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‘Know your nine subscriber types?’ Rosenstiel asks

‘Know your nine subscriber types?’ Rosenstiel asks

Tom Rosenstiel 2018 03

Tom Rosenstiel

If you get a chance to read the recent report “Paths to Subscription: Why Recent Subscribers Chose to Pay for News,” you’ll not only find insight into the minds of your prospective and elusive customers, but you’ll see the consumer side of yourself in there, too.

The research, conducted by API and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, identifies nine distinct “paths to subscriptions” that people take. It’s 94 pages and well worth a lunch-hour spin. April 13 speaker Tom Rosenstiel encourages Summit attendees to review it ahead of time.

Rosenstiel, executive director at API, will discuss the groups’ findings and walk through what is working for publishers now to identify potential subscribers and make them audience and customers.

It’s about print and digital subscribers alike, and the triggers and promotions that may move them to click “subscribe” or “join.”
And it also defines why they might go away when a promotion term ends, or a paywall ticker hits the end point, or they’re being a good customer but are still bombarded with come-ons and unwanted features.

Down the road, Rosenstiel said, will be looks at aspects such as best registration pages. Your prospect appreciates an article he has found, so what’s the easiest way in to become a customer?
And how should publishers make it easier and smarter to opt in, with fewer clicks, and pay in advance?

And what are the different metrics a publisher should use to measure and track audience.

“It requires getting very serious about your data,” Rosenstiel said.