Free stuff: Health copy for your readers

CNPA and other state press associations offer a regular article on rural health issues of interest to your readers. There is no charge for the material.

National health reporters such as Wendell Potter will create bi-weekly news stories to help readers better understand the health issues in their community, state and nation.

We’ll alert you to new columns in the CNPA Bulletin. Please see if this feature has a place in your newspaper’s pages or on your website. If you like it, run it.

Recent columns have included:

  • “Obamacare Deadline Fast Approaching”
  • “Medicare and drug coverage: some good news, some bad”
  • “Nibbling Away at the Affordable Care Act”
  • “Medicaid Still a Target of Healthcare Reform”
  • “Hospitals May Get Accredited Even With Poor, Unsafe Care”
  • “Right-To-Try Drug Proposal Is a Solution For a Non-Existent Problem”
  • “Stalemate in D.C. Leaves Health Insurance in Limbo”
  • “U.S. Healthcare Ranked Lower Than In Most Developed Nations”
  • “Rural People Will Have Fewer Insurance Choices Next Year”
  • “Patient-Centered Care Shouldn’t Be Just a Marketing Slogan”

CNPA provides this content, in partnership with the Nebraska Press Association Foundation and other state press associations, with the support of a grant from The Commonwealth Fund.

One rural weekly editor in California had this feedback about the content: “As you obviously know, rural areas often get lost in the shuffle when it comes to social policy. Thanks for providing this service.”

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Wendell Potter
Wendell Potter is an author, former corporate executive and founder of, a new journalism nonprofit.