Advertising has a crucial role in its mission

Congratulations, owner, publisher, general manager or department head. You are privileged to oversee all or part of an organization that exists to inform and support its community.

And CNPA is privileged to assist you.

You are a shrewd and challenged leader in a unique community. Your community has first dibs on your attention. We deeply understand that.
It’s a balancing act, finding revenue to fund the news for an audience whose attention and habits have evolved. You’re weary and wary.

Yes, your company belongs to CNPA, whose reason for being is to support your business. And advertising, placed by your CNPA team, is one way that happens.

The nuts and bolts

CNPA’s wholly owned subsidiary, formed in 1991 to create revenue to support your operation and ours, continues to make every effort to place profitable advertising in your products.

In many newspapers, those advertisements appear in your back pages, near the service directory or around those valuable public notices. The ads may be classified liners, and they may be small display ads.

Some advertising is networked, meaning that your newspaper provides the space for CNPA’s placement and receives a dividend once the book of business is tallied. Network ads appear in weeklies, community dailies and metros.

Occasionally, select display ads may appear, directed by state agencies or major advertisers and placed by CNPA Ad Services. Any and all other media also are in the Ad Services playbook, in order to ensure a valid and precise placement as requested by the advertiser.

A bit about your local advertising: Advertising provided by CNPA Ad Services is supplementary, and it is meant to funnel in money-making messages that your operation otherwise might not receive from traditional channels.

CNPA’s ad staff does not direct advertising to any particular member. The placement is directed by the advertisers’ needs themselves.

“They know very well what markets they want to message into,” CNPA Executive Director Tom Newton said of the advertisers. “Staff queries the publishers in the targeted area, and advertisers decide where to place based on rates and circulation, essentially for the best ROI.”

Placement includes a fee for service. A large portfolio of distinct placements requires logistical effort, demographic data and documentation. Add all of those up and it makes for a complicated, valuable operation.

CNPA’s ad staff also collaborates with its counterparts in other states. Those states work with CNPA staff to place ads in its members’ newspapers and vice versa.

The how and why

When your company receives its quarterly CNPA dues statement, that bill reminds you that a percentage of those dues supports the association’s advocacy work in Sacramento. Then a portion goes toward resources to inform and include your company in the vital CNPA work and to promote the enrichment and celebration of California news media.

From the formation of CNPA by like-minded editors and publishers in the 1880s, collaboration and entrepreneurialism have been keywords.

“To get the benefits of belonging to CNPA, the members are dependent upon the continuing success of Ad Services,” Newton said.

CNPA staff knows and you know that there are alternatives for information about community and about commerce.

But for authentic, professional, valid community information, we value that your news organization is providing a community forum and has a crucial role in CNPA.

And grateful that CNPA has a role with you.

Thanks for working with us.

For more about CNPA Advertising Services, please visit its website. For more from California Publisher, please check your mailbox.

From the Spring 2019 edition of California Publisher