“Digital Strategies to Drive Audience Engagement,” the latest webinar offered by the Great Western Audience Alliance, is scheduled for 1 to 2:30 p.m. Pacific, Thursday, Oct. 17. The webinar is free, though you must register.

The webinar will introduce proven strategies to engage and monetize your audience. Detailed presentations from two industry leaders will help you refine your digital subscription model, optimize your newsletter strategy and accelerate digital growth.

Curtis Huber Sr., director of Circulation & Audience Revenue at The Seattle Times, will share the methods used by The Times to build the digital runway that yielded growth of almost 45,000 digital subscribers.

Huber specializes in developing scenarios to A/B test and optimize marketing strategies, and instilled a growth mentality in his team.

Pete Doucette, managing director of Business Tranformation at FTI Consulting, is former chief consumer officer at the Boston Globe. This subscription-economy pioneer developed an industry-leading paid subscription model.

Now a principal at FTI Consulting, Doucette works with publishers to accelerate consumer monetization strategy.

The webinar will be moderated by Jim Wall, president of the Great Western Audience Alliance and director of Audience Budgeting, The McClatchy Company.

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