Free stuff: Health copy for your readers

CNPA has joined with other state press associations to offer a regular article on rural health issues of interest to your readers. There is no charge for the material.

National health reporters such as Trudy Lieberman will create bi-weekly news stories, some with important graphics, to help readers better understand the health issues in their community, state and nation.

We'll alert you to new columns in the CNPA Bulletin. Please see if this feature has a place in your newspaper's pages or on your website. If you like it, run it.

  • "Think Twice Before Buying Drugs That May Not Be Effective"
  • "Shopping for Healthcare Isn't Like Buying Computers"
  • "Hospital Mistakes Still Kill Too Many"
  • "FDA Approved Doesn't Guarantee Drugs Are Safe or Effective"
  • "How Changes in Medicare Could Affect You"
  • "Patients Grade Their Local Hospitals"
  • "High Deductibles May Mean Lower Premiums but a Costly Trade-Off"
  • "If You Knew How Many Calories in That Sandwich, Would You Still Eat It?"
  • "Supreme Court Ruling Is Only One Factor in Health"
  • "Food Safety Law Good for Consumers -- If It Were Funded"
  • "Patients Want Drugs Now But at What Risk?"
  • "Taking Care of America's Elderly May Not Be a Top Priority"
  • "Consumers Are Becoming Fed Up with Skyrocketing Drug Costs"

CNPA provides this content, in partnership with the Nebraska Press Association Foundation and other state press associations, with the support of a grant from The Commonwealth Fund.

To join the email list for columns — at no obligation — please contact Joe Wirt with “Send me RHNS” in the subject line. Then, see if this feature has a place in your newspaper’s pages or on your website. If you consider it suitable, publish it in print or online.

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Trudy Lieberman
Trudy Lieberman, a journalist for more than 40 years, is a contributing editor to the Columbia Journalism Review.