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California Journalism Awards Print Feature Photo Winners – Dailies: 50,001 & over

2020 California Journalism Awards
Print Feature Photo Winners

Dailies: 50,001 & over


First-place and second-place plaques will be shipped directly to the winning publications in the coming weeks.

Personalized certificates will also be mailed to winners in each category.

A complete list of all California Journalism Award winners will be provided on May 18th.


Circ Group(s)Category NameAwardOrganizationCityEntry TitleCommentsCredits
Dailies: 50,001 & overFeature PhotoFirst PlaceThe Sacramento BeeSacramentoMasked checkup at the zooSometimes you don't second guess or overanalyze an immediate reaction to a photo. This shot of the pelican immediately popped up as an excellent photo the second the file was clicked. The photo brought one right into the moment.Daniel Kim
Dailies: 50,001 & overFeature PhotoSecond PlaceThe Sacramento BeeSacramentoSneak peek in the voting boothHumorous shot of Gov. Newsom where the photographer appears to have captured a moment that others were not meant to see.Daniel Kim
Dailies: 50,001 & overFeature PhotoThird PlaceLos Angeles TimesEl SegundoLiving With a New NormalA stolen moment with the dancing girl that conveyed the loneliness of the pandemic.Gina Ferazzi
Dailies: 50,001 & overFeature PhotoFourth PlaceLos Angeles TimesEl SegundoChristmas in the ICUAnother good photo of the loneliness and how the pandemic kept many loved ones apart, including those directly affected by the virus. We heard or read about people who would FaceTime with friends and relatives from the hospital. Here, we actually see it.Francine Orr
Dailies: 50,001 & overFeature PhotoFifth PlaceLos Angeles TimesEl SegundoThe Year of Virus, a Time Like No OtherAnother of the photos that will be around and viewed 100 years from now when people look back on the 2020 pandemic.Robert Gauthier