CNPA Mission Statement

To protect and serve the common interests of its newsmedia members, to help members inform and thereby strengthen their communities, and to foster the highest ideals, ethics and traditions of journalism, a free press and the news profession.

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Guaranteed premium above-the-fold inventory across California publishers – not a blind or backfill network. Our dedicated operations team tracks and optimizes campaigns daily – we are a fully managed professional service.

And…We go beyond newsprint and digital newspaper sites. Let us help create the perfect multi-media mix to meet your objectives.

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NEW! Premium Network

Consumer and Business Marketing.

Political and Advocacy.

Precise targeting to your desired audience.

Reach consumers wherever they may be and on brand-safe sites they visit daily.

Customize a client-driven program using first- and third-party data sources.

Create tactics that are specific to your campaign needs.

Create tactics that are specific to your campaign needs:

    • Demographic targeting
    • Behavioral targeting
    • Contextual targeting
    • Search re-targeting
    • Site-Site re-targeting
    • Mobile device ID targeting

Exclusive access to Private Marketplace deals to elevate your digital campaign.

Addressable Geo-Fence Network

• Takes location geographic targeting a step further. • Place an invisible fence around specific addresses or locations. • Builds custom audiences based on users who are within or have been within a specific boundary. • Reaches users at the right moment with targeted messaging driving engagement and increasing response rates.• Interacts with users at your locations. • Disrupts buying behaviors at competitor locations.

Streaming-Connected TV and OTT (over-the-top)

• Happy medium between television and digital video. • Connected TVs is a ground-breaking solution for premium video content to reach more users than ever before. • Non-skippable 6 to 15 second video ads allow you to reach viewers with your entire message on any device through any streaming platform.

Audio Network-Digital Radio

• Ads that are streamed over an internet connection or cellular data network rather than traditional radio. • Allows for targeting by locations, demographics, behaviors, interests, musical genres, playlists i.e., dinner, workout, travel etc. • Pocket Casts and Podcasts or both.

Out-of-Home OOH and DOOH

• OOH (Out-of-Home) – Single image fixed ad placed in public places, airports, buses, taxis, billboards, travel locations etc. for a specific period. • DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) - Multiple animated images displayed for a short time via digital screens delivering interactive content to people at gas stations, digital billboards etc.

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