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Explore the $18.5 billion California ad market June 7 in Los Angeles

Explore the $18.5 billion California ad market June 7 in Los Angeles

What are you doing on June 7?

Come discuss content monetization strategies at BIA/Kelsey’s LOCAL IMPACT: Los Angeles event on June 7. CNPA is a Conference Partner for this half-day event, which will examine the full local advertising marketplace in California, with specific takeaways for newspaper owners, operators and executives. BIA/Kelsey is an advisory firm focused on the local advertising and marketing marketplace.

Here’s a summary of the event, provided by Rick Ducey, BIA/Kelsey’s managing director:

A discussion of advertising trends will include a look ahead for California newspapers. In addition to revenue trends, there will be a session on a new revenue potential for publishers: content syndication in the mobile platform market.

Media audiences are growing fast on mobile devices. And publishers have been encouraged to distribute their content via third-party platforms such as Facebook and Google. But there are efficiency and economic issues with these distribution strategies.

BIA/Kelsey keynoter Dave Gehring, CEO/Founder of California-based RelayMedia, will share a vision and case studies of how publishers can build a new revenue stream using a Universal Syndication Standard built on the Google AMP platform for mobile content. The basic idea is that publishers can get to digital growth by monetizing content not only by advertising and subscriptions but also through content syndication. The key is having a technology platform that offers greater efficiency and more attractive economics to publishers.

Gehring and his team at RelayMedia are building out his vision using Google’s AMP platform and two key products to monetize AMP-enabled content and also to monetize external linking rather than just seeing this traffic leave the publisher’s platform and any promise of revenue. He’s got a fascinating perspective, some unique operating experience and the kind of fertile imagination that’s a bit infectious. He makes you scratch you head and say, “That makes sense; why didn’t I think of that.”

LOCAL IMPACT Los Angeles will be held Wednesday, June 7 at the Hotel Indigo, 899 Francisco St., Los Angeles 90017. It will begin with lunch and end with a cocktail reception. In between, you’ll enjoy a series of engaging discussions and networking opportunities. Admission is $169, but as a member of CNPA, use code CNPA25 to save $25 on your registration fee.

Details and registration

If you’d like to bring more than one person from your company, contact Cindy Verrill at BIA/Kelsey for a group rate.