Did someone say beer?

By Dean Eckenroth, 2015 CNPA president

Dean Eckenroth Summit
Dean Eckenroth at the 2017 CNPA Summit.

A number of years ago, I suggested Hot Ideas & Cold Beer as an opportunity for us to get together, enjoy a beer and share some ideas that we could use to improve revenues. After years of discussions about our print industry in decline, I felt there was another way.

In some 20 years of CNPA conferences, many of my lasting positive experiences revolved around the hours spent with friends talking about business over a wine or two. I have always felt that CNPA was my corporation and have used the annual summits to take away an idea or two. I have always more than covered my investment.

That is what this is all about: taking a few minutes and helping each other succeed, and our industry to improve and remain solvent.

During Hot Ideas & Cold Beer sessions, friends have shared their successes with others who were then free to use what they heard and saw and make real change.

Many of you attend but for many reasons do not translate this into revenue opportunities.

In 2016 and 2017, I took what I had been watching, then put it into motion.

We redesigned our small newspaper company of two weeklies and a semi-monthly magazine to be a publications “giant” of weekly newspapers, monthly and annual magazines and calendars, specialty products, and a directory and guide. As a result, our 2018 revenues were 26.1 percent greater than 2017. Profits increased exponentially.

We are entering 2019 with more revenues (January and February) than 2018, with more products on the “ready ramp.” We will beat 2018, and for the second year in a row have greater revenues than the previous year.

I urge you to attend, enjoy a beer, some socializing with friends … and take home an idea or two to make real change. Then come back, share your success, and do it again.

Are you in?

First, register for the Capital Conference.

Then, along with your Hot Ideas, please bring documentation such as
tearsheets or copies of special sections that will help attendees understand and visualize your ideas. Or you can bring your concepts and designs (short video clips, photographs, PowerPoints, etc.) on a flash drive. We’ll have a laptop and screen set up and ready to go.

And don’t forget to pack some swag from your company. Share an idea, take home some swag. Get it? Everyone wins.