2022 California Journalism Awards - Print Division

General Excellence ( Weeklies: 11,001 - 25,000) Back

  • Place Name: First Place
    Contestant Name: Comstock's Magazine
    Entry Title: February and September 2022
    Entry Credit: Judy Farah, Jennifer Fergesen, Vanessa Labi, Ruvi Palafox, Marissa Lewis
    Judge Comment: Comstock’s Magazine has well-designed layouts and engaging visual content that keeps readers engaged throughout the compelling writing within the spreads. The typography, graphics and artwork are eye-catching. There are a variety of human-centered interest pieces that kept me turning the pages and provided a keen sense of place.
  • Place Name: Second Place
    Contestant Name: San Francisco Business Times
    Entry Title: San Francisco Business Times
    Entry Credit: James Gardner
    Judge Comment: The San Francisco Business Times not only contains high-quality writing, but its visuals are masterful. Although the publication is business-centric, it delves into a vast array of content within the sector I found to be engaging and thought-provoking.
  • Place Name: Third Place
    Contestant Name: Bay Area Reporter
    Entry Title: Bay Area Reporter
    Entry Credit: Michael Yamashita, Cynthia Laird, Jim Provenzano, Matthew Bajko, Scott Wazlowski
    Judge Comment: The Bay Area Reporter provides a wide range of LBGTQ-centered content through compelling writing across a wide range of verticals. I found the political content to be graspable and compelling, and particularly enjoyed the profiles presented on the front pages.
  • Competition Comment: None