The California Press Foundation’s 143rd Annual Winter Meeting will occur virtually on the first Friday in December.

These presenters will join members and guests with insights and forecasts keying off the 2020 state legislative session:

* “Funding News,” with Lauren Gustus, The Sacramento Bee;

* “Distribution,” with Troy Niday, Sonoma Media Investments; and

* “Public Notice,” with Richard Karpel, Public Notice Resource Center.

The event will run from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. and will include recognition of Cal Press’ annual awards for exemplary service in the craft and business of California news. Honorees will be named soon.

Admission is free, and donations are most welcome. Register now

Cal Press’ mission is to guard the history and traditions of California journalism, to recognize and honor contemporary achievements, to assure the future of California journalism through encouragement of education and to provide a social and educational forum for its members. Learn more, join and donate at

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