto Man's Lost Identity: 'I Feel Like Nothing'Deke FarrowA man lost in his own world. The writer shows the pain and loss of understanding for this man and his family. Compelling read.
Feature Story3rdThe Modesto BeeA love that spans 72 yearsDeke FarrowA real love story and lesson for all of use to learn about our commitments and vows. Clear and inviting writing.
Feature Story4thThe Bakersfield CalifornianSuspended priest Craig Harrison, back from self-exile, formulates his defenseRobert PriceTough subject to tackle but done with care and consideration for all sides. Author has a way with words and construction.
Feature Story5thThe Bakersfield CalifornianAnd now, the final scene of the final episode of the epic Harrell-Fritts sagaRobert PriceA sad story of what happened - and is happening - to the industry. Very well organized with a solid touch of humanity.
Feature Story1stThe TribuneThese eel-like fish look like horror movie monsters — and they’re back in SLO CreekMonica Vaughan, Joe JohnstonExceptional writing, description, videos, photos and one graphic. Something for everyone about an unusual but interesting subject. Examples: eel-like parasites with sucker mouths ... vampires of the sea ... wiggles similar to doing the worm on the dance floor ... slitherly species." Also, good historical and food-chain information. An informational and fun read. Well done.
Feature Story2ndSanta Maria TimesConjoined twins 'sent for a purpose'Mike HodgsonCompelling read. Clear and well organized. A very newsy feature. A final follow a few months later would have made the package even stronger.
Feature Story3rdChico Enterprise-RecordConcow families rebuild with lumber from their burned treesCamille von KaenelThere is a bit of a run-on lead but the writing improves with several strong word pictures such as: The mountainside was burned so hot is looked like the moon; the red-dirt hills are spotted with a trailer or tent where people have moved back; escaped with the chickens and goat; satisfying feeling of taking wood from your own land and building something." In two fires, "I've lost my young stuff and my family stuff; it is humbling to be a fire victim and fire helper." A strong story of survival.
Feature Story4thRecord SearchlightMystery surrounds last person missing from Camp FireDamon ArthurGood video and photos. Good sourcing. Good news value. Clear and organized writing. A good mystery read. A real people tale.
Feature Story5thVisalia Times-DeltaThe Ku Klux Klan and Visalia: A legacy of racism that hasn't diedJames Ward, Calley CederlofExtremely well done, but should have been in an investigative news category - not feature. Still an excellent effort and important story to tell.
Feature Story1stSanta Barbara IndependentIn Cryonics Lawsuit, Son Fighters for Father’s Frozen HeadTyler HaydenA wonderful story. It was well written and reported. The story did a great job of helping me learn about this complicated science while also feeling as if I was reading a short story. Some great lines in there about losing his job and his wife and the ending with you just don't Google how to get your dad's head back. The tone and boldness in the writing was perfect because this reporter owned this subject. I can't wait to learn and read more about this family and the lawsuit as well as stories about this company.
Feature Story2ndSacramento News & ReviewMidnight burningScott AndersonFantastic story that flowed and left me wanting to learn and keep reading. The punchline at the end of the first section was perfect. It read like a journalism novel. Pieces like this take a lot of in depth research and reporting and require getting sources to open up to you in truly personal and authentic ways. Fantastic work.
Feature Story3rdGood TimesGonzo But Not ForgottenWallace BaineA fascinating read told as dramatically and boldly as the man it's about. It was written like a movie script from the beginning.
Feature Story4thGood TimesPsychedelics Go TherapeuticWallace BaineVery interesting and woven in a way that moved me through the debate and controversy but focused on the storytelling. I love when I finish a good story and I know I learned something I didn't know and I want to read more.
Feature Story5thThe Salinas CalifornianPosadasDavid RodriguezGreat feature. Good writing with vivid images and quotes from those impacted. It did not do a good job of talking with those opposed, though, I thought. But did a great job of exploring a community tradition that was dying due to the current realities of today, from economics to racial strife in some ways, too.
Feature Story1stNorth Coast JournalBringing Prey-go-neesh HomeKimberly WearThis is a compelling package based on a story with a strong sense of place. The reporting is solid, the writing is compelling and the supporting photos, maps and graphics elevate the sophistication. The reporter invested time in reporting details that turned an interesting topic into a fascinating read.
Feature Story2ndLa Jolla LightHeroism of former La Jolla lifeguard Jeff Koch, namesake of under-repair cave, nearly falls through cracksCorey LevitanThe reporter seized on a great opportunity -- turning a routine news story into a compelling read. The narrative retelling of the rescue was well-structured and the reporter is commended for investing in the effort to locate the victim and organizing a reunion among the two key players. Great job.
Feature Story3rdComstock's MagazineRecord SpinnersMatthew KeysThe packaging elevate this interesting story. It's evident that the reporter invested time in the reporting. The story is packed with details. While this is an interesting read, the organization of the story could have been helped with more solid transitions.
Feature Story4thPalos Verdes Peninsula NewsAn Adventure in a DC-3Deborah PaulThis was a great story opportunity. The subject matter was compelling and the retelling of their adventure had great potential. The writing was a bit flat, however.
Feature Story5thPleasanton WeeklyThe gentle giants of Mount DiabloRyan J. DeganThe migration of tarantulas -- what an interesting topic. The reporter took a routing event and turned it into a good story.
Feature Story1stGlendale News-PressGlendale couple sues fertility clinic after woman gives birth to their son in embryo snafuAndy NguyenWell written story showing local compassion to a national topic.
Feature Story2ndMountain DemocratDeputy comes home for last timePat LakeyA well-told story giving the reader a sense of place at a time when the community came together,
Feature Story3rdNorth Bay Business JournalConsoling the most fragileCheryl SarfatyA seemingly unusual local story bringing humanity to the fore with national information.
Feature Story4thLa Canada Flintridge OutlookLCFEF Marks Four Decades as Solid Schools FoundationCamila Castellanos, Mark GeersA nice tribute to a school foundation adding great value to its community.
Feature Story5thSilicon Valley Business JournalBloom or BustJody MeachamA well researched piece delving into a company and its world-wide vision.
Feature Story1stThe ArkCouple’s work with March of Dimes helps turn ‘pain into purpose’Emily LavinA well-written human-interest story, lots of telling detail. Heart-warming.
Feature Story2ndThe ArkCounty struggles to prioritize housing for bay’s anchor-outsGretchen LangA story that focuses on an issue very specific to its neighborhood has ramifications for the entire state. Humanizes one of the most pressing issues facing the community.
Feature Story3rdThe ArkTiburon cancer survivor leads fundraising to launch yoga program at Benioff hospitalEmily LavinAnother strong human-interest story, easy for readers to identify with.
Feature Story4thCalaveras EnterprisePAWS celebrates 35 years of rescue, activism, educationDakota MorlanA tale that could have been trite, uses telling quotes. A good read.
Feature Story5thClaremont CourierAn Old Fashioned CourtshipSteven FelschundneffA sweet neighborhood tale, makes one want to live there.
Editorial Comment1stLos Angeles TimesSanta Monica’s recycling center closure is a sign of what’s to comeMariel GarzaStrong writing, effective argument on an important topic. Educates the reader while providing necessary nuance.
Editorial Comment2ndLos Angeles TimesSanta Clarita shooting: It’s the guns. It’s always the gunsScott MartelleEffective direct writing style; great use of statistics to further their argument.
Editorial Comment3rdThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesCalifornia’s misguided protest of Trump bullet-train cutoffDaniel BorensteinGood, snappy argument with strong context on a longstanding topic of debate.
Editorial Comment4thSan Francisco ChronicleImpeach and Remove Him: San Francisco ChronicleJosh GohlkeComprehensive commentary, but still engaging.
Editorial Comment5thLos Angeles TimesSeeking shelter? Good luckCarla HallIntriguing first-person account with a good personalized story. Good pointing out what needs to be fixed; reader might want a few more direct options for how to fix.
Editorial Comment1stThe Desert SunQuakes show Palm Springs-area residents at risk in media cutoff from police radioAl FrancoThis could have devolved into a whine about access, but instead showed exactly why the issue is important tothe public. Well done.
Editorial Comment2ndThe Fresno BeeCensure is not harsh enough for Fresno Unified’s Terry Slatic. He must resign nowTad WeberNo waffling here. Strong statement.
Editorial Comment3rdThe Modesto BeeOnly after some prodding does Mayor Brandvold make a moveGarth StapleyMore about disservice to public by avoiding speech would have made this stronger. Still, point made.
Editorial Comment4thThe Desert SunCalifornia lawmakers, lavish junkets are burning your constituentsAl Franco
Editorial Comment5thThe Modesto BeeCeres officer should have faced charges for shooting boy in the backGarth Stapley
Editorial Comment1stThe TribunePolice transparency law is shielding bad cops — and state lawmakers need to fix itStephanie FinucaneRather than settle for recent improvements in California law on police accountability and transparency, this editorial points to a flaw that needs correcting and makes a persuasive case for further progress on the issue. It demonstrates a detailed grasp of a local case of police misconduct and how the law should be changed to address the problem.
Editorial Comment2ndMarin Independent JournalWhy did most Marin cell towers stop working during PG&E safety outage?Brad BreithauptThis editorial spotlights a telecommunications failure with potentially dire consequences in future emergencies and makes a clear, strong case for addressing the problem before it's too late.
Editorial Comment3rdMarin Independent JournalPositive steps for Sausalito, Marin City schoolsBrad BreithauptLooks at a story that could be cast as a state-local back-and-forth and shows no fear of taking a side with a clear, informed argument about the consequences of segregation in education.
Editorial Comment4thVisalia Times-DeltaDevin Nunes' lawsuit against McClatchy a threat to local news, democracyJames WardRecognizes the dangers inherent in a congressman's lawsuit against another media organization and effectively dismantles the lawmaker's rationale.
Editorial Comment5thThe RecordDeath penaltyRecord StaffMakes compelling points about the waste and futility of our capital punishment system.
Editorial Comment1stPalo Alto WeeklyWhen local government leaders refuse to answer questions, they become their own worst enemiesBill JohnsonWell presented argument for public information combined with calling out public servants who duck and run at the mere thought of potential controversy.
Editorial Comment2ndSacramento News & ReviewThe 2019 Grinches: Enablers editionSacramento News & Review Staff, Raheem HosseiniCovers a wide range of grinches with succinct and amusing criticism. Betting readers look forward to what looks to be an annual effort.
Editorial Comment3rdMetro Silicon ValleyBlood SportDan PulcranoA cautionary tale that goes well beyond Silicon Valley. Humanizes the consequences of financial fraud.
Editorial Comment4thSanta Barbara IndependentFinding the Miramar’s Line in the SandTyler HaydenAn effort to be fair to the "new" hotel may be a little overboard, but the overall isue is huge here in California.
Editorial Comment5thThe AcornBold move by school districtJohn LoesingThis topic is bound to be controversial in any school district that tries to address it. It's as important to praise public officials who show some fortitude as it is to criticize those who run the other way.
Editorial Comment1stPleasanton WeeklyLivermore downtown referendum raises serious questionsGina ChannellThis entry explains to readers what is happening on a key local issue and, importantly, outlines action steps for readers.
Editorial Comment2ndThe AlmanacMenlo Park council moves swiftly in the right directionRenee BattiThis entry makes a clear argument and names names on who did right.
Editorial Comment3rdPleasanton WeeklyDid a bunny book really lead to superintendent’s ouster?Gina ChannellA good use of the public records law to inform readers. This entry would have placed higher with more reporting and a little less speculation.
Editorial Comment4thPleasanton WeeklyDistrict-based elections do not make sense hereGina ChannellThis editorial makes a clear and compelling argument on an important issue.
Editorial Comment5thPoway News ChieftainPH leaves public in dark over mapsSteve DreyerA strong watchdog entry. It would have placed higher if the writing had been somewhat clearer.
Editorial Comment1stThe Sonoma Index-Tribune"Another Day, Another Mass Shooting"Jason Walsh
Editorial Comment2ndThe Sonoma Index-Tribune"Anti-Gay Comments Paint Troubling Picture"Jason Walsh
Editorial Comment3rdThe Davis EnterpriseA real Christmas miracleBruce Gallaudet
Editorial Comment4thPetaluma Argus-CourierAmerica, love it or change itMatt Brown
Editorial Comment5thThe Sonoma Index-Tribune"The True Price of Higher Education"Jason Walsh
Editorial Comment1stHalf Moon Bay ReviewToo often justice in local courts lost in translationClay LambertProblem is clearly laid out with multiple examples. Call for action at end is well-stated. Nicely done.
Editorial Comment2ndSt. Helena StarHousing must be our top priorityDavid Stoneberg, Jesse DuarteExcellent presentation of facts to support call more for affordable housing in region. Well done.
Editorial Comment3rdHalf Moon Bay ReviewCity's vision for Main Street is myopicClay LambertWell-crafted editorial criticizing a councilmember's overreaching and endorsing the right of a property owner who is being victimized.
Editorial Comment4thSt. Helena StarTime to ban vaping sales in St. HelenaDavid Stoneberg, Jesse DuarteThis one was good, but a little long-winded. A little editing would have tightened up the message.
Editorial Comment5thThe Trinity JournalBoard should try for more transparency, less bullshitWayne AgnerGotta love the guts to use that word. Keep up the public records fight, but you need to edit to keep the reader from getting overwhelmed by facts.
Columns1stSan Francisco ChronicleSidewalk boulders an emblem of crisis; Addict’s journey from streets to cell, through mother’s eyesHeather KnightHeather's columns have in spades what so many others lack: Reportage. These aren't merely writerly, they are opinion backed by fact. And the interviews with the Choates clearly took a lot of investment. Great work in a difficult category.
Columns2ndThe Orange County RegisterHenry’s is the most ambitious restaurant Huntington Beach has seen in years, or maybe ever; Knife Pleat teeters on the verge of greatness but isn’t quite there yetBrad A. JohnsonThese are just so delicious. This is food most of us will eat only rarely, but the writing should be a staple in every diet. I would read these food columns every day.
Columns3rdLos Angeles TimesState needs new housing strategy; Newsom needs to take the lead on housing crisisGeorge SkeltonGreat lede and great crisp writing about a tired topic. That isn't easy to do. This is terrific column-writing.
Columns4thThe Sacramento BeeBiba dies at 82. Her restaurant introduced a dining renaissance with a welcoming soul; ‘Dad, this is what I want to do.’ Now, father of fallen cop mourns.Marcos BretonThese columns really deserve a blue ribbon, but it's such a tough category. These provide very particular insights into the area and could only be written by someone who knows the place.
Columns5thThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesOakland A’s private ballpark will be taxpayer-subsidized; Cyclist might be alive if California parks hadn’t ignored judge’s orderDaniel BorensteinAn important topic with writing to match. The history makes the thing. Here's hoping it led to change on that road.
Columns1stLos Angeles Daily NewsA parent’s terrifying morning as chaos unfolded during Saugus High School shooting; For parents, picking up the pieces after deadly Saugus shooting is no simple taskTimothy HaddockVery evocative and compelling. A rare glimpse inside the environment of a school shooting.
Columns2ndThe Fresno BeeFresno police gunned down an unarmed teenager from behind. Are we OK with this?; By suing Twitter and parody account @DevinCow, Nunes makes himself a laughingstockMarek WarszawskiGood stuff. Very pointed. Police shooting story was a really uncomfortable read - as it should have been.
Columns3rdThe Desert SunThe Desert Sun opinion pages are taking a summer vacation from national politics. You can help us!; Join us for a free screening of '5B,' an AIDS documentary with a Palm Springs connectionJulie MakinenInteresting mix of newspaper insight and personal experience. Both were a little long, however, particularly the News Vacation piece.
Columns4thThe Press DemocratVeteran’s epic performance a convincing statement; Prep football games shouldn’t end like Sonoma’s didKerry BenefieldGood range of sports, good command of detail at all levels of sports. Interesting reads.
Columns5thThe Bakersfield CalifornianRobert Price columns: McCarthy needs to catch a different train while he can; and Dana Butler deserves once last chance at justiceRobert PriceVery effective and insightful, if a little long.
Columns1stMarin Independent JournalAfter 36 years, jazz drummer Michael Aragon plays final gigs at Sausalito’s No Name Bar; Former kickboxer Andrew Hagar fighting out of his famous father’s shadowPaul LiberatoreBeautifully written
Columns2ndMarin Independent JournalWorst part of Tam High’s scavenger hunt isn’t the hunt; it’s the misogyny; Sorry, kids, but your parents don’t think you’re good enoughVicki LarsonStrong voice, concise and clearly written
Columns3rdImperial Valley PressRosie strikes again; The happiest place on earthTom Bodus
Columns4thDaily PressBruce Bochy’s magical Mavs; The ties that bindMatthew Cabe
Columns5thNapa Valley RegisterBlindsided by PG&E; Lessons learned from the PG&E outagesKevin Courtney
Columns1stPalos Verdes Peninsula NewsThere's no replacement for a good husband, but she'll settle for this doohickey; She's still holding on after letting her family into deceased husband's closetJean ShriverPoignant, relatable and heartfelt. In "There's no replacement for a good husband, but she'll settle for this doohickey," the writer draws attention to the little things about a person and a relationship that you never think of appreciating until after they're gone. I enjoyed the image of her and the young employee's interaction. The second entry about cleaning out her husband's closet had me close to tears throughout. I loved everything about it, particularly the line "If jackets had eyebrows, I imagined them shooting up." This is the kind of opinion piece that has universal appeal, I think, and her honesty and raw emotion are evident in her writing.
Columns2ndGrunion GazetteAn Adventure In Grandfathering; What Exactly Is It Now You’re Running From?Harry SaltzgaverI enjoyed the author's quick and relatable takes on being a grandfather and a husband. I like how each had a "reason" and were well rounded pieces that I enjoyed reading.
Columns3rdGrunion GazetteCabrillo Falls To Soccer’s Cruel Streak; Dream Now Real For MoraJJ FiddlerI enjoyed the topic of life lessons through soccer. Both were well written and as a sports fan, I enjoyed seeing how a coach is teaching his players how to act with class and good sportsmanship in the face of a difficult game. The second entry on the young Venezuelan refugee was eye opening and a hot topic that I enjoyed reading.
Columns4thGrunion GazetteLet’s Name Library For Billie Jean; Local Hero King Back For LibraryMike GuardabascioI like that the column made an impact on the community and might have sparked interest in having the library named after Billie Jean King. Brought interest to a topic the writer felt strongly about. Good background on King and well written.
Columns5thSan Francisco Business TimesThe mystery of Market Street; Vacancy tax proposal in S.F. is especially empty-headedDoug FruehlingThe description of Market Street and its possible treasures made me feel like I was there. Well written. The second entry was convincing and well written, with well made points.
Columns1stThe Sonoma Index-TribuneThe true price of higher education; The city of no returnJason Walsh
Columns2ndThe Cambrian‘It was just meant to be’: How three people came together over tragedy — and guitars; Are there really ‘no dumb questions’ — just a lot of inquisitive idiots?Kathe Tanner
Columns3rdDel Mar TimesParkland students still passionate about gun control; Improving public educationMarsha Sutton
Columns4thThe Davis EnterpriseNatalie is a gift we should be thankful for; Family filled with amazing graceBob Dunning
Columns5thThe Sonoma Index-TribuneYes, Sonoma, there is a Santa Claus; In Sonoma, change is relativeJason Walsh
Arts & Entertainment Coverage1stThe San Diego Union-TribuneArts+Culture: Sept. 15 & 22, 2019Union-Tribune Arts & Entertainment StaffBeautiful presentation of local Legends; great photography, good writing, impactful design. A real keeper and true celebration of the arts. Also handled well the usual arts section furniture (listings, etc.). Very nice job!
Arts & Entertainment Coverage2ndLos Angeles TimesThe Envelope: Dec. 10 & 12, 2019Los Angeles Times StaffGood writing, good photos, good subject matter. Really enjoyed presentation on the directors' takes. Great stuff all around!
Arts & Entertainment Coverage3rdSan Francisco ChronicleDatebook: June 9 & 16, 2019Datebook Staff San Francisco ChronicleVery solid (and jam-packed) local arts and entertainment sections with a distinctly SF feel. Good job!
Arts & Entertainment Coverage4thThe Desert SunArts & Entertainment: Oct. 27 (including Desert Magazine) & Nov. 3, 2019 (Kristin ScharkeyReally nice features magazine; well designed, written and photographed. Enjoyed the cover!
Arts & Entertainment Coverage5thThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesEye: Nov. 21 & 28, 2019Randy McMullen, Trinity PowellsGood, solid, local arts and entertainment sections. Looks good, could read better. Very event driven.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage1stChico News & ReviewArts & Culture: Feb. 14 & 21, 2019Jason Cassidy, Nate Daly, Neesa SonoquieStrong writing and a strong sense of community make this my winning selection. There's a great mix of stories -- movies, minimalist music, shadow boxes of death, winter beers. Much appreciation of the Weird Chico issue (only a publication that truly knows its community would attempt that). The story on the return of Theater on the Ridge is lovely. Design is attractive and calendar listings are thorough. Great resource for the community.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage2ndGood TimesArts & Entertainment: March 20 & 27, 2019Steve Palopoli, Tabi ZarrinnaalNice design and clever headlines. Writing has spark and stories have community at the core (I love the "Us" story focusing on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk setting). Attractive calendar with lots of photos and events.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage3rdMetro Silicon ValleyArts & Entertainment Coverage: Jan. 30 & Feb. 6, 2019Nick Veronin, Wallace Baine, Mike HuguenorComprehensive arts and entertainment coverage. "Metroactive" is a unique and effective way to showcase events. Thorough events listings. Design of centerpiece stories is strong.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage4thNorth Coast JournalArts & Entertainment Coverage: May 23 & 30, 2019North Coast Journal StaffFun, agile writing with lots of visual details. The writing makes this a welcoming, fun-to-read section. Listings are thorough and would be easy to use. Great community resource.
Arts & Entertainment Coverage5thBohemianWelcome to Lumaville: New film captures weird side of PetalumaCharlie SwansonThis story is all about community. It nicely embraces Petaluma's quirkiness -- telling the story of a film by intertwining lots of different local perspectives and ties to Petaluma (film history of the region, hometown ties of the actress, cameos by local characters, etc.). Well done!
Sports Game Story1stChico Enterprise-RecordAvrit serves 1 last point with BravesWill DennerWill Denner is able to capture the emotional moment of the game through a tense build-up that encourages the reader to keep reading.
Sports Game Story2ndThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesIn Paradise, Friday Night Lights is more than a gameElliott AlmondThe author puts the reader right in the middle of the scene. You can also tell they have been following (or been a part of) the tragedy in Paradise through subtle observations such as "C.M.F." Great job also getting quotes not just from players and coaches, but fans.
Sports Game Story3rdSan Francisco ChronicleWarriors' Season Ends: San Francisco ChronicleConnor LetourneauYou can feel the pain the Warriors and their fans felt after this game. The article does a good job raising the question, "what now?"
Sports Game Story4thThe Press DemocratTriumph and tearsKerry BenefieldBuilds on a theme set in the lead without being repetitive. Also shows that the writer has followed the team for awhile and has inside knowledge.
Sports Game Story5thSan Francisco ChronicleYoung Yaz Goes Home: San Francisco ChronicleHenry SchulmanGood job identifying highlighting an interesting historical aspect in what could've been another gamer.
Sports Game Story1stSimi Valley AcornPioneers reach out but fall shortJonathan AndradeThis piece really had it all: creative, evocative use of language; a succinct, well-placed retelling of the game; and terrific reporting, capturing wonderful quotes and sentiments from those involved. I felt like the opening graphs transported me to the rainy, cold night of the game while the retelling of events gave me a great sense of what transpired, and then the insight from players and coaches humanized those involved. I felt bad for the kids who lost despite not ever having heard of their school or the players at any point prior. This was really a wonderfully written and reported story.
Sports Game Story2ndPetaluma Argus-CourierSt. Vincent holds off CSD in wild finishJohn JacksonThis piece was very, very funny at times, did a really nice job of capturing the roller coaster excitement of the game and really transported me to the event. I also enjoyed some of the structural chances the author took toward the end, repeating the same line about neither team accomplishing what seemed like a reasonable goal. It was a fun, risky decision that worked for me.
Sports Game Story3rdThe Davis EnterpriseAg women dismantle TitansBruce GallaudetI liked the humor of this piece and got a terrific sense for the players involved. Really good reporting and a fun retelling of the game. Super solid reporting with some fun, humorous risks that ended up reading great.
Sports Game Story4thThe ArkPaul clinches Tiburon ChallengerMatthew HoseThis was just super, super solid sports reporting. Very, very well written. Easy to read, informative and captured the back and forth of the finals matches very nicely. A really professional, experienced piece of sports reporting.
Sports Game Story5thGrunion GazetteLBSU Men's Volleyball National ChampsMike GuardabascioI enjoyed the look back quality of this story. Excellent reporting, with nice insight from players and coaches. But I thought the strength of this work was the look back at the season and capturing so much of what the team went through and bringing much of that back to life. Super solid work.
Sports Feature Story1stSan Francisco ChronicleBruce Bochy's Walk-offJohn SheaThe day-in-the-life narrative is a great way to describe how the man and his personality fit in with his job, his career, and the people he works with.
Sports Feature Story2ndLos Angeles TimesFootball family seeks answersNathan FennoGood read, including a profile of the player before and after his injury, plus a detailed description of the science behind research into CTE.
Sports Feature Story3rdLos Angeles TimesTrona is shaken and stirredDavid Wharton, Dania MaxwellA small town high school maintains its football program in the face of dwindling enrollment. A good look at a program where adversity affects an entire school.
Sports Feature Story4thLos Angeles TimesMany try, but few finish, the world’s toughest baseball quizBill ShaikinThis is a fun way to explore this topic, showing that there is still plenty that even the most ardent sports fans don’t know about.
Sports Feature Story5thSan Francisco ExaminerMission High's CJ Pino heads to Skyline looking for a chanceRyan GorceyInspiring look at how one player has faced adversity his entire life and continued to succeed.
Sports Feature Story1stVentura County StarNewbury Park High's Nico Young is built to run, and run fastJoe CurleyA compelling story that's well told. The lead photo and headline do a great job of capturing the spectacle of watching the nation's best cross-country runner do his thing. The writing and reporting are dynamite. Well done.
Sports Feature Story2ndThe Desert SunFriday Night LightsShad PowersStrong, conversational writing. Really nice job fleshing out the character of the coach.
Sports Feature Story3rdThe Desert SunIzzy Ramirez defies the oddsAndrew John, Taya GrayA really nice presentation of a community rallying around an injured teen.
Sports Feature Story4thThe Press DemocratDescending on holy ground one last timePhil BarberA fitting paean for the end of an era at the Coliseum. The story also does a fine job of summarizing how we got to this moment and the team's prior abandonment of Oakland.
Sports Feature Story5thVentura County StarAfter suffering concussion, Thousand Oaks player made difficult decision to quit footballLoren LedinA thoughtful examination of one family's decision process in a difficult situation.
Sports Feature Story1stSanta Cruz SentinelLegendary coach Bill Dodge, 90, gets to support beloved Cardinals with the help of baseball star Javier FelixJim SeimasThis story was far and away the best of the 25 I judged. It was well told, had strong emotional appeal and excellent background. My only criticism is that I wish it was described where that background came from. (Assuming not the subject due to his memory problems.) Fine over all effort. I also would like to commend this reporter's editors for allowing the time to do such work. I find that lacking from the work I see from many newsrooms.
Sports Feature Story2ndChico Enterprise-RecordStill good as goldSharon MartinThis story personalizes a national tragedy and delivers on its promise of doing so. That's just simply great reporting. It might have been deserving of a first, but if you want to know why it wasn't read the first-place story.
Sports Feature Story3rdImperial Valley PressCommunity comes together to make a state championAaron BodusA touching story with good background on how everyone helps this kid.
Sports Feature Story4thChico Enterprise-RecordRise of the womenSharon MartinWomen's sports still don't get the recognition it deserves, so this story has social relevance. It is fairly well told with good depth on the athletes. It suffers a bit from a weak beginning. Describing a wrestling match or practice and using the sweaty grit of that would have improved the story greatly.
Sports Feature Story5thThe UnionFight of a lifetime: After battling anxiety and depression, fighter hopes his story helps othersWalter FordCoupling a common activity (sports) with a health issue that needs more exposure is important work.
Sports Feature Story1stThe Salinas CalifornianBack in the ringAyrton OstlyAn excellent profile of a town legend who endured a tragedy. This story is well-organized and it kept me hooked, which is a feat since I usually don't pay attention to boxing. There is also a good selection of photos to illustrate the profile. The best in class.
Sports Feature Story2ndThousand Oaks AcornHeart of a lionJonathan AndradeAn intriguing profile that had me on the edge of my seat when he recalled his experience of dodging the Borderline shooting incident. There's a great payoff at the end and I liked the use of a social media video to showcase the fighter's triumph in the ring.
Sports Feature Story3rdThousand Oaks AcornCorey Campos, a pigskin legendJonathan AndradeThis was the best profile of a high school athlete that I reviewed for this contest. The introduction is excellent since it doesn't reveal that Corey has Down syndrome until the end. The story made me want to read more about him and wonder how he's doing. Great work.
Sports Feature Story4thThe AcornHungry like the WolffJonathan AndradeA good profile of a high school star who made something out of himself after graduation. I wanted to read more about his life outside golf, instead of reading about one success after another. Overall, good work.
Sports Feature Story5thSimi Valley AcornGet his name right: It’s Adama FallJonathan AndradeA good profile of a high school athlete who has a fascinating backstory (that's not something that many HS athletes have). You did a good job of showing his likable personality. Excellent headline, BTW.
Sports Feature Story1stMoorpark AcornHeart of a championJonathan Andradereally enjoyed reading this. well done. liked the photos as well. stories about overcoming/facing adversity are always great reads!
Sports Feature Story2ndMoorpark AcornYaspelkis is the guy behind the guysJonathan Andrade
Sports Feature Story3rdRancho Bernardo News JournalNighthawk running back tackles new foe - cancerTerry Monahan
Sports Feature Story4thThe AlmanacIn it to winKate Bradshaw
Sports Feature Story5thPalos Verdes Peninsula NewsSpecial needs students get the 'full high school' experienceNicholas Ingram
Sports Feature Story1stBurbank LeaderVicky Oganyan is the 40-year-old freshman for Glendale college basketballJeff Tully
Sports Feature Story2ndThe Sonoma Index-TribuneWho You Callin' Lady, Fellah?Christian Kallen
Sports Feature Story3rdSierra SunMatch Point: Truckee volleyball player finds kidney donor; operation a successJustin Scacco
Sports Feature Story4thLa Canada Flintridge OutlookBiggest Athletic Moment in LCHS History?Oscar Areliz
Sports Feature Story5thSanta Clara Weekly1969 Little League World Series Champs Reunite at Briarwood Little LeagueErica Towne
Sports Feature Story1stThe ArkTiburon’s Elly Hakami inducted into NorCal Tennis Hall of FameDeirdre McCrohan
Sports Feature Story2ndSanta Ynez Valley StarWrestling to the TopBrian Stanley
Sports Feature Story3rdSanta Ynez Valley StarFor the Love of the GameBrian Stanley
Sports Feature Story4thSanta Ynez Valley StarTrap Shooting GoldRaiz Giorgi
Sports Feature Story5thCalaveras EnterpriseTeen discovers focus with tennisGuy Dossi
Front Page Layout & Design1stThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesAug. 11, Nov. 3 & Nov. 10, 2019Chris Gotsill, PaiThe "Can We Stop It?" layout is a gut punch. Stellar use of graphic design to help tell the story and a layout that gives it room to resonate.
Front Page Layout & Design2ndThe Press DemocratJan. 27, Feb. 28 & Oct. 27, 2019Press Democrat StaffThe layouts of all three stories enhance and frame some excellent photographs. The design balances multiple stories into a comprehensive whole.
Front Page Layout & Design3rdLos Angeles TimesFeb. 4, April 14 & Sept. 26, 2019Los Angeles Times StaffThe graphic design on the Huawei story is the standout, but all the layouts are balanced and thoughtful.
Front Page Layout & Design4thThe San Diego Union-TribuneApril 29, July 28 & Dec. 3, 2019Michael Price, Tyler Rau, Anthony TarantinoThe photo on "A Day of Sorrow, Prayer" is the standout and the quote above it is a great choice. Really beautiful.
Front Page Layout & Design5thSan Francisco ChronicleMarch 24, Oct. 6 & Dec. 19, 2019Design Staff San Francisco ChronicleExcellent photographs and uniformly strong design on all of these.
Inside Page Layout & Design1stLos Angeles TimesFeb. 2, Feb. 3 & Nov. 3, 2019Los Angeles Times StaffExcellent storytelling in the photography and the balancing of the placement of the photos. The publication's choice to keep the headlines and text simple and straightforward was a crucial one in making its layouts attractive and engaging.
Inside Page Layout & Design2ndNapa Valley RegisterOn Wine: Oct. 25, 2019Jennifer Huffman, Simona Jurisic
Inside Page Layout & Design3rdThe Press DemocratLast Roar at OracleElissa Torres
Inside Page Layout & Design4thNapa Valley RegisterYour Business: Oct. 23, 2019Jennifer Huffman
Inside Page Layout & Design5thNapa Valley RegisterYour Business: July 24, 2019Jennifer HuffmanThe photographer is in the shot in the mirror.
Front Page Layout & Design1stSacramento News & ReviewFeb. 21, May 9 & Aug. 29, 2019Maria Ratinova, Sarah HanselThis was an all-around great entry. The art for each front was splashy, but didn't trample the meaning and intentions of the cover stories. I would have wanted to pick up the papers right out of the box, and that is what you need to attract readers to the product. The "Job Killers" front was visually stunning and with the robotic hand coming in from the side, it gives an eeriness that many are feeling with some technology this days.
Front Page Layout & Design2ndComstock's MagazineFebruary, July & September 2109Kelly BarrThis entry had a cleverness to it that took what could have just been cool cover art to another level. Addicted to Deadlines,” and We Hate Meetings,” grabs the readers' attention, and works as the gravy on top of the imagery. The collage is visually beautiful and paints a picture of a year's worth of stories. It was excellent work.
Front Page Layout & Design3rdPalo Alto WeeklyApril 12, June 19 & Dec. 20, 2019Doug Young, Kristin Brown, Rosanna KuruppuWith visually inviting colors and photos that helped tell the story before you get into reading it, this entry took on some very tough subjects. Sometimes using so much text over photos means you lose the meaning and the intentions of one or the other, but here it is a nice blend. They each draw you in and push you toward the content.
Front Page Layout & Design4thChico News & ReviewMay 9, Oct. 3 & Oct. 24, 2019Tina FlynnThinking outside of the box and being not too on the nose is one of the visually-pleasing aspects of this entry. Seeing how small something can be, but yet so deadly paints a very eye-opening picture of how serious the opioid crisis is. There were a lot of ways that this idea could have been presented, but this gets right to the point. The "Crowd Control" art really brings the reader in to how serious of a problem this is becoming for the residents of Chico. Sometimes you don't put the aftermath of a tough fire into this context. The art shows a depth of the issue in a very clear way.
Front Page Layout & Design5thThousand Oaks AcornApril 25, July 25 & Nov. 7, 2019Timm Sinclair, Kyle JorreyThe use of the photos in all parts of this entry were very well done. They helped tell and amplify the stories. These were nice, clean designs and the readers could follow each story and see the order of importance. Nice use of headline hierarchy, and well-written and informative headlines. Not too much continuous gray, which can sometimes bore readers. There were entry points into almost each story on the front, which keeps the readers’ attention.
Front Page Layout & Design1stBlack Voice NewsMarch 7, May 2 & July 18, 2019Chris AllenEye-catching illustrations,
Front Page Layout & Design2ndDana Point TimesMay 24, Aug. 9 & Dec. 27, 2019Chelsie Rex, Lillian BoydStrong use of photos that don't include people, but illustrate the stories.
Front Page Layout & Design3rdThe Folsom TelegraphJuly 25, Sept. 19 & Nov. 7, 2019Bill Sullivan, Raleigh Hall, Shaden SolanjiThe headline and photos work perfectly together.
Front Page Layout & Design4thPetaluma Argus-CourierMay 30, Oct. 31, Nov. 21Frank MarquaA good mix of people photos.
Front Page Layout & Design5thThe Business JournalMay 10, May 17 & May 24, 2019Joe Verduzco, Ram Reyes, Gabriel DillardA strong mix of photos and illustrations.
Inside Page Layout & Design1stSacramento News & ReviewMusic IssueSarah HanselThe entire spread is bold, colorful and loud — very fitting considering the subject matter. The photos really capture the energy and personality of the artists featured. Wonderful use of color adds pop to the pages without being distracting.
Inside Page Layout & Design2ndNorth Coast JournalBlackoutJonathan Webster
Inside Page Layout & Design3rdPalo Alto WeeklyA Radio 'Miracle'Doug Young
Inside Page Layout & Design4thSan Clemente TimesA Doggone Good Time at the Ole Hanson Beach Club PoolChelsie Rex, Fred Swegles
Inside Page Layout & Design5thSacramento News & ReviewBeer IssueSarah Hansel
Inside Page Layout & Design1stSacramento Business JournalAn Aggressive Solar Mandate LoomsStephanie HaysAwesome lede graphic and type over doubletruck, Not much story on opening, but short overall. Cool graphic comparison of electricity use of appliances.
Inside Page Layout & Design2ndSilicon Valley Business JournalRace to See the FutureNadir HussainPretty graphics that describe the topic complement story about the industry. Photos on later jump pages add new interest.
Inside Page Layout & Design3rdSilicon Valley Business JournalTurn On, Tune In, Stream LiveNadir HussainFun lede graphic treatment on photo links content.
Inside Page Layout & Design4thThe ArkDesire to downsize drives renovation of Tiburon condoKevin HesselLight typography really accents photos. Use of before and after shots well done.
Inside Page Layout & Design5thSilicon Valley Business JournalMarket or Movie?Bethany BickleyGood pictures, layout.
Photojournalism1stSan Francisco ChronicleJuly 31, Nov. 3 & Dec. 1, 2019San Francisco Chronicle Photo StaffGreat photography all around, exceptional photo story packages from homeless to wildfire to the Presidio.
Photojournalism2ndThe Press DemocratFeb. 25, Oct. 25 & Oct. 31, 2019Press Democrat StaffStrong news coverage and wildfire photos.
Photojournalism3rdThe Desert SunFeb. 10, March 3 & Dec. 22, 2019Desert Sun Staff
Photojournalism4thThe UnionFeb. 22, Oct. 7 & Oct. 28, 2019Elias Funez
Photojournalism1stSilicon Valley Business JournalMarch 29, April 19 & Oct. 11, 2019Vicki Thompson, Stan Olszewski, Brittany Hosea-Small, Doug FairbairnExcellent photography. Superb composition, lighting and appeal. Great job!
Photojournalism2ndClaremont CourierFeb. 22, April 19 & July 12, 2019Steven Felschundneff, Peter Weinberger, Kathryn DunnGreat photography. Strong images.
Photojournalism3rdPalo Alto WeeklyFeb. 8, April 12 & July 22, 2019Veronica Weber, Jenny Rodriguez, Keith Ferrell, Karen Hickey Ambrose
Photojournalism4thMountain View VoiceFeb. 15; July 26 & Sept. 6, 2019Magali Gauthier, Sadie Stinson, Federica Armstrong
Photojournalism5thNorth Coast JournalMarch 7, May 23 & May 30, 2019North Coast Journal Staff
News Photo1stLos Angeles TimesFighting firesGina FerazziThe time of day, the juxtaposition of the firefighter aligned with the helicopter. This photographer took advantage took full advantage of the situation he was presented with. I don't know if he waited long enough for the moment to occur or if he was just hit with a stroke of luck, whatever the reason was he excited the moment with perfection.
News Photo2ndLos Angeles TimesBehind the fenceGary CoronadoA young boy behind the fence is not only telling a story but the light situation that this photographer had to deal with astonishes me. There's a lot of good things going for this photo. The red light hitting his face, the chainlink fence in the foreground this photo is full of small moments. Both the "behind the fence" and "migrant" photographer did a splendid job working within the environment they were given.
News Photo3rdLos Angeles TimesProtester in Hong KongMarcus YamThe strong emotion in the photo nearly got it the number 1 spot. The storytelling aspect alongside the technical aspect of this photo is very strong.
News Photo4thLos Angeles TimesMigrantCarolyn ColeThe moment exceeds technical ability. The personal moment that this photographer captured is great especially under the quality of light that the photographer had to deal with.
News Photo5thThe San Diego Union-TribuneFuneral of Chabad of Poway victim, Lori Gilbert-KayeK.C. AlfredThis personal moment doesn't seem invasive to me and that's what spoke to me. Anyone could photograph someone crying. This photographer did a great job not over stepping any boundaries.
News Photo1stThe Desert SunMigrants Give Up on Their American DreamOmar OrnelasTimely photo. Wonderful caption the image and text contains painful details. The image is shot under challenging circumstances, which add to the impact and feeling of panicked flight.
News Photo2ndThe Modesto BeeMourning a lossAndy AlfaroFantastic image of a touching moment. Composition is slightly off, but there remains many details tucked away in the image. Tears, slight smile, portrait of the deceased.
News Photo3rdThe Press DemocratKincade FireKent PorterTerrific image of a firefighter in action during the destructive Kinkade fire. Absent is the human cost beyond property. The hero firefighter remains anonymous.
News Photo4thThe Press-EnterpriseSandalwood aftermathWatchara PhomicindaGreat image showing the aftermath and destruction. great angle
News Photo5thLos Angeles Daily NewsNot so EasyDavid CraneGreat image showing the immense struggle and difficulty of rescuing a panicked horse during the fire.
News Photo1stSanta Monica Daily PressPolice prevent suicideMatthew HallThe emotion captured in this photo is well-done. It brings awareness to a grim subject. The photographer caught a life-and-death situation that most readers fortunately won't see.
News Photo2ndInland Valley Daily BulletinEvacuate the elderlyWill LesterThe photo shows the surreal consequences of evacuation. It makes you feel sorry for the evacuee and it makes you want to know how she managed being away from her home. The photo makes you sense what it's like to be dependent upon others during an emergency.
News Photo3rdMarin Independent JournalBlackoutAlan DepThe photo shows the determination of the subject to carry on in face of challenges. It also showed how we are so dependent on forces we have no control over.
News Photo4thRecord SearchlightSWAT team fires tear gasMike ChapmanThe photo relays the standoff's tense consequences. The photographer looks like he was right in the middle of the dangerous incident.
News Photo5thLake County Record-BeeThe ‘Glass Fire’ incidentBob MinennaThe photo is striking. It looks like something out of a horror movie or a war movie.
News Photo1stThe AcornFreeway shootingMichael CoonsThere's so much going on in this photo — from the police drawing on the suspect, to onlookers standing there, to some taking photos. Great capture of a tense moment.
News Photo2ndThousand Oaks AcornRemembering a friendMichael CoonsThe emotion in this photo is easy to see. It's a terrific photo of a sad moment that most people would never see, unless they were there.
News Photo3rdSimi Valley AcornImmigration views clash at City HallJoseph GarciaYou can feel the tension between the two men facing each other. The photographer was in the right place at the right time.
News Photo4thSanta Barbara IndependentCave FirePaul WellmanWhat a spectacular sight! Great photo!
News Photo5thThousand Oaks AcornA year later, the pain is the sameMichael CoonsGreat job at capturing raw, human emotion.
News Photo1stChino ChampionFifteen acres burned on hillside in Chino HillsJosh Thompson
News Photo2ndTracy PressThe heat of the momentGlenn Moore
News Photo3rdMountain View VoiceA neighborhood association on wheelsMagali Gauthier
News Photo4thMountain View VoiceCity Council keeps retail cannabis laws largely intactMagali Gauthier
News Photo5thChino ChampionWork continues on road damaged by water main breakJosh Thompson
News Photo1stThe Trinity JournalHouse fireWayne AgnerExcellent composition
News Photo2ndPetaluma Argus-CourierGovernment shutdownCrissy PascualImage strongly captures palpable emotion
News Photo3rdThe Folsom TelegraphA heroes family grievesBill SullivanGreat composition
News Photo4thThe Sonoma Index-TribuneNo One Above the LawRobbi PengellyCaptures an emotional moment in difficult conditions
News Photo5thGlendale News-PressScuffles break out as Adam Schiff speaks at Armenian town hallRaul RoaImage captures lots of movement among many different subjects
Feature Photo1stLos Angeles TimesThe end of the season for Paradise HighWally SkalijOutstanding visual impact and storytelling of the emotion of the moment. Very smart choice to opt for black-and-white (really enhances that visual impact). Strong technical quality
Feature Photo2ndLos Angeles TimesHomeless in L.A.Luis SincoStrong visual impact, showing a moment in the life of this homeless person. Great scene-setting too, considering cityscape backdrop and the foreground of the person's life. Strong technical quality and use of color.
Feature Photo3rdThe San Diego Union-TribuneUSS MonsoorHoward LipinGreat framing and scene-setting. Strong technical quality. Really engages the viewer to want to know more about the story of the scene, but still tells part of that story.
Feature Photo4thLos Angeles TimesChurchRobert GauthierGreat technical quality and timing in terms of scene-setting. Engages the view to want to know more about the story. Artistically standout
Feature Photo5thThe Orange County RegisterSunrise surfingMark RightmireFun action photo; great use of scenery/natural elements to frame an engaging photos. Strong technical quality.
Feature Photo1stThe Desert SunHomelessness in the DesertJay CalderonThis photo artistically, unsentimentally captures the despair of being homeless in the desert, complete with the dog standing sentry on an abandoned fireplace. There's a lot to look at in this photo - the facial expressions, the surrounding stuff, the T-shirts, the dogs, the (apparently) burned out house, the desolate background landscape. It all comes together to tell a very powerful story.
Feature Photo2ndThe Bakersfield CalifornianStaying cool at the poolAlex HorvathI love how the photographer caught that perfect, exuberant moment of being a kid in the summertime.
Feature Photo3rdDaily BreezeThunder ThursdayScott VarleyBeautiful colors and sharp silhouettes are in contrast with the exciting (and terrifying) action in the photo.
Feature Photo4thThe Press DemocratKringle's CornerBeth SchlankerPure art. The twinkling lights and their reflections are a creative way to capture the magic of the holidays.
Feature Photo5thThe Modesto BeeAll is ducky in Oakdale after Ted returned to ownerAndy AlfaroIt's not often one sees a duck on someone's shoulder. The officer's smile is real and infectious. Even the duck seems happy.
Feature Photo1stThe TribuneExcited gradLaura DickinsonI love the elation of the teen and the smile from the principal. It's just an enjoyable shot that captures well the emotions of graduation day.
Feature Photo2ndThe RecordAgFestClifford OtoThis is a really cute shot. I think it does a great job of showing how close FFA students get with their animals during showing time.
Feature Photo3rdSanta Cruz SentinelAll the raindropsDan CoyroI love how she stands out with the bright red jacket and no umbrella. The sticking out of her tongue just captures her attitude perfectly.
Feature Photo4thThe TribuneCurious sealDavid MiddlecampWhat a cute capture. The seal's expression is just so wonderful as it watches those watching them.
Feature Photo5thTimes-HeraldReaching for the starsChris RileyI love how this almost feels like he's touching the actual moon. It's a great way to depict the art piece and a play on oversize moon photos.
Feature Photo1stThe AcornDogs walking humanJoseph A. GarciaThe composition and subject matter of this photo is well thought out, but spur of the moment as well. The photographer provided a cutline, yet it wasn't necessary to tell the story.
Feature Photo2ndThe Beach ReporterFeelin' the musicAxel KoesterThe feeling of fun and energy is captured perfectly in this photo. Music is almost audible thanks to the movement and tilted cropping.
Feature Photo3rdSimi Valley AcornPalsMichael CoonsThis is truly a heartfelt photo, showing a strong bond between man and dog. Nicely done.
Feature Photo4thSanta Barbara IndependentBlown Fuel Steamliner CarPaul WellmanThough there wasn't a cutline, this photo tells a grand story and produces a lot of curiosity in the viewer. The composition and colors draw in the eye.
Feature Photo5thCamarillo AcornPark and rideJoseph GarciaThe photographer was able to capture a moment of play and imagination with a simple shot.
Feature Photo1stSignal Tribune‘They fight us with a bullet, we fight back with love and compassion.’Lissette MendozaThere were other features that the technical quality and storytelling stood out more than this photo but the visual impact gave it the number 1 spot in my book. The title of this photo "They fight us with a bullet, we fight back with love and compassion." also helped it give it a boost in regards to the storytelling aspect of the photograph. Overall this photo is a 7 out of 10 in my book but a 10/10 in regards to the impact it is creating.
Feature Photo2ndThe AlmanacA veteran offers his handMagali GauthierA tender/honest moment captured in this lovely feature. The photo looks soft to me, I don't know if its because of the quality of the JPEG or the actual setting of the photographer.
Feature Photo3rdMountain View VoiceLet a laptop be your umbrellaMagali GauthierThis was the feature that stood out the most to me but besides the great storytelling component of the story there's not much this photo offers.
Feature Photo4thMountain View VoiceLet's hang out: Co-op preschool celebrates 50 years in Mountain ViewMagali GauthierThe juxtaposition in this photograph is great.
Feature Photo5thMountain View VoiceRise of the ramen botsMagali GauthierSuch a timeless moment that any person viewing this photo could relate to. Such joy and excitement being capture. The photographer did a great job capturing this fun moment.
Feature Photo1stThe Folsom TelegraphThanking her heroBill SullivanGreat emotions and moment. This image had the most emotion and visual impact out of all the entries.
Feature Photo2ndThe Sonoma Index-TribuneSonoma Valley High Goes WildRobbi PengellyGreat moment, though this image could have benefitted from a tighter crop.
Feature Photo3rdThe Sonoma Index-TribuneFantastic Beasts!Robbi PengellyVisually impactful image. This made me do a double take. The art is great, but the live subject is rather static.
Feature Photo4thThe Folsom TelegraphTrick, Treat or Royal FlushBill SullivanNice moment with a good subject.
Feature Photo5thSacramento Business JournalCountry Club Luchador ExpressDennis McCoyI like the concept behind this photo. The visual impact is pretty good.
Feature Photo1stThe Weekly CalistoganCalistoga Lighted Tractor ParadeTim Carl
Feature Photo2ndThe Trinity JournalMerry-go-round funWayne Agner
Feature Photo3rdSt. Helena StarSchramsberg Vineyards crews saber the winesTim Carl
Feature Photo4thThe Trinity JournalBewitching brigadeWayne Agner
Feature Photo5thClaremont CourierHeart attack survivorSteven Felschundneff
Artistic Photo1stMarin Independent JournalFlower inspectionAlan DepWith the right lens, anyone can get a tight shot. But to compose a close up so fluently—flowing petals, activity, the artistry of nature. It's captivating.
Artistic Photo2ndThe TribunePismo dog walkerDavid Middlecamp
Artistic Photo3rdVisalia Times-Delta2019 high school promRon Holman
Artistic Photo4thMarin Independent JournalWing stretchingAlan Dep
Artistic Photo5thSanta Maria TimesCruzin' for LifeLen Wood
Artistic Photo1stThe Press DemocratTree and MeteorKent Porter
Artistic Photo2ndLos Angeles TimesPlaneLuis Sinco
Artistic Photo3rdThe Orange County RegisterStrolling by the Super Snow MoonMark Rightmire
Artistic Photo4thThe Sacramento BeeNutcracker BalletDaniel Kim
Artistic Photo5thLos Angeles TimesRockerAllen J. Schaben
Artistic Photo1stSimi Valley AcornHigh flying actMichael Coons
Artistic Photo2ndSimi Valley AcornWinging ItJoseph Garcia
Artistic Photo3rdThe AcornPool reflectionJoseph A. Garcia
Artistic Photo4thBrentwood PressDeck the ParkTony Kukulich
Artistic Photo5thThousand Oaks AcornCharred landscapeJoseph Garcia
Artistic Photo1stThe Sonoma Index-TribuneSeeds of Light SownRobbi PengellyNice lighting on this photo and good composition. Meaningful portrait of a grieving mother.
Artistic Photo2ndTracy PressFire and waterGlenn MooreGood action! Love the lighting. Gives it a painterly quality.
Artistic Photo3rdMount Shasta HeraldRising above it allDanielle JesterGreat "how did you get that shot?" photo. Beautiful lighting.
Artistic Photo4thElk Grove CitizenA Tradition in Vivid ColorsSteve CrowleyFun and colorful photos. The face portraits were beautiful. Would've scored it better, but the photo had some distracting artifacts.
Artistic Photo5thThe Desert ReviewFolklorico DancerJoselito VilleroFun and colorful. Good composition and nice action.
Photo Illustration1stThe TribuneMurder petitionsDavid MiddlecampNice composition, like the use of the stark lighting, dramatic looking photo that conveyed the story well.
Photo Illustration2ndLos Angeles Times'Terror' Then and NowShenho HshiehNice us of photo effects to make the image unique
Photo Illustration3rdSan Francisco Chronicle2019 NBA FinalsTam Duong, Danielle Mollette-Parks, Elizabeth Burr, Robert MickelsonGood selection of photos, nice editing to draw the reader in.
Photo Illustration4thThe Press DemocratCape BuffaloJohn Burgessvery dramatic lighting, well composed.
Photo Illustration1stComstock's MagazineWe Hate MeetingKelly Barr, Mike GraffThis is so fun — and there’s levels of fun, from the facial expressions to the little charts on the white board. The feel that the illustrators caught an office “moment” is pretty amazing. Great use of color. The idea of using legos may have been done before but this team definitely pulled off an excellent execution.
Photo Illustration2ndSacramento Business JournalA hearty helping of the region's top young leadersStephanie HaysThis is an incredibly ambitious campaign that brings a smile to a designer’s face. The amount of effort to create a box for all 40 is pretty staggering. The concept is pretty original and seems to fit with the nutritional mindset that people under 40 seem to have.
Photo Illustration3rdComstock's MagazinePower ShiftTerence Duffy, Kelly BarrI love the fold out concept and the thought that it gives the reader a “surprise” when they open it up. What a feat to capture in one frame so many with a powerful expression. The tone of the photo has a very nice quality, with the coordination of color.
Photo Illustration4thPalo Alto WeeklyWhose rules?Veronica Weber, Jocelyn DongYou have to admire the amount of technical skill in this setup — from the game board pieces to the hand involvement and depth of field photography.
Photo Illustration5thThe Trinity Journal'Sound of Music' auditions comingBridget CarsonThis has a bit of an old-timey advertising feel to it that gives you a nostalgic response.
Photo Story/Essay1stLos Angeles TimesProtests in Hong KongMarcus Yam
Photo Story/Essay2ndLos Angeles TimesMexico's homicide crisisGary Coronado
Photo Story/Essay3rdSan Francisco ChronicleOne Day, One City, No Relief: San Francisco ChroniclePhoto Staff San Francisco Chronicle
Photo Story/Essay4thLos Angeles TimesImmigrationGary Coronado
Photo Story/Essay5thLos Angeles TimesParadise High football season after the devastating Camp fireWally Skalij
Photo Story/Essay1stThe Press DemocratLast Stand at Windsor: The Kincade FirePress Democrat StaffGreat story telling from the fight against the flames to the toll on the community. Got in close and told a dramatic story.
Photo Story/Essay2ndThe Desert SunKeeping traditions alive in a new landOmar OrnelasBeautifully photographed story capturing a slice of the community's traditions. Well done.
Photo Story/Essay3rdSanta Cruz SentinelHomeless in Santa CruzDan CoyroDifficult subject to photograph, nice work getting in close for intimate moments.
Photo Story/Essay4thThe Bakersfield CalifornianPortraits of the homelessAlex HorvathNice collection of portraits and technically well done.
Photo Story/Essay5thThe Bakersfield CalifornianA war hero comes home, 76 years after he was missing in actionAlex HorvathNice work capturing a variety of moments and b=views of his return, wish there would have been more.
Photo Story/Essay1stThousand Oaks AcornJust one of the teamMichael CoonsA truly inspiring story with excellent photos that capture Corey's personality and tell the story perfectly.
Photo Story/Essay2ndSanta Barbara IndependentThe ConceptionPaul WellmanBeautiful photos that capture the community's heartbreak.
Photo Story/Essay3rdPalo Alto WeeklyLiving on four wheelsVeronica WeberA great slice of life to show how living out of an RV or car has become a reality for many.
Photo Story/Essay4thCamarillo AcornGrapple with purposeMichael Coons, Eliav AppelbaumGreat photos of cute kids wrestling in honor of a fallen wrestler that show the competitive spirit and the camaraderie of sport.
Photo Story/Essay5thPalo Alto WeeklyRethinking wasteVeronica WeberA fascinating, in-depth look at where the waste goes and how the process is evolving.
Photo Story/Essay1stPetaluma Argus-CourierSupporting transgender childrenCrissy PascualThe photos provide a range of emotion, eloquently showing the world of one child, and they do so in such a creative manner each could stand alone.
Photo Story/Essay2ndThe Folsom TelegraphFarewell to Officer IshmaelBill Sullivan
Photo Story/Essay3rdThe Windsor TimesWindsor comes home, gives thanksHeather Bailey
Photo Story/Essay4thThe ArkGoing to the dogsElliot Karlan
Photo Story/Essay5thThe Trinity JournalFaces of Halloween 2019Wayne Agner
Sports Action Photo1stLos Angeles TimesParallel barsWally SkalijThe focus on the face makes this image stand out over others.
Sports Action Photo2ndLos Angeles TimesPitcherWally SkalijNice moment, I just wish there was something more going on with the pitcher.
Sports Action Photo3rdThe Sacramento BeeKings dunkPaul Kitagaki Jr.Great face, but the ball seems a little far, almost out of frame.
Sports Action Photo4thLos Angeles TimesAirborneWally Skalij
Sports Action Photo1stThe Press-EnterpriseRose BowlTerry PiersonPhoto has everything wrapped up in a awesome composition, shot well with great drama.
Sports Action Photo2ndThe Press DemocratHigh Flying TDChristopher ChungGreat storytelling from the hip. Image suffers slightly from composition. Cropping might improve overall impact.
Sports Action Photo3rdThe Fresno BeeClovis rodeoCraig KohlrussWonderful image, shot well. Great drama on the rider and bronc. Needs more storytelling with text/captioning. Good ride? Poor ride? Saddle bronc or is it bareback?
Sports Action Photo4thThe Fresno BeeHigh school trackCraig KohlrussGreat drama and moment!
Sports Action Photo5thDaily PilotLaguna Beach girls’ water polo bounces back for third at Santa Barbara TOCRaul RoaSolid package of images with good lead of defender in overtime win.
Sports Action Photo1stThe RecordFlores fightClifford OtoThis photo tells the story. Great boxing photo and use of the wide angle lens was used perfectly.
Sports Action Photo2ndMarin Independent JournalWhat's the call?Alan DepThe photo was taken at the right moment with the two baseball players staring at the umpire, who is about to make his call. Sets up a lot of anticipation on what the call would be. Great photo!
Sports Action Photo3rdDaily PressJust Out of ReachJames QuiggGreat soccer moment. Any picture, such as this, showing soccer goalies diving for a ball makes for a great photo.
Sports Action Photo4thVisalia Times-DeltaGridiron sideline danceRon HolmanThe expressions on both the receiver and the defender make this a great football action shot. Nice timing to capture a great moment.
Sports Action Photo5thThe ReporterBattling for PositionJoel RosenbaumIt can be sometimes difficult to get a good soccer action photo that doesn't show a ball, but this one is fantastic. The poke in the eye and the grabbing of the hand works in the picture. Nice job!
Sports Action Photo1stThousand Oaks AcornNo fearMichael Coons
Sports Action Photo2ndThe Beach ReporterRowing in the Dory raceAxel Koester
Sports Action Photo3rdThe AcornBasketball bashMichael Coons
Sports Action Photo4thSanta Barbara IndependentUCSB TennisPaul Wellman
Sports Action Photo5thSanta Barbara IndependentSMHS Track MeetPaul Wellman
Sports Action Photo1stTracy PressWhat do you mean, I'm out?Glenn Moore
Sports Action Photo2ndChino ChampionHuskies, Knights advance to semisJosh Thompson
Sports Action Photo3rdLos Altos Town CrierBoys toppled by Paly 56-46Megan Winslow
Sports Action Photo4thMoorpark AcornTeen catches major airJoseph Garcia
Sports Action Photo5thThe Davis EnterpriseLeaping receiverOwen Yancher
Sports Action Photo1stSt. Helena StarNCS playoff runs come to an endDave MosherCaptured all the emotion of the moment. Great framing. I know everything I need to know about this story from the photo.
Sports Action Photo2ndThe Weekly CalistoganCalistoga girls basketball win tournamentDave MosherGood framing to get the whole team in there. Captures all the emotion. Tells the full story.
Sports Action Photo3rdMount Shasta HeraldAlmost homeSkye KinkadeFantastic timing and catch of the action. Only knocked down for the tagged runner being out of focus.
Sports Action Photo4thThe Mountain EnterpriseThe throw to firstDave WatersLove all the technical aspects of the photo. Layers of depth. Strong focus.
Sports Action Photo5thSt. Helena StarSaints break records, rout Trojans 54-39Dave MosherStrong technical ability in this one. Love the look back.
Sports Feature Photo1stLos Angeles TimesBalance beamWally Skalij
Sports Feature Photo2ndThe Sacramento BeeKilldeer closes football fieldRenée C. Byer
Sports Feature Photo3rdLos Angeles TimesHorse and jockeyIrfan Khan
Sports Feature Photo4thThe Sacramento BeeMarathon welfare checkDaniel Kim
Sports Feature Photo5thLos Angeles TimesLos Angeles RamsWally Skalij
Sports Feature Photo1stThe RecordSlowballClifford Oto
Sports Feature Photo2ndThe Press DemocratOver The FenceKent Porter
Sports Feature Photo3rdThe TribuneTouchdown celebrationDavid Middlecamp
Sports Feature Photo4thThe Bakersfield CalifornianBuzzer-beater: Aggies spoil 'Runners second-half comeback with final-second shotAlex Horvath
Sports Feature Photo5thVisalia Times-DeltaTeeing up on the golf courseRon Holman
Sports Feature Photo1stElk Grove CitizenBrews and Wiener DogsSteve CrowleyIt's certainly not a traditional sports photo, which I understand is the point. It's such a fun shot -- love how the dog owner in back is trying to get her racer going, while another dog just chills in its crate. And the dog in the foreground looks so happy!
Sports Feature Photo2ndCamarillo AcornGolden gooseRichard GillardMy favorite thing about this photo is it leaves me dying to know what the next moment brought.
Sports Feature Photo3rdGlendale News-PressFlintridge Prep girls’ water polo falls to Katella in CIF championshipRaul RoaOuch. The finger to the eye should make anyone viewing this photo wince a bit. But I also love how the ball was captured in such a way that it's almost date-stamping the photo.
Sports Feature Photo4thPoway News ChieftainThe Thrill of VictoryMonte UmstedThe jubilation captured is terrific. But the photographer catching the kid's hair at full height makes this shot!
Sports Feature Photo5thTracy PressInspirationGlenn MooreShot works so well even if you don't know the story. At first glance it looks like a simple take-a-knee, say-a-prayer moment, but Elias' name and number tell you there's more to it.
Special Section1stSan Francisco ChronicleOne Day, One City, No ReliefSan Francisco Chronicle Design Staff
Special Section2ndChico Enterprise-RecordCamp Fire imagesEnterprise-Record Staff
Special Section3rdNapa Valley RegisterThey Served With HonorSean Scully
Special Section4thThe Press Democrat2018 Year in PicturesPress Democrat Staff
Special Section5thAntelope Valley PressFuture LeadersPamela Krogstie
Special Section1stSanta Barbara IndependentDisaster Prep GuideTyler Hayden, Keith Hamm, Alex DrakeImpactful and excellent use of design for vital and important needed reader safety information.
Special Section2ndChico News & ReviewCamp Fire One-Year Anniversary IssueMelissa Daugherty, Ashiah Scharaga, Meredith J. Cooper, Tina Flynn, Andre Byik, Jason CassidyGreat work on the whole issue being devoted to the Camp Fire remembrance and issues being faced by the community moving forward. Nice community coverage at all levels.
Special Section3rdPalo Alto WeeklyPalo Alto Weekly 40th Anniversary editionPalo Alto Weekly StaffWell informed and localized news writing for a 40 year look back on this community. Timeline was easy to digest and read.
Special Section4thMonterey County WeeklyEat+Drink GuideDave Faries, Monterey County Weekly StaffGood photography and creative category titles and writing.
Special Section5thSacramento News & ReviewBest of SacramentoMaria Ratinova, Sacramento News & Review StaffCreative category listings, current and colorful design use.
Special Section1stSan Francisco Business TimesBusiness of PrideJim Gardner, Todd Johnson
Special Section2ndNorth Coast JournalThe Media Literacy IssueNorth Coast Journal Staff
Special Section3rdThe Malibu TimesMalibu RemembersEmily Sawicki, Shivani Patel, Nira Lichten
Special Section4thTehachapi NewsOur history: A collection of historic photos, stories and personal memories of how Tehachapi became the community it is todayTehachapi News Staff
Special Section5thValley VoiceWhere To Have Your BabyCatherine Doe
Special Section1stCloverdale ReveilleTeens and the Vape DebateSonoma West PublishersThis section was extremely interesting and informative, focusing on health and social ramifications of vaping, as well as explaining the science and its intricacies.
Special Section2ndThe Windsor TimesSonoma Clean PowerMary Fricker, Sonoma West PublishersThis section was extremely enlightening, focusing on environmental and ramifications, while providing historical background as well as explaining the complicated science and political processes involved.
Special Section3rdSonoma West Times & NewsDeep TroubleSonoma West Publishers StaffThis section was informative and fascinating, clearly bringing to the forefront, in great detail, environmental concerns that don't receive due coverage.
Special Section4thThe Healdsburg TribuneHarvest 2019Sonoma West Publishers StaffThis was a fun, fascinating look at the region/community's agriculture successes.
Special Section5thLa Canada Flintridge OutlookA Salute To La Canada Flintridge Educational FoundationAisa Reyes, Karin Esterhammer, Mark GeersThis section revealed a previously unknown (to me), clever, creative, community solution to funding in the wake of 1978's Prop. 13. The articles describing the organization's history were most fascinating.
Special Section Cover1stSan Francisco ChronicleCulture Desk, Food + Home & The Fisherman's SecretDesign Staff San Francisco ChronicleThese are excellent examples of what a section cover should do – catch the reader’s eye and communicate plainly what the content is about. The bold typography, bright colors and clever illustration of “Don’t Panic!” captures the mood and tone of the subject matter. So too do the muted earth tones, fading letters, and spare, striking photography of “The Fisherman’s Secret.” An easy pick for first place.
Special Section Cover2ndLos Angeles TimesFeb. 2, Nov. 10 & Nov. 24, 2019Los Angeles Times StaffIt probably shouldn’t be a surprise that Hollywood’s hometown paper produced theatrical entries. Both “Detective Trapp” and “American Fallout” have a cinematic quality – they could almost double as movie posters. “The Sneakers Issue” keeps text to a minimum while allowing a lively illustration to speak for itself.
Special Section Cover3rdThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesChill; Play Ball; BookishJackie Burrell, Jennifer Schaefer, Chris Gotsill, Mark ConleyEye-candy illustrations and matching typography. Each element works in harmony with the others for a result that’s just fun to look at.
Special Section Cover4thThe Desert Sun‘Detention or death’; They Called It Home; ‘Chilapa is a war zone’Desert Sun StaffGood use of large-scale photos. “They Called It Home” stands out for the way it merges images with text.
Special Section Cover5thThe San Diego Union-Tribune2019 NFL PreviewMichael Domine
Special Section Cover1stSacramento Business JournalTop young leaders; Food and Agriculture; CFO of the YearStephanie HaysCover images were styled with care and forethought, and it shows. Very creative, good attention to detail.
Special Section Cover2ndComstock's MagazineFolsom: A Natural Draw; Woodland: Rooted in Innovation; 19th Annual Capital Region Office GuideMarissa Lewis, Shoka, Thea KaiserOver all strong designs, nice balance of white space, simplistic but in the right way.
Special Section Cover3rdThe Healdsburg TribuneVaping; Sonoma Clean Power; Deep TroubleRobby McClellan, Sonoma West Publishers StaffInspired designs, creative use of headlines as a graphic element. Large blocks of text holding the pages back, otherwise would have placed higher.
Special Section Cover4thMonterey County WeeklyEat+Drink Guide; Monterey Bay Visitors Guide; U.S. Open GuideKaren LoutzenheiserBeautiful photography, good text placement, but predictable design.
Special Section Cover5thThe ArkGenerosity (Summer 2019), Generosity (Winter 2019) & Home (Fall 2019)Kevin HesselGood use of photography, good balance of copy, but predictable design.
Special Publication1stThe Orange County RegisterCoast MagazineSamantha Dunn, Jenn Tanaka, Karen Kelso
Special Publication2ndNapa Valley RegisterInside Napa Valley magazine, spring/summer 2019Sean Scully, Norma Kostecka
Special Publication3rdSan Francisco ChronicleTom Stienstra's OutdoorsDeb Wandell, Tom Stienstra, Elizabeth Burr, Russell Yip
Special Publication4thNapa Valley RegisterInside Napa Valley magazine, winter/spring 2019Sean Scully, Norma Kostecka
Special Publication5thAntelope Valley PressWelcomeValley Press Staff
Special Publication1stNorth Coast JournalHumboldt InsiderNorth Coast Journal Staff
Special Publication2ndSan Clemente TimesSC Magazine 2019Jasmine Smith, Andrea Papagianis, Randall Youngman, Fred Swegles
Special Publication3rdNorth Coast JournalWedding GuideNorth Coast Journal Staff
Special Publication4thThe Folsom TelegraphThe Folsom Lake EntertainerBill Sullivan, Rachel Zirin, Shaden Solanji, Debbrah Campbell, Tarin Delavoye
Special Publication5thThe Desert ReviewDesert Kids NewsNoel Bravo, Kayla Kirby, Javier Guerrero, Jalen Fong
Sports Section1stSan Francisco ChronicleJune 13 & 14, 2019San Francisco Chronicle Sporting Green StaffThis is how you do it. Comprehensive coverage of the local team in its big moment, with plenty of staff resourced devoted to that coverage, and then presented well with good photos displayed prominently. Other local sports get their due attention as well, and when wire is used its coverage of those sports that the local readers would be in is presented well.
Sports Section2ndLos Angeles TimesApril 14 & 15, 2019Los Angeles Times StaffGood use of photos. Good photos and run them big. Variety of content and lots of different types of sports coverage, from in depth stories to game coverage, features and column, plus scoreboards and schedules.
Sports Section3rdThe Desert SunJan. 18 & 19, 2019Desert Sun StaffIt's a good-looking section. The coverage of the local golf tournament stands out, and so it's good to see staff resources devoted to that with as many pages as you have. The main sports section looks good, but appears to be heavy on the wire and USA Today content, though that's to be expected as you devote local reporting resources to the golf tournament.
Sports Section4thChico Enterprise-RecordFeb. 16 & 17, 2019Enterprise-Record StaffIt's good to see the local prep coverage dominate the cover. Would have liked to see the girls wrestling section champions make the cover too. It would also be better to group the jumps from the local coverage together on the inside pages instead of mixing it with the wire stories.
Sports Section5thNapa Valley RegisterAug. 25 & 26, 2019Andy Wilcox, Gus Morris, Marty JamesGood local coverage and good photography complemented by attractive use of wire content.
Sports Section1stLedger DispatchNov. 1 & 8, 2019Jack Mitchell, Jeremy Malamed, Rachel Norris, Sarah TullusAs a total package, this is an exceptional sports section. Great coverage all around, highlighted by great design that lets the stories and photos shine without additional, unnecessary, razzle-dazzle. The attention given to the cover story shows the significance of the team’s accomplishment and the layout does a wonderful job of capturing its significance without taking away from the other happenings of the day.
Sports Section2ndPetaluma Argus-CourierNov. 7 & 14, 2019John Jackson, Frank Marqua
Sports Section3rdThe Davis EnterpriseJan. 4 & 6, 2019Davis Enterprise Sports Staff
Sports Section4thThe Desert ReviewSept. 24 & Oct. 1, 2019Javier Guerrero, Kalin Turner, Ernest Ramos, Jalen Fong
Special Sports Section1stImperial Valley Press2019 High School Football PreviewAaron Bodus, Tania Pamanes, Victor Quinonez, Tom Bodus
Special Sports Section2ndThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesNFL KickoffMercury News Sports Staff, Mark Conley
Special Sports Section3rdSanta Maria TimesCentral Coast Football 2019Joe Bailey, Elliott Stern, Kenny Cress, Len Wood
Special Sports Section4thLos Angeles TimesNFL PreviewLos Angeles Times Staff
Special Sports Section5thThe Desert Sun2019 Desert Classic Golf TournamentLarry Bohannan, Matt Solinsky
Special Sports Section1stThe Folsom Telegraph2019 Friday Night LightsBill Sullivan, Matt Long, Debbrah Campbell, Tarin DelavoyeGood layout, design, use of graphics. The writing was clear, easy to follow, even if you know nothing about the teams.
Special Sports Section2ndThousand Oaks AcornPigskin Preview 2019Thousand Oaks Acorn StaffGreat use of graphics, clean design. The consistent layout for each school made the section easy to follow, Great writing, as well.
Special Sports Section3rdTurlock JournalThe Blitz Season 7: The Chibi EditionHarold George, Eduardo RuizWhomever designed this tab thought outside the box. The design was clean and the caricatures added an interesting twist.
Special Sports Section4thLedger DispatchArgonaut Mustangs Varsity Girls Basketball Keepsake EditionJack Mitchell, Jeremy Malamed, Aaron Johnson, Craig Baracco
Special Sports Section5thDana Point Times2019 Dolphin Football PreviewZach Cavanagh, Jasmine Smith
Editorial Cartoon1stLos Angeles TimesThe new Bill of Rights: Donald Trump gives originalism an updateSteve BrodnerThe quality of the art is worthy of a gallery. Love that the images appear ripped from the time of the framers. And the online animation is really something. If I were to quibble, I would say the layout is hard to follow and distracting. I would have done something else with those wonderful drawings.
Editorial Cartoon2ndMarin Independent JournalWest Marin coastal wall deniedGeorge RussellI love this one. It's simple, understandable to any coastal Californian and makes a statement that can't be missed. So much with simple black and white.
Editorial Cartoon3rdThe San Diego Union-TribuneCalifornia property valuesSteve BreenThere is something about the color and humanity in the drawing that makes this unique to me. I'd love to see this artist in my daily paper.
Editorial Cartoon4thMarin Independent JournalPG&E public safety power shutoff hits MarinGeorge Russell
Editorial Cartoon5thLos Angeles TimesTurkey Day at Nancy's house: Where politics has to be on the tableSteve BrodnerI almost love this. Great idea, riffing on the famous Rockwell, but honestly, I found the caricatures a little overdone.
Editorial Cartoon1stPetaluma Argus-CourierPetaluma Library upgradesPete McDonnellWonderful detail on artwork, from the titles on the stack, "The Wind is Gone!" to the guy on the computer on the far right. You don't have to live in Petaluma to instantly get what's going on here and relate to similar SNAFUs in other places. Minor nit: don't think you need the little lines around librarian's head; it's effective enough without them. Overall, WOW!
Editorial Cartoon2ndSanta Maria SunCan of legal cannabis wormsRoss MayfieldNice use of color; great detail on the worms. Instantly conveys the myriad issues every jurisdiction in California is dealing with. A little creepy but very effective.
Editorial Cartoon3rdPalos Verdes Peninsula NewsDay of the DeadGary JohnsonMore great detail from a very talented artist.
Editorial Cartoon4thHalf Moon Bay ReviewRoad HogsMarc HershonLove the subtle coloring and the expressions on the faces. Manages to comment on climate crisis and skewer bureaucracy at the same time.... Really torn cause I wanted to put this in top 3.
Editorial Cartoon5thSanta Maria SunThe power is out, but California's still on fireRoss MayfieldVery poignant... had a visceral reaction to this, but I think it would have benefited from a caption; don't know if readers would immediately get the connection between cutting power and fires still going on.
Illustration1stLos Angeles TimesEnd 'Game'Cameron Cottrill
Illustration2ndLos Angeles TimesSummer movie sneaksJonathan Bartlett
Illustration3rdLos Angeles TimesIt's gotta be the shoesAlessandro Pautasso
Illustration4thLos Angeles TimesFall arts previewPierluigi Longo
Illustration5thLos Angeles TimesOversubscribedRobert Neubecker
Illustration1stSacramento Business JournalBest of the BarStephanie HaysThe amount of detail illustrated in this piece is staggering. You can find little scenes throughout that tell their own little story. I love the Escher approach and it feels appropriate that it’s not overpowering the concept — you almost don’t see it until you start to closely look at the details. Just wonderful.
Illustration2ndNorth Coast JournalWe're Coming HomeJacqueline LangelandA splendid illustration that seems to tell a story on its own. It has a wonderful whimsical style with surprising textures and layers. The colors give off a feel of a a season that the locals would know all too well.
Illustration3rdComstock's MagazineHow Safe Is Your Pension?Andrew J. Nilsen, Carly CarnejoThe color palette works really well and the “payoff” you get when you open the cover is pretty cool. Nice illustration style fits the subject with it’s texture and tone.
Illustration4thSacramento News & ReviewPower playMaria RatinovaThis is a cool illustration with a noir feel that seems to fit the subject of the story nicely. The few colors used are played deftly against the dark backdrop.
Illustration5thSanta Barbara IndependentMichael B Jordan as Black PantherBen CiccatiA graphic approach to a portrait. The unfinished portion kind of alludes to the actor’s young (and not close to being finished) career.
Informational Graphic1stSan Francisco ChronicleWhy California Burns: San Francisco ChronicleJohn Blanchard, Kurtis Alexander, Danielle Mollette-Parks, Mark Lundgren
Informational Graphic2ndChico Enterprise-RecordRebuilding an iconEsmeralda Ramirez
Informational Graphic3rdThe Orange County RegisterHorse deathsJeff Goertzen
Informational Graphic4thLos Angeles TimesThe evolution of a violent pathLorena Iñiguez Elebee, Paige St. John
Informational Graphic5thThe Mercury News/East Bay TimesDive Boat TragedyPai
Informational Graphic1stNorth Coast JournalRecyclingJonathan WebsterJonathan Webster designed a lot of information to be clear, easy to follow and understand. The creative way he illustrates the information has a fun, game-like aesthetic.
Informational Graphic2ndSacramento Business JournalThe Business of DeathStephanie HaysAll of these numbers were elegantly designed to give the reader a very comprehensive view of the industry. The slight touch of colors don’t overwhelm but help inform and the typography is beautiful in its simplicity.
Informational Graphic3rdNorth Coast JournalPriest AbuseJonathan WebsterThis piece has a massive amount of information that’s a little intimidating to get into — but when you dive in and start to understand what it’s showing you, it’s staggering and upsetting, which ultimately indicates the effectiveness of this graphic. The colors are used very precisely, helping you clearly see the most important items.
Informational Graphic4thPalo Alto WeeklyAnatomy of a fraudLinda Taaffe, Kristin Brown“Anatomy of a Fraud” was a visual way to pull out and consolidate key points.