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2016 Better Newspapers Contest — Advertising winners

2016 Advertising Excellence Contest winners

The table below lists the Advertising Excellence Contest winners in the 2016 CNPA Better Newspapers Contest.

CategoryDivisionPlacePublicationCreditEntry TitleJudgeNotes
Advertising Campaign combining two or more platformsDailies: 35,001 & under1stThe Press DemocratKarleen Arnink Pate, Rebecca PateLake County Destination
Advertising Campaign combining two or more platformsDailies: 35,001 & under2ndThe RecordJason Ente, Deitra KenolyOh Baby! 2016
Advertising Marketing PackageDailies: 15,001-35,0001stAntelope Valley PressAndrew HutchensAntelope Valley Press Special Section Marketing Materials
Black & White Ad: 1/4 page or largerDailies: 15,001-35,0001stAntelope Valley PressBarbara JosephKarl's Hardware Holiday Savings
Black & White Ad: 1/4 page or largerDailies: 15,001-35,0002ndAntelope Valley PressKaren BennettAntelope Valley Fairgrounds Flea Market
Black & White Ad: 1/4 page or largerDailies: 15,001-35,0003rdAntelope Valley PressBarbara JosephAntique Asylum
Black & White Ad: 1/4 page or largerWeeklies: 4,300 & under1stDesert ReviewNoel Bravo, Stella Jimenez“Our children, their future," Social Services AdGreat layout and graphics draw the viewer in.
Black & White Ad: 1/4 page or largerWeeklies: 4,300 & under2ndAfter FiveRon Harrington530 CollectiveEye catchy, simple and easy to read.
Black & White Ad: 1/4 page or largerWeeklies: 4,300 & under3rdAfter FiveRon HarringtonPaesano DaysGood design and grabs the eye.
Black & White Ad: 1/4 page or largerWeeklies: 4,300 & under4thROSAMOND NEWSGayle Joyce, Amanda GarciaVote Ad: Gary Van DamVery simple to the point ad with good design. The problem is the category is Black and White ads and it is full color.
Community Event Special SectionDailies: 15,001-35,0001stAntelope Valley PressStaffFuture Leaders
Community Event Special SectionDailies: 15,001-35,0002ndThe RecordJason LaMasters, Deitra Kenoly2016 Stockton Auto Show section
Community Event Special SectionDailies: 15,001-35,0003rdAntelope Valley PressStaffPoppy Festival
Community Event Special SectionDailies: 15,001-35,0004thAntelope Valley PressStaff2016 Senior Expo
Community Event Special SectionDailies: 15,000 & under1stSanta Monica Daily PressDarren OuelletteSkechers Performance Los Angeles MarathonA comprehensive guide to everything you need or want to know about the LA Marathon. Graphics are wonderfully informative and easy on the eye. Support from advertisers is excellent generating over 60 pages for photos, graphics and text. Professional layout and design as well. Support from the community is evident too, with letters from local elected officials and sponsors. The detail put into this section is outstanding. Congratulations to all involved!
Community Event Special SectionDailies: 15,000 & under2ndThe SignalStaffVoter GuideA complete voter's guide including the newspaper's endorsements. Strong advertising support from local poitlicians and good editorial content on candidates. Useful and informative section I'm sure readers used prior to voting.
Community Event Special SectionDailies: 15,000 & under3rdThe SignalStaffEl Nino
Community Event Special SectionWeeklies: 11,001-25,0001stBrentwood PressEric Kinnaird, Sherrie Hamilton, Debra Janis, Anne Ray, Teri Fitzhugh, Lonnie TapiaBVAL Football PreviewGreat page headers, content and use of color.
Community Event Special SectionWeeklies: 11,001-25,0002ndRecord GazetteStaffCherry Festival Official ProgramBeautiful layout and vibrant use of color. Very festive and cheerful.
Community Event Special SectionWeeklies: 11,001-25,0003rdScotts Valley Press-BannerStaff17th Annual Art, Wine, and Beer Festival and Car Show
Community Event Special SectionWeeklies: 11,001-25,0004thRecord GazetteStaffVeterans Expo
Community Event Special SectionWeeklies: 4,301-11,0001stLedger DispatchStaffTaste of AmadorA very nicely done section featuring strong photography (great black and white photos!) and simple but effective layout and design help make a upscale presentation that compliments this charitable event. Lots of ad support too. A fun evening for the community and a great way to showcase local businesses.
Community Event Special SectionWeeklies: 4,301-11,0002ndLedger DispatchStaffPlaid FridayA great "Black Friday" option for promoting local businesses. Good photography and layout featuring each community, great local business feature stories and strong ad support make this section a winner!
Community Event Special SectionWeeklies: 4,301-11,0003rdLassen County TimesStaffSanta's Sleigh DaysA great community event at Christmas time and a nice way to showcase local businesses and promote the "shop local" theme. Lots of in-paper promotion with advertising and editorial support. The special section is chock-full of local advertising making this promotion a successful one!
Community Event Special SectionWeeklies: 4,300 & under1stThe Intermountain NewsStaffFall Fling
Community Event Special SectionWeeklies: 4,300 & under2ndAfter FiveRon HarringtonMountain Magic Christmas
Community Event Special SectionWeeklies: 4,300 & under3rdShasta Lake BulletinRon HarringtonVeterans Day Parade
Community Event Special SectionWeeklies: 4,300 & under4thAfter FiveRon HarringtonTehama District Fair
Community History Special SectionDailies: 15,001-35,0001stAntelope Valley PressStaffAntelope Valley Scrapbook
Community History Special SectionWeeklies: 11,001-25,0001stScotts Valley Press-BannerStaff50th Anniversary of Scotts Valley: History, Fireworks, Festival, 4th of July Parade
Creative ROP AdDailies: 35,000 & under1stThe SignalStaffDUI Page
Creative ROP AdDailies: 35,000 & under2ndThe SignalStaffChiquita Canyon Thank You
Creative ROP AdDailies: 35,000 & under3rdThe SignalStaffCounty of Los Angeles
Creative ROP AdDailies: 35,000 & under4thAntelope Valley PressAngel FloresHigh Desert Medical Group
Creative ROP AdWeeklies: 11,001 & over1stSanta Babara IndependentStaffTri-County ProduceOutstanding photography makes this ad a winner! Using fresh vegetables for an ad border says what this business is all about without words. The message was strong, simply written and the letter was a touching message from a family owned business. Made me want to shop there.
Creative ROP AdWeeklies: 11,001 & over2ndBrentwood PressAnne RayHearing Services of AntiochThe dog photo in this ad is wonderful! Readers can't help but see this ad and smile! Simple message done in a fun way. I'm sure this advertiser received many comments and hopefully a lot of new business. Great ad!
Creative ROP AdWeeklies: 11,001 & over3rdBrentwood PressAnne RayHann OrthodonticsChildren's smiles are always a welcome image and this ad does a great job with the group photo of smiling kids. This ad gets lots of reader attention as a result of the strong graphic. Small ad with a lot of impact!
Creative ROP AdWeeklies: 11,001 & over4thSanta Babara IndependentStaffJenny Schatzle
Creative ROP AdWeeklies: 11,000 & under1stLedger DispatchSarah TullusBuster SaysGreat graphic
Creative ROP AdWeeklies: 11,000 & under2ndAfter FiveRon HarringtonCheesecakes UnlimitedGood color and copy
Creative ROP AdWeeklies: 11,000 & under3rdLedger DispatchSarah TullusHow the Grinch Stole ChristmasColor and good graphic
Creative ROP AdWeeklies: 11,000 & under4thLassen County TimesJill Atkinson, Elizabeth IngramTown & Country Real Estate
Digital AdDailies: 15,000 & under1stThe SignalStaffThe Glow SpotClever use of color for the advertiser (The Glow Spot).
Digital AdDailies: 15,000 & under2ndThe SignalStaffTiburon Grill
Digital AdDailies: 15,000 & under3rdThe SignalStaffSanta Clarita Valley Auto Dealers AssociationPacks a lot of information into the ad without seeming overcrowded. Nice use of color.
Entertainment Special SectionDailies: 35,000 & under1stSanta Monica Daily PressDarren OuelletteTwilight Concert Series
Entertainment Special SectionDailies: 35,000 & under2ndThe SignalStaff661 Guide — Burger
Entertainment Special SectionDailies: 35,000 & under3rdAntelope Valley PressStaffAntelope Valley Fair
Entertainment Special SectionDailies: 35,000 & under4thThe SignalStaffFood and Entertainment
Entertainment Special SectionWeeklies: 11,000 & under1stLedger DispatchStaffAmador County Fair Guide 2016
Entertainment Special SectionWeeklies: 11,000 & under2ndThe Intermountain NewsStaffAfter Five
Multi-Color Ad: 1/4 page or largerDailies: 35,000 & under1stSanta Monica Daily PressDarren OuelletteDowntown Santa Monica
Multi-Color Ad: 1/4 page or largerDailies: 35,000 & under2ndThe SignalStaffPhat and Juicy
Multi-Color Ad: 1/4 page or largerDailies: 35,000 & under3rdThe SignalStaffBrew-Le
Multi-Color Ad: 1/4 page or largerDailies: 35,000 & under4thAntelope Valley PressKaren BennettHigh Country Feed & Pets
Multi-Color Ad: 1/4 page or largerWeeklies: 25,001 & over1stSanta Babara IndependentStaffNectar RestaurantVisually stunning, the artwork says everything the ad needs to say to the reader.
Multi-Color Ad: 1/4 page or largerWeeklies: 25,001 & over2ndSonoma County GazetteVesta CopestakesFine Tree CarsAmazing artwork, ads are visually pleasing and educational
Multi-Color Ad: 1/4 page or largerWeeklies: 25,001 & over3rdSanta Babara IndependentStaffPriced Out: Santa Barbara Housing ForumSimple and direct with a very nice layout.
Multi-Color Ad: 1/4 page or largerWeeklies: 4,301-25,0001stLassen County TimesBob MahenskiLassen County FairGood use of color
Multi-Color Ad: 1/4 page or largerWeeklies: 4,301-25,0012ndBrentwood PressDebra Janis, Greg RobinsonDel Sol EnergyGood headline and color
Multi-Color Ad: 1/4 page or largerWeeklies: 4,301-25,0023rdLedger DispatchSarah Tulus, StaffTaste of AmadorClean and simple use of color and graphic
Multi-Color Ad: 1/4 page or largerWeeklies: 4,301-25,0034thLedger DispatchSarah TullusSweet Pea
Multi-Color Ad: 1/4 page or largerWeeklies: 4,300 & under1stThe Intermountain NewsCraig HarringtonPit River Casino 'You're Invited...'Very vibrant. Nice use of color and design.
Multi-Color Ad: 1/4 page or largerWeeklies: 4,300 & under2ndShasta Lake BulletinRon HarringtonFriday Night in the ParkVery catchy graphics and fonts. Playful and enticing.
Multi-Color Ad: 1/4 page or largerWeeklies: 4,300 & under3rdActon Agua Dulce NewsGayle Joyce, Amanda Garcia, Mike CrabtreeLe Chene French Cuisine
Multi-Color Ad: 1/4 page or largerWeeklies: 4,300 & under4thAfter FiveRon HarringtonVintage Wine Bar & Restaurant
Niche Product: MagazineDailies: 35,000 & under1stAntelope Valley PressStaffAntelope Valley Lifestyle MagazineVery inviting cover, great local content, very nice design
Niche Product: MagazineDailies: 35,000 & under2ndThe SignalStaffTop 51Good design, seemed to focus on a specific audience.
Niche Product: MagazineWeeklies: 4,301-11,0001stTurlock JournalHank Vander Veen209 MagazineSuperb attention to detail, clean and creative layout throughout the 124 (!) pages, well-written and interesting stories, and, of course, lots of well-designed ads puts 209 Magazine in the top spot in this category.
Niche Product: MagazineWeeklies: 4,301-11,0002ndLedger DispatchStaffHoliday MagicA solid holiday magazine with some creative layouts.
Niche Product: MagazineWeeklies: 4,300 & under1stShasta Lake BulletinRon HarringtonShasta Lake and North State Visitors Guide
Niche Product: MagazineWeeklies: 4,300 & under2ndThe Intermountain NewsStaff2016 Visitors Guide
Niche Product: Non-MagazineDailies: 15,001-35,0001stAntelope Valley PressStaffWelcomeThis mammoth "Welcome To..." edition is something every newspaper person should see. THE most comprehensive, informative and entertaining guide to a community I've ever seen. At over 190 pages, this massive edition has detailed content on every aspect of life in the Antelope Valley. Advertising support is excellent with a creative use of directories as a major revenue stream. This is the absolute definitive source on the Antelope Valley and First Place winner in this category.
Niche Product: Non-MagazineDailies: 15,001-35,0002ndThe RecordJason LaMasters, Jason Ente, Deitra Kenoly, Karen BakhteganThe Current — March 2016 issueA highly creative product using color, beautiful photography, and cutting edge graphics / layout showcasing local artists is fun and informative. Using a local artists art for the cover sets the tone for this interesting feature publication. Strong advertising support allows this publication to reach up to 60 pages or more.
Niche Product: Non-MagazineDailies: 15,001-35,0003rdThe RecordJason Ente, Deitra Kenoly, Mike Klocke, Don BlountOutlook 2016 - Moving ForwardThis annual broadsheet section focuses on the area's prosperity outlook.Large photos support editorial features on all aspects of life in San Joaquin County. Advertising support is strong with good use of directory ads to help build revenue. Nicely done. Informative and attractive section. Good job!
Niche Product: Non-MagazineDailies: 15,000 & under1stSanta Monica Daily PressDarren OuelletteSanta Monica Most Loved GuideGood art,great layout and strong graphics
Niche Product: Non-MagazineDailies: 15,000 & under2ndThe SignalStaffEl NiñoVery original with a great front page graphic
Niche Product: Non-MagazineDailies: 15,000 & under3rdThe SignalStaffVoter GuideGood idea,needed more ads.
Niche Product: Non-MagazineWeeklies: 25,001 & over1stSanta Barbara IndependentStaffReal Estate section
Niche Product: Non-MagazineWeeklies: 25,001 & over2ndSanta Barbara IndependentStaffSanta Barbara Independent Education Issue
Niche Product: Non-MagazineWeeklies: 4,300 & under1stThe ArkHenriette CornGenerosity
Niche Product: Non-MagazineWeeklies: 4,300 & under2ndThe ArkHenriette CornBack to School
Niche Product: Non-MagazineWeeklies: 4,300 & under3rdThe ArkHenriette CornHome
Niche Product: Non-MagazineWeeklies: 4,300 & under4thThe Gridley HeraldStaffDiscover Gridley
Plus Advertising IdeaDailies: 35,001-150,0001stPetaluma Argus CourierKarleen Arnink Pate, John BurnsPetaluma Heritage — Families in BusinessAn excellent advertising opportunity for local family owned businesses to tell their story in a unique format where they receive a photo, story and an ad in a special tabloid edition just for family-owned businesses. Great community oriented section that I'm sure to please local readers.
Plus Advertising IdeaDailies: 15,001-35,0002ndAntelope Valley PressAndrew HutchensPigskin Football PicksThis promotion offers fun for readers each week through the football season and advertisers can play the game while their ad receives excellent visibility as part of the weekly contest page.
Plus Advertising IdeaDailies: 15,000 & under3rdThe SignalStaffEl NinoA brilliant idea, well executed. Nice range of advertisers and a great public service.
Plus Advertising IdeaDailies: 15,000 & under4thThe SignalStaffDUICertainly counts as a novel or unusual idea.And again, I like the public service aspect.
Plus Advertising IdeaWeeklies: 25,001 & over1stChino-Chino Hills ChampionLinda Fenner, Pat Walton, Bruce WoodZika VirusSimply a terrific public service. Well done.
Plus Advertising IdeaWeeklies: 25,001 & over2ndSanta Babara IndependentStaffSanta Barbara Independent Locals' Brew Bracket
Plus Advertising IdeaWeeklies: 25,001 & over3rdSanta Babara IndependentStaffSanta Barbara Independent Staycation contest
Plus Advertising IdeaWeeklies: 11,001-25,0001stHerald NewsSonja Dawkins2016 Herald News CalendarNice, easy-to-use, colorful calendar.
Plus Advertising IdeaWeeklies: 11,001-25,0002ndRecord GazetteStaffRecord Gazette Coupons
Plus Advertising IdeaWeeklies: 4,300 & under1stSanta Ynez Valley StarRaiza Giorgi, Shana DeLeon, Aimee Reinhart AverySYV Star Best Plus Advertising
Single Classified Display AdDailies: 15,001-35,0001stAntelope Valley PressMayra OrtizPalmdale Regional Medical CenterClean layout and muted colors provides an oasis of calm on what can be very busy classified pages.
Single Classified Display AdDailies: 15,001-35,0002ndAntelope Valley PressKaren BennettValley-Hi Toyota Black FridayAs good as you're likely to get in a full-page ad for an auto dealer. Strong, attention-grabbing top and six large, easy-to-read featured vehicles.
Single Classified Display AdDailies: 15,001-35,0003rdAntelope Valley PressKaren BennettLancaster Honda Black Friday
Single Classified Display AdWeeklies: 4,300 & under1stSanta Ynez Valley StarAimee Reinhart Avery, Shana DeLeonSYV Star Best Classified Ad
Single Self-Promotion Ad or SeriesDailies: 35,000 & under1stAntelope Valley PressAndrew HutchensAV Press House AdsA fine selection of self-promotion ads. All explain the benefit, ask for the order, and offer a prompt to buy. Clean ads, easy to read. Small testimonials for classified are excellent prompts. Well deserving of First Place award! Congrats!
Single Self-Promotion Ad or SeriesDailies: 35,000 & under2ndSanta Monica Daily PressDarren OuelletteSanta Monica Daily Press Home DeliverySimple and to the point. This ad delivers its message quickly with no frills. Good color photo makes the attractive and easy to see on a page.
Single Self-Promotion Ad or SeriesDailies: 35,000 & under3rdThe SignalStaffTop 51