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GVWire applies for CNPA membership

GVWire applies for CNPA membership

Fresno-based has applied to be a Digital News Member of CNPA. Darius Assemi is its publisher and Bill McEwen is its news director.

Until confirmation by the CNPA Board of Directors on Oct. 4, GVWire is a provisional member of CNPA and is eligible for all the benefits of a Digital News Media member.

On its website,, founded in 2016, says “we strive to objectively explain, explore and expose the complex policy issues that impact our lives. We care deeply about the health, well-being and economic success of all people living in the Central Valley and beyond. In the pursuit of a better future, our primary mission is to illuminate the programs, policies and individuals who promote these same ideals. However, we also will not hesitate to shed light on anything that stands in the way of a healthier and more prosperous world.”

CNPA defines “Digital News Media” as an organization that posts news and information of a local character, using digital media that may include the internet, websites, mobile and tablet technology. Online publications
can be paid or free news websites or electronic news publications with at least 50 percent local news content, rather than aggregated, copied or reprinted from other sources, with a substantial portion produced by local
staff in California.

Membership questions? Contact Simon Birch, (916) 288-6010.

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