2022 California Journalism Awards - Print Division

Agricultural Reporting ( Weeklies: 4,301 - 11,000,Weeklies: 4,300 & under) Back

  • Place Name: First Place
    Contestant Name: The Business Journal
    Entry Title: Madera County farmers revolt against groundwater sustainability fees
    Entry Credit: Edward Smith
    Judge Comment: Overall, these are well organized stories with great sources, great quotes, and relatable data. The big picture as well as the impact on a human scale really comes through. The stories were engaging all the way through. Impacts were explained through good quotes; relevant background information was placed high in the story in a succinct way; the stories had good development of all the issues at play (from fees to provision of services to funding to the protest and what it means); good flow, well written, good context and broader angle on nearby counties and what they're doing; it's clear the writer understand the issues and conveyed them well in a readable way. Well done!
  • Place Name: Second Place
    Contestant Name: Sacramento Business Journal
    Entry Title: California farmers still losing out due to shipping crisis
    Entry Credit: Emily Hamann
    Judge Comment: This is a solid, well-reported piece that really gives a good sense of the impact of the shipping crisis: what's happened, what's being done about it, what's at stake, and what's next; great quotes, made the story relatable; great photos; overall good wide angle on the problem and some specifics about the impact. Felt like the right length for this article too. Well done!
  • Place Name: Third Place
    Contestant Name: Petaluma Argus-Courier
    Entry Title: 550 cows, 4 children and 900 acres: This year’s Dairy of the Year honor goes to Silacci Dairy in Petaluma
    Entry Credit: Emma Molloy, Crissy Pascual
    Judge Comment: This is a well written, engaging, easy and delightful to read profile with some good newsiness woven in; great quotes; I really got a picture of what their life is like on the farm and the main source's passion for cows; the photos are excellent; great kicker quote; good overall organization; my only critique is that I could have read much more!
  • Competition Comment: Judging was a good experience -- this was my first time, and I enjoyed it. The instructions were clear and simple, the organization of the articles was easy to follow and keep track of, and it was a delight to get to read so many different articles from around the state and from the past year at the same time.