2022 California Journalism Awards - Digital Division

Coverage of Business and the Economy ( Monthly Unique Visitors: 100,001-400,000) Back

  • Place Name: First Place
    Contestant Name: Long Beach Post
    Entry Title: The Power of the Port
    Entry Credit: Brandon Richardson
    Judge Comment: Crisp leads and excellent writing throughout the series, presenting data and economics in a clear and readable way that explains a vitally important event. The balanced and comprehensive reporting made clear why every development mattered, how it came about and what might happen next. Notable: Even when the negotiators wouldn't talk, the reporter was able to tell the readers what the disputes were.
  • Place Name: Second Place
    Contestant Name: Mountain View Voice
    Entry Title: Tents must come down, city says, as restaurants and customers push back
    Entry Credit: Malea Martin
    Judge Comment: Comprehensive. balanced and readable article that fully explains, with well-chosen quotes, the reasons for the city's and the business owners' views on a development of interest to residents.
  • Place Name: Third Place
    Contestant Name: The Modesto Bee
    Entry Title: The sale of Modesto-based Save Mart
    Entry Credit: Marijke Rowland
    Judge Comment: Effective combination of well-written story, video, photographs and timeline that explains why the sale of the family-run stores matters, and how it came about and what will change.
  • Competition Comment: Please make a change so that when I go from the finalization page back to look at one of the top 3 stories it doesn't wipe out the final comments I have written for the other winners. I had to redo the final comments four times, and finally just did it from memory. I would rather have referred to the notes I made when I was reading the story. Also, I got emails telling me I was judging print and also campus divisions, but when I logged on it said I had no judging. So I did only the digital. This was confusing and time-consuming as I kept trying to find the other judging assignments. Thank you.