Wolf Rosenberg

Rosenberg Media Consulting

3911 Don River Ln
Sacramento, CA 95834


Service Type: Consulting Media

Wolf Rosenberg is a longtime California newspaper publisher and former Vice President, Advertising at CNPA Services Inc.

“Getting back to basics is what I do best,” Rosenberg said of his consultancy. “I believe the industry has lost sight of how to mine the gold from its local advertisers. We need to relearn how to develop ideas and campaigns for accounts, as well as how to reach intended markets with effective strategies.”

Rosenberg’s services include evaluation of the following:

  • Advertising managers and staff
  • Major and local advertising opportunities
  • Revenue channels such as digital, classified and retail
  • Salesmanship tools such as prospecting, cold calling, cross selling and up-selling
  • Development of client relationships
  • Available resources to help maximize revenue

Wolf Rosenberg