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Know your rights and risks?

Know your rights and risks?

Nikki Moore

Nikki Moore

As soon as the legislative workload lets up in September, Legal Counsel Nikki Moore will hit the road with CNPA’s “Rights and Risks” seminar.

With the turnover in newsrooms and all the changes in the law, everyone needs to review their rights to access people, places and institutions, review libel and privacy principles and come up to speed on all the quirky California-only laws that journalists just need to know, including new laws being considered in Sacramento right now.

At a CNPA “Rights and Risks” seminar, Moore covers issues including basics on the California Public Records Act and the state’s open-meeting laws. The discussion touches on libel, the use of content posted to social media, and journalists’ rights in accessing school grounds and emergency-response scenes.

Consider hosting a “Rights and Risks” seminar at your shop. It’s free, though you’ll need to allow staffers from other area CNPA-member companies to join in.

Learn more by contacting Nikki Moore now at (916) 288-6006.