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Helping with your news coverage

CNPA’s legal staff regularly present a customized “Rights & Risks” on-site seminar to member newspapers. All CNPA members are invited.

At the free seminar, CNPA staff cover issues including basics on the California Public Records Act and the state’s open meeting laws. The discussion touches on libel, the use of content posted to social media, and journalists’ rights in accessing school grounds and emergency-response scenes.

Think your team is up to speed on this stuff? Consider: With the turnover in newsrooms and all the changes in the law, everyone needs to review their rights to access people, places and institutions, review libel and privacy principles and come up to speed on all the quirky California-only laws that journalists just need to know, including new laws being considered in Sacramento right now.

Rights & Risks feedback:

“This is just a short note to say thank you again for taking the time to update about 40 journalists on the state’s public records act and open meeting laws here. It was most helpful … and allowed everyone to ask questions that have arisen on the job. Besides staff members from The Tribune, journalists from KSBY-TV (the NBC affiliate here), New Times and its sister paper in Santa Maria, the Santa Maria Sun, and Cal Poly Journalism department attended the session. They were most appreciative as well.” — Sandra Duerr, executive editor, The Tribune, San Luis Obispo

“Nikki was well prepared and up to date on all the major libel rulings and cases from across the country. In addition, she was well versed in the specific nuances of California libel law. I highly recommend Ms. Moore to any publication needing a primer on libel law and other legal matters. I’m very grateful that this free service exists and is provided by CNPA.” — Patrick Chu, editor-in-chief, San Francisco Business Times

“There is so much information to cover and I know time was short, but you did a great job outlining some of the important legal landmines we need to be aware of. It’s the kind of thing many of our reporters don’t think about enough.” — Robert Sterling, editor, Marin Independent Journal, San Rafael

“I found everything you had to say so informative and helpful to the students. Your anecdotes and examples were particularly relevant, I thought, and the students got a great deal from your lecture.” — Jan Haag, journalism professor and adviser, Sacramento City College

“Training is so hard to come by these days, making sessions like what you put on essential. With fewer reporters trying to cover more than ever, it’s really important that they know how to get the information they — and the public — need, and to understand the rights we all have to documents and public agency meetings.” — Linda Green, editor, The Hanford Sentinel

To arrange a seminar, or to learn more, please call 916-288-6006.