2020 California Journalism Awards - Print Division

Coverage of Protests and Racial Justice-News or Feature Stories ( Dailies: 50,001 & over)Back

  • Place Name: First Place
    Contestant Name: Los Angeles Times
    Entry Title: A Black reporter recalls racism in the newsroom and has his day of reckoning
    Entry Credit: Greg Braxton
    Judge Comment: A remarkable and thoughtful reflection on the intersection of race, news and society that gives direct & immediate local connections to readers. This piece leads the way in how not just journalistic institutions but all people and places must address this moment, with the reporter offering up the kind of transparency and truth-telling we all must aspire to. Beautifully written, and brave. Bravo.
  • Place Name: Second Place
    Contestant Name: San Francisco Chronicle
    Entry Title: San Francisco Chronicle: Defunding Oakland Police
    Entry Credit: Rachel Swan
    Judge Comment: Excellent, detailed reporting that relies on deep sourcing to capture the nuance and complexities of policing. Swann does an expert job taking readers right to the scenes where policing happens and treats her sources with humanity and respect.
  • Place Name: Third Place
    Contestant Name: Los Angeles Times
    Entry Title: Pain and protest
    Entry Credit: Anita Chabria, Esme Bermudez
    Judge Comment: This series told one-of-a-kind stories that were deeply reported and would resonate with local readers and those throughout California. Well-sourced, carefully reported.
  • Place Name: Fourth Place
    Contestant Name: Los Angeles Times
    Entry Title: Protests become a 'lifestyle' for some L.A. activists: 'This has been like church for me'
    Entry Credit: Leila Miller
    Judge Comment: A thoughtful piece that does a wonderful job capturing the personal growth and solace that so many people can find while participating in social justice movements.
  • Place Name: Fifth Place
    Contestant Name: The Orange County Register
    Entry Title: Meant for friends, Black cop’s video about racism embraced by Tustin police chief
    Entry Credit: Susan Christian Goulding
    Judge Comment: A piece that will capture the attention of many readers who may have seen the viral video, while ensuring that the pain and gravity of the protest movement is reflected.