2022 California Journalism Awards - Print Division

Enterprise News Story or Series ( Dailies: 15,000 & under) Back

  • Place Name: First Place
    Contestant Name: The Tribune
    Entry Title: How California’s last remaining nuclear power plant transformed marine life off the coast
    Entry Credit: Mackenzie Shuman, David Middlecamp
    Judge Comment: Excellent reporting, writing and packaging of an interesting, little-known environmental issue. The reporter’s thorough review of public records and persistent pressure on the utility officials opened doors that resulted in a fascinating package detailing current and future environmental impacts on sealife of Diablo Canyon’s operation and pending closure. The explanatory videos online added wonderful depth to the package. Well done!
  • Place Name: Second Place
    Contestant Name: The San Bernardino Sun
    Entry Title: ‘Nobody had their eye on that ball’ when San Bernardino went bankrupt 10 years ago
    Entry Credit: Brian Whitehead
    Judge Comment: Oral histories can be sloppy when they don’t reflect diverse sources and context … however, they also can be effective ways to tell a complex history in an inviting manner, particularly when explaining history to people who are new to the issue. This series excelled because the intros, transitions, file photos and pacing were all in sync. The final “what’s ahead?” which was a nice way to tie up the series and leave readers with awareness they can use to help prevent a future city bankruptcy.
  • Place Name: Third Place
    Contestant Name: Pasadena Star-News
    Entry Title: Ghost of the 710 Freeway extension
    Entry Credit: Steve Scauzillo
    Judge Comment: Very interesting topic that highlights how people can be adversely affected by bureaucracies long after seemingly final decisions. The reporting was thorough and made good use of first-person sources to humanize a complex issue. The sidebar detailing the weird presence of a non-existent freeway in online maps was fascinating and effectively explained a complex technological issue driving apps used by millions of people.
  • Competition Comment: All entries were terrific examples of journalism that went above and beyond for their readers.