2020 California Journalism Awards - Print Division

Front Page Layout & Design ( Weeklies: 25,001 & over,Weeklies: 11,001 - 25,000)Back

  • Place Name: First Place
    Contestant Name: North Coast Journal
    Entry Title: NCJ Covers
    Entry Credit: Jonathan Webster, Sue Giboney, Soni Lopez-Chavez, Tatsiana Tsyhanova
    Judge Comment: Beautifully executed concepts across the board, with typography perfectly matching tone. Loved the wrap-around mask template.
  • Place Name: Second Place
    Contestant Name: Good Times
    Entry Title: "I'll See You In My Streams," "Pivot Point," "Makers Vs. Takers"
    Entry Credit: Kara Brown
    Judge Comment: Excellent high-impact covers with true local focus and appeal. Nice work.
  • Place Name: Third Place
    Contestant Name: Coachella Valley Independent
    Entry Title: Coachella Valley Independent Front Pages
    Entry Credit: Beth Allen Jimmy Boegle
    Judge Comment: None
  • Place Name: Fourth Place
    Contestant Name: San Francisco Business Times
    Entry Title: SFBT - Front pages
    Entry Credit: Ian Lawson
    Judge Comment: None
  • Place Name: Fifth Place
    Contestant Name: Metro Silicon Valley
    Entry Title: Metro Silicon Valley Front Page Layout & Design
    Entry Credit: Kara Brown
    Judge Comment: None