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Free webinar Jan. 22 on rural hospitals

In the past decade, nearly 100 rural hospitals have closed in the United States, cutting off easy access to emergency rooms and specialists in many communities. Texas alone has lost 20 rural hospitals over the past nine years.

Some rural hospitals have kept their doors open at the cost of making heavy cuts. In many states, obstetric units have been on the chopping block, limiting women’s access to pregnancy-related services.

This is something Dr. Katy Kozhimannil, the director of research at the Rural Health Research Center at the University of Minnesota, has studied for more than a decade.

On Jan. 22 at 10 a.m. Pacific, Kozhimannil will be joined by Betsy McKay, a senior writer who covers public health for The Wall Street Journal, for a free webinar on “What’s at Stake as Rural America Loses Its Hospitals.” To register, click here.

The discussion will cover the state of health in rural America, what services people in those areas are losing, and the economic impact of hospital closures. The webinar will spark story ideas and deepen your coverage of health centers on the brink.

Wondering whether this issue hits home for your audience? Find out if a rural hospital has closed near you by exploring this map.

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