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CNPA to offer members new, automated public notice platform

CNPA to offer members new, automated public notice platform

Column’s transformative technology saves time and money

CNPA Members will soon have access to public notice software that they can deploy to reduce costs, improve margins and modernize customer experiences. The new software will make it easier for local governments, legal services and businesses to place notices and for papers to manage the placement process.

The software gives advertisers self-service order-entry tools that automate scheduling, pricing, proofing and delivery of affidavits. Developed by Column, a highly successful software startup, the platform offers personalized onboarding and training, a simplified billing and affidavit system, live chat support and notice order management.

The platform lets CNPA-Member publications offer custom-branded public notice services. Column launched the software in 2020 and it is already in use by major publishers like McClatchy and The Washington Post. Column also has strategic partnerships with press associations in more than a half-dozen states. The CNPA partnership will be Column’s largest official press association program.

“We are intent on finding ways to help CNPA members adapt to and benefit from modern technology,” said CNPA President and CEO Charles Ford Champion II. “Column adheres to that strategy. It is the most cost-efficient and customer-centric public notice platform on the market. It transforms notice operations for publications of any format and distribution. It’s the perfect fit for our diverse membership population.”

In addition to ease of operations – for papers and advertisers – members who take advantage of the CNPA offering won’t be subject to discount fees on transactions where customers use cards to pay for placement. Column covers credit card fees for online transactions, putting money back in the user publication, notice by notice.

CNPA and Column are underway with a rebuild of a new statewide public notice database. The new platform will be available to CNPA members beginning this summer.

CNPA will host a webinar – How to make time and money automating public notice –at 3 p.m. Thursday, June 3.  The session will feature Jake Seaton, Column’s Founder & CEO, who worked as a paper boy and a reporter growing up and watched as the internet disrupted his family’s five-generation local newspaper business. Knowing that public notice was a critical issue for newspapers across the country, Seaton founded Column using his skills as a technologist to save the family business.